Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 12, 2001 on DAYS
Glenn agreed with Barb's plan to blackmail Lexie. Dr. Rolf convinced Lexie to eliminate the Reibers permanently. Austin picked out an engagement ring for Sami. Philip and Kate's plans to win over Chloe and Victor backfired. Chloe and Brady went out on a double date with Belle and Shawn.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 12, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, November 12, 2001

Belle left a message for Chloe as Shawn was driving Belle home. Belle knew that Chloe was probably waiting at Belle's and asked Shawn to speed up because she knew Chloe would be upset if Belle wasn't there. Chloe arrived at Belle's and found only Brady there. He accused her of not needing him anymore, since Philip was back. Chloe apologized for not spending much time with Brady since she had been back, but she was just there to see Belle.

Chloe started to leave, but Brady stopped her and told her he was only kidding. Chloe sat down to wait for Belle, ignoring Brady, who just stared at her. They began to argue as Belle and Shawn walked in. Belle and Chloe started to look at a magazine, and Brady asked what everyone was up to that weekend. Belle told him about her and Shawn's date for the movies, and Brady asked Chloe if she was going with Philip.

Chloe admitted Philip had asked her, but she had turned him down. Shawn suggested Brady double-date with him and Belle sometime, but Brady let them know he and Nicole had more important things to do. Belle and Chloe laughed at Brady for thinking he was going out with Nicole then Belle suggested that Chloe and Brady go out to the movies together. Brady rejected Belle's idea and left, and Belle asked Chloe if she would accept a date with Brady if he asked.

Philip arrived at Dot.Com, and Cynthia openly flirted with him. He sat down to play a video game with Jason, who suggested that they make a bet on the game. Philip remembered what had happened with the last bet that Jason had suggested, and he refused. They played the game without the bet, and Philip won. Cynthia congratulated him afterwards. Cynthia asked if Philip was going to ask her out, but Philip told her he was still not sure where things stood with Chloe.

Cynthia told Philip she hadn't decided yet who she was going to the movies with on Saturday, but he'd better hurry up if he was going to ask her. Jason told Philip he should go for Cynthia and that everyone thought Philip was "whipped" by Chloe. Philip reminisced about Chloe and agreed Jason was right -- Chloe had called all the shots in their relationship. Jason had a sure-fire way for Philip to be more in control with Chloe -- ask Cynthia to the movies to make Chloe jealous.

Bo took J.T. into the pub and told Caroline that the doctor had said J.T. was just fine. Elizabeth burst in and demanded to know where Colin was. Elizabeth said it was just like when they had been in Ireland and Colin would disappear for his secret liaisons. Bo perked up, asked Caroline to watch J.T., and offered to keep Elizabeth company while she waited for Colin. Elizabeth was suspicious, as Bo had never done anything but insult her, but she agreed to wait with Bo. Elizabeth admitted that in Ireland, she'd thought that Colin might have been sneaking away to meet with another woman, but she realized that was not true.

Bo asked where Colin had really been going, but Elizabeth didn't know. She suggested Colin might have been going to clandestine meetings and working for the underground then asked why Bo was so interested. Bo spun a story about an English ancestor who he had always been interested in, and Elizabeth accepted that but could offer no new information about Colin. Caroline took J.T. back, and Elizabeth left to look for Colin, as Caroline praised Bo for getting along better with his future cousin.

Barb called Glen as she was driving home and left a frantic message for Glen to call her as soon as possible. She called again and again until she finally reached him, just out of the shower. Barb told him she had big news but couldn't tell him over the phone. When she arrived home, she hugged him as he asked what had happened in Salem. Barb announced she had found out for sure about the baby -- that she was definitely pregnant with Glen's child. Glen was happy but was worried about losing his job and providing for a family, but Barb pulled out a wad of cash -- $5,000 -- and said it would not be a problem and that there was more where that was from.

Lexie told Rolf she would not allow Barb to be "eliminated" as Brandon arrived at the door. Lexie told Brandon that Barb had been there and had proof that J.T. was Glen's son and that J.T. and Isaac had been switched. Rolf was eavesdropping at the door and left to call Stefano to tell him of the mistake his daughter was making in telling Brandon. Lexie continued to tell Brandon that Barb hadn't told Hope or Glen about the babies but that Barb had blackmailed Lexie for $5,000 and had also asked for a million after Lexie had given her the money.

Brandon told Lexie not to give in to the blackmail, but Lexie couldn't risk losing her son -- she just wanted Barb to go away. Brandon insisted that as long as Lexie was paying her, Barb would never go away. Lexie suggested that she could kill Barb. Brandon knew that Lexie couldn't do that and told her he knew exactly what she needed to do.

John and Marlena were enjoying a romantic moment, roasting marshmallows over a candle in the living room. Belle and Brady burst in, laughing and talking, then realized that John and Marlena were in the room with them. John and Marlena started to explain what they were doing when Belle noticed the action figure that Brady had placed by Isabella's picture. Brady admitted that Marlena had found the figure for him to replace the one he'd lost long before, and Brady and Marlena smiled warmly at each other.

Belle and Brady joined John and Marlena on the floor, roasting marshmallows, and they all reminisced about a day at the beach when Belle had lost one of her dolls. Brady changed the subject and asked Belle what was going on with Shawn. Belle admitted she liked Shawn but thought she liked him more than he liked her. She still thought Shawn was "the one," however, and excused herself to go to bed.

Brady, John, and Marlena shared their concerns about Shawn and Belle, and Brady said that the kids were in over their heads. He promised that Shawn would be sorry if he ever hurt Belle. Upstairs, Belle called Shawn, who was playing with J.T. and didn't recognize her voice. Belle hid her hurt feelings and asked for Shawn's history notes. Shawn agreed and hung up quickly, leaving Belle to wonder if he really liked her at all and wishing she'd never called him.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Unaware that Brady was eavesdropping, Belle and Shawn grilled Chloe about her feelings for him. She admitted that she would like to go to the movies with him on Saturday night, but she doubted that he would want to go out with a high school girl. Belle promised to fix them up, but Chloe pleaded for her not to. Brady decided to amble downstairs, where he played dumb and pretended he had no idea what was going on. Belle started to inquire about the movies, but Chloe interrupted her.

Belle and Chloe instead headed off to Dot.Com, where they continued their discussion about Brady. Chloe again said that she would enjoy going out with him. This time, the one listening in was Philip, who promptly went and asked out Cynthia. Jan happened to see it occur and ran to tell Chloe. Meanwhile, Brady and Shawn played basketball, during which Brady had a weird daydream about Chloe showing up as Allen Iverson. Shawn told Brady that he knew Brady really cared about Chloe, but if he didn't admit it, he'd lose her.

Brandon told Lexie that even if she paid Barb the million bucks, it would not guarantee Barb wouldn't return for more. Lexie knew that, but she didn't know what else to do. Brandon further urged Lexie to be honest with Abe, but she knew that Abe was a cop at heart and wouldn't stand for keeping Hope's baby. When Brandon left, Rolf also urged Lexie to cough up the dough. His reasoning was that once Barb was paid off, Lexie could leave town with Abe and Isaac. She decided to call Barb but couldn't reach her, which sent Lexie into a tizzy.

As it happened, Barb was showing off her five grand to Glenn. He wondered how she had gotten the money, and she explained that it was the least Lexie could do after yanking their chain when they'd first gotten to Salem. She never told him exactly how she'd gotten the money. When she said that she could get more, Glenn told her that they'd be better off with their $5,000. However, Glenn missed a shift at work, which did not go over well with his boss, who fired Glenn. After losing his job, he was willing to reconsider Barb's plan.

Greta decided to have Jack and Harold bump into each other at Salem Place. When she pointed out her surprise at seeing someone, Jack got excited about "the timing being perfect." Unfortunately for Greta, it wasn't Harold that Jack was happy about seeing; it was Jennifer. She was staring in a window, and he told her to buy whatever she wanted.

Jack and Jennifer proceeded to argue again, but Jennifer did admit that she didn't want Jack to leave her. Brandon arrived, however, after having talked earlier with Jennifer about going out on a date. When he did, she left with him. Jack ran to Greta to plant a big smooch on her, but his plan went awry when Jennifer didn't see it. Greta and Harold were dismayed that until then, Jack had ignored them.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

After their liplock, Jack tried to start setting Greta straight. He told her he'd never been with a man, but her wheels started spinning, and she promised him a fix-up. She kissed him again then massaged his shoulders while he told her they needed to go to the movies so he could spy on Jennifer and Brandon. Greta agreed but later faced the jealous wrath of Harold. He thought she wanted Jack for herself, but she assured him that she was working on getting the two of them together.

Greta and Harold hatched a plan to have Jack return to her apartment after the movies, and there, Harold would give Jack the massage of a lifetime. Jack went to hover over Jennifer and Brandon, who enjoyed their get-together. Brandon was smitten. After Brandon took off to head back to work, Jack pretended to discover Jennifer. She didn't fall for the ploy, although she did let him walk her home.

Brady and Shawn gave Philip a good dressing-down over asking out Cynthia. When they told him how upset it had made Chloe, he decided that he had done the right thing. He tried to bait Brady about Chloe, but Brady didn't bite. Chloe and Belle discussed Philip. After Belle accused her of not really loving Philip, Chloe wept and told Belle that she missed him dreadfully. Belle tried to talk Chloe into dating Brady, but Chloe didn't want anyone to know how much that interested her.

When Brady approached the girls and asked Chloe out to the movies, she agreed, which surprised Belle. In a recurring pattern, Shawn happened upon an upset Jan. Jason had joked with her about getting lucky, but it had triggered memories of Paul's attack. Shawn let Jan listen to music on his headphones, evidently oblivious to the besotted look on her face.

Thursday, November 15, 2001

An early snowfall meant lots of fun in Salem. Sami, Austin, and Will gathered to build snowmen and enjoy the winter wonderland in the park. Naturally, the talk turned to marriage, with Sami being her usual non-subtle self. Austin agreed that it was time to pick out rings, which thrilled Sami to no end.

Sami wanted to leave the park right then and there and get down to business. Austin tried to rein her in, but it was of no use. He was thrilled that he could call Will "son" again. Belle and Shawn also enjoyed the snow, throwing snowballs at each other and warming up their cold noses with some passionate kisses. When they paused, they agree that Chloe could be moody.

Unfortunately for the Carvers, Abe was not taking to the life of luxury quite as readily as Lexie. They argued -- again -- about living in the DiMera mansion, with Abe noting that he should be responsible for their financial well-being, not Stefano. The doorbell interrupted their argument. When Abe opened the door and found Barb, he was shocked. That turned to anger when Lexie tried to dismiss him like one of the servants.

Lexie apologized and sent Abe on his way, but not before Barb ordered a virgin Bloody Mary and announced that she was pregnant. She explained her visit by saying that she was there to get parenting tips from Lexie. Abe left the girls to their chit-chat. The talk turned straight away to money, with Barb again demanding one million dollars. She further informed Lexie that she and Glen were moving to Salem, which sent Lexie into another panic attack.

At the Brady Pub, Bo tried to pump Elizabeth for information. She recognized the DiMera name and said that the situation disturbed her, but Bo didn't get much further. She realized that he was only chatting her up to get the goods on Colin. That did not make her happy, so she left. Brady and John enjoyed a father-son lunch, and Brady showed off a new shirt he'd bought. John teased him about buying it for his big date with Chloe. When Brady left, Bo sat with John and asked for his help with Hope and the Princess Gina memories. John at first was reluctant but agreed that he'd do anything to save his family.

Chloe enjoyed an intimate dinner with Nancy and confessed that she still loved Philip and felt lonely without him. Nancy was happy to learn that Chloe was going to the movies with Brady, noting that Chloe always seemed miserable and angry with Philip but much happier with Brady. That didn't make Chloe very happy. She went for a walk and ruminated over her relationship with Philip. She decided that it was doomed from the start, because he was popular and she was a nobody. Brady happened upon her and was startled when she called off their date.

Friday, November 16, 2001

Looking at rings with Austin and Will, Sami's joy was tempered when Will asked if his father could live with her and Austin once they were married. Nicole spotted Austin staring in disbelief at the price of the ring Sami had picked out and worked hard to convince him not to get married to Sami, but her words failed to stop him. As Austin put money down for the ring, he realized Sami had expensive taste but decided not to tell her he'd bought the ring. Nicole spotted them and decided to do what she could to save Austin from a life with Sami.

Upset that she'd changed her mind about their date, Brady blamed Philip for Chloe's decision. She tried to explain, which only upset him further. Chloe then had a change of heart and apologized, agreeing to go to the movies with him. The two ended up in a snowball fight with Belle and Shawn.

Philip upset Nicole and then arranged for Kate to stop by in hopes of getting her and Victor back together again. After Nicole left, Philip explained to both parents that he wanted them to be a family again. Victor accused Kate of using Philip to try to worm her way back into his good graces. Philip admitted he'd tricked Kate into going over. When Philip bashed Nicole again, Victor stopped him and warned Philip that their family was done with and would never work out their problems.

Later, Kate urged Philip to go out with Cynthia to test Chloe's feelings for him. She thanked him for his efforts that day with Victor.

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