Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 17, 2003 on DAYS
Belle returned home to find out what had gone wrong with her relationship with Shawn. Shawn confessed to killing Colin. Victor informed Nicole of her new role. Belle and Hope became Larry's victims.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 17, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, February 17, 2003

The doorbell at Jennifer's house started to ring repeatedly. Jennifer opened it and was surprised to see little Abby all dressed up as Cupid. "Gotcha -- right in the heart!" Abby yelled gleefully. Jennifer laughed and asked Abby who she was. Abby replied that she was Cupid.

Jennifer wanted to know where "Zeus" was, and Jack peered around the corner. Then Abby started to chant, "Mommy's in love ... Mommy's in love." Jennifer grinned up at Jack and said to Abby, "Yes I am, baby." Evidently there was another teachers' conference that day, and Abby had a day off school. She was spending the day with Jo and Vern, who were waiting for Abby outside in the car.

Vern tooted the horn, and Abby rushed off. With a warm glow left from Abby's Valentine's wishes, Jennifer and Jack kissed. Jack told Jennifer to close her eyes while he led her to the kitchen, which was totally decorated with balloons, hearts, lights, and candles. When Jennifer opened her eyes to view the spectacle, Jack told her that he and Abby had been up since dawn, decorating.

A little later, Jack, dressed in a chef's hat and a red apron with white hearts on it , served Jennifer a breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes and strawberries. Then he gave her a gift, which made Jennifer feel bad because she didn't have a gift for him. Jack told Jennifer that she was all the gift he needed. Jennifer opened her gift and found a beautiful heart-shaped watch/bracelet. Jack look lovingly at Jennifer and told her to take all the time she needed, but he wanted her to know that he would not take no for an answer. They both agreed that they wanted to forget all the bad stuff that had happened and wanted to move forward.

Jack and Jennifer flashed back to the time that Jack had proposed to Jennifer when he had been dressed in a Santa suit. Jennifer smiled at Jack and told him that he would never get the chance to propose to her again as she turned and ran upstairs. She returned shortly, dressed in a Santa suit, yelling, "Ho ho ho." She ran up and plunked herself in an awestruck Jack's lap, pulled off her cap and beard, and told Jack he would get what he wanted.

Jennifer told Jack that he was the only man she had ever really loved and that she still did. She bent down on one knee and asked him to marry her. Jack got down on the floor with her and accepted her proposal with a big hug. She urged him to make love to her, saying she wanted their new life to begin immediately. Jack gently picked her up and carried her upstairs.

While packing to go to Paris, Belle sadly looked at a picture of her and Shawn. Rex stopped by with a Valentine's gift for her from Shawn. Belle believed that Shawn had to have arranged it before they had broken up. Rex urged her to open the gift, which was a carving of a snowman. Looking at the carving reminded Belle of the time that she and Shawn had built a snowman together. Rex asked her if she really wanted to go to Paris. Before she had a chance to answer, the driver arrived to take her to the airport, and Belle gathered up her luggage and rushed out to the car.

Shawn and Cassie were at the Brady house, drinking tea. Shawn was totally enraged about Larry and told Cassie that he wouldn't feel safe until Larry was dead. Cassie reminded Shawn that it was Valentine's Day and thought that maybe they should have their own private party. Just then, Mimi showed up with a gift for Shawn from Belle.

Cassie was not at all pleased by the turn of events. Mimi called Cassie "Space Girl" and said that she was aware of what Cassie was up to. Mimi then urged Shawn to open Belle's gift, which was a book that Belle had made by copying certain pages from her diary. Shawn started to read the book to himself. The first thing he read was about the snowman that he and Belle had made.

Cassie rushed to Shawn, trying to stop him from reading it, but Mimi held her back. Mimi told Cassie that it was time for the two of them to leave Shawn alone, and she all but dragged Cassie out the door. Not to be outdone, Cassie looked back at Shawn and said she would call him later, but Shawn, full enraptured with Belle's gift, totally ignored her. Sometime later, as Shawn was reading the book, Alice dropped by with flowers for Bo and Hope. Shawn told Gran about Belle's gift, and Alice pleaded with Shawn to stop Belle from leaving.

Shawn planted a kiss on Alice's cheek and sped off to the airport. Later, Shawn arrived at the airport and learned that the plane had already departed. On the plane, Belle sat alone saying, "Goodbye, Shawn."

Meanwhile back at the Brady house, Gran was listening to music and talking to a picture of her and Tom, wishing Tom a happy Valentine's Day. Unbeknownst to her, Larry was lurking in the basement, doing something to the furnace and the pipes. He mumbled to himself that when the Bradys got home, they would have a humdinger of a present waiting for them. He sneered at the fact that "Matriarch" Alice Horton was upstairs all alone. He chuckled to himself that a little carbon monoxide was all she needed for a one-way ticket to "Tom-Tom Land." Upstairs, Alice had fallen asleep.

Bo and Hope woke up after a wonderful night at Green Mountain Lodge. Bo went to pour them a bath, and while he was gone, there was a knock at the door. It was a delivery of roses and a heart-shaped box. Bo entered the room and yelled for Hope not to open the box. A frightened Hope thought that maybe the box was from Larry, but Bo assured her that it was from him and that he wanted to be there beside her when she opened it. The box was filled with memorabilia of their life together.

The first thing Bo took from the box was a miniature motorcycle, and there was a flashback of a much younger Bo and Hope and his bike. Hope then took out a small carrousel, and they remembered the carnival and the kissing booth. Bo said that first kiss had sealed his fate. Then they took out a tiny music box, and they kissed. A while later, they were lying in bed, wondering what would have happened if they had not met when they had. They both agreed that they had been destined to be together and would have eventually met at some point in their lives.

A fantasy unfolded as Bo was in the Blue Note Bar, talking with a friend, played by Michael Buble. Bo turned to leave the bar and passed Hope, who was on her way in. A few minutes later, Bo returned and complained that someone had hit his bike. He found out that it was Hope, who of course, in the fantasy, was a complete stranger to him. His friend told him to go and ask the girl to dance.

Bo went and introduced himself, and Hope apologized for hitting his bike. She handed him her father's business card and told him to call with the cost of repairs to his bike. Before he headed to another room, Bo's friend suggested again that Bo dance with the girl. As the song "That's All" started to play, Bo asked "Princess" to dance, telling her it was payment for his bike. They headed for the dance floor to dance, and when the song was over, she kissed him.

Back in real time in Green Mountain Lodge, they two lovebirds were sure that if they had not met when they had, it would surely have happened sooner or later. Then Bo and Hope got out of the bed, both wrapped in their sheets, and danced.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003
by Joan

Romance and surprises filled many couples' Valentine's evening. A sudden cold for Zack kept Doug and Julie in their room at the Green Mountain Lodge as they reminisced about past Valentine celebrations together.

Following some skiing, Chloe shared her happiness with Brady as well as her fears about the upcoming bone marrow surgery. As a Valentine gift, she gave him a CD recorded for him to listen to while she was hospitalized.

During dinner at Tuscany's, Brandon and Sami confided that they had fallen in love with one another in Italy. Sami presented Brandon with a four-leaf clover she'd had for years -- she wanted to pass its good luck to him. Brandon had ordered a surprise dessert for Sami -- a plate full of "Be Mine" candy hearts hiding a key to his apartment -- an invitation for her to move in.

As Maggie and Mickey celebrated their anniversary at another table, Mickey was betting Sami and Brandon wouldn't last as Maggie -- who had helped plan Brandon's surprise -- joined the entire restaurant's applause when Sami excitedly accepted Brandon's invitation.

At the DiMera island compound, John prepared a romantic dinner for Marlena -- who in her sleep was still hearing a voice from her past on the island. A card, together with pictures of Eric, Sami, Belle, and Brady, were only part of what John had in store. He next told Marlena that if she were the twins' mother, it would be an incredible gift to them. They were startled by an unidentified sound -- causing John to realize they weren't alone there.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Shawn returned from the airport and took another pill to ease the pain of missing Belle. Alice saw him pop the pill, and he covered. She sensed that something was wrong and called Bo and Hope, who were still enjoying their romantic getaway at Green Mountain Lodge. Bo saw Hope's concern, and they went home. Larry, still in the basement, overheard Alice and Shawn talking and realized Shawn was taking the poison pills.

When Bo and Hope got home, Shawn lost his temper that Alice had called them. They thought he was frazzled because he hadn't been able to stop Belle from leaving. Bo got called away to the station with urgent news about Larry; his prints had been on the matchbook that Bo had found, proving that Larry was indeed alive. Alice seemed to be out of sorts a bit, because of the gas, and Hope told Alice she should spend the night.

Belle was stunned to see Rex on the plane and learned that he was a last-minute replacement in the exchange program. He knew what she had been going through with Shawn and thought she already regretted leaving Salem. Belle admitted he was right and was overcome with a sudden urge to return home.

John and Marlena were rocked to find Tony at the island compound. Tony thought he should be part of the search for the twins' parentage, which displeased both of them. John and Marlena privately discussed teaming up with Tony and were interrupted when Tony returned with a letter from Stefano he had found in the bedroom. It mentioned the items bequeathed in the will and warned Tony to tell Marlena that the more she searched for answers from her past, the more she would wish to be back in a long and dreamless sleep.

Stefano also mentioned the twins and called them Tony's destiny, which enraged Tony because the veiled comments still led nowhere. Tony refused to have his strings pulled and tore the letter to pieces. Shocked by that denouncement of Stefano, John and Marlena finally agreed to form an alliance with Tony to solve the mysteries of the past.

Roman and Kate were at the Tuscany bar, and Roman probed about Kate's secret past with Stefano. They talked about John's investigation of Tony, and Kate thought it was a bad idea for John and Marlena to be on that island. Roman wanted to talk about his relationship with Kate, but he was called away on police business.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Hope, Alice, and Shawn all awoke with terrible headaches from the carbon monoxide. Alice went home, and Bo called Shawn into the police station after Roman reported to Bo that the broken tuxedo stud had belonged to the tux rented by Shawn. Bo and Roman argued over procedure, and Bo begged his brother to keep mum until Bo could talk to Shawn, but Roman refused to be part of a cover-up. Shawn felt the walls closing in and took the remaining tainted pills, causing him to lose control emotionally and physically.

Meanwhile, Belle and Rex had returned from Paris and went straight to the DiMera mansion. Belle headed over to see Shawn, and Cassie admitted to Rex that she knew Shawn had killed Colin. He forced her to go to the police station and tell them what she knew, but when they got there, Cassie was horrified to hear that Shawn was ready to confess. She implored him not to, and Shawn passed out before he could reveal anything.

Back at the house, Larry increased the gas flow into the house after hearing that the police were closing in on him. Hope was very sick, and Belle helped her out a little. When Belle went upstairs to get her some medicine, Larry revealed himself, and Hope realized he was not a vision but the real Larry Welch.

Marlena walked in her sleep and remembered being in pain. Tony had an idea on how to jog her memory, but John was against it. He admitted he'd had a nightmare that Marlena had fallen back into a coma and didn't want her to push herself too hard. However, she defied his request by agreeing to whatever plan Tony could devise, so long as it led to the truth.

Craig was upset that Nancy had invited her father over so she could ask him why he had lied to her about her pregnancy. Chloe became worried when she called Craig and he couldn't talk because he was in the middle of something, so Brady drove her home. They arrived just in time to overhear that Dr. Miller had purposefully lied to Nancy about Craig being Chloe's father. Chloe struggled to deal with the difficult news about her past and clung to Brady all the harder.

Friday, February 21, 2003
by Joan

Shawn was rushed to University Hospital after collapsing at Salem Police Station from the poison pills. Roman became suspicious at hearing Rex tell Cassie that families protected one another "no matter what." However, he was overwhelmed with shock at what he had overheard Shawn tell Bo. Concerned at his son's out-of-control behavior, Bo lovingly reassured Shawn while trying to learn why he had turned to drugs. Shawn said that he had taken Hope's pills to alleviate stress. Fighting the admission, Shawn finally confessed that he had killed Colin.

Analyzing the remaining pills, Craig Wesley found they were amphetamines and not the mild tranquilizers Marlena had prescribed, prompting suspicion that they had been tampered with -- perhaps by Welch.

Kate tried to comfort Roman. Unable to tell her what he'd just heard, Roman could only say that he had just stopped being Bo's brother -- and was just a cop doing his job. Before Rex and Cassie left, Roman reminded them he'd want to speak with Cassie the next day. Rex referred Roman to their attorney.

Threatening to take an incriminating document to the press and let Nicole deal with the results herself, Victor got her to admit its contents were true. He gloated as Nicole tore it, telling her it was just a copy -- one of several incriminating items he had locked away. Announcing himself as Czar Victor the First and Nicole as his serf, Victor got a tearful Nicole to concede he'd won.

A duel between Tony and John was interrupted by Marlena's piercing scream of "No, don't go!" outside the mansion. Tony arrived and found John grabbing Marlena before she nearly tumbled off the edge of a cliff. She could only remember being called to the ocean to see someone leaving in a boat -- breaking her heart. Frustrated at not remembering everything, Marlena agreed to use Tony's methods to help her get back past memories.

Holding Belle and Hope at gunpoint in the Brady house, Welch forced Belle into sealing them in the house as Hope collapsed from the fumes. As he cuffed Belle to a banister, he threatened to shoot them if they screamed. However, as he left, he was overtaken by the fumes and collapsed in the basement.

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