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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 25, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, June 25, 2001

Brady gingerly walks down the stairs, proud of his progress. Chloe comes rushing into the penthouse calling for Belle (Belle had given her the key). They immediately argue, as he wants to know why she is there. She tells him she is going to wait for Belle and if he doesn't want to see her to just leave. She spots the picture of Brady, Isabella and John on the piano and picks it up, questioning him about it. He explains about his mom and Chloe says she is sorry he lost her so young. He informs her that he is going to the Last Blast as a chaperone, which doesn't please her too much. She talks about what happened last year and says nothing like that will happen this year, because of Philip. They talk about Philip and Brady informs her that his grandfather still doesn't approve of her.

Brady goes out to the balcony as Chloe follows and they watch the birds flying. He tells her that people sometimes catch birds, put them in a small cage and clip their wings. Chloe gets his point and insists that is not what Philip is doing to her. He tells her that their relationship is doomed. She gets angry and insists that Philip and she love each other...and their relationship is NOT up to Victor Kiriakis. Brady warns her not to mess with Victor and he will do anything to ensure what is best for Philip. She asks him what would Victor do to break them up. Brady takes up for Victor, saying he loves his son. But Chloe says it should be about what Philip wants. She says that people should be allowed to live their own lies. She has a revelation and realizes that Victor is using Brady to break up her and Philip. She asks him what is he planning to do at the dance. Brady denies it, of course. But she doesn't buy it...she is sure he is going to the Last Blast with an agenda.

Jenn is sitting in Salem Place daydreaming (waiting on Jack), when Hope comes by. They talk a moment about Jack and when he shows up, Hope takes off. He shows her a picture that Abby drew at school and notices that something is bothering her, so he goes to leave her alone. She stops him and wants him to go with her somewhere. She buys them cappuccinos and he feels she is softening him up for something and he fears the worst. As he babbles on, she tells him to shut up and listen to her. As they sit on a bench she tells him she has something to tell him and is having a difficult time. She runs through his bad points (which bothers Jack) but she also points out his good. She tells him that she has another word to describe him..."hero"... he is her hero. He pretends to be modest, but she tells him that she sees him in a whole different light now. She calls him brave and says that he has so much character. She says that she knows he is a wonderful father and talks about how great he is with Abby and how she knows Abby loves him so much. Jack has a long flashback of them in the rain where he gives her an engagement ring. They talk about old times, and Jack tells her that is the past...where does that leave them now? She doesn't know, but realizes that things are better. She says that she was wrong about him, she judged him too harshly and that she realizes that now. He asks again...where does that leave them now?

Sami and Austin go to the Blue Note and Austin orders a beer. Sami decides she wants a Cosmopolitan (like the girls on "Sex In the City", she says). Austin assures her she is sexy enough. He is preoccupied, thinking about Kate, but Sami doesn't want to hear about that and changes the subject to Will. She suggests that she and Austin go back to his place, but Austin has other ideas, he wants to go rollerblading. She heads to the ladies room, wondering WHAT she has to do to snag Austin. As she turns the corner, she sees Brandon and Lexie at a table and begins to fume.

Brandon and Lexie were there talking. She is upset about all the baby stuff and when he says something about her raising Bo & Hope's son, she informs him that Bo is NOT the father...John Black is. Brandon is shocked to say the least. When he questions her, she tells him that John doesn't know about the switch and that he doesn't know that Isaac is actually his son. She also tells him that Abe doesn't know ANY of it and she doesn't intend to tell him. Brandon doesn't agree with her about any of this that is going on.

After Sami stews in her juices a while, she flaunts over to the table and practically accuses Brandon and Lexie of having an affair. Brandon tries to shut her up, but you know how Sami is. Brandon berates her and tells her to apologize to Lexie, which Sami does...half-heartedly, then flaunts on to the bathroom. Lexie excuses herself and follows Sami. Once in the bathroom, Lexie blasts her demanding to know "What the HELL do you think you are doing?." Lexie practically has her backed up against the wall telling her that what SHE does is none of her business. She rips Sami a new one for leading Brandon on, knowing full well that he is in love with her. THEN, she goes on about how she broke up Carrie and Austin

But she isn't finished...she talks about how she made Carrie's life miserable and broke up their marriage. She tells Sami not to try to rewrite history...SHE was there and saw it with her own eyes. Sami is the reason that Carrie turned to Mike. The verbal attack continues when she says that she just doesn't understand how two good people like Marlena and Roman could have a daughter as miserable as her. Sami gets a few words in and says that Lexie is just like her father, Stefano. Yes, Lexie proclaims...and I am proud of it. She calls Sami a "spoiled, selfish, manipulating brat." Sami swears that she has changed and is a different woman. Lexie points out that a leopard NEVER changes her spots. Lexie says that Sami doesn't know it, but Brandon has her number now and if Austin REALLY knew her, he would drop her like a hot rock. Sami wonders "what if" Abe knew about Lexie holding hands with Brandon in public. Lexie warns her to NEVER threaten her and to stay the hell out of her life and business...if she knows what is good for her. On that, Lexie turns on her heal and leaves. Alone, Sami thinks that Lexie has a thing for Brandon and decides that she will have t keep an eye on her.

Meanwhile, the men aren't getting along any better. Austin has grown impatient waiting on Sami and goes to find her. Instead, he finds Brandon sitting alone at a table. Austin asks him where Sami is and Brandon give him the cold shoulder and is rude to him. Austin plops down to try to smooth things out. Brandon tells him to get lost. But Austin informs him that he KNOWS Brandon is in love with Sami. Brandon calmly tells him that the fought once before...does he want to go a few more rounds? Well, the go to head outside, when Lexie comes back and breaks them up. She tells Austin to just go away and take his EVIL girlfriend with him. After he leaves, Brandon sits down with Lexie and calms her down. She thanks him as he takes her hand.

John is also at Salem Place and spots Hope. He grabs her by the arm and pulls her aside to talk. They talk about their secret and she informs him that she will never tell. He, Marlena and her are the only ones who know and she will keep it that way. He tells her to add another to the list...Lexie. Hope remembers her overhearing her and Marlena that day. John is upset, but Hope assures him that Lexie won't spill the beans. John then tells her that isn't ALL Lexie knows. She also knows that he (John) is the father and that Stefano knows as well. Hope is shocked and begins to panic. She can't understand why Stefano hadn't told Bo, since he delights in ruining the Brady's.

Hope says that he could use this info anytime he wants. She thinks it is time for Bo to know the truth as well...and better coming from her. John says no and insists that Bo IS JT's father, in every sense of the word. He tells her that she and Bo ARE his parents and it should stay that way. He babbles on about them realizing that he was conceived out of love. Hope tells him that one day JT may question her about why did she have him and she doesn't know what to tell him. John tells her that she should tell him that he was conceived out of love. She says she can't do that, because she doesn't remember...and he does, and that isn't fair. She tells John that she does want to remember...she wants to remember everything.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Jennifer and Jack continue to talk about the realization of her affection for him. However, when he asks for a hug, she announces that she's not ready to embrace him at this time. Walking away, she guesses that therapy won't help since she feels that he's not the right person for her. Both do agree that Abby comes first and because of her, they will stay living together. Jennifer then surprises Jack by hugging him. Hope asks John to tell her about his relationship with Gina. He finally confides about their relationship and his time on the submarine with her. He confirms that he was a willing participant in making her pregnant but then states that he feels like he's betraying Marlena talking about this again. He urges her not to press him for details for fear of what it might do to her family. Victor calls Philip on the carpet for lower grades at the end of the school year and discounts it when Philip suggests that all of Victor's troubles were the cause. When Victor announces his decision to send him to boarding school for the summer, Philip threatens him. He then asks Victor to give Kate money but he refuses. Philip agrees to study harder and asks him not to prevent him from seeing Chloe. Roman and Kate exchange words over Lucas and Sami until Kate tells him to mind his own business. Marlena confronts her look alike and asks Hattie if Stefano arranged the plastic surgery. Hattie orders her to leave her alone and then comments on how she hurt Roman with her affair. Marlena's upset to spot John with Hope again and he tries to cover being caught holding Hope's arm.

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Nicole walks into Victor's office, wearing a black, halter style dress, cut down to her navel. Vic is impressed, of course, as they discuss Kate. Victor explains that Kate is using emotional blackmail on Philip and he has to stop her. She could work anywhere, but chooses the diner cause she knows it would embarrass Philip. They talk about ways to thwart Kate, and Nik suggests he check on the diner. He might be able to either get Kate fired, or buy the diner. After she is gone, Victor makes a call to find out who owns it.

Kate is shopping at a second hand store, looking for the "perfect" dress to wear to the dance. She definitely has a plan, figuring that once Philip sees her, he will really get after Victor to give her some money. She finds a dress, but gets into a catfight with another woman over who saw it first. She knocks the woman down, pays the owner 5 bucks (though he wanted 10) and leaves. The woman is waiting for her outside with a piece of lumber that Kate wrestles away from her and chases her off.

Philip is teasing Shawn about the dance tonight, but Shawn is worried. He does not know if he is ready to commit. Phil tries to cheer him up, saying look how wonderful it has been for him and Chloe this past year. Shawn says he and Belle have been buddies forever, he does not want to ruin that. They head to the diner.

Fayejoins Roman for coffee while on her break. They chat about Kate, as Fayeis worried about her. She thinks Roman's interest in Kate is more than just cop related. Apologizes about their last date, and Roman says maybe they can go out again. She'd love that. Kate comes back, wonders why Roman is there, (the boss comes over to Roman, asking if all was o.k. and his food hot...Roman nicely says he wanted it cold... and starts to get ready for work, as Philip comes in.

Shawn goes to sit with Uncle Roman, telling him about his date, and gets some "uncle" advice. When he tells Shawn about how their relationship will not be different, Shawn gets nervous again. But Roman tells him they have been buddies and will still be buddies. But once they have officially gone on a date, it will just be a bit different. Tells Shawn to have fun, a good time.

Philip talks to Kate, telling her how he hates having her work there. She pretends to not want him to go to Victor on her behalf, but manages to tell him how Victor hates the "silent treatment", making him promise not to use it on his dad. She would never want anything to happen to his relationship with his dad. .Philip and Shawn leave, to shoot some hoops - yep, nothing for them to do to get ready for this dance.

Belle is doing some last minute shopping, unsuccessfully, for shoes. She runs into Mimi, who tells her she has changed her mind about going with her and Shawn to the dance. She will go alone. Belle asks if Jan has been putting ideas in her head, and they talk of Jan and how mean she is, and how she insults Mimi, and then Chloe. Mimi is adamant. Belle leaves.

As Brady arrives, he runs into Mimi and they sit on a bench and talk about the Last Blast and school dances, etc. Brady says at boarding school they used to have busses from girls' schools come to their dances. Mimi screws up her courage and asks Brady to come to the dance with her, and gets deflated pretty quickly as Brady explains he is already going with Nicole as a chaperone. They talk about Chloe, and Brady tells her he knows something is going to happen at the dance, with Jan probably responsible. Mimi says she had nothing to do with the chicken blood last year.....and though Brady tries to get her to tell him, she evades the issue.

Earlier, Brady and Chloe continue their talk about Philip and Victor. Brady tries his best to warn Chloe that Victor thinks Philip is going to be hurt by Chloe, as she does not care for him the way Philip would like her to, and that Victor is no one to mess with when he gets upset and wants to protect his family. They continue to argue, and Chloe is convinced Brady is only going to the dance to do something to break up her and Philip. Brady leaves. Belle comes in, upset about Mimi. They talk about the secret plan Jan seems to be cooking up, and that Mimi knows something about it. Chloe cannot understand why Jan cannot let the past rest, but Belle warns Chloe that Jan is vicious (flashback to Chloe rubbing the rat on Jan). They talk about Brady, as Chloe claims he is trying to break up her and Philip. Belle denies it, but Chloe tells her how Brady is going to dance ....color Belle surprised. Chloe tells her of her conversation with Brady (flashback to she and Brady on the balcony, and discussion about the birds flying free). They both agree that Jan is up to something or other, and Chloe says that whatever happens, it will be a night they'll never forget.

Thursday, June 28, 2001

Greta is still bummed about being single, especially when she realizes that she is sitting alone at the Java Cafe, surrounded by couples. She starts thinking about Jack's earlier proposal (borrowing money from her to start a company) and can't help but admit that she enjoys his unpredictability.

Jack is thrilled that Jen has agreed to continue to live with Jack in the new house. Jen reminds Jack that she was being sincere when she told him that he was her hero earlier, and that she knows that he will always be there for her and Abby. She makes it clear to Jack, however, that they must put Abby's happiness before their own. Jack tells her that if they are happy together, Abby will be, as well, but Jen wants to know what he means by being "happy together". He says he just means he wants them to be civil, as opposed to always being at each other's throats. Jen tells him she just wanted to be sure he hadn't gotten the wrong idea about her hugging him earlier. She tells him that the crisis they went through together may have bonded them, but it doesn't mean that they are "married" again. Jack is glad that she brought that up, because when he starts having new girlfriends over to the house he doesn't want her to be jealous; this, of course, infuriates Jen, and the two begin to argue once again. Jen storms off, but when Greta walks by and starts chatting with Jack, Jen can't help but stick around to listen. Greta tells Jen that she would love to hang out with Jen sometime, and Jen admits that she thought Greta would want to hang out with Jack, since they have gotten so close. Jen sends Greta and Jack off together, but seems a bit jealous as she watches them leave.

Shawn and Hope are at the Brady Pub, and Shawn's grandparents want to know all about the big dance that night. Caroline suggests that, soon, Shawn may be married and have a son of his own, but Shawn doesn't want to think about that kind of commitment yet. Caroline and Shawn, Sr., take J.T. to show him off, and Hope asks if Shawn is nervous about his date tonight. He insists that he isn't, but Hope reminds him that it's his first date with Belle, which makes it a big deal. Shawn admits that he almost wishes he were taking someone else to the dance- someone from out of town, for example. He explains that he and Belle are so close that he is afraid of what this will do to their relationship. Hope understands what he is saying, but she doesn't think that Belle is the kind of girl who would become needy and clingy. Shawn explains that he is just starting to feel trapped because he's not ready for a huge commitment to one person, but Hope is curious about Shawn's sudden concern with this. He explains that it has to do with the effect that Chloe has had on Philip- his grades have gone done, he doesn't play sports as well.... Hope tells him to live in the moment, which seems to make Shawn feel a bit better. Hope also takes the opportunity to tell Shawn how proud she is of him. Hope then remembers that Lexie and Abe were supposed to get the DNA results that day, and wonder's how they are. Elsewhere in the pub, Caroline asks her husband why Stefano hates the Brady's so much. Shawn yells at her, telling her that she needs to stop asking about it. Shawn secretly vows never to allow Bo to set foot in Ireland again, and then receives a phone call- from Colin. Colin has learned that DiMera has left Salem, and is afraid that he may be headed back to Ireland. Stefano has never seen Colin's face, but Colin doesn't want to take chances and tells Shawn that he is going to have to "stop the investigation" temporarily. Colin is hoping that his uncle (Shawn) will allow Colin to stay with them in Salem for a while, and Shawn is thrilled by the idea.

John meets Bo at the police department, and Bo demands to know what it is that John is keeping from Bo. They head to Abe's office for privacy, and Bo questions John on his interference during the attempted capture of Stefano a few days ago. John insists that he didn't know that they were planning to arrest him, but Roman, who has been listening outside the office, disagrees. He thinks that John may have tipped Stefano and Lexie off on the arrest that was about to occur, but John insists he was only trying to get DiMera to tell him about J.T.'s kidnapping. Bo isn't convinced- he demands to know why DiMera didn't kill John when they were in the tunnel together. John says he thinks that DiMera wanted to go on the run without a murder accusation looming overhead, but Roman and Bo aren't convinced, and remind John that he used to work for DiMera. John tells Bo to focus on his own life and stay out of John's, and then storms out, leaving Bo and Roman puzzled. Outside, John gets a call from Stefano, who seems to be planning to re-activate the chip in Hope's brain.

Lexie gets a phone call from her father. He wants her to do something, but she says that she can't because she and Abe are about to go to the lab to wait on the results of the DNA test. Just then, Abe comes downstairs and wants to know who Lexie is speaking with. She lies and says that it's the hospital, calling about a problem with one of her patients. Abe tells her to remind them that she is still on leave, but Lexie insists on going over to check on the "patient". She tells Abe to head over to the lab and she will meet him there later. Back on the phone, Stefano is proud of Lexie for becoming such a good liar. Lexie reminds him that they need to worry about Hope AND John now- they both pose a threat.

Eliana escorts some workers out of the DiMera mansion, and hands them a bonus from Stefano to ensure that they will remain quiet about what they have been doing inside the mansion. Rolf thanks Eliana for handling the workers, and Eliana asks Rolf if he knows when Stefano will be returning. Rolf doesn't know, but assures her that he will tell her as soon as his finds out. Bart asks Rolf if he is still upset about the situation with Hattie, but Rolf tells him that it was Stefano's wish that she remain alive, and that is why he didn't kill her. He also informs Bart that he spoke with DiMera less than an hour beforehand, and assures him that Stefano is fine. Bart tells Rolf that he's not worried about Stefano- he's worried about their status as his employees now that he is gone. Rolf puts Bart in his place, telling him that Rolf is a unique and valuable asset to Stefano, and that Bart is the expendable one. Bart changes the subject and asks about the workers and the construction that they have been doing. Rolf corrects him- it's not construction, it's deconstruction. He explains that the mansion was built to house hidden passages and now all of those secret areas have been eliminated, and new rooms are being built in their place. He says the largest of these rooms is a playroom for the child that will be living there now. Bart thinks that Rolf has gotten Hattie pregnant, and that that is the child he is talking about, but Rolf says he's talking about Isaac. Lexie arrives, looking for Rolf. He assures her that Stefano is doing well, and that he just took some time off for some much-needed R&R. He says that the reason she was called over to the mansion today was so that he could discuss moving her family into the mansion. Lexie is surprised to learn that Rolf seems to know everything about her situation with Isaac, and Rolf assures her that she can trust him. He tells her that DiMera is still going to play an active role in her life, even if he is gone, and that DiMera wishes to know how the custody situation is going. Lexie tells him that she is hopeful that the DNA results will not match, but Rolf tells her she KNOWS they won't match, since she has Hope and John's child. Lexie tries to deny it at first, but Stefano calls and instructs Lexie to trust Rolf just as she would trust him. Rolf tells her they have to move into the mansion, but Lexie isn't sure she can convince Abe to live in the same place that DiMera used to live in. Lexie can't believe what is happening, and runs out of the mansion, but Rolf is sure that she will be back later that day and tells Eliana to prepare the place for their new guests.

When Abe gets to the lab, Glen demands to know where Isaac is. They start arguing, and Abe wants to know if the DNA test results ever left the examiner's sight. He is assured that they haven't, but Glen continues to grill Abe, accusing him of blowing up the lab. Glen and Barb have a lawyer with them, who informs Abe that they have an excellent case against the Carver's. The examiner finishes his lab analysis, and informs a disappointed Glen that the test is negative. Barb is more than willing to accept the information, but Glen is still suspicious, and vows to find out what happened to Marlo. Abe leaves, and Barb tries to console Glen. She can't believe that they wasted all of that money on a DNA test for the wrong baby, and tells Glen there's no way that those DNA results will help them, since they were done on J.T. Elsewhere, the mail is delivered to their apartment- including a letter from the lab that they got J.T. tested at.

Friday, June 29, 2001

Belle and Chloe are getting ready for the dance as Belle is freaking out throwing all her clothes all over looking for a gold bra. She finally admits to Chloe the real reason she is freaking is because she is nervous about her first date with Shawn and Chloe tries to reason with her and calm her down and assure her that they will have a wonderful time. Belle is still worried that Jan and Mimi are up to no good because Mimi changed her mind about going with them to the dance. Chloe, however thinks that if anything strange happens, Brady is to blame. But Belle doesn't believe that, informing Chloe that Mr. Kiriakis wouldn't be controlling Brady like that. Belle again questions Chloe about her summer, but all she reveals is that she needs to earn money for music school. They talk about the summer trip and Belle says that she "isn't going either", not wanting to leave Shawn right after their first date. Belle remembers about the bra and says she must go back to the store. Chloe decides to go along and they rush off.

Greta and Jack are on their shopping trip and as she pulls out dress, after dress while he critiques them. At one point she asks him "how would I look in this one?" And he replies, "You'd look better out of it." She gets uncomfortable with his comment. And he tries to explain that he only meant she'd look fine without a fancy dress on. He wonders if she thought that Jen was jealous of their friendship. Greta assures him that she had nothing to be jealous about. She is only interested in being his friend, and she tells him she "would love to have tea with Jennifer one day" and become friends with her also. She talks about how she keeps falling for men who are in love with someone else. Jack says that he just wants her to be happy someday. Jack says that right now, she needs a man's point of view to help her avoid that happening again. In return, she can help him. She wonders how she can help him and he assures her that he just needs a friend right now, that's all. Later, Jack is holding a dress up to himself, asking her "what about this one?" Belle and Chloe walk in and see him and start giggling. After introductions, he rushes off, thinking about how his and Greta's friendship will develop and Jennifer will be jealous, thinking he is involved with the princess.

Philip is sitting in his car outside Buddy's Burger Barn gulping down his dinner. He is joined by Brady who begins to question him about his summer. Philip thinks Brady is asking a lot of questions about Chloe and gets upset. Brady tries to assure him that he couldn't care less about Chloe. But Philip thinks he wants him out of the way so he can make his move on her. He tells Philip "you can have Chloe, I'm more interested in ladies like Nicole Walker." He tells him about taking her to the dance in Victor's place as a chaperone. Philip accuses him of spying on him and gets upset, telling him to just stay away from Chloe or he will "put him back in his wheelchair." After Brady gets out of the car and Philip drives away, Brady says to himself "Gramps is right someone needs to keep Philip away from Chloe."

Final preparations are being made for the dance at the school. Mimi is freaking out about the plan as Kevin and Susan finish setting up the equipment. Jan assures Mimi that money is pouring in and how great everything is going. Mimi asks Jan "where's my share of the money?." And Jan assures her she'll get hers once it's all counted. Susan and Kevin decide to take a break and Jan and Mimi make a beeline over there. Susan and Kevin talk about last year's dance over a soda and Kevin refers to Chloe as "ghoul girl." This upsets Susan, who like Chloe. He apologizes, saying he shouldn't have said that. As they return, another teacher, Mr. Mallon, congratulates them all on their hard work. Jan rushes up to distract Kevin and babbles on about his slide show and how she is holding her breath to see it. Under her breath, Susan mutters, "I wish you would." after she leaves, Susan compares Jan to Eddie Haskel of the Leave it to Beaver show. Kevin spots Mimi over at the projector and rushes over there, to see what she is doing. She denies any wrongdoing as Jan flirts with him. They leave and out in the hallway, Mimi informs Jan she didn't replace the slides. Jan is furious with her and tells her that she will have to do it tonight at the dance. Kevin tells Susan that at the dance, he will be busy with the video camera and wants her to keep an eye on those two. Susan is more than happy to do it and says that "if they try anything, we will make those two bitches pay through their noses."

Glen and Barb are on their way home. He is still determined that Isaac is his kid. Barb tries to calm him down and talk him into giving it up. He wants to go back to Abe and Lexie and confront them, but she finally talks him out of it. She says that if they had the right baby to begin with, the results would be waiting for them when they got home. She is upset that they wasted all that money on the wrong baby. Later, they arrive home and Glen thanks her for standing by him. As he puts away their suit cases, she goes through the mail and finds the letter from the lab.

Lexie returns home from furious with Stefano, mumbling about moving into his "mausoleum." She calms herself down by telling herself that after the DNA test comes back negative, Glen and Barb will go away. Inside, Celeste and Abe talk about the DNA test. Lexie comes in and Abe gives her the news about the results and has champagne chilled to celebrate. But Lexie can tell that something is wrong by looking at Celeste's face. Abe tells her that "Glen thinks we have somehow rigged the results" and that Glen thinks that they blew up the lab the first time. Lexie doesn't care what they think and is just glad that they are gone. They talk about Stefano's involvement and Lexie admits to having talked with him since he left. Abe gets upset and leaves the room. Celeste tries to talk some sense into her but is told it is none of her business. Abe returns and Lexie announces that they are "moving to Stefano's house." Abe flatly refuses. Celeste sides with Abe and says that Stefano has control of her. Lexie jumps Celeste and says that "you are the one who slept with him and had it not been for that, I wouldn't even be here." Lexie informs Abe to do whatever he likes, but she and Isaac are moving and stomps upstairs to pack. Celeste says "Oh, My God! Stefano owns her now" and asks Abe what he is going to do. He says he "loves Lexie and wants to be with them, so he will move to Stefano's house if that is what she wants." But, while he is there, he said he will "turn that house upside down for evidence to put that bastard away for good"

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