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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 29, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, July 29, 2002

Brandon shows up at Sami's apartment, looking for his wallet. As they argue in the doorway, Kate and Billie enter with a huge box. Sami returns the wallet, and Billie announces that she is moving in. They exchange insults, and Brandon scolds Sami for her rude behavior. When Hope discovers a box of chocolates, she jumps to the conclusion that Bo purchased it for Billie. Wounded, Bo says the chocolates were for her, and she apologizes. Belle and Shawn rescue the aliens from the local gang of teenagers. Belle wants to protect the aliens, and Shawn reluctantly agrees to help for a few days. He introduces Zack to the aliens and decides that they must be twins.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Abe warns Sami to stay away from Brandon, but she blames Abe for wrecking Brandon's family. Victor sends flowers to Nicole with a romantic note, and she feels confident that she has him wrapped around her finger. That evening, she lights candles in her apartment, and they sit down to a romantic dinner. Nicole suggests she is worried about Sami's influence on Brandon, and Victor promises to keep Sami away from her brother. Belle amuses the aliens with toys in the garage, as they try to mimic her actions and her words. John runs into Bo and updates him on the investigation of the mysterious key. The tests revealed that the key was created by NASA to survive extreme temperatures, but no one knows how the DiMeras got their hands on the material.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

As if he hadn't destroyed her life enough, Victor hands Sami yet another low blow when he orders her to stay away from Brandon Walker. Of course, Victor only does this because Nicole asks him to. Nicole claims she despises Sami for the way she's used Brandon in the past. Meanwhile, Sami tries to get close to Brandon once again by offering to help him deal with his anger against Abe. She tells him all about her troubled teen years, how she saw Marlena cheat on her dad with John on the Titan conference table, and says because of her own experiences, she can identify with his childhood issues. Brandon blows her off and warns her to stay out of his business. Later, Brandon and Nicole have a heart to heart about relationships. Nicole warns him about Sami, and then admits she doesn't love Victor.

At the Brady household, Hope and Zack prepare to visit J.T. in Iowa. Hope expresses her fears about leaving and even considers canceling the trip, saying she fears Billie Reed has a devious plan up her sleeve. Bo reassures her that Billie can do nothing to tear them apart. At Billie's new pad, Billie is busy hiding a blond wig and other objects in a drawer when Philip and Kate pop up. The three soon discuss why Billie came back to Salem and is cop. Kate offers Billie a chance to work at Basic Black. Billie turns her down, saying she returned to Salem only to work with Roman because of her respect for him and the law enforcement field. She mentions it was Bo who gave her such admiration for police when he saved her life many years ago. Philip reminds Billie that Bo and Hope are soul mates. He then apologizes to Billie. She reassures Philip and Kate that she is getting over Bo, but, says to herself later "if they only knew the truth." Kate finds the wig inside of Billie's drawer and wonders what she's up to.

Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn continue to hide the "aliens" in the Brady's garage. After a night of constant TV watching, the boy and girl have become walking tubes so too speak. They begin to mimic almost every thing they've seen on TV. Belle decides to name the pair after the Gemini twins. The boy alien becomes Rex, and the girl is Cassie. Shawn and Belle teach the aliens how to eat. Later, they meet Philip and are freaked out by his keys, deepening the mystery surrounding them.

Bo goes to the departure gate with Hope and Zack to see them off. Hope tells Bo she's no longer worried about leaving Salem, and boards the plane. But, little does she know, Billie is at the airport spying on them.

Thursday, August 1, 2002

Isabella shows up in Brady's apartment again telling him to go to Chloe. Isabella disappears when Pete the P.I. whom the Wesleys hired to find Chloe's biological father shows up. Brady tells the P.I. he wants to help him find Chloe's father and that he has information. The P.I. asks him for the info, but when Brady won't tell him anything he leaves. Isabella shows up again and tells Brady to go to Chloe and be with her and the answers will come.

Philip cheers Chloe up by simulating the four seasons with various props. Brady shows up just as Philip and Chloe are hugging and Brady yells at Philip to let her go. Brady explains that with Chloe just coming out of isolation, she shouldn't get to close to anyone for her health. Philip leaves Brady and Chloe alone to talk. Brady confides to Chloe that his mother told him to be with her and that he talks to her. Chloe gets upset thinking that Brady is comparing her to his dead mother and that he will be talking to her that way soon too. Brady leaves and Philip comforts Chloe. Chloe kisses Philip and tells him to stay. When Brady arrives home again he yells at his mother saying Chloe hates him now. Isabella tells him that Chloe doesn't hate him but that she wasn't ready for what he had to tell her yet. Isabella tells Brady that he and Chloe need to go on a journey together, one that will bring him home.

Brandon and Lexie embrace in a hug as Lexie says she loves him. She tells Brandon that she is so happy she loves everyone right now. Lexie tells Brandon about the secret letter from Stefano that she found in her family crest. It said that she will have everything she ever wanted in life. They decide to go celebrate together and Lexie notices that Brandon isn't happy and that Abe must be the reason. Brandon tells Lexie that he needs her in his life.

At the hospital, Tony tells Colin that he needs to get the key back from John and that Colin is going to get it for him. Colin says no way. Tony reminds Colin that he promised to help him regain Stefano's power. Colin tells Tony he needs to lay low a while longer and regain more trust. Tony shows Colin the device he has to locate the key. They walk through the hospital together and the device starts beeping faster indicating that the key is somewhere in the hospital. Sami sees them with the device and starts asking questions about it. Tony whisks Sami into another room so John doesn't see them together. Sami tells Tony about Victor and Nicole's threat to stay away from Brandon. Tony tells her that he will take care of that problem for her. Sami leaves and Colin shows up again with news that John is in the hospital and the key is probably on him. Tony says he will use Sami to get the key from John and that he needs Colin to get hot and heavy with Nicole again for his plan to work. Sami barges in on Tony and Colin to see how his ³medical exam² is going. Tony tells Sami he hopes she will help him after he helps her get Brandon back. Sami says she will do anything for her friends.

Victor tells Sami that she is to stay away from Brandon. She agrees because she doesn't have choice. When they go back into the hospital, Sami sees Nicole smiling and she figures out that she is behind the threat to stay away from Brandon. As Victor and Nicole gloat about Sami, Nicole gets a call from Colin. Colin says he wants to explain why he had to break up with her so abruptly.

John wants Marlena to remember why seeing the key frightened her so much. Marlena can't remember, but she knows that she is scared for someone else. John leaves and Kate shows up needing to talk about the kipper fillets Stefano left her in his will. She admitted to knowing Stefano long ago when she was just a teenager. She was desperate at the time and Stefano took advantage of her. She couldn't say anymore and then John showed up just as she is leaving. John tells Marlena that Tony and Sami are not staying away from each other and he plans on getting tough with Tony. As John leaves Marlena's office, Tony is standing in the hallway. John tells Tony that he knows what he wants, but he's never going to get it.

Friday, August 2, 2002

Abe and Craig had a confrontation about Lexie's lawsuit against the hospital. Meanwhile, Lexie and Nancy's confrontation was much more heated. Lexie promised demise for anyone who crosses a DiMera, while Nancy taunted that without her father, Lexie had no power. When Lexie countered that her brother had given a huge donation toward leukemia research in Chloe's name. Nancy bristled and told Lexie in no uncertain terms to leave Chloe out of it.

John and Marlena questioned Tony about his involvement with Sami. Tony denied any involvement other than two friends trying to overcome their undeserved bad reputations.

Later, John baited Tony regarding the special metal used by NASA by proposing a venture capital opportunity for researching the metal. As John walked away, Tony discovered via his beeper/locator device, that John was carrying the stolen key. Tony vowed to get the key back from John for fear John would solve the mystery before Tony.

Belle and Shawn decide to help the aliens learned to communicate by using Zack's baby books, but while unattended, the aliens split. Belle and Shawn give chase, while the aliens find their way to the Fancy Face, Bo and Hope's houseboat. The aliens got scared and hid when a man came to the dock looking for Bo. Then John happened on the dock. As he looked at the key, contemplating its significance, the alien teens saw the key and looked quite distressed.

Nancy frantically looked for Craig, because she was ovulating. But Craig was at the police station with Bo watching hospital video from the night of the baby switch. Craig told Bo that there was nothing unusual and even though the babies were temporarily in the wrong bassinets, identification depends on the ID bracelets given immediately after birth which are "impossible" to tamper with. Later, as Bo reviewed the tapes again, he kept remembering Craig's words, "The key is the ID bracelets." This sparked an idea for Bo, and he rewound the tape. After watching intently, he called Abe over to watch too. Abe agreed it could be something, so Bo took the tape to the lab to get it enhanced.

Marlena had a flashback to seeing the key. She vowed that the DiMera's must never regain possession of the key, or her family's future would be destroyed.

As Craig's staff cornered him outside his office with messages and backlash from the pending lawsuit, Nancy opened the door and told him "Now!" Then she pulled him in to the office and shut the door.

Tony went back to the mansion and tried to figure out John's interest in outer space. He called on Bart to get him information. Tony wanted to know if his father had ever had any connection with outer space. Bart told him about the satellite. Tony told Bart to get all the information he can about the satellite.

Shawn and Belle ended up down and the dock and found the aliens. The Salem teens continued to try to communicate with the alien teens. The aliens obviously are scared to death of the mystery key.

John played a surprise visit to Dr. Evans.

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