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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 17, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, September 17, 2001

On the flight to Puerto Rico in spite of the threat of a hurricane, Nicole boasts that she will kill her father if he's done anything to hurt someone. Victor advises her that he'll take care of Paul. As the plane starts to rock, the pilot warns about the storm brewing and the troubling turbulence. Shawn and Philip find another clue under a rock which reveals the ruby is in a "purse" with a warning to beware the guardian angel's curse. Philip lowers Shawn down the hole where he finds the purse and removes the ruby. Paul jumps out and holds Belle at knife point. Shawn hands the jewels to Paul but is knocked back into the hole. Philip fights with Paul but is knocked out. Paul realizes he's missing the ruby. Belle then takes a tumble into the hole, falling on top of Shawn. Abe argues with Lexie about staying at the mansion, reminding her that she left work to take care of the baby and now a nanny is doing that job. Rolf announces to Bart that Stefano has ordered them to turn on the Gina memories for Hope because of a problem with Bo. He enlists Bart's help in testing the satellite. Rolf talks with Lexie about the plan to reignite Gina in Hope and Lexie agrees to throw a party to facilitate the testing and activation. Meanwhile, Hope argues with Bo again about the idea of a baby switch. She argues that even if there was a switch, she wouldn't want to know about it because J.T. is the baby she has loved since his birth. Bo insists on running a DNA test with her and J.T.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

The Island

With the hurricane bearing down on the island, the teachers and kids start to pack their belongings in anticipation of an escape. Mimi panics because Shawn, Belle and Philip are missing. Jan tells Mr. Woods about her fears that Paul is involved in their disappearance, but when he asks her why, she clams up, not wanting to divulge that she was raped. Her pleas, and those of Mimi's, fall on deaf ears as Mr. Woods herds the kids onto the waiting ship. Belle, Shawn and Philip, meanwhile, are stuck when Paul knocks Philip out in hopes of retrieving the ruby. Shawn, who is in the bottom of the cave with Belle, realizes that it fell out of his pocket, but Belle finds it. They put the ruby in the pouch and throw it up to Paul, who promises that he will send down a rope to get them out. After Belle and Shawn come out and find Philip unconscious, they struggle with Paul and wind up back down in the cave. Shawn manages to climb out, only to wind up in another tussle with Paul. Philip comes to, but in his groggy state has difficulty helping his friend. Paul tosses him back into the cave. In another struggle with Shawn, Paul finds himself on the wrong end of his knife, as Shawn holds it to his throat. But when Shawn gets distracted by Philip trying to escape, Paul turns the tables and Shawn winds up back in the cave. Paul offers to help Belle get out, which Shawn puts the kibosh on as he remembers Jan's awful story. Philip and Belle are stunned and think that Shawn's irrational behavior has to do with the fall(s) into the cave. Belle says she's coming out, but Shawn refuses to let her leave with Paul.

Brady's Pub

Lexie agrees to have Hope's party and let Rolf tweak the chip when he promises her that Hope won't be hurt. He also urges Lexie to invite Greta, thinking that Greta's presence will only reinforce Hope's Princess Gina memories. To sell Hope on the idea, Lexie asks her to meet at the pub for breakfast. Hope, who argued with Bo about a DNA test, agrees. Caroline talks to Colin and Elizabeth, congratulating Colin on what he thinks will be a job at the hospital. Elizabeth is less than thrilled, despite Caroline's continued assurances that she'd like living in Salem. Colin stalks off, and Bo enters, literally sweeping his mother off her feet. Impressed, Elizabeth comes on to him, but he rebuffs her advances. She sashays out and runs into Colin, who says they need to postpone the wedding. She sweet talks him into forgiving her and they head back to the hotel.

Victor, Nicole, Brady & Chloe

In the ambulance, Victor assures Nicole that he will protect her. Chloe and Brady arrive at the hotel and are relieved to learn that the kids are about to be picked up by a ship and brought back. Brady decides to celebrate with a cold beer and a diet soda for Chloe. He also tells her that he's glad she's safe, and the two hope for a good ending to their ordeal. When Chloe's mind wanders, Brady asks what she's thinking. She admits to getting butterflies when she thinks about Philip, but she's not sure whether they're good or bad. She supposes she'll know when she sees him again.

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Greta has a changer of mind and suggests to Jack that if he is gay, it might not be a good thing to be reunited with Jennifer for Abby's sake. Meanwhile, Jennifer has another session with Marlena and confesses that she's jealous of the time Jack is spending with Greta. When she adds that she's embarrassed to be a divorced Horton, Marlena pushes her to come to another session. In Puerto Rico, the teens return to the main island. After eyeing the ruby, Paul heads to the hotel bar for a few drinks, unaware that Nicole is showing his photo to the desk clerk. Victor talks with the police and learns that three kids from the trip did not return with the others. Having a drink with Brady, Chloe finally spots Paul and screams out that she sees Paul. Meanwhile, as the cavern fills with water, Shawn suggests that once it fills up enough, they'll be able to float to the top and escape. Just then, the rain stops falling. Philip and Shawn pull a board out from one of the walls and Belle screams as she spots a skeleton fall out. She's unaware that a snake is slithering towards her.

Thursday, September 20, 2001

Bo, Hope & Lexie

When Lexie tells Bo her plans to throw Hope a party, he says that he hopes it's at her house and not "that stinky DiMera mansion." When Hope cajoles him into it, Bo agrees to the party. Hope asks if he still wants her to take 'that test,' which freaks out Lexie. She professes not to understand why Hope would want to waste her time and money on a DNA test, and Hope says she agrees. Bo pretends to acquiesce. The talk then turns to Princess Gina, and Lexie assures Hope that she's going to help her retrieve her memories. Lexie denies that, and after Bo leaves, she and Hope reaffirm for the umpteenth time their best friendship. When Isaac begins crying, Hope goes to pick him up, but Lexie again freaks. She makes up a story about being worried that Isaac was wet.

The Cave

The kids continue to try to escape, and are joined by a snake that threatens Belle. Shawn thwarts the attack, and implores Belle and Philip to keep calm. Before they begin the search, the three join hands and pray, first to God. Shawn pulls the real ruby out of his pocket and prays for guidance and protection from his grandfather. They begin hunting through the cave and find a tunnel that looks like it belonged to an old mine shaft.

The Island

Clutching her abdomen, Jan tells Jason that she feels ill; he goes in search of a doctor who examines her and sees evidence of traumatic sex. He tries to get her to tell him what happened, but when she refuses, he then stresses the importance of a gynecological exam. Worried about her, Jason asks her to tell him what's wrong, but she merely says she wants to go home and forget about the awful trip. After spotting Paul, Brady chases after him. Mimi rushes in and screams for someone to arrest Paul. Unfortunately, Mimi has to admit that she doesn't know for sure what - if anything - Paul did. When pressed by Victor and Nicole, Mimi tells them about the secret treasure and says that Paul knew about it too. He claims she's nuts. He tells Victor, Nicole, Brady, Chloe and Mimi a story about seeing Belle, Philip and Shawn frolicking in the surf, "buck nekkid," which he took to mean that they were drunk or high. Mimi scoffs at that, begging Victor et al to realize that it could never happen. Paul thinks that the kids were drowning. Philip doesn't buy any of it, and prepares a plan to rescue the kids.

Jack & Jennifer

Jack comes home after being "dumped" by Greta and faces Jennifer. They note that each looks sad. Jennifer tells Jack that she's seeing Marlena, but he thinks she means as friends. When she says she's seeing her as a therapist, Jack is surprised. He then turns tender, telling her that he hopes that her confusion and depression over the kidnapping of Isaac doesn't translate into thinking that she's mentally unstable like her mother. Jennifer is impressed with Jack's insight, but he immediately cracks a joke. When Jennifer gets angry over his changing the subject into humor, he wonders out loud why she can't be more like Greta, who likes it when he tries to cheer her up with fun thoughts. Jennifer thinks it's because she's not dating him like Greta is. Jack wonders why Jennifer never wants to have fun, but she says he needs to "do something" to get her in the mood. After trying a Groucho Marx impression, he moons her. It works. Jennifer laughs, and off they go for some fun.

Friday, September 21, 2001

Unwilling to tell Jennifer his plans for the night, Jack brings her to Tuscany where, with Maggie's help, Jennifer is thrown a surprise birthday party. Abby boasts that Jack planned it all for Jennifer. Jack invites her to dance and as they hit the dance floor, Jennifer remembers past moments from their relationship. After putting cake all over Jack's face, Jennifer is intrigued to hear he has more surprises in store for her. Though Paul tries to convince Nicole he had nothing to do with the missing kids, she doesn't believe him and advises Victor who gives her a gun for protection. Brady and Chloe question Mimi but she's no help. She panics to hear Paul's an ex-con and then points to a map where the kids may be. Brady runs off while Mimi and Chloe decide to ignore his order and follow him. Jan panics when Paul confronts her. They argue until Nicole overhears him tormenting her. Nicole throws her father up against the wall and orders him to leave Jan alone. Paul claims he was trying to help her get into the movie business. Frightened for her, Nicole vows to find out all he did to Jan. Victor confides to Nicole that he has connections in town who can take care of Paul for them. Later, Susan tries to comfort a crying Jan. In the hole, Belle offers to help dig out the tunnel but when she removes a board she's found, the walls fall in on her.

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