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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 20, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, MOVEMBER 20, 2000

Nicole has Mickey in her office going over her offers from other publishers. She wants the other companies to make their offers through Victor. When Mickey questions her, she tells him that she wants Victor to know about the offers. Mickey tells her that this is unprofessional and he has had enough. She needs to get herself another lawyer. She talks him out of quitting, but he wants to know what she is up to. She tells him that she wants to know just how desperate Victor will be to keep her.

Kate and Victor arrive at work and speak to the receptionist Denise. Victor finds out that his lawyer Gene Briscoe is waiting in his office. Kate questions him about it and he tells her it's about Brady and doesn't concern her and goes on in. Victor finds out that Brady is on the run and is upset about it. Then he asks Gene what he has to do to get out of the mess that HE is in. Gene tells him that he needs to get Lucas and Kate out of his life...permanently. Gene informs him that if he is implicated in the cover up, he can use the excuse that he was in the nursing home, heavily medicated and didn't know what he was doing. He tells him that he may have to testify against Kate if it comes to it. As Gene leaves, Victor sees Philip in the hallway and he asks him about marrying Kate. Victor gets agitated and asks if he has been talking to Nicole, which leads them to talk about her. Philip thinks Nicole is attractive and interesting and if he were 10 years older...who knows? Philip asks him whats' up between him and Kate. Victor rushes him out the door. He tells his dad that he is sure they will be married by Christmas. In fact, that's all he wants for Christmas...that and a new car. Nicole hears them and thinks to herself that little Philip doesn't always get what he wants...but SHE sure will.

Kate goes to her office, upset. Philip shows up and can tell that Kate is upset. She assures him that she is okay and questions him as to what he and Victor talked about the night before. Philip is sure that Victor will marry her eventually. She changes the subject and they talk about Philip. She offers him pretty good advice about Chloe, telling him that she is just a teenage girl and the mood swings, etc. are normal and that things will work out. She ends with telling him that she just wants the 3 of them to become a family again, then rushes him off to school. As he leaves, she spots Vincent Moroni in the waiting area and invites him in. He tells her he is there for the wedding and she tells him that Angela is making a mistake and that he and his daughter are both fools. She also tells him that Brandon and Sami are just using Angela to frame her for Franco's murder. She also tells him that if Franco's murder investigation is reopened, then Roberto's will be too and he doesn't want that, does he? Vincent gets her point and tells her that she has nothing to worry about.

As Brandon and Sami hug, he sees Angela headed their way. She confronts them and is upset. She tells them that she must tell her father that she isn't getting married and he is going to be very disappointed. Brandon tries to explain, but she isn't buying it. She tells Sami that the tape in her hand is blank and that it was all a set up. Sami takes full blame and tries to explain that it was all her idea and she forced Brandon to help her (against his will). Sami plays the "mother card", turns on the tears, and says she did it all for Will. Angela tells them to's all over...they are both lying. They keep trying to cover, but she does not believe them. Brandon grabs her and says "believe this" and kisses her long and hard. He tells Angela he will do anything to prove it to her and they leave together (to make love), her all starry-eyed. This leaves Sami alone, upset and jealous.

Shawn and Belle pick up talking where they left off. Out in the hallway, Shawn hears a ruckus and goes to see what is going on. Well, what is happening is that John and Roman are having a shouting match, fueled by the fact that John saw Marlena and Roman hugging. But John demands to know what the hell is going on. Marlena tells Roman and Shawn to give them some time alone with Belle and they go to her. In her room, Belle starts asking them questions and is upset to find out that she has been out so long. She tells Marlena she remembers a party and Marlena tells her about how her friends were all there for her birthday. She asks where Brady is and Marlena tries to change the subject. She tells them that Shawn mentioned an accident but she doesn't remember what happened.

Roman gets a call from the cops that they have Brady cornered at the motel. After he gets off the phone, he and Shawn talk about Brady being wanted. Shawn is confused and is certain Brady would never hurt Belle. Roman talks to the doctor about Belle's memory loss. He tells him that it may be short term or she may never remember the accident. Roman is upset because if Belle can't remember, that means his whole case will fall through. He vows to keep his promise to Marlena.

Brady refuses to go outside and kicks down the door of the adjoining room. A woman starts screaming and the cops rush in. In the next room, a man starts blabbering about how he didn't know she was a hooker! as Brady and the cops rush through. As Brady climbs a fence a shot rings out and they think they got him. But he gets up and steals a cop car and takes off. Later, he is in a grimy bathroom washing up. He can't understand why the cops are after him if Belle is awake. Surely she has told them the truth. He says that Roman and Marlena want him dead and blames them. He takes off and is later seen hitchhiking. A woman stops and picks him up. She asks him where he is headed and he says where ever she is long as it's far away from Salem.

Tuesday, November 21, 2000

Hearing that Rolf plans to do her nose job in his office, a worried Hattie tries to walk out on him. Mentioning Roman, Rolf convinces her to go ahead with the procedure. Happy to be home with her baby, Hope is shocked when Shawn reveals that Roman thinks Brady deliberately hurt Belle. Finding Marlena in a lousy mood, Nancy tries to act cherry but when Marlena calls her on it, Nancy accuses her of "losing her grip" lately. Marlena finally agrees with her. When Roman interrupts with the news that Brady is still free, Marlena runs out to protect Belle while Miles reminds her it's time for her radio show. Miles is impressed when callers jam the switchboard with questions for Nancy, Marlena's temporary replacement. Relieved that Belle is safe and sleeping, Marlena confides in Roman about her inability to tell John that she has unconditional love for him. Roman claims he doesn't deserve it. Hope explains to Marlena that she knows John's the father of her baby. Pointing out how Jack's selfishness ruined her marriage, Jennifer warns Bo about doing the same with Hope. Annie calls Declan to report that their scheme worked. She drills a hole in the boat and water starts pouring in. She later goes topside and collapses into Bo's arms, dead.

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

John is speaking into his cell phone, making sure someone has installed everything properly. He enters a very sleepy Belle's room and she calls him Daddy. She asks about Shawn a couple of times, and is happy to know he was there. She asks about Marlena and Brady, too. She wants to know what happened to her, but John says she has blocked out a small bit of time, and the doctors want her to remember on her own. John says she should concentrate on thinking about all those who love her and to get some rest. He leaves the room as Gary arrives, telling him that everything is installed and working perfectly. Evidently John's car is now hooked into policy frequencies.

Meanwhile, Hope and Marlena are in Doc's office. Hope cannot understand why Marlena did not tell her that John was the father of her child, not Stefano. They have a long, heartfelt discussion. Hope tells Marlena "Don't counsel me, just listen." She says Marlena is standing there like she is feeling nothing. But Marlena is very much on the edge. They talk about not telling Bo that John is the father, and why. Marlena leaves.

The woman who picked up Brady says her name is Leila. She wants Brady to fix her CD player, and he gets a twinge of pain as he fiddles with the dials. They talk about riding horses, as both of them seem to know quite a bit about it. Brady turns on the radio, and quickly changes the station when the news comes on (talking about the manhunt). Brady gets skittish, and asks her to drop him off up the road. As she drives off alone, Leila turns on the radio, hears about the search for the blond guy, and picks up her cell phone.

Roman and Abe are discussing Brady, and Roman is adamant about Brady's guilt. Abe tries to point out that there is no case against Brady unless Belle can remember and tell them. They talk about Marlena and Brady and Abe says Brandon used to be a nice kid, too. He tells Roman how furious Brandon became that Fayetold Abe that Brandon was her son. He asks if Roman is interested in Fay, and hints maybe he really is interested in Marlena. A policeman enters, notifying them both about a call. Roman takes the phone and Leila tells him about picking up Brady on Rt. 12. They leave to go on the hunt.

Jen reads the letter from Annie, who says she knows this is her last adventure and that she is ill, and wants to be with her husband who was buried at sea. Down below, the boat is filling with water from the hole Annie drilled. Jen tells Abby about Annie dying, and they all have a small service, and bury Annie at sea. Declan calls on the mobile radio. Bo tells him about Annie, and Declan taunts Bo, saying that Annie died a patriot, but that he is just going to die, period. The boat begins to list, as Bo & Jen discover the hole in the keel, with no way to stop the water coming in.

John is listening to the police frequency, hears the latest about the search, and realizes that Brady is no longer at the motel. Meanwhile, Brady is still hitching and another woman picks him up. Ethel is dressed like a real floozy, and appears to have perhaps been drinking. As they drive along, she keeps eyeing Brady, and licking her lips. She comes on to Brady, who is not in the mood. She draws a gun, points it at him and says "No free rides, you're gonna put out for me." Brady naturally is pretty alarmed, draws back into the corner, opens the car door and jumps out. He rolls on the ground, and as he wipes the dead grass and leaves from his face, he hears a noise.......and looks up to find himself face to face with a rattlesnake.

Thursday, November 23, 2000

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives will not be shown today. Programming will resume as normal on Friday, November 24th. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this preemption.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 24, 2000

Thanksgiving dinner at the Kiriakis estate proves to be a very interesting event. Sami and Nicole team up and taunt Lucas; Philip asks Victor if he and Kate are ever going to get married, but Victor says it's personal; and later on, Victor surprises Kate by making love to her... Angela is still wary of Brandon's intentions, so she tells him that she wants to make love to him now. Brandon has no choice but to give himself to her... Shawn, Philip, Mimi, and Chloe celebrate thanksgiving with Belle at the hospital, but things don't go quite as smoothly as they should. Mimi and Chloe are at each other's throats as Mimi calls Chloe a slut. Later, Belle is thrilled when she's released. Meanwhile, Marlena gets a shock when she runs into Hattie and sees that the woman has had a nose job... Nancy runs into Marlena at the hospital and manages to tell her that ratings skyrocketed when she took over the show. In fact, Nancy thinks it might be a good idea for Marlena to take a leave of absence for a while. Later, Nancy gloats in front of Belle, Shawn, and Chloe, which makes Chloe furious. She runs out of the room and tells Craig she'll never be able to love Nancy. Little does she know, Nancy has overheard...

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