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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 19, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, March 19, 2001

Abe and Lexie are headed for Green Mountain Lodge. Lexie is all excited about the trip and is just happy to leave all their troubles behind. They talk about how much they love Isaac and each other. She apologizes for her behavior the past few days. Abe tries to convince her that all will be okay and that he feels everything will blow over. He also hopes that the Brady Black lawsuit will fizzle out. He also talks about Brandon's anger towards him. She tells him about her chat with Brandon at the Blue Note. She says that even though Brandon has anger towards him, he does have a good side and a sweet heart. She says that all he needs is a good woman in his life to help him. Abe tells her that he has been thinking about her suggestion to move to Paris. After years of working 12-hour days, maybe he needs some time off or maybe even an early retirement. Jokes and says maybe he could even work as a rent-a-cop in some French theme park. Lexie asks Isaac how he would like daddy being a bodyguard to a big French mouse. They arrive at the lodge and settle in. Since Isaac is asleep, they get a sitter and head to the bar.

Meanwhile, Glen and Barb are enjoying their stay at the lodge. She tries to convince him to forget about Marlo. She suggests that Marlo was a sot and a druggie and that if the baby DID live it may be severely handicapped. She also tells him that if the baby was okay, maybe a loving family adopted him and they should leave him where he is. Besides, she tells him, they can make their own baby. So they hit the sheets. Later, he realizes they are out of beer and tells her to get dressed...they are heading to the bar.

Later, both couples end up in the bar, but haven't met yet. The sitter calls and tells Lexie that Isaac woke up. As they talk on the phone, he falls back asleep, she she and Abe decide to stay.

As Jennifer waits for Jack to arrive, Abby comes down dressed in her best dress (one that he bought her). He shows up and Jen is really nervous as he and Abby reunite. Jen watches on (almost in tears). As Jack clowns around with Abby, she cackles at his antics. Abby talks about him and mommy making up and that they need to talk. She takes their hands and puts them together and tells them to call her when they are finished. With that, she heads upstairs. Jack asks Jen to go outside with him (if she's not scared, that is). Finally she agrees, saying that maybe he will get hit by a meteorite. He makes light of the situation and you can see that she has been deeply hurt and doesn't want to play his games. He talks about dreams and Jennifer says that people need more than dreams...they need people they can depend on.

He talks about how she grabbed Abby and ran. She tries to defend her actions and says that he stranded them there. But he claims that he had a job to do. She feels that he just gave up and threw in the towel and she got tired of having to be BOTH mother and father. He says not to forget that she made her share of mistakes as well (which seems to upset her). She talks about how irresponsible he is and how she got tired of being old "dependable Jennifer." She finally gets angry and calls him a "screw up." He rushes inside calling for Abby. Jen warns him not to upset her. Abby asks why they are still fighting and says we aren't going to be a family, are we? She asks why they don't love each other anymore and if it is SHE who did something wrong. Jack and Jen just stare at each other.

Greta runs into Alice Horton at Salem Place and asks her what she is doing out so late. She tells her that she left the house to give Jennifer and Jack some time alone. They have mint tea together at Java Café as Greta explains how she met Jack earlier. Alice tells Greta she is sorry she missed the coronation, but Greta is glad she did and that she was safe at home. Alice notices that Greta is glowing and asks if there is a man in her life...particularly Austin Reed. Greta talks about how sweet and kind he is and how she cares for him as Alice calls him a "hottie." She offers Greta a bit of advice about Austin, talking about how hurt he was about losing Carrie and about his involvement with Sami. Greta assures her that she will be careful. Greta tells Alice that she is sure Austin is not interested in Sami anymore and that Austin needs a woman to love him and be honest with him. She says that if Austin is blind to Sami and can't see that she is manipulating him, it is her responsibility to keep him away from her.

Over at the Walker place, Brandon is working out and listens to his message from Sami. He is just ready to call her back, when Nicole arrives (he is sure it is Sami and isn't too thrilled to find Nicole at the door). She asks if he is okay and talks about the "heartbreak twins" Eric and Sami. She says that he needs some comfort food and raids his cabinets. All she can come up with (that's not health food) is marshmallows and hot chocolate so she makes them some. He keeps talking about Sami and she tells him to snap out of it, telling him that Sami is only interested in "preacher boy" Austin. She tells him that Sami only loves the one she's with and is probably making time with Austin right now. He tries to convince Nicole that Sami loves him but she calls him a fool and tells him to wake up. She continues to run down Sami (all she says is true), but he refuses to listen. She tells him that his vendetta against Abe Carver is a major sticking point and that he can't have's one or the other. She tries to tell him to move on and find someone else. But he says that he has never felt about anyone else like he does about Samantha. He assures her that he can have both and ushers her out. As she leaves, she tells him once again to forget about Sami.

Sami asks Austin to make love to her as she begins to undress. They begin to kiss and fall to the couch. Austin puts the brakes on and questions her actions. He asks if she is involved with Brandon and she says that Austin is the only one she has ever loved (since she was 15 years old). He wants to talk about it and make sure that everything is right as Sami spins her web. She starts kissing on him again, but he stops her and tries to leave, saying that he needs time to think. She tries to convince him to stay as she goes on and on about how she and Will need him and how her heart belongs to him. Finally, he says that he can't take it anymore and picks her up and carries her off to bed. As we see them rolling around on the bed, Greta's face appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen saying "I can't let Sami have you, Austin." In the left hand corner of the screen, we see Brandon's face as he says "I'm not going to lose you, Samantha"

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Nancy warns Kate that she's going to have her brutal rapist son Philip put in jail for what he did to her daughter. Chloe and Nancy manage to pull Craig off Philip. Roman arrives and Chloe and Philip insist that nothing happened. Roman decides to take them to the station house for questioning but then arrests Philip. As Kate arrives, Philip grabs his cell phone and announces that he's going to call his father. He then catches his mistake and somberly states that his father is dead. At the station house, Chloe advises Craig that she is not going to the hospital and that Philip did nothing to her. When Nancy vows to force her to go, Chloe announces she'd rather live in an orphanage than have anything to do with them. Meanwhile, Shawn assures Belle that Chloe's a liar if she's telling people that Philip attacked her. The two grow closer as they discuss Belle's own virginity and she quickly changes the subject. After a call from Philip, Victor calls Gene to rescue his son. Nicole convinces Victor to "haunt" Kate tonight. Gene arrives as Roman threatens to get the truth from Philip in spite of his money and social status. The lawyer sends Philip to his father at the cabin and warns Roman about the police facing another lawsuit. Philip calls Belle and asks her to go to Chloe who needs her right now. Victor orders Gene to make Craig and Nancy pay for what they've done to Philip. Kate overhears Gene mention Victor's name while on the phone. After making love to her, Austin tells Sami he wished they had waited awhile. She wants him back in her bed but he refuses and asks her what Brandon means to her. She insists he's just a friend but Austin knows better.

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Glen and Barb are talking hot tubs and are constantly all over each other. Abe and Lexie look on rather amused, but talk between themselves the same old, same old.....Isaac, Marlo, Brandon. Barb orders 2 cherry wigglers, and the bartender is at a loss. Seems that is gelatin with a shot. Lexie suggests a chocolate martini, and Barb starts drooling at the idea and promptly does. The two couple introduce themselves, and start chatting it up. Abe and Lexie mention their 9-month-old son, sleeping upstairs. When Barb remarks "not alone, I hope" Lexie assures her they have a sitter.

Glen says they are leaving in the morning, as they have business with the Salem PD, and Abe offers his assistance, since he is Police commander, but tells him they are not looking for help presently. Glen says no, he has other business, and Barb gets upset. She remarks she just does not want to hear that name again. Lexie asks what name. And Barb replies " his ex - Marlo." Cue concerned looks between Abe and Lexie.

Alice is still sitting at the table, when Julie joins her. They talk about Jack and Jennifer, as Alice is very concerned about them and Abby. Julie says that 10 years ago, Jennifer would never have left Africa to go alone to Ireland, so Jack has changed her into more of a free spirit. And 10 years ago, Jack would never have come back to Salem to solve his problems, so Jen has made him more grounded. They both mention this man that Jen followed to Ireland and Alice says Jen said it was a huge mistake. Julie talks about a boy she had a crush on when she was 13, and though she borrowed a ruler and their hands touched just that once, she has never forgot him. She suggests that perhaps Jen might have some "coulda beens" and they both agree they must find out who this mystery man is. Julie figures Bill Horton would know, and Alice at first is hesitant, not wanting to appear a nosey old woman, but Julie prevails and calls Uncle Bill.

Abby is insisting they all become a family again and wants to know if it is all her fault. Jack and Jen are trying to reassure Abby how much they love her, and that their problems have nothing to do with her. Abby says they used to love each other, and now don't, so maybe they will stop loving her, too. She becomes upset, and runs off. Jack and Jen argue about the situation, Abby living with one parent, while the other only can "visit" and how this is not agreeable to either one of them. Jack has a proposition that Jennifer opposes before she even hears it, but asks anyway. Jack proposes they rent a house and all three move in it together!

As Gene Briscoe hangs up the phone, Kate confronts him about the overheard conversation with Victor. Gene fakes her out, saying it was another client with the same name, and reassures her as she rants about the problems with her 3 sons, and also Sami. They discuss Philip, and Gene says he doubts the Salem PD will pursue this, as Mrs. Wesley has proved in the past to be rather hysterical. He offers to take her home, and she agrees.

Meanwhile, Philip and Nicole are driving to the mansion, discussing Chloe. Philip talks of how she hasn't forgiven him, has flashbacks to their time in the stable, and says how he loves Chloe and knows she loves him, though she never has said the words. He talks of how wonderful it was just to be close, etc. He looks over and Nik is crying, confessing she is a hopeless romantic, and it all sounds so wonderful, but not everyone's teen years are the same.

Philip says he hates having to go back to his mother, but Nicole tells him she and Victor have a "surprise" for Kate. Philip talks of how much his mother loved his dad, and all the years he was in the nursing home, she talked of nothing but wanting to marry him. He still can't fathom the business about the codicil, but says his mother changed after Victor decided not to marry her. And maybe she just wanted to protect herself in case anything happened to him. Nicole tells him about the "ghostly visit" Victor intends to spring on Kate when she is in a deep sleep.

Kate and Gene arrive at the mansion, and she calls out for Philip and Lucas. Henderson says Philip is not home yet, and Lucas went out, assuring Kate that the chauffeur drove him. Kate offers Gene a drink, and he gives her a big pep talk, telling her how young she still is. She says she is not 20 or 30, and he says no one would ever think she had children nearing 30. She gets indignant, insisting she has never had a facelift, but he says he did not mean that. Her health regime does it for her, exercise, water. He tells her to remember Scarlett O'Hara, and she says she would rather it be Rhett Butler....."Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." And Gene replies, but "there is always tomorrow."

He pours on the flattery, when Kate suddenly asks him to leave. Just then Philip and Nicole arrive. Kate doesn't like it that Nik is there, but Philip says he invited her. Nicole says she has to get some things and trots upstairs. She calls Victor to tell him she is in, what should she do if there is not a water pitcher next to Kate's bed, and that she will come and get him....he should be ready.

Downstairs, Kate nervously now asks Gene to stay, and asks Philip what exactly happened with Chloe. Philip gets angry at her innuendos and leaves. Kate then again orders Gene to leave, and she just stands staring off into space.

Thursday, March 22, 2001

Kate insists to Philip that she's not a murderer and convinces him to hold her. Nicole overhears them talking and listens as Kate's relieved that Philip doesn't hate her anymore. As Kate gets ready for bed, Victor dons his outfit to begin to "haunt" her. Still drinking, Lucas arrives at Sami's place and uses the fire escape to climb into Will's bedroom where his son happily greets him. Meanwhile, in the other room, Roman brings Marlena to see her daughter and she tells Sami how proud of her she is. Sami boasts that she not only has Will now but she also is getting close to Austin. When Roman asks how she managed to win custody of Will, she evades the question but does say she had evidence to convince Lucas to do "the right thing." Hearing Roman tell Sami that she can't stop legal action against Lucas and his mother, Lucas says goodbye to Will and then takes the limo home so he can start packing. Sami convinces Roman to drop the case against Lucas. Belle and Shawn urge Craig to believe that nothing happened between Chloe and Philip but he won't listen. Nancy reminds Chloe that she's not 18 yet but Chloe vows to go to her grandfather and ask for his help finding her father if she doesn't drop the exam. Craig finally comes around and tells Chloe and Nancy he believes nothing happened. Nancy insists on her daughter being examined. Philip spots Chloe through the window but is dragged away by security. Belle arrives to comfort a shaken Chloe.

Friday, March 23, 2001

At the Green Mountain Lodge bar, Glen and Barb argue over his telling his story. When Barb mentions Marlo, she asks if Abe and Lexie knew her. Lexie spins a lie, saying that Abe had an aunt named Marlo that he didn't like. Lexie questions Glen further as he begins to tell his story. He says that he and Marlo "shacked up" for quite a while. If it really is her body that was found, the least he could do is buy her a tombstone or something. Barb insists he doesn't owe her anything, running her down (calling her a boozer and a tramp) as Glen defends her. Barb says that Marlo was jealous of her because she had more class than Marlo. Abe and Lexie can't believe what they are hearing and Lexie says that they must convince them to return home. They are beginning to panic, wondering if Glen could be Isaac's father. Lexie tells Abe that she has a plan and for him to follow her lead. He is shocked by what he is hearing and compares her to Stefano. She starts trying to talk them into going home, citing plenty of reasons. She says that if they go back there and identify the body, they will be responsible for her burial expenses and encourages them to go home. She sides with Barb, saying Glen should spend that money on HER instead. Glen then drops his bombshell and confirms their worst fears...that Marlo was pregnant.

We get a replay of the last scene at the hospital, as Philip tries to get to Chloe and is caught. Belle rushes in to Chloe's defense as Chloe declares that Philip did NOT rape her. Dr. Bader tries to reason with her and tells her that Belle can stay with her if it would help her feel better. Chloe and Belle both agree. Down the hallway, Craig and Nancy argue over his siding with Chloe. Nancy wants the truth and insists on the exam. She won't listen to Craig and insists that Chloe was raped. Craig asks how can she be sure, but she won't answer. He point blank asks her if she has been raped. She rushes off with him following her. She tells him to leave it alone. Dr. Bader leaves Chloe to change as she insists to Belle that Philip didn't rape her. Belle convinces her that this may be the only way to clear Philip's name. Chloe finally reluctantly agrees.

Later, they are in the exam room as Dr. Bader begins. Belle holds her hand and strokes the hair of a clearly nervous Chloe. After Dr. Bader finishes, she tells Chloe she will be back to talk to her in a bit. She informs Craig and Nancy (who insists on going in to see her). Craig tells Nancy not to expect a hug. Inside the room, Nancy thanks Belle for being there, but Chloe interrupts and tells her to shut up and that she will never forgive her for this. She rails Nancy out and tells Craig to keep her away from her and that she will always hate her. Nancy and Craig step outside as Chloe and Belle wonder what is taking so long. Alone, Chloe thanks Belle for being there for her and after they talk a bit, Belle peeks outside to see what is taking so long and sees Dr. Bader returning. She stops with Craig and Nancy and tells them that they have conclusive results. (Belle and Chloe walk up as well). She tells them that there is absolutely NO evidence of sexual activity (rape or otherwise). Philip walks up and Nancy takes off after him (Craig has to restrain her). Chloe calmly walks over to Nancy (and without saying a word) slaps the crap out of her. She then goes to Philip and they hug. She tells Philip to take her away from Nancy (who is standing there crying, saying she only wanted to protect her). Outside, Philip and Chloe hug and talk, with her saying she doesn't know what to do now.

Over at the Kirakis Mansion, Lucas is passed out on the bed, dreaming of his visit with Will. Kate is asleep all tucked in her bed, with MORE than visions of sugar plums dancing in HER head. Victor and Nicole have sneaked into her room and he calls out her name. Nicole is in the floor shining a flashlight in his face. A sleepy Kate (half awake) opens her eyes to see Victor asking her why she killed him. She begins to freak out screaming "NO...NO...NO!" Blood starts to pour from his chest. Lucas (in his room) hears screams, but is too drunk to act on what he hears. In his stupor, he thinks it is Will crying and he starts having flashbacks of when Sami took him away. He starts crying about losing Will and falls to the bed and passes out. Victor continues to torture Kate (with Nicole giggling in the floor). Kate professes that she tried to stop the killers and didn't want Victor to die. He tells her that he will never stop tormenting her and will visit her nightly as she screams even louder.

She snaps out of it and goes to pour her a drink of water, but smells something strange in the carafe. She assumes that she must have been drugged and gets up, stepping in the fake blood. She is confused and terrified and wonders what is going on. Downstairs, Victor and Nicole are in the den laughing and she suggests they leave before Kate comes down and catches them. But that is what Victor wants. He says that it is time for all this to end so he can get his life back. Kate does make her way down the stairs. From her view, everything is blurry and she is clearly dazed and confused. She gets downstairs and hears Victor and Nicole talking in the den. She collapses to the floor, thinking she is going mad.

Nicole decides to leave to go to the drug store. She says for supplies so she and Victor can get down and dirty. After she leaves, Kate sneaks in to the den and sees Victor. She sneaks in behind him, picks up the fire poker and whacks him across the head as he crumples to the floor. She takes ashes from the fireplace and scatters them around the room, setting the den on fire. She staggers into the hallway and is joined by Henderson. She tells him that she was in bed and smelled smoke. She begins to scream for Philip and Lucas. But Henderson tells her that Philip is out and so is Lucas and that his car isn't back either. Upstairs, Lucas wakes up and smells smoke and makes his way to the hall. In the den, Victor lies in the floor as the flames grow.

Kate urges Henderson not to try to put out the fire, it's too dangerous. They go out the back way. Lucas stumbles down the stairs (literally) and is overcome with smoke and falls down the stairs and lands motionless at the bottom. In the den, Victor wakes up and tries to crawl out. Outside, Nicole returns to see the smoke. She tries to get in the front door, but is met with smoke and can't. Philip and Chloe also arrive to see the fire. Philip runs in a side door, yelling for his mom. Nicole runs around the house and also heads in a side door...just as Kate and Henderson come around the house from the back entrance. (Kate has no idea that Lucas, Philip or Nicole are in the house...she thinks it's only Victor). Henderson calls the fire department on the cell phone as Kate stands there freaking out.

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