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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 2, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, December 2, 2002

As John rages on about Tony wanting Marlena, Tony tries to hide the Phoenix box. A fight ensues and Tony fakes being knocked out so he can get the box out of sight. John barrels on, accusing Tony of faking the fugue states and trying to possess Marlena as retaliation for John stealing Kristen. He overreacts when Tony says John clings to Marlena in hopes that her goodness can help what he lost when he became a DiMera, but clarifies he only meant that John was one of them because Stefano trained him and made him his pawn. Before he leaves, John warns Tony to stay away from Marlena; Tony pulls out the Phoenix box and opens it, gasping when he sees the contents...

Hope and Bo get home from Thanksgiving dinner and are finally alone, but Hope has a hard time shaking off memories of Larry and what he did to her. Bo tries to help her focus on the holidays and their future together. Meanwhile, Larry is hiding out at the Horton Cabin and reveals his bulletproof vest that saved him from the bullet. He has an envelope with a Phoenix seal, which will ensure his victory against Hope and Bo...

Brady makes sure Chloe is physically and emotionally ready to make love with him; after securing protection, they finally consummate their romance. In the afterglow, Chloe says everything is perfect for the first time in her life. In counterpoint, Craig rushes Nancy to the trauma center, where Dr. Bader determines she passed out from high blood pressure; the baby is in distress and Nancy's at risk for life-threatening complications. Craig prays for his wife and unborn child in the chapel, but when he returns, Dr. Bader says that he may have to choose between Nancy and the baby...

Tuesday, December 3, 2002
by Joan

Shawn surprised Belle with Christmas dorm decorations and gift with "snowman" reminders of their last Christmas while a jealous Cassie watched. But Shawn seemed less concerned about The Twins than Belle did. At the Brady House, Hope insisted that Billie was involved with Welch, and told Bo she wanted the Billie issue resolved for good. While assuring her safety, Bo seemed concerned after having falsely arrested Lexie. Later, Hope & Jen discussed Jack. Despite Hope's optimism, Jen felt it was over between them.

In a meeting with DiMera Attorney Raymond Grant, Kate Roberts requested that Victor & Nicole's wedding be stopped in return for her discretion on a "certain matter." She believed someone might still be benefiting from her silence in return for the money bequeathed silently by Stefano. Calling it blackmail, Grant told her to handle Victor herself. He then contacted Colin demanding to know what Colin had planned regarding the silver bullet. In the phone conversation overheard by Jen, Colin told Grant he would handle it but not now.

At Dot.Com, seeing Jack & Billie together, Jen tried apologizing to Jack who was still feeling hurt and misled. Colin took advantage of the situation by asking Jen out. In an encounter with Nicole, Colin planted the idea that Victor left her out of the plot to find Hope. Upon Victor's arrival, Nicole was noticeably uncomfortable at Victor's attention to a baby. Colin quietly speculated how important a Kiriakis heir might be to Victor, comparing Nicole and Kate's problems in having a child. After Victor warned Nicole about his feelings concerning Colin, she privately asserted her independence of Victor's control over what she wants to do. Proving it, she gave Colin Murphy her private cell phone number to "keep in touch."

Grateful that Tony returned The Key to him, Rolf contemplated getting complete control of the Twins. Upon their arrival, he programmed them for their mission in life. Later, overhearing Kate cursing the DiMera's for not helping her, the Twins' mission was triggered: "We must protect the DiMera's at all costs. Whenever we detect a threat to the DiMera's we must take action." Standing behind Kate, Cassie maniacally picked up a sharp letter opener.

At Salem PD, Abe & Roman discussed the possibility of Welch's body being carried out with the water's current and the difficulty of substantiating Billie's story without him. Similar, to Hope, Roman was not interested in giving Billie any more chances. With Jack there, supporting her as an innocent victim, Billie defended her actions. Bo challenged her, advising that she get a lawyer fast. At Abe's request, Billie handed in her gun and badge, and Roman gave her fifteen minutes to leave. Jack invited Billie to dinner with the encouragement that the truth would set her free. But as Billie was leaving Salem PD, she was faced by a defiant Hope who declared she wasn't going anywhere until Hope was through with her.

Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Chloe and Brady enjoyed the afterglow of their first lovemaking. Chloe told Brady she loves him and has never been happier. The garage called to say their car was ready, and someone would be at the cabin to pick them up. Chloe and Brady made the best of their time by enjoying the great outdoors one last time. Brady confessed his love for Chloe on tape, so she'll never forget.

Nancy prayed and tried to bargain for the baby's health. The doctor warned Craig that any excitement could cause Nancy to lose the baby, so Craig had to delay telling her that he is Chloe's biological father. When the doctor suggested that they should take the baby early, Nancy became hysterical. She swore in no uncertain terms that she would die before she lets them take the baby. Craig decided that it was time to let Chloe know the situation with Nancy's health. He called the cabin, but Chloe and Brady had just left.

Bo bumped into Colin at the hospital. Colin told Bo how happy he was that Hope was home safely, but he didn't understand why Bo didn't include him in the secret plot to nab Larry. Bo assured him that, as long as he rubs elbows with the DiMera family, the Brady family would never trust him.

Hope ran into Billie as she was leaving the police station and vowed to make Billie pay for what she did to her. Billie tried to convince Hope that she wasn't in on her kidnapping, but Hope didn't buy it. Billie apologized for the pain that Hope went through. Billie brought up the child of hers and Bo's that had died. Incensed that Billie would use that tragedy to gain sympathy, Hope shoved Billie's box of belongings and told her to get out. Billie shoved back and Hope fell, just as Bo walked in the office. Bo showed Billie the door. Billie made a phone call to an unknown friend, asking for a "big favor."

Larry marveled at the irony of his refuge in the Horton cabin. While looking at a Swiss bank account statement, he declared that he was a rich and powerful man and with Stefano DiMera's help, nothing can stop him. Larry revealed that although Colin thought he had been working for the DiMera's, Larry has been calling the shots. Larry called Colin at the hospital to introduce himself.

Thursday, December 5, 2002

A replay of the scene at DotCom as the twins here Kate bash the DiMera's, as Cassie grabs the letter opener Belle and Shawn walk up. Cassie hides the opener and Rex grabs it. Belle and Shawn tell them they are going to the movies, but stopped to get hot chocolate. Cassie follows Shawn to the cash register while Belle and Rex sit down. Rex is acting weird, Belle tells him he looks like he is on a mission and guesses he may be Christmas shopping. He excuses himself and heads to the back alley. Belle and Shawn explain Christmas to Cassie. All four plan for the movies. They get up to head towards the back exit; a cop stops them to say that the exit is closed. Cassie comments that Rex went to the alley and he knows what happened. A flashback from Rex shows him using a wrench to loosen a few of the metal bars holding up the two-story scaffold. Rex tells the cop he saw nothing.

Roman blocks Kate from leaving DotCom and tries to talk to her. He tells her she is a remarkable woman, she denies it and leaves out the back entrance. As she walks past the scaffold it begins to fall on top of her. She screams and Roman pushes her to the ground covering her with his body. Kate asks him to take her home...his home. Roman asks her why she chose his house instead of her own, she didn't know. A small conversation ensues with Kate saying there is no male that can be a good friend and lover; Roman claims he is that person, the last man she will ever want to be with. They begin to kiss and Kate leads Roman to his bedroom where a steamy pillow talk begins...

Brandon calls Lexie to reconfirm their meeting that evening; she is abrupt and hangs up on him. Sami shows up, Brandon blames her for Lexie's attitude. Sami blames it on trust issues and apologizes for deleting his phone messages from Lexie. They kiss and make up. Lexie runs into Brandon in the hallway and she yells at him claiming he lied to her about being her friend and caring about her. She tells him she knows he only wanted to be friends to get back at Abe, he demands to know where she got that walks Sami.

Abe is at the PD looking at a picture of Lexie, Celeste sees him and tells him that she knows he loves Lexie and that Lexie loves him too. She gives Abe hope that maybe the divorce can be revoked. Celeste calls Lexie and tells her to be at DotCom. When Lexie arrives she rushes to her mom thinking something is horribly wrong, Abe walks up to their table and Lexie knows she has been set up. Celeste asks Lexie to hear Abe out and leaves. Abe tells Lexie that he loves her and not because of her innocence over the Hope kidnapping. He finally saw the woman he loves and married when she showed genuine happiness over Hope's rescue and that even though her "death" was fake, the idea of losing her in his life made him empty. He asks her to come back to him, Mickey interrupts- Cameron Reese called him to say that Lexie wanted the divorce to move faster and get them over with. Embarrassed, Lexie excuses herself. Mickey apologizes and Abe feels like a fool.

Tony is curious about the empty pages in Stefano's diary. He throws the book at the living room doors, Lexie sees it and gets excited. But is quickly curtailed when Tony tells her it is empty. He summons Rolf for help, which turns out to be pointless. Tony then remembers the clues he found in the wood box. "Fire reveals the truth" "The truth is frozen in time" He kneels at the fireplace, book in hand, slowly words appear on the pages..."In the event of my death, this journal..."

John tries to comfort Marlena about all the discoveries. He states he is going back to the island to find out all of Stefano's secrets, Marlena begs him not to especially during the holidays. He relents and suggests she get sleep, as she drifts off a dream begins. She is laying in a white room; an apparition of the phoenix symbol is floating around her. Marlena wakes up and we see a male hand with a ring (similar to Stefano). She sits up, in dream and in reality, John rushes to her and asks if she is okay. Marlena isn't responding, staring but not seeing. She does speak, "Stefano, Stefano."

Friday, December 6, 2002

The Blue Note is the place to be as Bo/Hope, Jennifer/ Colin and Jack/Billie all converge there, much to each other's' chagrin. Jennifer expresses her disappointment with Jack still holding a grudge about not being in the loop for Larry's entrapment. Billie and Jack leave after she shares words with Bo/Hope and he has it out with Jennifer. Jennifer tells Colin she's glad he understands why he was kept away from Hope's rescue mission; he says he not only understands, but also thinks Jack doesn't deserve her. Jack and Billie continue their date at DotCom, where Cynthia tells Philip that she's still there for him; Philip, Billie and Jack all commiserate on having loved and lost. Bo and Hope continue their romantic evening and he gives her a beautiful piece of jewelry he had originally planned to give her when she flew home from Iowa. As Kelly Moneymaker takes the stage for a live performance, Bo and Hope dance, engrossed in each other's arms...

Sami is forced to admit that she's the one who told Lexie about Brandon using her, but quickly spins the story so that Brandon forgives her. The confrontation is interrupted when they hear reporters barrage Abe with questions about Lexie. Abe gives an impromptu press conference, praising Lexie, saying he'll do everything in his power to see that she remains his wife. Brandon calls Abe on his plan to win Lexie back; after taking a pregnancy test, Lexie learns that she's pregnant and Sami overhears this. Lexie and Abe leave the hospital arm in arm as Lexie prepares to tell Abe that she's having their child...

Brady and Chloe return to Salem only to learn from a neighbor that Craig and Nancy haven't been around because of an emergency. They rush to the hospital and find Craig; although this is the first time he's seen her since learning she's his daughter, he doesn't tell her, in spite of himself. Craig tells Chloe that Nancy isn't doing well and they may have to take the baby. Chloe retreats into herself and runs out, with Brady in pursuit. He follows her home, where she orders him to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Craig tries to calm Nancy because her blood pressure isn't coming down...

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