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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 20, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, January 20, 2003

At Jen's house, Jack was bringing a tray of tea from the kitchen, while Abby was waiting for Verne to pick her up for another sleepover at her grandparent's house. Jack and Jen couldn't understand why she didn't want to stay home in her own bed. Abby insisted that she wanted her parents to spend some "quality" time together. Hearing the car horn outside, Abby grabbed her tote bag and made a quick exit, leaving her parents alone. Jack and Jen giggled at how cute Abby was and then began to kiss. Suddenly Jen flashed back to being with Colin and she backed away from Jack saying that she couldn't be with him yet. She said that she regretted everything she had to do with Colin, right back to Africa. She wished that every second with Colin would just go away. Jack maintained that, with time, she would get better about it. They decided to take their relationship slow and go out on a "first date." Jack suggested dinner and a movie, but then Jen remembered that she was supposed to help Hope decorate the house for Gran's birthday party. Jack offered to help, and they left to go to the Brady's.

At the DiMera mansion, Eliana, the housekeeper, opened the door to find Marlena who demanded to see Tony. Tony entered the foyer and Marlena yelled at him, "how dare you do that to me!" Tony tried to calm her down by inviting her to Tuscany for dinner so that they could discuss the matter. She disregarded his invitation and ranted at him for encouraging the twins to think of her as their mother. She told him to stop trying to separate her from her family. She insisted that she couldn't fill the void that the twin's mother left ... if in fact they had a mother! She questioned whether Stefano had "acquired" the children by paying off their mother. She wondered how much it cost Stefano to get two such perfect specimens to program and use like lab rats! The only thing that Tony seemed to get from her ranting was that she loved the twins. Exasperated, she turned to leave and Tony stopped her, giving her a picture of the twins that he had copied for her. He told her not to abandon them like their mother had.

At Tuscany, Roman and Kate (handcuffed together) sat at the bar. Roman sipped on a beer while a furious Kate refused to accept anything from him. Roman tried to cajole her into a better mood, but Kate, holding up her handcuffed wrist, told him that he couldn't base a relationship on brute force. Roman preferred to call it tough love. She said he wasn't her type; that she wanted someone rich and cultured. Roman surmised that he was only good for a "roll in the hay"! She called him a middle aged bore. He decided to stop the game and un-cuffed her. He said he wanted to enjoy a nice dinner with her and that he was going to a table. He said she could join him if she wanted to. She sat there for a few minutes and then the waiter brought her a glass of champagne, saying it was from the gentleman at the end of the bar. She turned to see Tony DiMera. Tony came over to Kate and she told him to get lost. She said she knew what he wanted ... he wanted to find out why Stefano had left her something in his will. Tony said that he wanted the same thing that Roman Brady wanted from her. He said the Brady's would do anything to "get" something on the DiMera's, including wooing a lonely woman. Tony said that the love of Roman's life was Marlena Evans and that Kate was hardly Roman's type. Kate blew up at him saying that all DiMera's were alike. She told Tony that there was nothing more that any of them would get from her and stalked off!

At the Brady household, Hope was in a restless sleep on the sofa, dreaming that she was standing outside the Kiriakis house looking down at a dead Larry Welsh lying in the snow. Suddenly, Larry's face turned to Colin's face. She stirred in her sleep and called Colin's name. Bo gently touched her face which made her jump awake. Bo told her that she had said Colin's name and asked if she had been dreaming of Colin. Hope told him that she couldn't remember the dream. She said she was afraid because she was starting to lose time and having blackouts. Bo assured her that now she was talking about it, that it would lose its control over her. He promised her that they would get rid of that ghost ... that Larry Welsh would be exorcised from her mind forever. (Meanwhile, at Larry's motel room, he was in front of a mirror applying white makeup and talking to himself. He was promising Hope that he was going to "help" the ghost in her mind and see how close he could push her to the edge.) Jen and Jack arrived at the Brady house. Jen could see that Hope looked upset and suggested that they could do the decorating the next day. Hope said no, that she would be fine. Bo took Jack down to the basement to get the boxes of decorations. Jen told Hope that she and Jack were working slowly to get back together. Hope was so happy to hear that and gave Jen a big hug. Jen was near tears when the doorbell rang. It was Marlena. Hope invited her in and closed and locked the front door. While Marlena and Jen were exchanging greetings, Hope looked out the front window to see Larry standing there. She forced herself to go in and greet Marlena. While Hope had been distracted with the vision of Larry, Jen had been asking Marlena if she could set up some therapy sessions with her. Marlena said she would set it all up and call her with a schedule. Hope went to the kitchen to get some tea. Downstairs in the basement, Jack was telling Bo how bad he felt because he couldn't protect Jennifer. Bo told him not to beat himself up over it ... Bo's job was to protect people and he couldn't protect Hope from being kidnapped either. They picked up armloads of boxes and headed upstairs. Hope came out of the kitchen and Bo could see that she was upset. He asked her if she saw Larry again. She said that she had and that she wanted to talk about it with Marlena. Again Jen said that they could do the decorating the next day, and she and Jack left. Hope then told Marlena about seeing apparitions of Larry Welsh. She said she had seen him when she locked the door just after Marlena had arrived, but this time there was something different about him ... he looked more real. As the two women talked, Bo put on his jacket and went outside to look around. A little while after Marlena had left, Hope came outside looking for Bo, knowing that he was looking for Larry. Neither of them noticed a packet of matches in the snow.

Jack and Jen arrived back at the house where Jack offered to pop some corn and put on a movie. But Jen said that she was so tired that she would fall asleep before the opening credits where finished. So Jack then offered to give her a massage and put her to bed alone. She looked up at him and said that although she wasn't ready for romance, she didn't want to go to bed alone. She asked him to stay with her and hold her all night long. She took his hand and they headed for the stairs.

On her way home in the car, Marlena had a flashback about herself dressed in a flowing white gown, lying on a bed or table, with a bright light shining down on her. She was softly singing, "when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall." Then we saw Marlena behind the wheel of her car with tears streaming down her face, singing, "and down will come baby, cradle and all".....

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Romance was followed by arguments between Sami and Brandon over his relationship with Lexie. Sami was consumed with fear of losing Brandon if he learned that she changed the paternity test results. But even giving Brandon an ultimatum to choose between contact with Lexie or losing Sami, didn't work. When she threatened to break off their relationship, Brandon refused to be controlled.

While helping Rex and Cassie pack for return to school, Belle was welcomed as family by Tony who said he wanted to be part of her life. Cassie watched, jealously, as he gave Belle a pin, which had belonged to Daphne, her grandmother.

Escorting the Twins to Hartley House, Tony was confronted by Brady who was convinced the Count was using Belle to destroy their family. Chloe's remark that there's nothing more important than family appeared supportive and won Tony's attention. Saying goodbye to Cassie & Rex, Tony promised to protect them with his life.

John & Marlena were having disagreements about Tony's intentions. Upset about this and her recurring memories of the past, Marlena called Kate. Meeting over coffee, the two shared concerns about Will's behavior. Marlena's recollections of a nursery rhyme and time lost with the twins (Eric and Sami) caused her to confuse memories - of time held hostage by Stefano and time at home. But the conversation made them realize they had more in common than a grandchild. Each had lost something at the hands of others Marlena, time - and Kate, in her own words, "so much more."

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Sami and Brandon are together at the loft when Fayestops by and asks to speak to her son alone. Sami obliges, but listens from the hallway and is speechless to learn that Brandon may have killed Colin. Meanwhile, Jack and Jennifer acknowledge that they love each other but still have a lot to work through. Jack recalls seeing Nicole and Colin kissing and a photographer taking pictures; Jennifer reveals that Sami took credit for that. She leaves for Tuscany and Jack calls Sami to meet him. He confronts her about the photos and, realizing it could be a motive for murder on Nicole's part, she doesn't correct him that Tony had the pictures taken at her request. Sami's electrified and does everything she can to fuel Jack's suspicion of Nicole. Sami returns to Brandon, determined to protect him by railroading his sister, while Jack feels he's got a lead...

Belle opens up to Cassie about her feelings for Shawn and how distant he's been lately. Cassie feeds into Belle's insecurity and tags along when Belle leaves for Tuscany. Meanwhile, Hope continues to be plagued by visions of Larry and throws a vase at Shawn, thinking he's Larry! She's horrified and tearfully explains that she's suffering from PTSD and asks Shawn to help her figure out what happened the night Colin was shot. Shawn denies seeing her after she disappeared, but it's apparent he knows more as they head off for Tuscany, where preparations are underway for Alice's surprise party. Maggie and Mickey are there when Jennifer and Hope and Shawn and Cassie and Belle arrive, while Larry lurks outside in the bushes, ready to haunt Hope some more. Mickey and Maggie are worried about both their nieces as Hope and Jennifer commiserate over their recent troubles; Jennifer avoids a direct answer when Maggie asks about her future with Jack because she's so uncertain about it herself. Belle gets Cassie to leave and Hope is caught off guard outside Tuscany...

Victor and Nicole return from their honeymoon and Nicole is miserable in her "gilded cage." He bursts her bubble when he reveals that the $5 million check was cashed and gone forever. Victor says that video he has is the perfect motive for murder, but Nicole counters that it provides a good jealous motive for Victor as well...

Thursday, January 23, 2003

A birthday celebration for Alice Horton held at Tuscany's. Those in attendance: Bo, Hope, Shawn, Belle, Jack, Jennifer, Abby, Will, Lucas, Sami, Brandon, Mickey, Maggie, Julie, Doug, and Alice. Julie and Maggie gave an "In the Life of" presentation, naming all children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren and described different events in her life, such as at 50 years of marriage Tom and Alice discovered their union wasn't legal and they remarried in front of children and family. Various flashbacks with Alice, Tom, and their extended family were shown throughout today's episode. A quilt with each block from different family members resembling significant moments were presented:

  • A life preserver, because she has saved them all

  • A doughnut or circle, for circle of life and Alice's famous doughnuts

  • A ruby, for she is more precious than rubies

  • An angel for Addie

  • Red shoes from Maggie and Melissa

  • A bone from Bill,

  • A candle in the window to light their way.

  • A tree with Jack, Jennifer and Abby's name.

  • A gavel from Mickey, she taught him right from wrong

    Donations to various organizations were given in her name, including: Habitat for Humanity, Make a Wish, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, The Heifer Foundation, and The Horton Center.

    Also, as Hope comes in from the car with more decorations, she drops a bow on the ground and bends to pick it up. A hand grabs her shoulder; she gasps and turns threatening to kill Larry, telling him to get away from her. But it is Bo, not Larry. Hope gets upset, telling Bo she can't trust herself and she doesn't know what to do. Larry is listening in the bushes realizing the extent of Hope's distress over him. Lucas shows up with Will and argues with Sami telling her she shouldn't be here since she isn't related to Alice. Shawn avoids Belle until she catches him outside alone. He snaps at her for following him but then apologizes and asks her to stay. She wants to know what is wrong, telling him that she can handle anything he wants to tell her. But he hides and claims he is worried about Hope and upset that their special night on New Years was ruined. Again, Larry is hiding in the bushes listening to every word and enjoying the information he is getting on Hope. Later, she tells him she is glad he brought her and goes to hug him. He cuts the hug short and goes to get something to drink. Belle can feel the tension and the distance growing between them. Hope goes outside for a breather. Larry is waiting for her, he appears like a ghost and calls Hope a murderer, Colin's murderer. She runs inside as Alice is blowing out her candles and the lights dim. Hope wonders to herself if she really did kill Colin and not remember.

  • Friday, January 24, 2003

    Bo and Hope return home from Alice's birthday party and Hope is stunned at the realization that she may have killed Colin. She finally remembers some of the lost moments from the night, leading her to confide in Bo that she thinks she could have murdered Colin. She admits she saw Larry at the party and he called her a murderer, triggering all these memories. Hope picks up the phone to call Abe, but Bo stops her, adamant that they're not calling anyone...

    Chloe is concerned that Brady is trying to hack into the DiMera server and Bart catches the breach, alerting Tony of the problem. Tony plants bogus information in a file so Brady will find it; as he does this, he orders Bart to arrange a "life altering experience." John shows up at the loft to warn him to stay away from Tony and off Chloe's glances, sees that Brady has hacked into the server. He shuts down the computer and has a heart-to-heart with his son. John returns home and is concerned about Brady's drive to take on Tony. However, he's relieved to learn that Marlena told the twins she can't be a mother to them; she feels guilty and unsettled. Back at the loft, Brady hacks back into the server and gets into the folder Tony purposely planted for him. Brady is surprised when Tony calls him to reveal he knows Brady has broken into their network and has the info. Tony wants to meet with Brady and discuss the situation. Chloe tries to stop Brady, but to no avail. When Brady goes, she calls John and alerts him that Brady is going after Tony. Chloe follows Brady to Salem Place and John arrives just as Tony and Chloe see Brady in the path of a speeding car. Tony lunges for Brady as they both are now in the path of the oncoming car...

    Belle decides she and Shawn should spend the night together and make love for the first time. Shawn professes his love for her and agrees to meet her later. Meanwhile, Marlena meets with the twins and gently tells them she can't be a mother to them. Cassie feels extremely rejected and runs out on Marlena and Rex. Rex is understanding of Marlena's decision, but feels his sister's sense of abandonment as well. Marlena is impressed by his ability to empathize and is affected when he tells her that he wants to follow in her footsteps and study psychology. Later, Marlena admits to herself how connected she feels to the twins and that she does love them. Rex goes to the dorm to look for Cassie and finds Belle prepping for her night with Shawn and she impulsively hugs Rex, but she wonders what could be keeping Shawn. Cassie is holding Shawn back because she's tracked him down at Tuscany and blurts that she needs to talk to him about Colin's murder. She reveals that she saw Shawn arguing with Colin on the terrace and she also saw him take Colin's gun and shoot him. Shawn is shocked Cassie knows and admits he killed Colin Murphy...

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