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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 5, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, November 5, 2001

At the Blue Note, Jennifer and Brandon both admitted they were nervous about their date, but both agreed they were having a good time. Jennifer looked over her shoulder to check on Jack, and Brandon suggested they go somewhere else to get away from him. Jennifer told him Jack would follow them wherever they went and suggested they move to the bar area, where Jack couldn't see them. Brandon readily agreed, and Jennifer wondered aloud who Harold was and what he and Jack were up to. Brandon changed the subject and asked Jennifer to go out with him on another date to a romantic French film. Jennifer agreed, and Brandon offered to see her home, assuring her that Abby would not see her with another guy. Jennifer was touched by his kindness and understanding and warned herself to go slowly with Brandon.

After his big entrance, Harold excused himself to freshen up. Greta asked Jack if he liked Harold as Jack watched Jennifer and Brandon. Greta nearly revealed her setup but quickly saved herself. Harold returned and began winking and flirting with Jack, who was completely oblivious. Greta told Jack to forget Jennifer, then Harold realized that he recognized Jack's name from his days at the Spectator. Harold told Jack how much his ideas had helped the people of Chicago, and Jack preened under the praise and began to talk about himself. Harold thought to himself that Jack really liked him, and Greta thought the same, but Jack only thought that Harold was interested in his newspaper work.

Bo and Hope prepared for a romantic evening alone when Shawn returned home from the basketball game and wanted to join them in watching a movie. Bo and Hope attempted to get Shawn to go do his homework, but Shawn assured them he was all caught up and offered to take down J.T., who was awake. Hope asked Shawn about Belle. Shawn admitted he liked her a lot but revealed that another guy had been hitting on her at the game.

Shawn said he would still like to see Belle, even if she saw other guys, too, then changed the subject to another girl he knew who was in some trouble. He did not mention Jan's name and said he could not reveal what had happened to her, but he admitted his concern for her and that he felt partly responsible for what had happened to her. Assuring his parents that Jan was just a friend, he again changed the subject back to Belle, saying he was looking forward to their second date. Bo and Hope shared their concerns about the other girl with each other, then the family all settled down to watch the movie together.

John and Marlena were enjoying a romantic moment, roasting marshmallows over a candle in the living room. Belle and Brady burst in, laughing and talking, then realized that John and Marlena were in the room with them. John and Marlena started to explain what they were doing when Belle noticed the action figure that Brady had placed by Isabella's picture. Brady admitted that Marlena had found the figure for him to replace the one he'd lost long before, and Brady and Marlena smiled warmly at each other.

Belle and Brady joined John and Marlena on the floor, roasting marshmallows, and they all reminisced about a day at the beach when Belle had lost one of her dolls. Brady changed the subject and asked Belle what was going on with Shawn. Belle admitted she liked Shawn but thought she liked him more than he liked her. She still thought Shawn was "the one," however, and excused herself to go to bed.

Brady, John, and Marlena shared their concerns about Shawn and Belle. Brady said that the kids were in over their heads and promised that Shawn would be sorry if he ever hurt Belle. Upstairs, Belle called Shawn, who was playing with J.T. and didn't recognize her voice. Belle hid her hurt feelings and asked for Shawn's history notes. Shawn agreed and hung up quickly, leaving Belle to wonder if he really liked her at all and wishing she'd never called him.

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

It was couples' night at the Brady Pub, as Austin and Sami, Bo and Hope, and Brandon and Jennifer descended on the pub. Austin and Sami canoodled over a hot fudge sundae, reveling in their love. Sami turned green with envy, however, when Brandon and Jennifer entered. Brandon and Austin discussed Titan, with Brandon warning Austin that if he wanted to keep his job, he'd get Sami to leave Nicole alone. Austin rubbed in his happiness with Sami, but Brandon was wise to that scheme.

Unbeknownst to Jennifer, Colin was at the pub. He and Bo got into it again over the Irish history of the Bradys, with Shawn eventually running interference. Hope realized that Colin's last name was not Brady, but Murphy, and she put two and two together and came up with Jennifer's love interest. She ran over to Jennifer and pointed out Colin. Jennifer grabbed Brandon to beat yet another hasty retreat. She explained that there was someone in the pub that she just couldn't see right then, but she did agree to go to the movies with Brandon on the weekend. Hope, meanwhile, grilled Colin, asking him about his relationship with Jennifer. He passed it off as them being acquaintances, which raised Hope's hackles.

At the Blue Note, Jack was appalled to realize that Greta had fixed him up with Harold. He freaked out, haranguing Greta, who tried to explain that she merely wanted him to be comfortable in his sexuality. Jack stormed out, which saddened Harold, who had thought that he'd found his dream date. Greta promised to hook them up again soon.

Lexie's chickens were about to come home to roost. Abe was chagrined to notice that Lexie had taken a little too easily to being the lady of the DiMera manor. She bossed around the help, demanding that the servants bring cognacs, dessert, and -- most galling of all -- to put Isaac to bed. Abe was not happy.

Abe went to tend to his son, whereupon Barb entered the scene. She wanted cash, as she and Glenn were about to go belly up. Lexie tried to derail Barb, but Barb announced that she had proof that J.T. was Glenn's son, which meant that Isaac belonged to Hope. Barb demanded money, but Lexie told her she had to return the following day. Barb smelled victory. Lexie's nose told her that trouble was on the way.

Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Philip was quite the man about campus at Salem High, as all the girls fawned over him in the hope that they could date him, since Chloe had dumped him. Philip, however, still pined for Ms. Lane. He cornered her in a classroom and begged her to forgive him. Chloe explained that the memories of dance night were very clear in her mind, and she was not sure she could ever get over it. Philip vowed not to lose her, which prompted Chloe to wonder why Nancy never felt that way.

Philip comforted Chloe and then asked if she would go to the movies with him Saturday. She agreed, they embraced, and then Mimi and Belle caught them. The movies proved to be a popular date spot, as Susan asked Kevin if he'd like to go with her. He said no but then turned around and asked an ecstatic Mimi, provoking Susan's jealousy. Shawn found Belle, apologized for not paying much attention to her, and asked her to the movies. She agreed.

Later, Shawn and Jan discussed Jan's continuing problems. She couldn't help but be excited that Shawn was all the friend she'd ever needed. When they parted, Susan tried to pry information out of him about Jan, implying that she knew what had happened. Shawn didn't give up any information, but he did ask Susan to help Jan.

Lexie sent out an SOS to Rolf for help with the Barb situation. Rolf first instructed her to find out just what Barb knew -- maybe she was bluffing, and maybe she didn't really have proof. Lexie was nervous and convinced that Barb was telling the truth. She got further upset when Rolf implied that the way to solve the Barb problem was to get rid of Barb -- permanently.

Hope was worried that her fingerprints might be on some of the artwork she'd stolen during the Princess Gina days. John assured her that it was not possible and then got lost in a romantic Princess Gina reverie. Hope noticed that he was daydreaming, but he wouldn't tell her about the hot action between the two of them that he was remembering. The two then discussed the budding romance between their kids, with John expressing his concern that Belle was getting too serious too fast. He wanted her to slow down some and asked Hope to encourage Shawn to feel the same way.

Thursday, November 8, 2001

At Salem Place, Alice and Sami checked out a jewelry store window, and Sami mentioned that she'd just love for Austin to buy her a big rock. Alice urged Sami to let Austin dictate the course of their relationship, but Sami did not listen. She promptly found Austin and Nicole celebrating the closing of a big business deal. When Nicole left, Sami wasted little time in trying to pin Austin down about a wedding. He told her to stop discussing it because he wanted to surprise her.

Nicole found Jan and tried to get her to open up about Paul, but Jan refused. Nicole was convinced that Jan would go down the same path she had unless she got therapy. Belle and Shawn reconnected as a couple, reminiscing about their time on the island. Shawn was feeling frisky and spent as much time as possible smooching Belle. She pointed out her uneasiness over his friendship with Jan, and Shawn said that he was still surprised by it. He tried to explain that Jan was going through a rough time and needed a friend and that friendship was all there was to it. Belle was mollified.

Mrs. Horton happened upon Nicole and Jan, showing off the ruby. She later ran into Mimi, who had just ended a verbal jousting with Jan. Mimi threatened Jan with the "Lockhart treatment" should Jan continue pursuing Shawn. Jan made it very clear that Shawn was the object of her desires, which further enflamed Mimi.

As Mimi and Alice were talking, Jan stopped by. Mimi stopped and hurled insults at Jan, which Alice didn't like. Explaining that Jan deserved it, Mimi and Jan got into another shouting match, ending with Mimi shoving Jan into the path of an oncoming car. Shawn yelled in fear.

At the DiMera mansion, Barb showed up demanding one million dollars. Lexie panicked, especially when she learned that Barb had proof that J.T. was not Hope's son and that Isaac was. Lexie bought temporary time with $5,000 that Rolf had given her. When Lexie asked Rolf what his plans were, he again said that Barb needed to be killed off.

Friday, November 9, 2001

At Salem Place, Hope and Jennifer discussed Colin, with Hope reluctantly telling Jennifer that Colin had referred to their relationship as a "casual friendship." Jennifer was relieved that he hadn't mentioned her following him to Ireland but nonetheless was curious as to why he was distancing himself. Alice interrupted the two, and they talked about the ruby necklace. When she left, Hope bucked up the courage to tell Jennifer that Colin was engaged to a beautiful woman. Jennifer said that was good news, because maybe she'd be able to get over him.

After Mimi shoved Jan, it appeared Jan had been hit by a car. As it turned out, Jan had passed out, and the car had not hit her. She refused to let the driver help her, agreeing only to Shawn taking her to the hospital. After they left, Mimi warned Belle about Shawn getting too close to Jan. Belle explained that they'd already talked about it, and Shawn swore they were only friends. Belle felt she needed to trust Shawn, although it was obvious that Mimi thought she was an idiot.

Elizabeth showed up at the hospital with a picnic lunch and surprised Colin. They spent much time smooching, and Craig and Marlena spied them. After his fiancée left, Colin confessed to Marlena that he had lied about not knowing Jennifer previously. Marlena was surprised and confused, but Colin did not elaborate as to why he'd concealed the information.

Shawn took Jan into the hospital for a checkup. Colin believed that she was suffering from posttraumatic stress and that her problems were largely mental.

Meanwhile, Marlena gave Shawn the third degree. He tried to explain his friendship with Jan, which Marlena seemed to accept. She then asked him about his plans for the future, but it was clear that Shawn had none, whereas Marlena was counting on Belle going to college. When Colin took Jan out, he caught Marlena's eye in a signal to try to talk to Jan. Naturally, Jan refused any help but Shawn's.

Belle and Mimi went to the hospital, much to Jan's chagrin. She watched as Belle and Shawn left together then headed off on her own. She doubled over in pain, feeling nauseous. In the elevator, Shawn told Belle that Jan was beginning to be a huge drain on him, which she saw as happy news. Mimi told Marlena that what Jan wanted, Jan got, and if Jan wanted Shawn, she'd find a way to get him.

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