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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 13, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, January 13, 2003

New Years night found Jen and Jack at Jen's house (Jen in her PJ's and robe). Jack was talking to Jo on the phone and found out that his parents were bringing Abby home soon. Jen started to worry that there was no food in the house. She babbled on that the market was closed, but then she thought about the deli and should she go to the deli to get something. Jack stopped her, telling her that they had to have a talk before Abby came home. In her nervousness, Jen was near tears and started "beating" herself up about what she had done with Colin. Jack insisted that it was not her fault ... that Colin had victimized her and made her feel that she had no other choice ... just as Lawrence Alamaine had victimized here all those years ago when he raped her. Jen admitted that she had always thought that the rape by Lawrence Alamaine was the worst time in her life - but this thing with Colin was even worse. Jack asked if there was any way he could help her and she said she didn't think he could. He started to leave, but Jen wouldn't let him go. Jack told her that this would be a new beginning for them because they saw the New Year in together. They began to kiss, but were interrupted by a bubbly Abby coming in the front door calling her goodbyes to her grandparents. The three of them exchanged "Happy New Year's" and then Abby begged her mom to let Daddy sleep over, since it was late. Jen agreed and Jack challenged Abby to a race upstairs. Jen went to turn out the lights and lifted her face to the ceiling and said "Thank You", and went upstairs.

At the Wesley household, we saw Nancy dressed in a robe, searching the newspaper for the crossword puzzle. After she got comfy on the sofa, the doorbell rang. She almost got up to answer it, but remembered that Craig had told her to rest, and with a gleam in her eye, she picked up a little bell from the table beside her and rang for Craig. Craig came running out the kitchen wearing an apron to answer the front door. It was Brady, looking for Chloe. After Chloe came down stairs to greet Brady, Craig asked if they wanted something to eat. Neither of the teens felt hungry and decided to go out for a walk. Nancy worried that Chloe might get sick out in the cold, but Craig assured her that people don't get sick from cold air ... they get sick from germs. When the kids left, Nancy wanted to know what was bothering Craig ... she could tell that there was something wrong. He admitted that he had been thinking that it could be very important for them to get Nancy's hospital records from when she gave birth to Chloe. He said that he couldn't do that unless Nancy signed some papers. She agreed to do that and then started to massage Craig's shoulders. Meanwhile, outside, Chloe and Brady saw a falling star. Brady told Chloe to make a wish. She wished that should would be alive long enough to get grey hair. A little further along the path, they came upon the stump of a tree that had been chopped down. Brady could tell that the sight of the tree bothered Chloe and asked her if the tree had some special meaning to her. She told him about when Philip had carved his and Chloe's initials in the tree. Then she told Brady, that part of her life was over and a new year was upon them. They kissed and Chloe dropped one of her gloves. She bent over to retrieve the glove, and when she stood up, Brady noticed that her nose was bleeding. In a little while, the bleeding had stopped, but Brady wanted to take her home and tell Craig about it. When they got back to the house, Craig told Brady to take Chloe over to the hospital for another blood test. He said that he would tell Nancy that he had to go see a patient and he would meet them there.

At the Salem Police Department, many stories were unfolding. Marlena arrived looking for Bo, but she was told that he was in a meeting. Then John came in. They had both been trying to call each other all day on their cell phones. John said he wanted to apologize for storming out of the penthouse earlier. And then he told Marlena that Tony had been brought in for questioning. Marlena wasn't surprised and told John about Tony's visit to the penthouse. She said she agreed with Tony, that John should not exhume his mother's body. She said she had studied the DNA results and that the sooner that John accepted the results as true, the better. She told him that it would not change the man that he is and that he should let his mother rest in peace. John admitted that he really didn't want to hate anyone and decided to drop the exhumation plan. Over in Abe's office, Bo, Roman and Abe discussed the Colin Murphy case. A letter, supposedly written by Colin, had been found. It had warned that if anything were to happen to Colin, authorities should check on the Brady Family. Bo claimed that it must have been a fake. He said that everyone knew that he had no use for Colin, but that Colin had cared for his Uncle Shawn, so why would he have accused the whole family. An officer arrived with the handwriting analysis which proved that the letter had, in fact, been written by Colin and that his fingerprints were all over it. Roman suggested that perhaps Colin had been coerced into writing it. Just then the door flew open and the D.A. marched in, demanding that the Brady Brothers be taken off the case! Abe saw red at this, and told him that the D.A.'s office didn't have the authority to tell him how to run his department. He told the D.A. that if he had any question that he could contact the Commissioner! Roman smirked, saying that he wasn't even at the wedding, so he couldn't be a suspect. Bo remarked that all his movements had been accounted for and he was in the clear. Palmer wondered about the rest of the Brady family, but Abe told him that they had all been cleared from the suspect list. Palmer retorted that he would leave for now, but warned that if it turned out that a Brady was responsible, he would NOT cut a deal! After the D.A. huffed out of the office, John and Marlena came in and were brought up-to-date on the investigation. They were told of Sami's involvement and how she had run to Tony for help. They weren't told what Sami actually saw; just that Colin had been holding something over her head. They were told that Sami had stolen Roman's gun, had accidentally fired it in the parking lot, and then had returned it, and that her story had checked out. John made the remark that once again, the Brady's were a target of the DiMera's. Roman reminded John that he was not a Brady, but John replied that anyone who attacked a Brady attacked him ... that he was Brady in his soul. Marlena had motioned for Bo to move across the room and they talked about Hope. Bo explained all of the Hope's strange behaviour since the kidnapping. He told Marlena that Hope didn't seem to want to have Zack around and that Zack was still at Shawn and Caroline's. Marlena suggested that perhaps Hope felt that Zack was safer at his grandparent's house. Bo agreed that sounded plausible. Marlena asked if maybe Hope had seen something at the wedding that had disturbed or frightened her, but Bo felt sure that if that had happened that Hope would have told him. All that Marlena could say was for Bo and the family be supportive of Hope. Meanwhile Roman and John were talking about their intertwining past and how the DiMera's had made them suffer. They agreed to work together against the common enemy. Later, after John and Marlena had left, the photos from the crime scene arrived. Roman made the suggestion that Victor might be involved somehow, but Bo hated the idea that his father might have had anything to do with this. They all agreed, however, that Victor should be brought in for questioning after he returned from his honeymoon. Bo went over to the Suspect Board and began moving the names of people who had been cleared to the bottom of the board. He allowed as how the more they narrowed it down - the more it looked like Tony did it. When he came to Hope's name, Bo paused for a long while before finally moving it to the bottom of the board where the non-suspect section was.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Following a memorial service for Colin, the Bradys gathered at the Pub. Caroline explained that her husband was in disbelief of any connection Colin might have had to the DiMeras. She asked that he not be told about Colin's letter accusing the Brady's. Chloe paid her respects to the dead Murphy with Brady but had just received news that she might be suffering a relapse. While Bo and the younger Shawn were worried about Hope's behavior, Belle confided her fears to Marlena about Shawn.

At the Mansion, Tony enjoyed reminiscing about the DiMera Family History, calling The Twins "part of this new covenant" - "the future." He recounted that his grandparents died in Ireland when his father was a little boy. Rex noted the coincidence of the Bradys and DiMeras sharing the same heritage. As he recalled painful memories of losing Kristen to John, Tony's thoughts were: "Thou shalt not covet thy brother's wife." Silently, Tony declared his plan - to take Marlena from John - as the "new covenant of the House of DiMera."

After instructing The Twins not to go, Tony brought an astonished hush to the Pub when he walked in. Cassie told Rex she was the only one who could help Shawn "deal with what happened", and so The Twins arrived soon after. While Caroline welcomed Tony hospitably, Roman and the Elder Shawn Brady greeted him with the accusation of murdering Colin.

Hope's increasing hallucinations brought both amusement and curiosity to the real Larry lurking outside the Pub. Calling her "nuts," he was delighted to use Hope's ravings for a more tortuous plan.

Furious at Tony's presence, the Elder Shawn asked "which brother?" when Tony referred to John as his brother. What John had planned on discussing privately - was now revealed to the entire Brady Clan - that he was a DiMera. As shocked family members quickly left, Shawn continued fighting this possibility - claiming John as much theirs as Colin was and promising Tony a fight to the death by the Brady's. But as Tony watched, Shawn was suddenly overcome and collapsed of an apparent heart attack.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Grandpa Shawn is taken to the hospital, but Craig later diagnoses the attack as minor and says he can go home. Everyone assembles in the waiting room, while Tony and the twins linger in the pub. Cassie and Rex want to go to the hospital because they care about Shawn, Belle, and Marlena, and they go against Tony's warning. Cassie hopes that since Belle is a DiMera and Shawn is a Brady that it will create a wedge between them, but she's upset to learn that Stefano wasn't John's father and that Belle and Shawn seem closer than ever. Cassie, Rex, and Belle are cognizant that Shawn is upset and his agitation escalates when Hope can't be located. Meanwhile, John and Marlena explain that he and Tony share a mother, Daphne DiMera. Roman, Bo, and John discuss the murder case and the coincidence that the note from the safe contained the same information that Tony divulged in his statement to the police. They all believe Tony could be involved with Colin's murder because of his involvement with the DiMera organization...

Caroline can't get Grandpa Shawn to calm down about Tony because he still feels that Tony is nothing but trouble. She tries to look at the brighter side of things by telling him that John and Tony share a mother, so John is not Stefano's son, but Grandpa Shawn isn't any more pleased by this news...

Tony gives Bart cash to pay off the forger who wrote the note from Colin. He's happy to hear that John has changed his mind about exhuming Daphne's body and takes it as a sign that he's gaining ground with Marlena, because she must've talked John out of it. Meanwhile, Marlena is unsettled as she recounts Tony asking her to be a mother figure to the twins...

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Sami finds Lexie and Celeste at the hospital and requests a private conversation with Lexie. Sami tells Lexie that she wants to put their past behind them. She is happy that Lexie is pregnant and back with Abe. Lexie doesn't buy her story and calls her transparent and selfish. She tells Sami that Brandon will learn how she is eventually and she'll lose him, Sami gets mad and attacks Lexie trying to strangle her. Eugenia, the lab tech, breaks them up. Celeste returns and sees Lexie trying to catch her breath. Lexie tells Celeste about Sami and says she is going to let Brandon know everything, little do they know Sami is listening nearby and vows to get her first.

Bo is at the pub when Hope comes in. Bo demands to know where she was and why she wasn't answering her cell phone. Hope tells him she went grocery shopping. He asks why Zack is still with her parents and she says that it was faster at the store without him. He isn't buying it. He tells her he thinks she has a problem, she denies it saying its just stress from the holidays and Colin's murder and that she is just tired. They sit down to talk, Bo grabs her hand and she looks towards the bar where Larry is sitting with a pint of beer, Hope looks down at her hands then back up and it appears that Larry is holding her hand, not Bo. Hope screams, "Stop it!" and realizes that its Bo not Larry. Bo is startled, wanting to know what she wants him to stop, she recovers and says to stop asking her questions. She tells him that she is going to get Zack and go home for a nap. Bo still seems concerned. As Hope walks out the pub door, she looks down and sees Larry on the ground, appearing to imitate Colin's body. She freezes from shock, Bo comes out and tries to talk to her, she stares unblinkingly at the "body", Bo sees nothing. Larry's head raises and turns to stare at her. She gasps and turns into Bo's arms, then faints.

Shawn and Belle stop by the pub to see how Pop Shawn is and discovers Hope there. She apologizes to her son for scaring them. Shawn asks Bo how the case is going, if there are any suspects. Bo is curious why Shawn wants to know about this case so much, he has never been concerned over any other case. Shawn says its because Colin is their cousin. He has flashbacks of running into a frightened Hope at the wedding and comforting Belle after she finds Colin's body. Belle comes to tell him she needs to go to Chloe's house to get Brady and they leave. When they arrive, Brady and Chloe just learned from Craig that Chloe is still in remission. Chloe and Craig tell Belle and Shawn that Craig is her biological father. Belle is elated and hugs Chloe as Shawn congratulates Craig. Belle and Brady get ready to head to their parents house to discuss their newly founded uncle Tony. Inside Brady tells Chloe that with her he can get through anything. Outside, Belle tells Shawn that it doesn't matter whom she is related to, she considers herself a girl who loves him, and he tells her he loves her too.

Kate goes to the PD to see Roman. He is surprised and happy that she took the time to see him. She gets mad at him for encouraging Billie to go work for the ISA in Paris; apparently Billie called her to tell her. She then begins on Sami and Roman gets upset with her for bashing his daughter. He tells her that he really enjoys her company and wants to see more of her. Kate flirts around and tells him that her calendar is booked solid. He thinks otherwise and handcuffs her wrist to his, telling her she is stuck with him. She doesn't look that upset about the situation.

Friday, January 17, 2003

Hope wakes up after passing out and Bo gently confronts her about what's really troubling her. He urges her to open up and she finally tells Bo how she's being haunted by visions of Larry and now she's blacking out and losing time. After Hope falls asleep, Bo curses Larry, while Hope dreams of seeing Larry's dead body morph into Colin's corpse. Bo is alerted when Hope murmurs Colin's name in her sleep...

Shawn visits Grandpa Shawn, who's sleeping after his collapse. Shawn, riddled with guilt, says how sorry he is about G. Shawn's heart problem, Colin's death and he wishes he could fix it all. Shawn's thrown when G. Shawn reveals he's awake and asks Shawn what he wants to make right. Meanwhile, Belle brings Cassie and Rex to the pub to wait for Shawn; Belle becomes emotional as she confides that Shawn has been withdrawing from her and she fears it will be detrimental to their relationship if he continues to shut her out. Shawn joins them in the pub and drops a bottle, which makes him recall picking up a gun on the Kiriakis terrace the night of the wedding. Cassie recounts being at the Kiriakis Mansion and seeing Shawn pick up the gun...

Marlena and John tell Belle and Brady about John's new blood connection to Tony. John flips out when Cassie and Rex show up with flowers to welcome John to the DiMera family, adamant that he will never consider Tony or the twins' family. Rex confronts John about judging him and Cassie without knowing them and Brady and Belle shuffle them out. Alone, John reveals that he thinks that all the Gemini connections are part of a DiMera plot to bring Tony, Marlena, Cassie, and Rex together as a family. Marlena doesn't want to consider that and exits hastily...

Tony has Sami brought to the mansion and confronts her for ratting him out to the police. He urges her to realize her potential and commit to getting what she wants. He also tells her she should dump Brandon and then he pulls her into a kiss. Sami yanks away just as Brady arrives; he demands to know what's going on, but Sami covers. He gets in Tony's face and warns him to leave his family alone. As they leave, Sami insists Tony was lying, but Brady suspects Sami to be the one who's lying. Alone, Tony decides he'll use Sami to woo Marlena and Brady to get control of John...

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