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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 3, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, February 3, 2003

At Jennifer's house we found Jack giving Alice a kiss on the cheek in gratitude for her advice. Alice said to Jack that the first time she saw him together with Jen that it had reminded her of herself and Tom. The doorbell rang and Jack went to answer it, finding a very drunk Nicole. Jack quickly took Alice upstairs so she wouldn't have to put up with Nicole's scathing remarks. Then he and Nicole exchanged insults back and forth like a ping pong ball. All of a sudden Jack declared that he had it all figured out and he knew who the murderer was. Naturally Nicole demanded to know, but warned him that it had better not be her! Jack, more to himself than Nicole, muttered that Sami was trying to pin the murder on Nicole to protect someone else ... Brandon! Nicole blew a gasket and swore that it was not Brandon. Jack reminded her that Brandon had almost killed Austin in the boxing ring. But then he did an about-face and started to point out the motives that Nicole had; such as the blackmail tape, etc. Nicole sneered at Jack and said it was just like "Law and Order" ... who dunnit is never who you think! Just then, Jen returned from her visit to see Hope (story below). Nicole threatened Jen that if she was in cahoots with Jack, that she would shut down the Spectator ... and then stumbled out the door.

At Brandon's place, Brandon demanded to know why Sami was trying to put the blame of Colin's murder on Nicole. Sami insisted that it was to protect Brandon. He couldn't understand why she would think that he needed protecting. Sami told him that it was because she KNEW that he had killed Colin! She said that Bo and Abe were questioning him and were sure that he did it. Brandon asked if that was the reason she decided to frame his sister. Sami admitted that was the reason ... she didn't want Brandon to go to jail. Claiming his innocence, Brandon wanted to know why Sami hadn't even bothered to ask him if he did it or not. An astonished Sami suddenly realized that Brandon was innocent and rushed to embrace him. Brandon wanted to know why Sami thought that he had killed Colin. She reminded him that he was "out to get" Colin the night of the wedding and also that she had overheard him tell his mother that he couldn't deny his guilt. Brandon was upset to think that Sami had been with him all this time thinking he was a murderer. She said she didn't think of it that way - she felt that Colin got what he deserved. She went on about how she and Brandon were meant to be together and they were so alike. Brandon insisted that they were not alike at all. He berated her for trying to frame Nicole. He said he could never let his sister go to jail for something he had done. Sami selfishly wanted him to think about their future, not Nicole's. Brandon said that just because Sami hated her sister, didn't mean that he hated his. Sami ranted about how Nicole had ruined Eric's life. Brandon wanted to know if she was going to force him to choose between her and Nicole. Sami told him yes ... he must! Brandon shouted at her to get out! Hiding in the hallway, Nicole heard her brother shouting at Sami and watched a dejected Sami leave.

At the Brady's, Bo found a blood-soaked rag in the trash. He quietly opened the back door and placed the rag into a plastic bag and hid it in a drawer. Then he heard Hope telling Jennifer that she had killed Colin. Bo walked into the living room and told both Hope and Jen that Hope could not have killed Colin. He explained that he had talked with Victor's driver and found out that Hope didn't have any blood on her clothes or a gun when he had driven her home that night. Hope said that she could have hidden the gun. Jennifer, feeling uncomfortable being witness to this kind of talk, said she was going to make them all some tea and went into the kitchen. Bo told Hope that he was going to help Jen. When he got into the kitchen he found that Jen had discovered the blood soaked evidence. He explained to Jen where he had found it and asked her not to mention it to Hope. Hope came in to see what was going on and Bo managed to hide the bag. Then Jen said that she wasn't feeling well and was going home. Hope escorted her to the door where Jen admitted that she had not seen a doctor yet, OR taken a pregnancy test. She worried about how to tell Jack. After Jen had left, Bo and Hope got comfy on the sofa. Hope said that she was feeling better now and was going to rip the "victim" sign off and throw it away. Bo suggested that he go and have the prescription filled that Marlena had given to her. Hope assured him that she didn't need it, but he said he wanted to get it ... just in case. Outside, he called John to ask him where he could get some testing done on the QT. Inside, Hope was remembering fighting with Larry when she had been imprisoned by him. She went to the desk drawer and pulled out a leaflet about self defence classes. She decided that it was time to prepare herself.

Meanwhile, in his shabby motel room, a dejected Larry returned from Bo's back yard. He was infuriated that Bo had come home early and foiled his plan for Hope. He sat in front of the mirror and started to take of his white makeup, mumbling to himself that he would go to "Plan B." He began to practise Marlena's signature over and over. Then he wrote a "prescription of death" for Bo and Hope.

In Marlena's office, John wanted to know what Marlena had meant when she said she wouldn't leave the twins with Tony. He reminded her that the twins were already with Tony. Marlena insisted that it was her job to protect the twins' interests. John asked Marlena if she could deal with it if it turned out that she was their mother. He asked her if she wanted to be their mother. She said that she didn't want to believe that she could have given birth to them and then abandoned them. She then wanted to know if John could accept it. John pondered the possibility of finding out that the twins were DiMera pawns. Marlena insisted that the children couldn't be blamed for that. John was concerned about how dangerous they could be and what they could be capable of. An agitated Marlena asked if John wanted her to turn her back on them. Trying to appease her, John told her that he feared for her safety. They discussed the possibility of Tony manipulating the two of them as a part of a master plan to get Marlena. Marlena assured John that only he was her husband and only he was the one that she wanted. John then wanted the two of them to leave right away to go back to the island to gather evidence. Marlena said that she couldn't go right away ... that both Belle and Hope needed her. John agreed that because Tony wasn't going anywhere too soon, they could wait until Marlena was ready.

In another part of the hospital we saw Lexie entering Tony's room with a gift of some books to keep him occupied. Tony said he didn't want books ... he wanted to go home. He agonized that if it was true, that the twins were his biological children, how could Stefano have done that to him. Lexie wanted to know why Stefano would have let her and Tony go through all that suffering. She flashed back to finding out about Stefano switching the babies. She told Tony that even though she loved her father, she was relieved that he was gone. She looked deeply into Tony's eyes and asked if Stefano was really gone this time. Tony didn't answer. A while later she offered to go out and get take-out food for Tony. After she had left, Rolf, who had been skulking outside the door for several minutes, came into the room. Tony started to accuse Rolf of knowing all along that the twins were his, but Rolf categorically denied it. Tony then made some physical threats on Rolf. He wondered what other things Rolf had lied about. He demanded that Rolf tell him who the twins' mother was. Rolf insisted that he did not know the twins' paternity. Tony told him that he wanted the twins to live a normal life and if he ever found out that Rolf used them for nefarious purposes, Rolf would pay the ultimate price! Rolf then made a quick and nervous exit. A short time later Lexie returned with the food. Once again Tony said he wanted to go home. Lexie explained that he had to take it slow. Tony would hear none of it and talked her into doing a sensation test on his foot with a pin. She stuck him with the pin on the bottom of his foot and he jumped in pain. The elated DiMera siblings began to laugh ....

Tuesday, February 4, 2003
by Joan

Due to memorial services, Days will be preempted. Days of our Lives will return on Wednesday, February 5.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Marlena tells Cassie and Rex that she can no longer be their therapist. They see this as the ultimate rejection after she already told them she couldn't be a mother figure to them and Cassie runs out in tears as John arrives. Marlena begs Rex to see reason, but all he can understand is Marlena hurt his sister and that is unforgivable. John talks briefly with Cassie and detects that there is some problem between her and Belle, but he can't get a bead on it. He goes inside to tell Marlena he's going to search for answers about the twins' parents at the DiMera island compound and decides she needs to join him on the trip...

Belle implores Shawn to tell her why he's breaking up with her, but he keeps the secret about shooting Colin. In spite of his self-sacrifice, it tears him apart when Belle shows him the letter of acceptance to the Paris program. Shawn is unable to give Belle a really good reason to stay, so he kisses her passionately and tells her she should go to Paris. Cassie and Rex return to the dorm in time to hear Shawn and Belle break up for good and Cassie is thrilled, thinking she'll have Shawn all to herself...

Brady and Chloe decide to experience every moment of happiness they can before Nancy's baby is born and it's time for Chloe to get her bone marrow transplant. Knowing she won't be able to have any close physical contact, they come together and make love...

Craig wants to know why there were so many lies about the paternity of Chloe, but he's willing to wait until after Nancy has the baby and the bone marrow transplant is a success. Nancy sneaks behind Craig's back and calls her father, wanting him to come to Salem so they can talk...

Thursday, February 6, 2003

Kate visits Tony at the hospital, he tells her about being the twins' father. She asks if Marlena is the mother due to the lost years and the pillow from Stefano. Roman interrupts and tells Kate that Marlena is not their mother. Tony doesn't think Marlena is either. Roman updates Tony on his accident with Brady, telling him the car was stolen the morning of the accident. Tony asks Roman if he wished the car would have killed him, Roman says why would I want an innocent man killed? A DiMera company doctor visits and tells Tony he should recover well. Kate leaves a note with Marlena concerning her conversation with Tony. Roman finds Kate in Marlena's office and wants to know what she is doing there. He wants to help her, but she has to talk to him. She keeps mum and he tells her she knows where to find if she needs him.

Brandon and Sami are still at odds. Roman stops and talks with Sami. He is on police business and wants to talk to Tony. Sami asks him how the murder investigation is going; Brandon overhears her and interrupts demanding she stop asking about the murder. He tells her that they need to talk outside. On the balcony he asks her if she was going to tell Roman that Nicole is the main suspect, she tells him No. Brandon has something else to tell Sami, that she won't like. She asks if they are through, Brandon says he doesn't know but if they stay together there are changes needed. Sami agrees. Brandon says he is not choosing between her and Nicole. He doesn't expect them to be friends, but to realize they are brother and sister and he is not going to let anything happen to Nicole. Brandon still thinks that Sami was trying to plant the idea in Roman's head that Nicole is the killer. Sami denies it and said she just wants to know how the investigation is going. Sami claims she would do anything for him, but Brandon doesn't know if its completely unselfish acts. Sami tells Brandon she loves him, he isn't disputing that though sometimes love isn't enough.

Hope goes to the basement and "sees" Larry again; Bo comes home from taking the bloody towel to the lab and can't find her. He hears something in the basement and finds Hope with boxing gloves hitting a punching bag. Bo gives her the pills Marlena prescribed, but thinks therapy would work better. Hope feels vulnerable and wants to take the self-defense class. She wants to feel powerful and in charge of her life. Bo agrees and thinks it would be a good idea for her. Hope picks up the phone when the lab calls Bo; the blood on the towel is chicken blood. Bo is relieved and Hope wants to know what is going on. Bo tells her he found it in the garbage, Hope is convinced that Bo really did believe she was the killer and wanted it checked out. He denies her assumption, he didn't tell her about the towel for fear she would be even more convinced that she killed Colin. Hope tells Bo she will defeat the ghost of Larry. In his hotel room, Larry gets aggravated with Bo for finding the towel and messing his plans, but vows to "prove" Hope is Colin's killer. He is going to use his ghost status to his advantage. One part of his plan is switching Hope's prescription. Laughingly he says once she takes these pills, she'll never need refill.

Jack wants to know what is going on with Jennifer. Bo calls to thank her for staying with Hope. Jennifer wants Jack to stay out of the murder investigation because they could be in over their heads. Jack pushes wanting Jennifer to open up to him, he thought she loved him. She exclaims she does love him but doesn't want to hurt him, so she is keeping secrets. Jack wants her to talk to him, so she says, "I think I'm pregnant." Jack is in shock and Jen confirms the father would be Colin. She only slept with him to protect Jack and now she will be always connected with Colin. Jack tries to tell her it's the flu, she denies it although she hasn't taken a pregnancy test yet. She doesn't want it to be true, wants to deny it happened. She is afraid of what it will do to their future and to Abby. Jack doesn't think she is pregnant. Jen asks him how he would feel if she really is pregnant. He says I'm sorry Jennifer and leaves the house.

Friday, February 7, 2003
by Joan

Thinking she'd lost him, a tearful Jennifer found Jack at the door home to stay if she'd have him. Although she was still worried about his reaction to her carrying Colin's child, Jack assured her he would always be there no matter what the pregnancy test showed.

As he left Kate in charge of Basic Black, John was indignant about Kate's conversation with Tony. He was irate at her questioning whether or not Marlena was the Twins' mother. Meanwhile, Roman followed up the "Personal" note Kate had left in Marlena's office. Marlena was also indignant at his bluntly asking if the Twins were hers. Agreeing to stay out of one another's personal affairs, Marlena preferred that John handle the DiMera situation. Still pursuing Kate and curious to know what had her so scared Roman locked Kate in her own office with flowers and a bottle of champagne.

Sami was furious with Belle for not fighting for Shawn warning her to get rid of Cassie instead of going to Paris. Belle's response was criticism of Sami's mishandling her own relationships. Although she tearfully admitted that Belle was right, Sami was still convinced that telling the truth would cause Brandon to leave her for Lexie. But when she tried to phone Brandon, he cut her off saying he needed time to think.

Joining Shawn for some basketball, Brandon sensed something was bothering him but couldn't get him to talk. Finally, Shawn's anger and troubled thoughts chased Brandon away.

While on the phone with Belle, Shawn got another call from Bo saying he wanted him at the Salem PD first thing in the morning. Sensing that Bo knew he killed Colin, Shawn cut his conversation with Belle short, leaving her to think he wanted nothing to do with her. John and Marlena made plans to leave immediately for the DiMera Island Mansion telling their daughters it was a business trip. Marlena had a feeling the trip would change their lives forever.

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