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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 16, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, April 16, 2001

Hope and Lexie are in the cafeteria talking about what happened and how all of it might affect Bo. Hope confides that Bo knows he isn't the father and is curious as to just WHAT Lexie overheard. She assures her that she, Marlena and Bo are the only ones who know and is sure that Marlena will keep it confidential. Clearly uncomfortable, she tells Lexie she would rather not discuss it anymore. All of a sudden, Lexie blurts out that she KNOWS who the father is. Cue panicked look from Hope. She thinks it's Stefano and Hope assures her she is wrong and she drops the subject.

After Hope leaves, Brandon comes in and he and Lexie talk. She urges him to give up his vendetta against Abe and Brandon gives in a little too quickly. He tells her that Samantha broke his heart and now he doesn't want to lose Lexie as a friend. She offers to buy him a drink at the Blue Note after work. Outside, she thinks to herself that not only is he easing up on Abe, he is going to help her keep her son.

Hope goes to the chapel and prays to God for strength to make it through this crisis. She says that if the truth comes out a lot of people's lives will be destroyed.

At school, we get a replay of the book incident with Chloe. Mr. Woods sends her to the principal's office. After class, Belle and Shawn talk about what happened and he defends Chloe. Shawn can't understand why Belle turned on Chloe all of a sudden. Outside the office, Chloe can't wait to get out of Salem. Nancy comes rushing up (principal called her) and they are called into the office. As Chloe gets chewed out, Nancy tries to defend her. But Chloe doesn't want her help and Nancy eventually ends up leaving in tears. After her outburst, the principal threatens to call the police, but Mr. Woods steps in and assures him he will handle it. As they head to the teacher's office, Nancy tries to talk to her, but Chloe turns her back on her. As they talk, Chloe is a smart ass with him at first, but seems to soften as he talks about how rough he had it growing up as the only black kid in a white school. He encourages her to channel her energy into something positive. It seems to sink in a bit, but as she leaves, still will not talk to Nancy, which breaks her heart.

Elsewhere, after Shawn walks off from Belle, Mimi comes up and they talk. Jan comes by and drags her off. Belle is sure they are up to something. Belle says "Great, first Chloe, then Shawn and now Mimi. Why do I feel like the fourth member of Destiny's Child?" She is alone when Kevin Lambert (the nerd) walks up and they strike up a conversation and he offers to help her in chemistry. He talks about the A-List of kids and mentions working with Jan on a project. He realizes he said too much and leaves. Now, Belle is SURE something is up. She has second thoughts about being so hard on Shawn and she doesn't want to lose him as a friend. He comes by and she tells him that they need to talk.

Jason drags Jan away from Mimi and they get into an argument. He accuses her of sneaking around with someone else, which she denies. After Jason leaves, Shawn walks up (he overheard) and encourages her to dump Jason for treating her that way. She is touched that he cares. Mimi and Kevin show up and he informs the girls that everything is set to go. Jan tells Mimi to just keep her big mouth shut and follow her lead.

Kate is at home getting dressed and putting on her makeup. She has flashbacks of Victor and of hitting him in the head with the poker. She gets all upset and blames all her troubles on Sami. As she is putting her clothes in the trunk, she slams it and gets a pain in her side/stomach. She calls them cramps and says it must be all the stress she is under. The car won't start and she gets even more upset.

At the hospital, Sami and Larry are reunited as she tells him about how happy she is to have Will back. Brandon joins them and as they hug, Larry asks if she is sneaking around on Austin. Sami takes a break and Brandon wants to know all about how Austin reacted to seeing them at Tuscany. She says it was no big deal with him because he loves her for who she is. She encourages Brandon to find someone to date, but he tells her he has other things to keep him busy. She gets the drift and asks him to leave Abe alone.

Sami sashays into Lucas's room (and even though he is in a coma) taunts him. Says really cruel stuff about how he will never wake up and how she has Will and he has NOTHING. Kate walks up and witnesses all this and tries to throw her out. Sami continues to make fun of Lucas and then turns on Kate asking her just how that fire started (as Kate has flashbacks of setting it). Sami is sure that Lucas was drunk and started it somehow. Kate is getting more and more upset and holding her stomach area and the camera shows blood running down her leg. Kate screams "Damn you to HELL!" and collapses in a puddle of blood. Sami looks down at her nonchalantly and says "Gee...I wonder if she's dead."

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Learning that Jennifer's agreed to live with Jack for the sake of Abby, Hope doesn't like the idea and wonders what she'll do once she starts dating. She suggests that Jennifer not discount the idea of a reconciliation. After Kate collapses, Sami considers leaving her on the floor of Lucas' hospital room until she finally and calmly informs a nurse. Craig worries that she may die. When Dr. Campbell learns she's broke, he sends her on her way, unable to treat her. She makes it to her car but realizes it's out of gas. She asks Craig for help but he simply sends her to the ER for a gallon of gas from the ambulance bay. Upset, Kate vows to make them pay one day. Jack introduces Abby to Greta, calling her a real princess. Greta's impressed when Jack panics, searches and then finds his daughter after she is missing. Sami meets Austin outside a jewelry store to shop for engagement rings. She fails to tell him about his ill mother and changes the subject when he suggests they go to the hospital. Greta interrupts but Sami's rude to her causing Austin to complain. After they leave, Greta promises that Sami won't get what she wants. In the locker room, Chloe befriends Susan, an overweight student who is being teased by unseen kids. She offers to get her help to lose her weight. Shawn advises Belle that he still has the mysterious can he found and is keeping it on his night stand. He wants to open it but decides to learn more about it first. All the kids arrive for chemistry class. Shawn and Belle become suspicious when they see Kevin signaling the others.

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Jack escorts Greta home where they talk about Jennifer. He hires her to decorate his home and gives her 24 hours to do so. Austin and Sami bring Will home but are interrupted by Lexie. While Austin takes Will back to his place, Lexie explains the situation with Isaac and her fear that she'll lose her son. She asks if Brandon did anything illegal to help her get Will back. Sami insists it was legal though hints that some people might not approve. Kate searches through the rubble from the mansion and finds a diamond bracelet which she quickly pockets. Nicole finds her there and the two eventually get into a knock-down, drag-out fight, during which Kate loses the bracelet to Nicole. Hope continues to urge Jennifer to forget about living with Jack. When Brandon arrives at the Blue Note, Hope signals for him to come over. He flirts with Jennifer but then spots Lexie and runs to see her. Hope and Jennifer are both surprised that the two are together. Meanwhile, Lexie starts in on Brandon, complaining about Barb and Glen and her fear that she may lose Isaac. She then announces that he's the only person who can help her. He asks her what he can do for her.

Thursday, April 19, 2001

In chemistry class, Belle watches as Jan signals Kevin. Kevin then tells Chloe that he's her lab partner for todday's experiment. Though she's not interested in being with him, the two find they have a lot in common. Kevin then tells Jan he doesn't want to be a part of her plan to hurt Chloe. Later, Kevin's experiment bursts into flame and splashes onto Chloe. Crying as she does so, Lexie explains the situation with Isaac to Brandon who quickly agrees to help her in any way. She then tells him about her idea to switch the DNA test results with another child. Jennifer offers to take Hope to see the house she'll be sharing with Jack and Abby. Bringing her to the house, Jack stumbles and falls as an amused Greta watches. Inside, he explains how he wants a homey situation, not a professionally decorated house. She forces him to talk about Jennifer and as he does so, they joke about compromise in a relationship. As they fall to the floor, Hope and Jennifer arrive and spot Greta on top of Jack. Jennifer assumes the worst and realizes that Hope may be right in her thinking about the situation. Sami presses Austin to confirm they're involved in a relationship. He starts to explain what happened with him and Greta in the garden but she's outraged to hear they were naked together. He assures her nothing happened. She then comes on to him again and asks him to make love to her.

Friday, April 20, 2001

At the Blue Note, Lexie pleads with Brandon for his help. He finally agrees and she is thrilled and hugs him. She flatters/compliments him saying that Sami doesn't realize what she is missing in him. Lexie thinks that they probably have a few weeks to get the plan in motion. Brandon assures her not to worry and that she will get justice. Lexie goes home to Abe (who was babysitting). He gets upset with her, thinking that she has been at Stefano's again. She drops the bomb on Abe and tells him that Glen and Barb know the truth about the baby. Abe blames himself for listening to Stefano and not telling them the truth to begin with. She says that they will NEVER touch Isaac. Abe demands to know what she and Stefano are up to, but she covers and calms down a bit. An officer of the court shows up and Lexie freaks out, saying they are not taking her baby...NO, NO. Abe calms her down as papers are served. They have 7 days to bring Isaac in for DNA testing. Lexie wonders if that will give them time.

Austin fell for Sami's trap as they are lying in bed in the afterglow. Well, so much for Austin jumps up to leave. He tells Sami that he must go and check his messages and pay his bills. She is PO'd that he would rather do that. He explains that he doesn't want Will to walk in and find them. She believes that Austin is having second thoughts and thinks he made a mistake. He half-heartedly tries to deny it. He informs here that he is going to take his job back at Titan. He offers to take Will for ice cream and to a ball game, but Sami refuses so he leaves. Sami is really ticked off by now and makes a call to Brandon on his cell phone. She pretends to be a cop and laughs at the joke and he invites her down to the Blue Note. Later, Sami arrives at the Blue Note in a sexy black dress and Brandon asks her to dance. They are thisclose on the dance floor as they both say that they need each other.

Austin goes home and checks his messages to find one from his "best buddy" Greta. He returns her call. She tells him about visiting Lucas and they make plans for dinner as Austin is going to pick her up in a hour. After he hangs up, he thinks how considerate she is of others...UNLIKE Sami.

Greta shows up at the hospital with flowers, some cd's and a book for Lucas. She flips through the book (of fairy tales) and begins to read one. Meanwhile, Kate is in her home and comments that she needs to clean up. She goes in the hospital only to be stopped by Nancy who criticizes her. She pushes Nancy out of her way, which threatens to have her banned from the hospital. She tells her to keep her son away from Chloe as well. She calls Philip Kate's "fancy ass son." Kate goes to take a shower, which makes Nancy mad saying the hospital is not a bathhouse. Kate stomps off to clean up and Nancy calls security.

As Greta is reading, Kate comes in and thanks her. She talks about when Lucas was a child and gets emotional. Greta offers to call Austin for her, but Kate explains that he is upset with her right now. Kate asks if she and Austin are seeing each other, and informs her that she hopes that the DO get that Greta would be good for him. Besides, it would keep him away from that tramp Sami. Kate talks about how manipulative Sami is and doesn't want to see Austin get hurt again. Kate offers the advice that if Greta wants Austin, she needs to take off the gloves where Sami is concerned. Greta is speechless as Kate tells her that Austin saved Greta in Paris...NOW it is HER turn to save him...from Sami. Greta gets a bit uncomfortable and as she leaves, thinks that Kate is out of control.

After her visit with Lucas, Kate is confronted by Nancy once again and they get into an argument. After trading barbs, Nancy says at least she can hang onto HER man...unlike Kate. This infuriates Kate (who calls Nancy a "cow"). Nancy assures her that she will never get into this hospital again. She tells her that she doesn't have the money and power anymore and looks like something that the cat dragged in...she says it must be true..."even whores get demoted." Kate promises her that someday, she will have Nancy and Craig tossed out of there.

Belle sees Jan run to Kevin and is sure that something strange is going on. Shawn says it looks like it didn't work. Jason teases Susan. They all smell something horrible as Ms. Perez asks Kevin about the chemicals he was using. They realize it was what Chloe got sprayed with. Belle tells Shawn that maybe THAT was part of the plan. Everyone starts laughing at Chloe, calling her a "stink bomb." Belle takes up for her and calls her "friend" as Jan and Mimi giggle and whisper. Ms. Perez suggest that Chloe go and shower immediately as the kids chant "Ghoul Girl Stinks." Mr. Woods puts an end to the chanting and Jason smarts off at him. After a threat of expulsion, Jason backs down and tells Susan (he calls her "fat ass") to get out of his way. Jan and Mimi rush off after Chloe to the locker room and wait as she undresses. Belle wants to question Kevin (Shawn calls her Nancy Drew). She corners him and wants to know what is going on. He starts to crack; spilling the beans, but then takes off. Belle tells Shawn that whatever is going on...she feels that it is about to get worse. In the locker room, Chloe is undressed and taking her shower as Jan and Mimi watch, giggling. There is full-length nude body shot of Chloe (with lather in strategic places)... and a cut to the camera hidden in the air vent recording everything.

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