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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 14, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, January 14, 2002

Sami is trying to plan the wedding, but Austin has more romantic ideas. Will comes home and they quickly separate. Sami asks Will to help them plan their wedding. Austin then tells Will that they are going to buy a house soon with a huge yard, and Will asks for a pony. Austin tries to explain that his job doesn't pay him enough to be able to afford a pony, so Will tells him to get a new job. Sami jumps on this and suggests that they all make a fresh start in a town away from Salem. Austin gently asks Sami to stop talking about moving and tries to change the subject back to the wedding plans. Nicole's name comes up, and Will says he likes Nicole - she was nice to him when she was married to Lucas. Will then asks to see his daddy. Sami tells Will that Lucas is sleeping a long ways away, and that they can't go to see him right now. Austin interrupts and tells Will that they will take him to see Lucas - that he needs to see his daddy. Austin then tells Will that he and Lucas have a special bond as brothers, and that Austin always knows that Lucas is thinking about Will and that Lucas loves him very much. Will asks Sami if she will kiss Lucas so he will wake up.

Victor confirms to Nicole that he is kicking her out of his house. Nicole asks what she has done, and Victor admits she hasn't done anything, but that Philip wants her to move out. Nicole accuses Kate of using Philip to get her out of Victor's house, and says it is only a matter of time before Kate moves back into the house, and back into her job at Titan. Victor assures her that Kate had nothing to do with this - that Philips feels embarrassed in front of his friends because of their relationship. Victor then says that he will not have his relationship with Philip become like hers was with Paul. Nicole is stunned that Victor would say this and turns to leave, but Victor stops her, apologizing for bringing Paul's name up. He also admits that he's feeling sensitive about their age difference. They both admit that they each felt the other was using them, and also admit that they both care about each other, but Victor still asks Nicole to leave, for Philip's sake. Victor assures Nicole again that Kate will never be welcome back at Titan, but as Nicole leaves, she tells herself that this is all Kate's doing.

Greta is remembering Jack telling her how desirable she is, and her admitting her feelings for Jack. As she remembers Jack telling her to start dating again, Colin appears beside her. Greta finally gets Colin to tell her his name, and they flirt with each other. Greta is embarrassed when Colin remembers the night when she had been drinking and told him all of her troubles with men. They continue to chat, and Colin asks Greta if she knows Jennifer. Colin tells Greta that he met Jennifer in Africa, and that he ran into her at the Carver's party. Colin then asks Greta if Jennifer and her husband are back together, and Greta avoids answering him, leading Colin to ask her if she has been drinking again. Greta denies it, they argue about her avoiding the question, and Colin leaves. Jack then calls Greta and tells her they need to turn up the heat on their relationship. Greta tells Jack she needs to warn him about something...

Jack and Jennifer are at home, and Jack wonders what she is thinking about. Jennifer is deep in thought, remembering her conversation with Hope about J.T. Jack approaches Jennifer, trying to get her attention, but she doesn't see him. Mistakenly thinking that Jennifer is thinking about Brandon, Jack tries to make her jealous by pretending to get a phone call from Greta. Jennifer sees right through him, though, as she didn't hear the phone ring, and when she gets the phone away from him there is no one there. Jennifer tells Jack she is sure Greta is no longer interested in him, and they begin to argue, then Jack tries to kiss her. Jennifer quickly pulls away from him, and Jack tells her he thought she had been giving him hints that that was what she wanted him to do. Jennifer denies this, then tells Jack that Brandon had his hands all over her the other night - that Brandon gave her a very sensuous massage. When she asks Jack if Greta ever did the same for him, Jack painfully remembers the massage he received from Harold, and he changes the subject. Jennifer thinks of Hope again and starts for the door to go and see her, but Jack accuses her of going to see Brandon again. Jennifer denies this, and tells Jack to go and get a life so he will stop obsessing about hers, then she leaves.

Bo and Hope tells Shawn that something is up, and Shawn wants to know what it is right away. They admit if is about J.T., but nothing is wrong with him. Hope finally tells Shawn that Bo is not J.T.'s biological father. Shawn can't believe this news, and Hope explains that when she thought she was Princess Gina, she slept with John Black. Shawn then attacks Bo, asking how he could let his wife sleep with another man. Bo explains that John was also under Stefano's control, and that neither Hope nor John knew what they were doing. Shawn then asks Bo how long he knew about this. Bo admits he only just found out about John, but that he knew all along that the baby was not his. Shawn then shouts at his parents for not telling him, as Bo and Hope try to calm him down. Bo finally tells Shawn to act like an adult and try to accept this, as Bo has. Shawn tells his parents that they both seem like strangers to him right now. Hope then tells Shawn how devoted Bo has been to all of them through all of this. Shawn apologizes and they all hug. Shawn then says he hopes that they are not keeping anything else from him, and they tell him about the possible baby switch, and that J.T. might be taken away from them. Shawn is stunned to speechlessness by this revelation.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

John arrives at the Basic Black offices for his first day at his new company. He finds numerous job applicants in the lobby and no one in Kate's office. Marlena calls to congratulate him on his first day of work. Kate arrives while Roman interrupts Marlena's phone call. Roman and Marlena discuss Sami's engagement and the hope that her marriage lasts longer than Carrie and Austin's. He then offers her any support she may need with the J.T. situation. Roman guesses that her marriage will be fine but worries that Bo and Hope's will end in divorce. Meanwhile, Kate advises John about Permalash and wonders if Marlena will have a problem if he hires one of the attractive women applying for the receptionist position. John assures her that he's only got one woman on his mind: Marlena. He finally asks her to narrow down to three the job applicants he must interview. Cameron returns to the DiMera mansion where Lexie offers her the $50,000 again or she'll run to the law board to have her license suspended. Cameron finally offers to help after Lexie raises the amount to $100,000. Hearing that J.T. may not be Hope's baby, Shawn angrily insists that no one will take his brother from him.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Philip shows up at Basic Black to see his mom, but runs into Brady. They argue over Chloe. Philip tells Brady that whatever he said to Chloe about him, she believed. Brady tells Philip to do Chloe a favor and get on with his life, and let her get on with hers. Philip asks why, so she can be his girlfriend? Brady tells Philip that nobody stole his woman, he lost her, and he's going to make sure that he never hurts her again.

John is distant as Kate talks to him about his new assistant. Kate snaps him out of his daydreaming and tells him that they are going to make Basic Black sky rocket to the top with Carl Liszt behind them. Suddenly, Philip shows up to see his mom, and they go out to lunch. Kate tells Philip the good news about Lucas, he seems to be coming out of his coma! Philip says that is great, and then tells his mom that Nicole has finally moved out. He then asks his mom if Nicole gets out of Victor's life completely, will she come back to them? Kate tells him no. Philip is not happy, but Kate says she is just saying no now, but not never. Kate says she won't move in somewhere where she's not wanted, and the time isn't right. Kate says she won't go back until she gets everything she wants. Kate tells Philip to be patient, because soon she will get her life back the way it was. Philip eventually leaves, and Kate pours herself a drink. She says with her son's help, she is going to rise back to the top, and have Victor begging her to come back to him!

Meanwhile, Brady tells his dad that Belle is really hurting, and he asks how he could have sex with Hope Brady! John says it is complicated, but Brady says Belle still has to deal with the fact that he slept with Shawn's mom. John tells them not to blame their little brother for anything. Brady can't believe JT is his little brother, and says he hasn't had time to process that. Brady says he think he has a way to help Belle, but he needs his help. John says he'll do anything. Brady thinks the three of them should take a road trip and visit the schools that Belle has applied to for college, so she knows she has something to look forward to. John thinks it is a great idea, but there is something he hasn't told him yet. Brady asks how much more can this family take? John says they have just learned that a mistake might have been made at the hospital, and it is possible that Hope brought home the wrong baby. Brady asks if he is kidding him. John says no he's not. John says there is a good chance Abe and Lexie have Hope's child. Brady realizes a custody battle is coming, and that when this scandal breaks, Belle's life will be a nightmare at school. Brady asks how he could do this to Belle! John says neither Hope nor I conceived JT! Brady says the press will make a farce out of this, and the public will go wild. Brady apologizes for being rough on his dad, he just wished he had told him the truth earlier. Brady wonders what this is going to do to their family, and John says he doesn't know.

Sami shows up to see her mom, and fears that Roman isn't happy about her marrying Austin. Marlena says Roman is happy, about her and Austin, but they are both concerned about her and Carrie. They talk about Carrie for a bit, and if Sami will invite her to the wedding. Sami says Carrie is in Israel so it doesn't matter. Sami then changes the subject to Will, and says he wants to see Lucas and he needs her help stopping him. Marlena says if Will is asking to see his father, then Will is ready to see him. Sami says she doesn't want Will to see his father because she doesn't want him to remember he is his father! Marlena tells Sami that she has to accept reality; Kate is a part of their lives. Sami asks how Kate is a part of her life.Marlena says John has hired Kate to work at Basic Black. Sami is furious and says John is no longer invited to the wedding! Marlena tells Sami to stop it, Kate has had a hard year and had to start all over again. Sami tells her mom that Kate is devious, and John is a man. Marlena says there is no way John would ever betray his marriage . . . . . Sami asks what is wrong, has John already been unfaithful? Marlena tells Sami about JT and that John is his father. Sami is shock, and asks how this happened? Marlena tells her that Stefano brainwashed them, but Sami says that is a load of crap and asks her mom how stupid can she be?

Glen and Barb show up at the hospital for the DNA test and meet up with Roman. Hope and Bo arrive with JT, and the blood samples are taken. Suddenly, Shawn shows up and tells Barb and Glen that he has to tell them something. Shawn tells them that they have to talk about JT, his little brother. Shawn talks to them about JT, and Glen says that he deserves a chance to be his own son's father. Shawn says it doesn't matter who his real father is, they are the ones he needs because he is sick! Glen says he knows he loves him, but if JT is his flesh and blood, he will take him. Shawn tells Glen that if he does that, he will kill him! Barb tells Shawn that was over the line! Barb and Glen leave, and Shawn can't believe he said that to them. Shawn tells his parents that he thinks he made everything worse, and he's sorry. Hope tells him that it is okay, and they all go home.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Austin meets with Nicole before their meeting with Carl from Permalash. However, the meeting is a disaster as Nicole is unprepared and distracted, thanks to her anger from Victor's decision to have her leave the mansion. Returning to the meeting after forgetting her notes, Nicole finds Carl gone. Austin mentions the excuse he gave Carl and then, after hearing about the argument with Victor, advises Nicole not to make it so easy for Victor. He urges her to move on with her life and make Victor appreciate her. Grateful for the advice, Nicole hugs him and announces she's going to find a condo to rent. Roman interrupts the Brady's dinner. He explains to Bo and Hope that if the DNA tests prove that Glen is J.T.'s father, he could win custody of the boy. Upstairs, Shawn puts J.T. to bed. He calls Jan who insists that she's getting an abortion tomorrow. Thinking of J.T., Shawn makes a decision about Jan. Sami refuses to let up and warns Marlena that John can't be trusted around Kate. Marlena finally agrees as Sami urges her to get Kate out of his life. She's disturbed later when she calls and finds out that after hiring a new receptionist, John has invited Kate out for a "working" dinner.

Friday, January 18, 2002

Barb and Shirtless Glen are at their hotel getting ready for their big day, the reading of the DNA results. Glen tells her that everything will work out for them, but Barb is worried that they can't support two kids. Barb says she doesn't want them to be in debt before their baby is born, but Glen assures her that they will get through this. Cameron Reese shows up to see Barb and Glen, and gives them a bill for 5750 dollars to continue keeping her in their services. She tells them that this is a very difficult case, and they have only scratched the surface. Cameron says suing for custody is going to be an even larger financial commitment. Barb wants out, but Glen doesn't. Glen asks how much this could cost overall. Cameron says 100s of 1000s of dollars. Cameron suggests they think about this long and hard, and then get back to her. Barb tells glen that Cameron may be right, maybe they should forget the whole thing.

At the mansion, Lexie is positive that they can't lose now that Reese is in their corner. Suddenly, Abe shows up and asks Lexie who she is talking to. Lexie was on the phone with Rolf. Lexie says she was talking to Rolf, he is helping them out with this paternity issue. Lexie says she thinks Glen may chose to give up JT, but Abe doesn't think so. Abe is not happy with Lexie for keeping him in the dark for so long, and he wants to know how long she has suspected they had Hope's child. Lexie acts shocked and say she shouldn't dignify that with an answer! She claims she just found out, but Abe doesn't believe her. Lexie spills a load of bull, and then begs Abe to promise her that they will do whatever it takes to keep their family together. Lexie says that as far as she is concerned, John and Hope threw their rights away, and she has a feeling that Glen and Barb won't pursue this.

At Sami and Austin's, Sami continues to worry about taking Will to see Lucas. She also worries about the threat of Kate and Nicole to her relationship with Austin. Later, Sami jumps Austin while he's in the shower. Afterwards at breakfast, Will once again begins asking about his daddy. Sami eventually agrees to let Will see Lucas, mainly to please Austin. However, she thinks she should take Will to see Lucas on her own. Sami says that if they were both their at once, and Lucas heard them both, it might be hard for him, so he could make a separate visit. Austin thinks Sami might be right, and what is important is that Will gets to see his dad.

At the penthouse, Marlena worries about Sami's words about Kate and John. Marlena asks John, who is on the couch, how supper was with Kate, because he got home so late. John says he just needed a distraction; he's worried about the DNA results as well as Belle. Marlena tells him that Belle will pull through this. Marlena asks John about the DNA tests, and what might happen if the babies were switched. John doesn't want to think about it, but John tells her that he has to consider it. Marlena says they need to think how far Lexie might go to keep Isaac. John thinks she would die before giving up that baby. John is positive Lexie was in on the baby switch, and that she has been lying to all of them, including Abe.

At school, Belle remains stressed out about talking to Shawn. She sees Shawn talking to some kids about a party. Shawn sees Belle looking at him, and he asks her point blank why she's avoiding him? Belle tells him that she doesn't know how to talk to him, and they discuss JT, and what their parents did. Belle fears their parents could still have feelings for one another, and that this could happen again. Shawn and Belle both feel their parents are liar and hypocrites, and as they talk, Shawn realizes Belle doesn't know the whole story. Shawn then fills Belle in on the baby switch possibility.

Meanwhile, Mimi stops Jan from sinking her hooks deeper into Shawn. Mimi tells Jan that they have janitorial duty, and head to the bathroom. Jan isn't feeling well, and Mimi demands to know what is wrong with her? Jan ignores Mimi, who begins to talk about how she is really packing on the pounds lately. Jan refuses to listen to this and says she's leaving, and Mimi asks her if she's going after Shawn as usual? Jan says Shawn is her friend, and if she wants to talk to him then she will. Jan gets another cramp, and Mimi realizes that Jan really is sick, so she tells her to just go.

Jan interrupts Belle and Shawn at a tender moment, and demands they talk. Belle tells Jan they are in the middle of an important conversation, but Jan says this is important. Shawn blows Belle off to talk to Jan, which doesn't make Belle happy.

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