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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 4, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, November 4, 2002

Tony finally forces Rolf to tell all he knows about the twins. Rolf admits the twins were frozen but dropped from his plane during the meteor shower. After his plane crashed, he thought the twins were dead. Tony suddenly guesses that the twins are Stefano in reincarnation. Rolf admits they are Stefano's creation and then reveals the blue key. Kate gives Sami a sexy costume to wear for a special scheme at the Cheatin' heart featuring business cards with Nicole's name on them. Kate watches as Sami goes to work, flirting with every guy in the bar as she poses as Nicole. As she leaves, Sami hands out the cards, urging every guy to call and leave a message for her. Brady meets with Chloe and apologizes for pressuring her but she's called to the hospital to be with Nancy and Craig. When Chloe arrives, Dr. Bader sends her and Craig to the hallway and performs the amniocentesis on Nancy. After she gets dressed, Nancy worries when she feels a stomach pain. Hoping to cheer a down-in-the- dumps Shawn, Mimi and Philip bring the game Twister to the dorm room. Mimi explains the game to the twins who are thrilled at the prospect of playing with their new friends. The game fails to work with Shawn so Mimi urges them all to go to Dot.Com where she pairs Philip with Cassie while she distracts Rex. Shawn spots a flyer seeking info about Hope and starts passing more out with his friends' help. Chloe's father Sykes arrives in Salem and calls a detective to report his arrival.

Tuesday, November 5, 2002
by Joan

Nancy's reaction after the amnio was not serious, but Chloe felt responsible for her mother's health during the pregnancy. As he reassured her, Brady realized he'd been grieving all his life for a lost chance to love his mother - now he couldn't live with regret. And at that moment he declared his own love for Chloe.

Rolf and Tony were confused about possession of the blue key. Tony knew John had the one given to him by Stefano, while Rolf found one in Belle's room. Rolf claimed the key had power to unleash the Twins' "very special talents." The Twins were gathered from anonymous sources in a fertility clinic in Europe arranged by Stefano, but DNA testing would be impossible. They absolutely were not DiMeras, but as Stefano's pawns, they now belonged to Tony. Rolf said that unlike John, the Twins would be unfailingly loyal - "incorruptible." Although he had no clue as to Tony's fugue states, the one answer Rolf did have was that Marlena's connection lies in her love for John which had turned his loyalty against the DiMeras. Taking Marlena away would be John's destruction.

While researching islands on a database, Marlena suffered momentary "fugues" as John showed her pictures. They found similarity in a group of islands to the Gemini pattern on the pillow Stefano had left Marlena, and considered a possible connection to Tony's fugue states and Marlena's time spent on Stefano's Island.

Finding Lexie, Bo grabbed his son from her and furiously asked about Hope. Saying she'd been framed, Lexie misread Abe's taking her hands as a supportive gesture. But instead, he handcuffed and arrested her. At the Police Station, he accused her of having blood on her hands while Lexie demanded a lie detector test. Brandon - following them there, defended her. On seeing Zack, Billie asked for Hope. While it was Billie who was caught on the phone by Roman as she reported Lexie's arrest to Larry, it was also Billie who booked Lexie.

Recalling Marlena's fugue state at the mansion, Tony & Rolf were piecing together a possible plan of Stefano's to reinstate Marlena as "Queen of the Night." Tony spoke of his love for Kristen - stolen from him by John. Saying she died of a broken heart, Tony declared he'd been given a second chance to do the same to John and - "I will get my revenge."

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Shawn rushes to the hospital with Belle and is thrilled to be reunited with Zack. He promises to catch him up on the Halloween activities he missed and when the tot is forced to spend the night at the hospital, Shawn offers to stay with him. When Roman and Bo stop by, Shawn quickly thanks Bo for keeping his promise about returning Zack. Bo assures him that he will find Hope too. Roman catches Billie snooping in a nearby alley and blasts her for being there but she comes up with a story and later removes a black bag from a nearby dumpster. She's sickened to see what's inside. Brandon visits with Sami who's upset he didn't tell her about his time with Lexie while she was in Colorado. He covers his real feelings for Lexie, assures Sami that he loves only her and kisses her. She tries to take him to bed but he pulls back and claims he must go see Lexie. Meanwhile, Celeste doesn't believe her when a jailed Lexie claims that she's being set up. Cameron brings Tony in to see her client and he admits that he blames Stefano for her troubles but whispers that he has a plan. Cameron argues with Bo and reveals that she's obtained a restraining order to keep him away from Lexie. Billie arrives with Hope's bloody sweater and Bo identifies it as his wife's. In her "cell, a dazed and bloody Hope wakes and learns from Larry that Zack is back with Bo and Lexie's been arrested. He then forces her to write a letter which will blame Lexie for her death.

Thursday, November 7, 2002

Chloe visits Brady to tell him how she feels about him. She explains that she wants to have these emotions, but is afraid that being so happy will cause something bad to happen, i.e. no bone marrow donor is found. She can't say the words right now, because she is too scared. He tells her he will wait forever for her and they kiss. Brady tells her that he heard if you say the opposite of how you feel, nothing bad would happen to you. In between saying they think the other is "a dork" or "has no talent" they kiss. It is very sweet. Chloe remembers hearing Brady playing the piano before she knocked. She asked him to play again, it was his mother's song "I'll be Seeing You" As he does, Chloe sits with her eyes closed humming along, suddenly she says that Isabella is there, just as Izzy B herself shows up, Brady is surprised when he sees his mother. Chloe tells him that his mother loves him very much, and then as Izzy disappears, Chloe says she has left. As they sit on the couch, Brady details an optimistic future for Chloe, to find her fast asleep on his shoulder. Isabella returns and tells Brady that he told Chloe he loves her, now give her what she needs, to know her father.

Sami and Kate meet for a breakfast recap; Nicole and Victor are at the same restaurant. Victor is talking with Nico about Hope and Zack, Nicole's phone rings she answers to a male voice giving her praise of her dance and costume the night before, of course she is confused and tells Vic it is a salesman. Sami and Kate eavesdrop and are delighted, Sami leaves to find Brandon but Kate stays for more. A waiter, who was at the Cheatin' Heart last night drops a note to Nicole telling her to meet him on the terrace. When she does, the waiter tells her that she is as beautiful without the mask. He shows her the business card and she tells him it's a fake, he doesn't believe her and kisses Nicole just as Victor walks by to see the whole thing. He storms out, Kate calls Sami who is "busy" at Brandon's, Nicole walks by and grabs Kate's phone and tells Sami and Kate that they won't get away with anything and they have proved nothing before she leaves.

Bo and the others discover that the blood on the sweater matches Hopes blood type, Bo is not satisfied saying that her BT isn't that unusual. They request a DNA and hair sample from the lab. John and Marlena drop by to bring Bo breakfast. John tells Bo that he will be leaving on a mission to end the DiMeras and he is leaving today. Abe interrogates Brandon all night wanting to arrest him for conspiracy. Before Brandon gets a chance to leave Marlena speaks with him telling him that he doesn't need to get involved with the DiMeras and to focus on Sami, she needs him. Brandon tells her that Lexie is his friend and she has no one else. Marlena informs him that Lexie has a lot of sources and help at her fingertips. Sami shows up and convinces Brandon to leave with her. Sami and Brandon go to his loft. She tries to relax him and they kiss. She goes to change into a sexy red teddy to find Brandon sound asleep on the couch when she returns. She lays down with him and he says "Lexie"

Abe has Lexie taken to the lab to get her DNA and hair samples. She agrees so that it will prove she hasn't done anything with Hope. Back at her jail cell, she tells Tony she is tired of answering questions and defending herself and to do whatever it takes to get her out of there. Roman gets a phone call and takes off, he returns a while later wishing to speak with Bo in private. He explains that there was a break in at the Final Rest Cemetery in the crematorium. The police scoured the area and found a note addressed to Bo. When Bo opens he read "Dear Brady: This is goodbye" Credits Roll.

Friday, November 8, 2002

Brady tried to give Chloe hope by showing her how bright the future can be, but she fell asleep on his shoulder. Isabella appeared to him and told him now that he has told Chloe he loves her, now give her what she needs: to know her father. Brady decided he could find her father again, and goes to the computer to renew his search. Brady found a picture on the internet of Chloe's father, Dr. Sykes. Chloe woke up and Brady showed her the picture. Chloe was grateful to finally know what he looks like. Later on the docks, Brady thought he saw Sykes and tried to chase him down. After he couldn't catch him, Brady admitted he must've been mistaken.

Marlena and John discussed John going to the island to look for clues about Hope. John told Marlena that since he has the capability, he feels that it is his responsibility to end the reign of the DiMeras. Marlena received a call from Roman asking her to come down and talk to Lexie, hoping that she can give them information on Hope. After Marlena left, John talked to someone on the phone saying that although killing is never his first option, you do what you have to do to protect your family. He then charged the person with the safety of John's family. "You take care of them; I'll take care of DiMera," John told him as he packed a gun and other spy tools in a briefcase. As he finished his phone conversation, John noticed the silent alarm alerting him that someone was coming up the secret back elevator. John, with his gun drawn, waited for the elevator doors to open. He lowered the weapon when he saw that it was Shane Donovan. Shane had news for John from the ISA.

Lexie told Tony to do whatever it takes to get her out of jail. She told him that if she goes to trial, she could never win because of all the support Bo has. Tony told her that the "plan" was already underway. Marlena appeared outside Lexie's cell, but apparently hadn't heard the remark about the break-out plan. Tony refused to let Lexie talk to Marlena. Lexie wanted to talk to Marlena, because she doesn't have anything to hide.

Hope secretly prayed that Bo would understand the hidden clues she put in the note that Larry forced her to write. Outside the room where she is being held, Larry talked (to himself) about Hope learning to be a "lifetime prisoner." Hope decided she needs to figure out where she is being held and tried to open the sliding "peep hole" in the door. Larry talked about moving Hope to a deserted island.

Bo read Hope's note just as Jennifer arrived at the police station to find out news about Hope. Bo confirmed that the note was in Hope's handwriting. Jennifer doesn't believe Hope is dead. Abe let Jennifer read the note from Hope. Jennifer realized that Hope was not asking Bo to rescue her, but telling him goodbye. Bo told Jennifer that there is some kind of message in the letter, or that it is a set-up to make them think Hope is dead. When Abe comes back from the lab, he told Roman that the lab had confirmed the handwriting and the fingerprints on the letter are Hope's. Abe then revealed that the paper the note was written on was a page from Lexie's daybook.

Billie sent her partner for coffee and donuts so she could talk to Larry. Billie told Larry that "this has to end right now." Hope continued trying to open the slide in the door. When she finally opened it, she saw Billie talking to Larry.

Chloe and Brady arrived at the hospital to check on the results of the amnio. They showed Craig the picture of Dr. Sykes. Craig wanted to make a copy of the photo, but told Chloe and Brady not to tell Nancy about the picture. When Craig returned, he had the results from the amnio.

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