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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 27, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, MOVEMBER 27, 2000

Marlena goes hysterical when she realizes Belle is not in her room. She quickly calls Roman on his cell phone telling him she thinks Brady kidnapped her. Just then Mimi arrives with Sean pushing Belle in the wheelchair. Sean tells Marlena they were just giving Belle a ride around the hospital. Marlena tells Roman everything is ok. Sean leaves to get a soda and Belle questions her mother on her behavior. Marlena tells Belle she just wants to get her home. Belle tells Marlena she wants to wait for Brady and John. Marlena gives a look to Mimi. Belle notices and demands an explanation. Mimi thinks they should tell her another time but Marlena insists on telling her. Just as she is about to tell her, Sean comes in the room and suggests they go home and eat pumpkin pie. Meanwhile Roman and Abe are on the look out for Brady. John wants to reach Brady before they do. Brady, after getting thrown out of the car he hitchhiked in, meets face to face with a rattlesnake. He tells it he won't hurt it if it doesn't hurt him. The rattlesnake slithers off. John is able to listen to the police radio/dispatch as Roman talks with the other officers about Brady's whereabouts. John pretends to be officer and calls the truck stop, informing them to call him on his cell phone if they see anyone fitting Brady's description. Belle tells Marlena to go upstairs and relax because she was looking stressed out and anxious. Marlena, thinking Belle wants some privacy with her friends goes upstairs. She calls John and tells him that Belle is home. John is relieved but cuts the conversation short because he is trying to get more feedback off the police radio. He hangs up just as Marlena asks him where Brady is. Marlena concerned calls Roman again to hear if there is any news. Roman tells Marlena to calm down and that he will call her as soon as possible. Just then Roman gets a tip that Brady is in their general venicity possibly heading toward the truck stop. John over hears this and tries to beat them there, but is delayed by a train. Mimi starts talking about how weird she thinks Chloe is but says that she would take Brady's weirdness over Chloe's any day. Belle asks her to explain what she means. Sean rolls his eyes in concern. Mimi tells Belle not to worry that she meant nothing and Belle demands to know. She says she will call her father and he will tell her the truth. Brady reaches the truck stop, finds a baseball cap in the trashcan and puts it on before he goes in hoping to disguise himself. When he goes in he also spots some sunglasses and uses John's credit card to buy that and a meal. While waiting at the counter, there is a woman and two small boys behind Brady. They begin shooting their water guns at him. Brady turns around in disgust. Belle calls John and he is happy to hear from her. She asks him where he is and he tells her that a train has delayed him. Belle can hear the sound of the train. Belle asks to speak to Brady but John tells her he had some business to take care of and cannot come to the phone. Just then the train blares its horn and causes Belle to remember the accident. She flashes back to her screaming for Brady and remembers how he helped her free her foot. She tells John she remembers and John is relieved. Back at the truck stop Brady befriends the little boys and their mother. One of the little boys tells Brady he has an extra water gun if he wanted to play with them. Brady agree and the mother tells him her husband was a policeman killed in the line of fire. Brady feels remorse and begins to shoot the water gun at the little kids then suggests they pretend he's the bad guy. The mother agrees to join in and they all stand up against the counter. Brady stands in front of them pointing the gun at them all, shouting to keep their hands up. Just then Roman and Abe arrive outside and peek in the window. Startled they take out their guns and begin to go in armed thinking it is for real. John overjoyed tells Belle he must go and speeds to the truck stop. Marlena comes down the stairs in time to hear Belle say Brady saved her life. Marlena questions Belle, and Belle becomes angry claiming Marlena does not want it to be true. Claiming that she can't accept Brady loves her and didn't try to kill her. Roman and Abe burst in guns pointed at Brady, but Roman slips on water from the floor and the guns accidentally shoots up in the air. This startles Brady and he turns around, with the water gun, Abe thinking Brady has shot, fires to shots and Brady, hitting him. Brady falls to the ground, just as John walks in to see him lying there.

After Victor and Kate made love, Kate asks Victor how he feels. Victor is not really paying attention to Kate because he is thinking of his night of lovemaking with Nicole. Kate notices that his mind is elsewhere and asks what he is thinking about. Victor tell s her that he is worried about his grandson Brady and that the police are looking for him. Kate surprised, offers her comfort and tells him to come to bed. Kate asks Victor if he finds her attractive, he says yes, but she thinks he is acting strange for someone who hasn't made love to her in a long time. Victor still preoccupied with thoughts of Nicole says he thinks it could have been better. Kate asks Victor if he stills wants to marry her like he said in Paris.

Meanwhile Bo, Abby and Jennifer find a raft and jump off the ship. While in the life raft Abby begins to get scared and Jennifer tries singing to her to calm her. Bo shoots a flare into the air hoping someone will see it. Jennifer tells Bo to shoot another one so he does. Jennifer asks Bo how they will get to shore. Bo tells Jennifer they mustn't give up. Abby asks Bo to shoot another flare, but Bo realizes he has only one left. Just then Jennifer realizes the life raft is leaking. Bo suggests they jump into the water and stick together. They begin swimming to shore.

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Lexie and Hope try on their gowns for the wedding and discuss motherhood and the innate concerns they have for their children. Floating on the water, Bo shoots the final flare into the sky and the three are rescued by a passing cruise ship. On the ship are Doug and Julie who are shocked to see Bo, Jennifer and Abby. Julie faints after realizing who was rescued. After she comes to, Julie questions Bo about why they were floating in the Irish Sea but senses they're not telling her and Doug the truth. Bo then uses Julie's cell phone to call Hope with some good news. As Belle spins the story about the night of her accident to Mimi, Shawn and her mother, Marlena cries and suggests that her memory is not remembering correctly. Belle is infuriated by her mother's suggestion and asks why she hates Brady. After Belle goes to bed, Marlena tells herself that Belle is covering for Brady. Meanwhile, Shawn and Mimi discuss Brady's innocence. After Roman's gun accidentally discharges, Abe shoots twice at Brady. When John feverishly cradles the limp body of his son, he asks Abe why he shot Brady. Abe flashes back to the shooting of Larry years ago. Dropping his gun, Abe goes outside where a crowd gathers and calls him a child killer. John and Roman work to resuscitate Brady. Brady comes to and after a wound is discovered in his back, reports that he can't move his legs.

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

While talking in their fantasy garden, Austin and Greta earn an envelope filled with the word "honesty." The two cower in fear when a huge dog turns into a hideous hungry monster that kills and eats a nearby bunny rabbit. Sami interrupts Brandon in the shower and updates him on the problems with Nicole, Victor, Kate and Lucas. When she asks how he managed to avoid having to sleep with Angela, she realizes that Angela is in his shower and they did make love. Out of the shower, Angela takes great pleasure in hinting to Sami about their lovemaking. After she leaves, Sami starts crying. Kate wakes Lucas and lets him know that Victor is back at one hundred percent where their sex life is concerned. She announces that she'll rip up the codicil to Victor's will and that she has gained the attention of Moroni. She intends to mention to the mobster her concern that Brandon may hurt his daughter. Nicole offers a lovesick Philip advice about Chloe and then pumps him for information about Kate and Victor. He admits he overheard his mother talking about Victor's will and her desire for a new one. Victor isn't interested when Kate tries to make love to him again. Jason tries to convince Philip that Chloe's secretly seeing someone else.

Thursday, November 30, 2000

Lexie tries to comfort Abe who remains upset that he shot Brady. He then goes on and on about how Brandon will use this shooting in court to ruin him because Brandon blames him for the beatings he suffered from his father. Chloe and Shawn talk about Brady and wonder why he didn't tell the police what happened at the train tracks. Outside, Jan, Jason and Mimi taunt Philip with lies about Chloe's infatuation with Shawn. Seeing Chloe holding Shawn's hand, Philip rushes inside and pushes Shawn away. The two end up fighting. Shocked at what's happening, Mimi realizes that Philip was right about Jan and Jason and lets them know it. Jan and Jason then turn on Mimi. Shawn and Chloe explain to Philip how Jan and Jason set him up. When Philip accuses Chloe of running to Brady to help him, she denies it and ends their relationship. Shawn finds Chloe outside and offers to walk her home. Kate reveals to Moroni that Brandon is in love with Sami. When she seeks help from the mobster in stopping Nicole, he suggests that Kate might have chosen the wrong man since Victor likes younger women. Nicole finds the will in Kate's office and makes a copy of it. Taking an upset Sami out, Brandon admits he'd rather have made love to her than Angela but does admit that he likes the woman and doesn't like lying to her. Moroni arrives with Kate and spots them together.

Friday, December 1, 2000

Alice chats with Hope about Bo and learns he's coming home with a surprise for her. Later, Alice spots Hattie and remarks to herself how much she looks like Marlena. Hattie looks at a window and sees her reflection and realizes she needs her teeth fixed now. Running into Roman, Hattie is pleased when he notices her new nose. Belle tries to talk with Marlena about Brady but she's not interested. After Marlena leaves, Belle reads about Brady's shooting and rushes to the hospital. Marlena updates Roman about Belle getting her memory back though she advises the cop that she thinks Belle's lying to protect Brady. Roman admits he thinks Belle's telling the truth. Marlena hurries to the hospital when she learns about Brady. Brady jabs his leg with a pen and complains that he can't feel anything. Belle arrives and in spite of John, lies next to Brady to calm him. Marlena spots them together and starts crying. While dining at the captain's table on the cruise chip, Julie escorts a shaken Jennifer to the ladies room where she guesses that Jennifer is upset about Jack. She convinces her to go home to Salem for support from her friends and family. Meanwhile, Doug chastises Bo for leaving Hope alone with the baby.

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