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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 13, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, November 13, 2000

Austin and Greta are in the garden and a little girl appears, telling them that so far they have passed their tests and now the stakes are going to get higher. She asks them if they want clothes and racks of outfits and 2 cabanas appear magically. We get a mini-fashion show in fast speed. The little girl appears again and magically fixes Greta's hair. She says while she's at it...and Austin magically has a haircut as well. Austin gets upset and just wants it all to end...he wants to go home. The skies darken as they talk about Sami. Greta gets upset because she has no one at home waiting on her. Austin gets more agitated and wants to get out of there. Greta urges him to just be patient and remember why they are help the children. He calms down (as does the skies). The sun comes back out as a golden envelope flutters down from the sky. Inside, it says "patience" and they realize it was another test. Greta wonders if her father will appear to her like Curtis did to Austin and tells him that Gina revealed to her who her father was before she died. Gina appears and asks Greta if she is upset because she didn't believe her or because she told her. She tells her that with patience, she will find out the truth and then disappears. Austin asks Greta who her father is.

Angela and Sami have some mindless banter over the tape. Sami wants it least just a little listen. But Angela refuses and says that she can have it AFTER the wedding, in 2 weeks. She tells Sami that the tape is in a locker at the train station and after the reception, she will give her the key. She will then have the tape and can bring down Kate and get her son back. Sami figures out that Angela must have the key in her purse...and now she also knows where the locker is and is excited.

Victor and Nicole have done it and are still in the back of the limo dressing. Nicole rambles on and on, but Victor is extremely quiet. She asks him if he is sorry about what happened and he says she made him feel young again. She tells him that it could just be a one-night stand and never happen again if that's what he wants, but I think Victor wants more. He asks how he can be sure that she won't use this against him. She assures him that she would NEVER hurt him, but Kate and Lucas will and have. She tells him that she knows that they have made mistakes and she knows about them. She questions Victor about Sami's "accident" in Italy. She tells him that he could end up in deep trouble and must protect himself. He assures her it was an accident and they had nothing to do with it, but she knows better. They arrive home and she kisses him goodnight. As she goes inside, Victor wonders how much this evening will cost him.

Lucas is hitting the booze as Kate rags him about it. She suggests he call Maggie, but he assures her that he is fine and knows his limits. They talk about Nicole and Kate makes the statement that Victor loathes her as much as she does. They argue and Lucas asks Kate why she wasn't at Victor's meeting, which infuriates her and she tells him that he has the brain of a gnat. They also talk about Angela and wonder what evidence she might have. Lucas tells her that he is going to take Will and leave the country, which spurs Kate on to belittle him about what he will do for a living, pick cocoanuts? Lucas points out that Victor may be a bigger problem than Sami and brings up the fake will she was talking about earlier. She says that wouldn't help much, unless Victor was dead. Lucas points out that they HAVE covered up a murder before. Lucas says that they don't really need Victor and runs him down as Kate thinks it over. Lucas asks her point blank if she would be able to do it. She says that they must carefully plan how to proceed. Nicole walks in and almost catches them. Kate jumps her and tells her to get out. Then Victor walks in and as Nicole leaves the room, thanks Victor for a wonderful evening. You can almost hear Kate's and Lucas's jaws hit the floor as both of them look on.

Bo, Jennifer and Abby are making their get away in the jeep and Jennifer loses the car following them. She tells Bo that she isn't going back to Salem with him right now. The car finds them again and with her expert driving , she loses them again. But the jeep has a blowout and they wreck. It won't start and they decide to take off on foot. The car catches up with them they start shooting at the jeep, which catches fire. Bo helps Jennifer and Abby and they make it to Jenn's friend, Annie's place. They explain what is going on and tell her that Declan is trying to kill them. They pile on her boat as Declan shows up. Annie pulls a shotgun and fires it his way. As they take off, Jennifer apologizes to Annie, who in turn says that she is having the time of her life!

At the hospital, we get a replay of John's revelation to Hope. She, at first, thinks he means his namesake, but she corrects him and says, he means that Johnny is his child. He tries to explain but Hope is in denial and tells him to stop it. He explains how/when it happened. At first she doesn't believe him until he tells her about the DNA test. He assures her that he is his son. "It's a (medical) fact!" he says. John feels bad that there is nothing he can say or do to make things right. She says that every time she looks at him she will feel humiliated. She asks him what he sees when he looks at her. He tells her he sees a friend who was used, abused and tormented by DiMera. She says all the things Stefano made her do...she understands why Bo ran off. John tells her that Bo doesn't know that he is the father. The only one who knows is Marlena. He says that when Bo returns, they will tell him. Hope says NO, Bo must never know the truth...NEVER! John looks on, shocked

TUESDAY, November 14

Making their getaway on Annie's boat, Jennifer admits to Bo that she misses Salem as well as her friends and family. Both worry when they notice how pale Annie looks. After Annie suggests they sail to New York, the wind picks up and Bo sends them below to prepare for a storm. Sami updates Brandon on what she learned from Angela, promising to retrieve the locker key from her as soon as possible. Gloating after his lovemaking session with Nicole, Victor calls his lawyer and orders him to meet him early tomorrow morning to take care of the problem he has with Lucas and Kate. Sami slips into Angela's room and searches her purse for the locker key. Angela wakes and demands to know what she is doing. Hope stuns John by asking him how she compared in bed with Marlena. She claims that Bo would ask the same questions. John admits that his relationship with Marlena is in trouble because of what has happened and pushes her to tell Bo the truth. Nicole boasts to Kate and Lucas that she knows what happened to Franco. She demands everything they own plus the house and more. Kate responds by hinting that she may be the next victim. Nicole reacts by revealing to Lucas that Kate paid her five million dollars to marry him. Lucas grabs his mother and starts to strangle her.

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Brandon is lifting weights, mutters something about Abe, and makes a phone call. Shyster lawyer Benny comes over wanting his money as things are just dragging on for too long. Brandon puts him off. The phone rings, and it is Sami, wanting to meet with Brandon right away. He leaves.

Chloe, in her room, has flashback of her & Philip outside kissing. She says she must be weird, otherwise she would not be doing this. She is dressed all in black, (leather jacket and pants) and finishes zipping a backpack. We see her pedaling along on her bike. Meanwhile, Brady is laying amongst some shrubs against a fence. He flashes back to being mugged and beaten, and Chloe coming to help. He is bleeding, and looks up to see Chloe arriving on the bike. He won't let her call 911, so she tends to his wounds with the first aid items she brought in the backpack. They see headlights, and scrunch down, as Abe & Roman stop to shine a light in their direction. After Roman and Abe leave, Chloe gets Brady to sit up on the handlebars, and she pedals to the emergency entrance to the hospital. Brady passes out, Chloe runs into the hospital for help, and when she returns with a nurse, Brady and the bike are gone.

Philip returns home to hear the sound of muffled voices, arguing, in the parlor. He doesn't hear what is said and goes upstairs to see his father. They have a nice conversation over tea about Chloe, young love, and Victor tells him to "be true to who you are", and that this first love may not be the one he will ultimately end up with, as he will grow and change and so will Chloe. Philip asks Victor when he and Kate will get married. Victor makes flimsy excuses about how he & Kate are becoming reacquainted, and Philip cannot understand this.

Downstairs the argument between Nicole, Lucas and Kate is escalating. After Nicole reveals she was paid to marry Lucas, (who turned on Kate and got her in a choke hold) Kate breaks away. Kate says Lucas should not complain, as he had the services of a high priced whore for over a year. Nicole retaliates, saying Kate has cornered the market on that description, crawling into bed with Victor and exploiting his wealth, and that she should have held out for even more money to marry Lucas. She continues to rub it in about their involvement with Franco's death, how she wants it all for revenge. She leaves to go upstairs and visit with Victor a bit. Lucas and Kate discuss how they can squirm out of this situation, and again talk of getting Victor to sign over everything to Kate. They agree that, even then, Victor has to die first, before they can reap the benefits. Philip is standing in the doorway....and demands to know what the blazes they mean!

When Angela awakens, asking what she is doing, Sami mumbles something about seeing the light on and coming in to turn it off. She says she was at her grandparents and talks about how she used to love going there as a kid...then initiates a pillow fight with Angela, who is not amused. She leaves to fix her giant tin can curler that came loose, and Sami finds the key in Angela's purse. She decides to put it back, Angela returns, they say goodnight, and Sami calls Brandon to meet her. They are next seen in Brandon's car (who has meanwhile gone to the train station and rented a locker to get a sample key), and he decides to stop at the diner to say hi to his mom.

Roman and Abe are searching for Brady now that a warrant has been issued for his arrest. They near the diner and decide to stop for coffee. Inside, Hattie is in a booth, talking to Faye. Her ex-boss comes over, with his insulting remarks. She shows him she has lost 20 lbs. He says if she loses 10 more, she can have her job back, but with restrictions on her alone. She tells him to shove it. Hattie tells Faye about her impending nose job, and how it will look like Dr. Marlena's. The door opens and the two cops come in. Hattie gets all flustered seeing Roman, and does a bit of flirting. Faye goes to pour coffee for Abe, who tells her she must tell Brandon the truth. That Abe knows Faye is Brandon's mother.

Roman's cell phone rings, and the emergency room nurse at the hospital is calling to tell him about the girl saying Brady was seriously injured and in the parking lot. He says keep the girl there, and detain Brady if he shows up to see Belle, and dashes out. He tells Hattie to tell Abe he will send a car for him. He leaves, and Brandon & Sami enter the diner. Sami sees the back of Hattie's head, and says "Oh, there's my mother, I am going to say hello", then gets really startled as it turns out to be Hattie, who gets up, turns around and rushes out. Brandon is furious to see Abe with his mother, grabs him and pulls his fist back as Sami yells his name to stop him.

Thursday, November 16, 2000

Philip demands to know what Kate meant about Victor dying but she convinces him he misunderstood him. On the boat with Abby, Annie and Bo, Jennifer explains to Bo that she can't go back to Salem because of her daughter. When the wind picks up, Jennifer is suddenly tossed overboard. Bo throws her a rope and asks Annie to help him pull her back to safety. Annie pops one pill and then another causing Bo to ask if she is okay. She hides the pills and then receives a call on her phone from Declan who warns that a huge storm is brewing. After Annie fails to tell Bo about the warning, Bo and Jennifer panic when they see enormous waves approaching. After the doctor gives her some good news, Hope finds Lexie and informs her that she can take J.T. home in the next day or two. She thanks Lexie for saving her son's life. Roman questions Chloe about Brady and learns about the beating he suffered. She admits that if he's strong enough, she thinks Brady would leave Salem. Marlena and Roman learn that Belle is about to be "removed" from her induced coma. Belle comes to but is too tired to reveal what happened on the train tracks. Chloe calls Philip for a ride home. When he arrives, she explains how she tried to help Brady and now thinks that he's innocent of the charges against him. The two stop and take advantage of a romantic setting. Kissing her passionately, Philip's frustrated when she pulls back. John brings Brady to a motel where he promises he'll protect him. Faye forces Abe and Brandon outside the diner and tells Brandon the truth. Brandon threatens to reveal Abe's past but Abe insists that Brandon's father deserves to be in prison.

Friday, November 17, 2000

Well, it's a new day in the Garden of Eden. Austin and Greta wake up as the sun rises. She feels weak and tired and Austin realizes that she has a fever. He yells for help, telling Charles that Greta needs a doctor. They hear Charles' voice telling them to head for the door. As they look around, a door magically appears and they go through it...right into the castle. They wonder if it's over. Charles comes in and asks them if they are ready to end their journey. Greta gets upset because she thought it was over. He offers them a deal...they can quit now and she will receive her title and the estate, but not the extra money for the orphanage. They find out that if they fail, Charles gets the money. Greta gets mad and wants to continue. Charles tells them that they won't make's only going to get harder but she and Austin are determined. Back through the door they go, falling through space. When they land in the garden, they find another golden envelope. This one says "perseverance." Austin laughs and says it should say "stubborn." They hear a woman's voice warning them, telling them that there is danger ahead. They may have to pay with their lives. Greta says that they are NOT giving up.

Sami meets up with Roman at Salem Place and invites her for coffee but she declines. They chat briefly and she learns that he was at Tuscany with FayeWalker. This upsets her and she wonders if they talked about her and Brandon. She assures him that she loves Austin and is not falling for Brandon. Roman asks Sami to be careful and he heads to the police station. Meanwhile, Brandon and Angela are at Java Café and she is chattering on about them being in love and the wedding. Brandon asks about her father, but she assures him that "Pappa" likes him and will be happy for them. Sami comes by and swipes Angela's purse. She meets up with a rough looking key maker in the alley. Angela realizes that her purse is gone and panics realizing that that woman took it. Brandon tells her to stay put and he will look for the woman. He meets Sami in the alley and they rush the guy making the key as Angela can't stand it and goes looking herself. They guy finishes and Brandon takes off and runs into Angela as Sami disposes of the purse. They go back to Salem Place and Brandon spots Angela's purse. She checks it and the money is gone, but she is happy the key is there. He tells her that he has errands to run but she is fine, because she is meeting Pappa for lunch. They kiss and part ways. Later, Brandon meets up with Sami at the train station and they open the locker. She is thrilled to find the tape. From the shadows, Angela is watching them and says that Brandon failed his test. Not to worry...Pappa will take care of both of them.

Shawn is at the penthouse arguing with Willy the doorman. He finally lets Shawn in and later he leaves with something. He arrives at the hospital and goes to see Belle, leaving her Buddy Bear by her side. He goes to leave and hears her say "don't go." He is excited to see she is out of her coma and sits by her bed and they talk. He even tells her that he will refrain from the hair comments for a while, but tells her "nice hat" referring to her bandages. He talks about what happened and how afraid she must have been. But Belle claims doesn't remember anything about any accident and doesn't know what he is talking about.

Earlier, John had arrived at the hospital and opened Belle's door to find Marlena by her bedside, both asleep. He talked to the doctor and finds out that Belle is out of her coma. He is relieved about her condition and asked if Belle said anything strange and asked if Roman Brady had been there. After talking, he tells the doctor that he is going to get something to eat and leaves. Later, Marlena is awake, getting coffee and Roman arrives. The doctor tells them about John being there and leaving. Meanwhile, Brady awakens at the no-tell motel and finds a note from John. It says that he is going by the hospital and then to the police station. Brady panics and thinks that John is going to turn him in and goes to leave and passes out at the door. John comes back and when he opens the door, whacks Brady in the head and says "what the hell?" He looks in and sees Brady, goes in and carries him back to bed. John assures him that he would never turn him in. He gives him an update on Belle and tells him about Roman looking for him. He tells him not to worry, that he will take care of Roman.

Brady makes a snide comment about Roman just wanting to get Marlena back in the sack. John makes him promise to stay put and leaves. Brady wants to go to the hospital and be there for Belle. Back at the hospital, Marlena and Roman discuss what the police are up to. Roman assures her that they are doing the right thing. She tells him that despite everything, she loves John and doesn't want to turn on him. She is sorry she dragged Roman into all of this. He points out that Brady broke the rules and must pay. Roman tells her that he is just doing his job and then leaves. John arrives and he and Marlena just stare at each other from across the room at first. She asks where he was last night, and he couldn't be there for his daughter. He tells her that "something came up", which pisses her off. She asks if he is hiding Brady somewhere and he refuses to talk about that. They argue and then John wants to go see Belle and hear what she has to say. Roman comes back and asks about Brady as John refuses to answer him and goes in to see Belle. Roman tells Marlena that they got a call from a motel manager and they have cops there right now. She hugs him and thanks him. Back at the motel, Brady turns on the radio and hears a news bulletin about himself. He looks outside and sees the cops. He rushes to the bathroom to sneak out the window, but the windows have a metal mesh over them outside. He panics.

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