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April 2, 2001
Monday, April 9, 2001

Belle and Mimi arrive at dotCom. Through the window, they see Brady and Chloe arguing and wonder what is going on. Inside, Brady is going off on Chloe for not telling him about Victor being alive. Chloe tries to calm him down but he demands for her to tell him where Victor is. Belle and Mimi come in wanting to know what they are arguing about and Brady announces that Victor is alive and that Philip and Chloe knew all along. Chloe swears that she doesn't know the address, but Victor is with his lawyer and Brady rushes/stumbles off. Belle lights into Chloe for not telling him earlier. Chloe tries to explain, but Belle won't listen and continues to berate her for the way she treats Brady. Chloe explains how she found out the truth. But Belle continues to chew her out. Chloe comes back at Belle, thanking her for showing her how she REALLY feels about her and pointing out that she never really liked/cared for her at all. Chloe says maybe they shouldn't be friends after all and storms out. Outside, she berates herself for allowing herself to get close to people. Back inside, Belle and "Meems" agree that maybe Mimi was right all along about Chloe. Belle thanks her for standing by her. Mimi tells Belle that it's Chloe's loss.

Nicole and Victor are with Gene talking about living arrangements. Gene asks if they are planning on living together. Victor tells him to inform the insurance company that he is still alive and tomorrow, he plans on going to the media. They talk about Kate as Nicole chuckles about Kate shopping at yard sales for clothes. They talk about Philip and Victor says he would like to extend his trip, keeping distance between him and Chloe but Nicole points out that she always heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Brady storms in, upset that Nicole, Gene, Philip, Chloe and "half of Salem" knew he was alive but not him... his grandson. Victor asks everyone to leave him alone with Brady and he apologizes. Nicole and Gene go outside as he questions her about her and Victor. She gets insulted at his insinuations that she slept her way to the top.

Back inside, Victor tries to explain why he didn't tell him, but Brady isn't buying it. He tells him how Marlena treated him in Paris and that he thought that Victor was different. Brady explains that it was Chloe who spilled the beans and this infuriates Victor. Victor tries to make amends and then asks for a keep Chloe away from Philip. Brady agrees to do his best, but no promises. They talk about living arrangements. Victor offers to let him live with him, but thinks he should be with his father. Brady goes to leave and Victor hugs him and assures him that he loves him. Later, Gene goes to leave and tells Victor that he hopes he knows what he's doing (referring to Nicole). After everyone is gone, Nicole starts to flirt, but Victor tells her he has an important call to make and she leaves the room.

Chloe runs to the docks to cry and have herself a pity party. Brady walks up behind her and offers her (what looks like) a napkin from dotCom to cry on. Brandon and Sami wait for Ms. Nesbit (the baby sitter) to arrive as he continues to flirt with her. Sami offers a snack before they go. She comments that her cooking is so bad, she can only offer him some Crunchy Munchies (Will's cereal). As they munch on the cereal, they talk about Kate and how Sami hates that she got off the hook and Sami doesn't even get child support.

John and Marlena are leaving Tuscany but John sees Maggie near the door and suggests that they stay, so they sit at the bar. Greta and Austin arrive and Maggie goes on and on about the "princess" and in the process embarrasses Greta . Greta flashes back to seeing Brandon and Sami at the hospital as Maggie shows them to their table. John and Marlena decide not to leave after all and talk briefly about Brady. John tells her that he will talk to Brady tomorrow about getting a job. As he and Marlena kiss, the bartender and order drinks interrupt them. He suggests tequila on the rocks and she a "stinger." She confesses she has never had one, but has heard about them. John tells her to take it easy and reminds her about one night at Blondie's... and they laugh about it. As they kiss, Maggie walks up, talking then changes her mind as they ignore her. They finish their drinks and Marlena wants to dance, but John complains that the music is too slow. He tells Maggie to mix it up. To herself, she comments that he is NEVER satisfied.

During this time, Maggie stops by and chats with Greta, who asks Maggie not to tell anyone that she and Austin are there . Anyway, Maggie gets the drift. She and Austin order and participate in some mindless banter. Meanwhile Sami and Brandon arrive. Maggie comments on Sami's "unique" dress. Sami chatters about Brandon being her hero and he comments on Maggie's behavior, saying she has probably "knocked back one or two." Maggie politely informs him that she is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for over 20 years.

She shows them to their table in the middle of the restaurant, giving Greta the catbird's seat. Sami and Brandon order and when their food comes, they dive in. Brandon comments that he loves a woman who loves to eat. Sami leans over and gets spaghetti all over her chest area. Brandon points it out to her and she says "Oh, my boobs are in my spaghetti" From the catbird table, Austin and Greta talk about Brandon and Sami as Greta suggests that maybe Brandon has ulterior motives. Sami returns from the ladies room after cleaning her dress. He asks her to dance, but she complains about the music. All of a sudden, Salsa music starts playing. They start dancing and Sami bumps into Marlena and John (who are also dancing). John congratulates her on getting Will back as Marlena thanks Brandon for helping her out. Everyone starts dancing again as Greta asks Austin where Sami learned to dance so well. Austin turns to see Brandon dipping Sami. Austin looks shocked.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Sami and Will go to the door of Austin's place and Will asks him to walk to school with him and Mommy. One of the neighbors comes along with her little girl and offers to have Will go to school with them. Will gets excited and asks Sami if he can go with them instead. Sami agrees and Will sets off with his little friend to go to school.

Sami goes inside and throws Austin down on the couch. She starts to make love to him and then she jumps off of him, and tells him that she is sorry. She tells him that she understands why he feels that they made love to soon and she will do everything to make him feel better about the situation by waiting until he's ready.

Craig is reading his paper at the breakfast table and Nancy is on the phone saying that Chloe has already left for school She slams down the phone and Craig asks when Choe left, saying he did not know she was gone. Nancy says she has not left and Chloe comes in and asks who was on the phone. Nancy looks to Craig to back her up and says that it wasn't anyone important.

Nancy tells Chloe that they read in the paper that Victor is alive. The way Chloe reacts Nancy asks her how long she knew that he was alive. Chloe refuses to answer her and says that she has no right to any information about her life because she refuses to tell her anything about her father. Craig and her get into it when she tells him that he may sleep with Nancy but she felt that he was on her side. He tells her that Nancy only did what she did with the test because Chloe had yelled rape and she was trying to protect her. He says that she took her from the orphanage and brought her into their home to be a family and that they can get past all the anger if she will work on it with them. He says that from now on she is to tell the truth and they will do every thing in their power to try to believe her. She hits the roof telling him that Nancy is the one who should have to tell the truth and be honest about who her father is. Chloe says that until she tells her the truth she will not be any better behaved than she is now. After she leaves Craig begs Nancy to tell them the truth and she still refuses to do so and leaves the room again. Craig decides maybe it is time he found out for himself what it is that Nancy is hiding from them.

Victor goes into Titan and everyone starts falling all over him and saying how they are so happy to see him. He goes into the boardroom and announces that everything is fine and thanks them all for their help since the news of his death was let out by mistake. He tells them that Kate is gone and that they have a new president of the company and of Bella magazine and brings in to the meeting Nicole. Everyone is shocked and two of the women being very catty say they know she does her best work on her back. They also say how awful it is that Kate was replaced with someone half her age.

Kate is sitting in the hospital with Lucas telling him what a wonderful little boy he was and how she will take care of him for the rest of his life. The doctor comes in and asks her to step outside so he can talk to her about her son. He tells her that Lucas is out of ICU and they are going to have to move him to a long-term facility where he can be cared for while they do his plastic surgery. She asks if there is a state hospital where he could go and she could be with him and he tells her that all the bills are being taken care of by the Kiriakis foundation. So she has nothing to worry about.

Austin comes to the hospital to see Lucas and tells him that he understands that he did not deserve to be suffering this way but he understands why Sami is determined to keep Lucas and Kate from Will. He then tells his brother that he will do all he can to convince her to let Lucas see his son because he knows that Will needs him. Then he goes outside and Sami is reading a paper about Victor being alive. Austin tells her he is going to get some answers and she offers to go with him. He tells her to stay and see about her job and he will do it himself.

When Austin barges into the boardroom he demands to know why is mother is not there. He also wants to know how Victordid not have her know that he was alive. Then Nicole says she will handle it and takes him into the hallway. They are in a fight over Kate and all she has done to Victor and Nicole says that Kate deserves what has happened to her. Suddenly, Kate jumps in and thanks Austin for his help. Then she watches in amazement while the sign on her office door is taken off and one with Nicole's name is put up. Victor comes out to remind them they are in a place of business and to keep the noise down.

Sami talks to the boss at the hospital and begs for her job back. She tells her that she left to get her son back and that that has happened so she needs the job. The boss asks if the family can't help her and Sami says she wants to do it herself so they will respect her. The boss tells her to start on the next shift and not to make any mistakes. Sami is thrilled to death and hugs the startled woman for her giving her a second chance.

John goes to Hope and asks why he had to find out about JT from Maggie while Marlena and him were at Tuscany. She explains that she did not want to have to explain to Bo about why John was there for the baby. She says that John knows about how jealous he is of John's attention to JT. She explains it was a simple procedure so she did not think it was necessary for him to be there. Hope asks if John has told Marlena where he is and he says no. Hope then points out that there is nothing different from her keeping it from him and him keeping it from Marlena..

Marlena comes downstairs and says good morning to Brady who is reading about Victor being alive. Marlena is stunned about his reincarnation and she wonders aloud how that came about. She asks how long he knew about it and he starts to pick a fight with her and then tells her that there is no way he is going to fight with her,. He says that he will abide by the rules so that his father doesn't throw him out because it is only a matter of time until John gets wise to her and gives her the boot.

He tells Marlena that she wanders around with John hanging on to her arm like a trophy. She denies it and asks him why he thinks that she does not have the same problems that everyone else has. She asks him to tell her how he sees himself. He refuses to answer her and a knock comes to the door and Chloe asks to see Brady. Marlena asks if that is a good idea and then says okay but tells Brady not to make her late for school. She leaves to go to the hospital.

The doctor tells Hope and John that JT is fine and that he can go home in a couple of hours. He says he is a strong boy and Hope and Beau should be so proud of him. She says they are and the doctor leaves. John and her continue to talk about the baby and he promises he will always be there for them. He hugs her and gets ready to leave.

At the hospital, the nurse tells Marlena that she just saw John with Hope waiting for news about JT. She goes over in time to see Hope being held by John. The doctor had just left. Marlena goes a little crazy and accuses Hope of being after John. He tells her that the baby is fine and they are leaving. He tells her that the procedure went fine and asks her to be understanding about why he had to see if everything was okay with his son. She tells him that she is tired of understanding about his children. He is stunned at her reaction and she tells him that she is fed up and walks away. Hope tells him to get her under control because she does not want to have Bo find out about JT because Marlena can't control herself and lets it slip to him in some way.

Glenn and Barb show up at Lexie's house as she is getting ready to leave Celeste with Isaac. She is on her way to the hospital to be with Hope until the procedure is over. They get into a big argument with Lexie and demand to see Isaac. Glenn says she lied to them and they know that they adopted Isaac. He demands to see his son. She asks him how he found out and he says the nurses told them at the hospital. The baby starts to cry and he heads to the stairs. Lexie jumps between him and so does Celeste telling them to get out of her house or she will call the police. She reiterates that the adoption is legal and the year is nearly up so he can't do anything about it. She also tells him with the way that Marlo messed around with men and drugs he has to prove the baby is his to begin with. Lexie throws them out of the house. Barb and Glenn stand outside discussing getting a lawyer. Meanwhile inside Lexie says she is a DiMera and nobody will take her son away from her. Celeste tells her that this is one time that her father may be able to help her and that the DiMera name will come in handy.

Chloe begs for Brady to tell her how to reach Philip and he tells her that she is a fool if she tries and they are doomed anyway. He tells her to come with him and he will prove it to her. They leave the apartment.

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Sami is taking Will to school, and decides to use him to connive Austin. She whispers in his ear as they knock on Austin's door, and Will asks Austin to walk him to school with mommy. Austin agrees, but a neighbor arrives with her little girl and offers to take Will with them. Sami quickly and proceeds to come on to a bare-chested Austin. She pushes him on the sofa, and after getting him all worked up....backs off telling him since he thinks they previously moved too fast, he should take a shower...and make it a cold one! When he returns, he wants to know more about the agreement she has w/Kate and Lucas, but she refuses, saying that though she has loved him forever, if it comes to a choice between Will and Austin, she chooses her son. Austin says he has to go to hospital to see Lucas, and Sami asks to go along, mentioning maybe she can get her old job back.

Nancy is on the phone telling Philip that Chloe has already left for school. As she sits down at the breakfast table, Craig notes the headlines in the paper saying Victor K. is still alive. Chloe comes down and joins them. She ignores Nancy, and talks only to Craig. Nancy mentions Victor being alive, Chloe not being surprised and asks if Philip had already told her. Chloe jumps on her, refusing to be nice to her, as Craig tries to make her behave. Chloe rants about Nancy forcing her into that exam, saying Nancy only wanted to satisfy her curiosity as to whether Chloe was still a virgin. Craig truly tries to make her see that her cry of rape was the reason, but Chloe goes on about Nancy not telling her who her father is. Craig says that somewhere along the line he began to think of her as HIS daughter, and wants them all to be a family. He lays down the law, and cites respect rules but Chloe just rants on, says mean things to Nancy, and leaves for school. Craig tries to convince Nancy to reveal the name of Chloe's father, but Nancy says "never"!

At the penthouse, Marlena comes downstairs, greets Brady, who is reading the newspaper. The headline surprises her, and she asks Brady about Victor. Surly Brady replies that he may have to be civil to her, but that does not include discussing his personal life. He goes round and round on the same carousel of insults. Marlena retains her cool, and just as she leaves, Chloe arrives, wanting to know where Philip is. Brady insinuates that Philip is gone on purpose, wanting to stay away from a girl who would stoop so low as to accuse him of rape.

Kate is at Lucas's bedside, telling him how she will figure something out, and will always take care of him. The doctor arrives, telling her that although Lucas has been removed from ICU, he needs a great deal of long term care, skin grafts and will have to be moved to another facility. When Kate asks "on whose dime" and asks about a state facility in Salem, the doctor informs her, to her surprise, the Kiriakis Foundation will pay the expenses.

John arrives to berate Hope for not telling him about JT. She says it is because of Bo, and asks if Marlena knows he is there. John's silence is the answer. They talk of how awkward it is about Marlena and Bo. Dr. Maxwell arrives, telling them the procedure went well, and JT can go home in half hour. Hope and John are both grateful, and hug each other, as Marlena comes upon them. She has harsh words for them both, asking Hope to keep her hands off her husband, and talking of being tired of having to put up with the problems of John's sons, mentioning briefly her morning session w/Brady. She is very angry, but holding her own, and walks off as John goes after her.

Austin briefly visits Lucas's room, and then says he has to get over to Titan. Sami begs Brenda for her job back. The nurse rants on about Sami being gone for months, but Sami pulls her "poor me, single mother" routine, and is rewarded with employment once again.

Victor arrives to a round of applause from his employees, then goes into the Board room, where he receives another round. He explains about the case of mistaken identity (he sure lies with applomb), mentions his house burning down....and a new beginning. He then announces the new President of Titan and editor in chief on Bella magazine, and opens the door to reveal Nicole......dressed in a chic black suit, with a skirt that she surely cannot sit down is so short. Murmurs of surprise, as the Board gives a half-hearted weak round of applause. Two female members whisper something to the effect that most of her work will probably be on her back. The Board questions Kate's status, and ask about Philip, and Victor says Kate resigned to pursue other interests, and informs them Philip will be living with him. As they ask about Austin, and are assured he will still have his job.

Austin bursts into the room asking about Kate. Nicole takes charge, takes him out in the hall, and informs him her mother does not work here any more, and she has Kate's job. He adds "and her man", and asks if Vic realizes Kate has no where to live. She says yes he does, but he still has his job there. He tells her to take the job and shove it. She says he should not be so precipitous...and he tells her that no matter how many big words she learns, it doesn't stop her morals from being in the gutter. Kate walks in, happy to hear her son defending her, has a few words w/ Nicole, then is appalled to see her name being removed from her office door and replaced by Nicole's.

Lexie and Celeste are playing with Isaac when there is a knock at the door. She panics when she sees it is Glen and Barb, and tells Celeste to take Isaac upstairs. She opens the door, Glen and Barb bullies their way inside. They tell Lexie they know everything, and want to see Glen's son. Celeste comes downstairs and they all argue. The baby cries, and Glen starts to go upstairs, but is blocked by Lexie. Celeste joins her, then goes up to quiet the baby. Lexie kicks the two of them out of her home, and outside they decide to see a lawyer. Inside, Lexie is beside herself, and Celeste tells her this is one time it is good she has Stefano for a father, as she definitely needs him now. Lexie insists to herself that no one will ever take her son away from her, as God is her witness.

Thursday, April 12, 2001

Kate packs clothes out of her office as Victor argues with her. While arguing, Victor threatens Kate to leave Philip alone.

Austin and Nicole converse about Kate, as Austin defends his mother, Nicole makes a comment about arsenic laced in pasta (Kate did this to Sami), Austin asks her what she is talking about and Nicole tells him to ask Kate.

Kate and Nicole have another little catfight as Kate comes out of her office. Victor separates them and warns Nicole about taunting's like taunting a rattlesnake. Nicole agrees.

Austin offers Kate a place to stay but is refused since Sami lives close by.

Belle and Shawn talk about Belle's fallout with Chloe, Belle warns Shawn that what people say about Chloe may be true.

Brady drives Chloe to school as they constantly argue about Philip. Belle notices them together and asks Brady what he is doing with Chloe, Brady tells her to lighten up on Chloe.

Jan and Mimi contemplate their plan to destroy Chloe, meanwhile Shawn overhears Belle mention his name to Mimi. Belle thinks Chloe will make a play for Shawn.

Jack and Jen start a new life for Abby, but with alot of nagging, and fighting, Jack threatens to fight for sole custody.

Stefano makes plans with Rolf to deal with Glen to prove that Glen is not Isaac's father while Bo and Hope bring J.T home from the hospital and find a frantic Lexie in their living room. They exchange information about their encounters with Glen and Barb, as Lexie mentions that she is glad her father is helping her. Lexie is once again pushing herself to think like a DiMera.

Friday, April 13, 2001

Shawn follows Chloe and they talk about Philip. He wants to know what is going on and Chloe tells him that Victor sent him away. She tells Shawn that her relationship with Philip was just a teenage crush and is now over. Jan joins Belle and Mimi and sees Shawn and Chloe and rubs it in, infuriating Belle. Jan speaks to Mimi about their plan and they laugh.

Kevin tells them that all is set in the chemistry lab and he wants his reward...a kiss from Jan. They make fun of his behavior, but Jan gives in and Mimi times the kiss (it has to be 10 sec long), and when the time is up Jan keeps kissing. After Kevin leaves, Jan is in a daze, saying it was magic. Mimi reminds her that it WAS Kevin she kissed. Belle overhears some kids talking about Chloe and then she watches Shawn and Chloe talking about Philip. Shawn does not believe Chloe about it being just a crush and tells her that he knows how Philip feels about her. As they talk, kids tease her about being a vampire and Shawn stands up for her as she storms off. He asks Belle to talk to Chloe she refuses and walks away.

There is a heavy girl, Susan Adamson, who is being picked on. A teacher stops them. Shawn and Belle argue over Chloe and he tells her he is disappointed in her attitude, she accuses him of wanting Chloe. He says that right now he likes Chloe a lot more then he likes her and walks away. In class, Philip calls Chloe on her cell phone but the teacher turns it off reminding her it's against the rules. Some guy throws something at her; she picks up a book and throws it at him, hitting him in the face, causing his nose to bleed.

Lexie shows up at the hospital, determined to be a DiMera and make sure the DNA doesn't match. She tries to distract the nurses with baby pictures and learns that the guy who picks up the lab work hasn't arrived yet. While she is there, the lab guy makes his pickup and she questions the nurses about him.

Marlena is with her secretary Kelly. Marlena is really short with her and dismisses her. She has flashbacks of John and Hope hugging and there is a knock on the door. She thinks it is Kelly but finds it is Hope. They immediately get into an argument, Hope calls her selfish and wants her to think of JT. Hope wishes it were different but Marlena says that she looked comfortable in John's arms. As they get nasty, Marlena accuses her of wanting to remember what happened and wonders if she will resist the temptation of sleeping with John again. Hope accuses her of just wanting to remain angry. As it gets heated, Hope calls her the "martyred mother." Marlena assures her that the truth will come out and lives will be destroyed. Marlena slams the door in her face and starts to cry. Hope rushes off, followed by Lexie who questions her, telling her she heard the argument. Hope doesn't want to talk about it and tells her to drop it, Lexie refuses and offers to help her but Hope says she can't talk about it with Lexie.

At the penthouse, John and Brady are meeting with Brady's lawyer about the lawsuit and she calls it a slam-dunk. She wants to settle out of court, but Brady says no. She asks him if he is out for revenge and he denies it. She is smarter than that and sees right through him and tries to talk him out of it. Marlena arrives home and overhears this part; she walks in and is accused of eavesdropping by Brady. Everyone sees that Marlena is in an ill mood, and the lawyer leaves saying they'll continue later. Marlena goes through her mail to find it already open, Brady confesses and Marlena gets madder. John tries to intercede but it gets heated.

Marlena tells Brady he needs to get a job, and he gets angry. John tries to calm them, but Marlena is sure that John will once again blame her. Brady accuses her of opening his mail and even throwing it away which Marlena denies. She then remembers finding a girly magazine in his room (when he was 12) and tossing it out. The mail that Brady opened was about a conference in New York and she informs him that she IS going and storms upstairs to pack. She cries as she packs and says that Brady is driving her out of her home and she can't take it anymore. Downstairs, John jumps on Brady, as he innocently explains that he actually opened the letter by accident but couldn't tell her. John orders him to apologize to Marlena.

Meanwhile back at the hospital, Lexie is still working on Hope. She tells Hope that she heard enough of the argument to know that Bo isn't JT's father. Apparently BOTH she and Marlena know just who the father is, now Lexie wants to know as well.

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