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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 3, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, March 3, 2003

Belle gets a note to Shawn, reaffirming her love for him, while Larry "confesses" to Abe in exchange for second- degree murder charges. Kate and Roman arrive at the pub and Nicole nearly confesses to him, but Victor shows up and stops her in time. Inside, Bo and Hope are determined to find the real killer, but are still angry with Roman for arresting Shawn. Abe calls and asks them all to get to the station immediately, where he fills them in on Larry's confession. Bo and Hope visit Shawn and tell him the good news. In the meantime, Victor and Nicole plant Colin's gun on the grounds of the mansion and Larry tells Roman where the murder weapon is (based on what Victor told him). Victor watches from the house as Roman and Abe find the gun exactly where Larry said it would be. He reminds Nicole he saved her big time and now he really does own her...

Nancy is in labor, but the baby is not planning to arrive anytime soon. Chloe and Brady pace outside, cognizant that Chloe needs to start prepping for the bone marrow transplant soon. Craig, Chloe, and Nancy share a tender moment as Chloe admits she's feeling more optimistic about her future, thanks to Brady. She also reveals that she's not sure if she can ever forgive her grandfather for lying, but she's already forgiven Nancy for giving her away. Meanwhile, Belle arrives and laments to her brother about calling Shawn stupid. They're interrupted with a message from Marlena, saying she and John are back in town and they want Belle and Brady to come to the DiMera Mansion...

Marlena tells John how wonderful he has been, in spite of everything they discovered, and how good it is to be home. They make love and then head over to the DiMera Mansion. Meanwhile, Tony returns to the twins and tells them he has news. He's taken aback by Rex's new cynical point of view after learning that Shawn has been charged for Colin's murder. Marlena and John arrive and she emotionally tells Cassie and Rex that she remembered giving birth to them, therefore making her their mother ­ and Tony is their father. Belle and Brady arrive just in time to hear that Marlena and Tony are the parents of the twins...

Tuesday, March 4, 2003
by Joan

At the DiMera Mansion, Brady and Belle walked in to hear Marlena reveal her suppressed memories of the past to the Twins and Tony reveal he was their father. Looking beyond Stefano's experiments, Tony noted the Twins now knew their parents. Cassie was slow to accept Marlena, saying they couldn't be family since her parents weren't married to one another. Recalling John's earlier resentment of them, she felt his acceptance now was too little too late - that there would never be enough for them. But as Marlena hugged Rex, Cassie tearfully ran to Marlena addressing her as "Mom." Although Brady welcomed the Twins as family with a hug, Belle refused to accept the situation and stormed out.

At the Salem PD, an argument between D.A. Carson Palmer and Bo was cut short when Abe and Roman arrived. Larry's confession to killing Colin concurred with forensic tests on the found gun on Kiriakis property. Based on the new developments and Roman's persuasive arguments in Shawn's defense, the D.A. agreed to reconsider charges - and release Shawn immediately.

Jack and Jen had been trying to present their cousin in the best light for The Spectator, when news of Shawn's release stopped the presses. Jen had just received a surprising letter from her father in Africa, promising a surprise would be arriving soon. Bo had to convince Hope to face her recurring fears about staying in the house after remembering Welch nearly killed her there.

Shawn woke Mimi with a kiss thinking she was Belle sleeping. Mimi - who was using the dorm temporarily - rambled on in confusion as she learned of Shawn's release and Belle's return from Paris. Getting a phone call from Belle, Mimi sent Shawn to surprise Belle - who was still unaware of his release - at the pier.

Outside the DiMera Mansion, John confided his concerns for Belle to Brady, but stopped short speaking about Tony - While inside, Tony promised the Twins he'd always take care of his family - Stunning Marlena, as he looked at her - saying nothing was more important.

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Shawn finds Belle alone on the pier. They run into each other's arms. Belle thinks for a minute that Shawn broke out of jail. He reassures her that he was officially released. He goes to explain that Larry confessed and all charges on him were dropped. They kiss and hug. Shawn tells her that he loves her and thanks her for never giving up hope. She is glad everything is okay, but lets him know that she was still very angry and hurt by his actions. He told her the only reason why he didn't confide in her was he didn't want her to waste her entire life on him if he was in jail. Belle still wanted to know why he told Cassie. Shawn admitted that Cassie came to him after observing the entire scene between him and Colin. Belle told Shawn that next time he sees Cassie to turn and run away, he asked if they were at odds again and she said yes, but it won't go away because they are sisters. Shawn reacts in the same shocked manner Belle did. Shawn doesn't think this will change anything, but Belle does. Shawn told her he would be with her through everything and he isn't going to leave her. Belle confesses the reason she is such a "straight arrow" was of Sami. She thinks that deep down her parents aren't proud of Sami and her actions, so she is being a "goody goody" to not disappoint them and to possibly be a role model for Cassie, since Sami wasn't a good one for her. Shawn reassures her that her parents are very proud of her and love her very much. He again confesses his complete love to her as they kiss.

Cassie goes to the PD looking for Shawn. After badgering the officer she finds out that Shawn was released. She heads to her dorm room hoping to find Shawn, but instead finds Rex and Mimi. Cassie heads into Belle's closet and grabs a dress, Mimi stops her and tells her to put the dress back it isn't hers. Cassie claims that since her and Belle are now sisters they share everything and the dress would be wasted on Belle anyway. She wants to find Shawn and Mimi tells her to leave Belle and Shawn alone, they are in love. Cassie freaks, grabs a picture of Belle and Shawn and throws it on the ground breaking the glass. Rex grabs Cassie and tells her to grow up and pulls her out to the hallway. Cassie seems to get a new demeanor, apologizes to Rex, and asks him to tell Mimi sorry. Rex suggests she go back to the DiMera mansion and rest, she agrees, but ends up on the pier and witnesses Shawn and Belle hugging and kissing.

Rex comes back from the mansion and hears a loud TV in Belle's room. He knocks and with no answer goes inside. The TV is blaring with a Telemundo station, a body is underneath the covers, he thinks it is Belle and taps the leg. Mimi pops up and is just as surprised to see Rex as he is to see her. He apologizes, thinking it was Belle. Mimi tells him that she is with Shawn; she set up a little reunion. Rex gets upset, Mimi thinks its because of romantic feelings for Belle, she begins to lecture Rex on leaving the couple alone. Rex stops her and says that yes he has deep feelings for Belle, but its because she is his sister. Mimi is confused, but glad its sister feelings. They get interrupted by Cassie; once she leaves the two continue to talk. Rex compliments her on her glasses. Mimi tries to take cough syrup and as they both try to get the cap off it spills over Rex's new shirt. Mimi grabs tissues to wipe it up but to no avail. She recommends club soda and helps him take the shirt off. Mimi is completely taken aback by the sight of Rex shirtless, they stand gazing at each other for a brief moment. Rex notices medicine on her face and gently wipes it up, Mimi also sees medicine on him and they cup each other's cheeks. After an awkward silence Rex decides to leave and clean up his shirt. Once in the hallway, he stops and grins, Mimi is also grinning on the other side of the door.

Brady and Chloe are still at the hospital waiting for Nancy to deliver the baby and her test results. Chloe stops in to visit Nancy and they have a mother/daughter moment. Nancy tells her that they made it through a tough year and everything will be okay. A nurse drops the results to Craig, he tells Chloe they have to start radiation right away and wants her to go home and pack a suitcase. Brady tells her there is one already packed; Chloe wants to go home because she forgot something. Clueless, Brady tries to reason with her mentioning that he helped her pack and they have everything. Chloe drags him out the door. Once back at her house, Brady understands why she wanted to go there. They make love on the couch until Craig pages them to return to the hospital. Craig meets them and said that they have to start the radiation now. Brady hugs her and watches as she walks away with Craig.

Thursday, March 6, 2003

Chloe is undergoing her preparation for the bone marrow transplant. Brady is at her side the entire time. He tells her to think of this process as a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The treatments are like the cocoon and she will emerge after the surgery a new person. Brady leaves briefly and returns with a stuffed butterfly. Chloe asks him to stay with her so they can nap together. He climbs into the hospital bed with her and holds her close. Craig stops by briefly to tell Chloe that he spoke with her oncologist and everything is going to be fine. A very touching father/daughter moment.

Nancy is still in labor, she is demanding to go to Chloe but because of the epidural isn't allowed. She suddenly feels a contraction, realizes the meds are wearing off and tells Craig that she is going to see her daughter with or without his help.

Kate and Lucas are at DotCom having coffee. Lucas is filling Kate in on Brandon and Sami's new living arrangements. He is very unhappy about the situation calling Brandon Sami's "boy toy" and that Will is very impressionable and doesn't need another man to walk out on him. Roman interrupts and tells Lucas that although he is inclined to agree with him over the cohabitants, he is not going to let Lucas bad mouth Sami. Lucas gets up to get more coffee, letting Roman and Kate talk. Kate calls Roman a hypocrite because in a sense they are doing the same thing as Sami and Brandon. Although they aren't living together, they are having a "free sex" mentality in their relationship. Roman gets uneasy questioning Kate on what exactly she wanted from him. Kate indirectly hints at the biggest commitment of all-marriage, Roman freaks and leaves. Later, Lucas drops a few cds only to have them picked up by a young nurse from the hospital. They learn that jazz is a mutual favorite and Lucas invites her to his apartment for food, music, and "who knows." Roman arrives at Basic Black to see Kate and apologizes for his actions. Kate jokes with him about playing games, he replies he likes to play games his way. They head to her office and lock the door.

Marlena goes to the dorm looking for Rex and Cassie. She visits with Rex in his room as he explains his newest project-a atom smasher. Cassie stops by to show Rex her latest ‘A' history test. Marlena tells them she is very proud of them and wants to get to know them better. She is sure she will continue to love them more each day. Marlena invites the twins to brunch, but they are going to Tony's for a previously scheduled brunch date. Marlena leaves and heads to Basic Black to visit John. Once she arrived, Cassie shows up and invites Marlena with her to the mansion. John gives her his blessings and they leave. Rex arrived alone at the mansion and mentioned of Marlena's visit. Tony indulges himself to discuss how wonderful Marlena is and how happy he is of the new family. Rex bluntly asks him if he is in love with her. Tony avoids answering but replies that Marlena is married and in love with John, what is the point in him loving a woman that won't return his affections. Cassie arrives with Marlena, without any protest from the two men. Tony tells Marlena that they are a family and they must work together for the complete happiness of the twins or they may be lost and alone again.

John stops by unexpectedly to see Tony, who is in a meeting with two men discussing some secret plan. In any uncertain terms, John tells Tony that Marlena will not be a part of his "family" But that they should try to get along for the sole purpose of the twins. He informs Tony that if he attempts to do anything to Marlena to draw her into his little plan, the twins will be fatherless. To himself, Tony replies that the game is going to be played by his terms, not John's. Back at Basic Black, John gets a visitor who claims to have everything John needs to take down Tony DiMera.

Friday, March 7, 2003
by Joan

Nicole realized she was becoming a prisoner within the Kiriakis Mansion as Victor tightened the reins on her - restricting her activities and discontinuing credit cards. During her visit to Brandon, who told her to leave Victor, Nico arrived to bring Nicole home. Once home, Nicole learned that she had been fired from Titan and was there solely to please Victor.

John was skeptical of ISA Agent, Odell P. Smith, who had volunteered to be assigned to his case. But he was impressed by Odell's detailed knowledge of John & Marlena's history and the high-tech surveillance gadgets he'd brought. John announced his plan to bring down the House of DiMera saying, "Tony won't know what hit him."

Planning some time alone with Brandon, Sami went to Lucas's apartment to ask if he would take Will for the evening. But she was surprised and angry to find Deb there with Lucas, and challenged Lucas's complaints about her involvement with Brandon. Returning to her own apartment, Sami was shocked by Brandon's fiery response to negative comments she made about Nicole.

Still coming to her rescue, Brady wheeled Chloe - weak from radiation treatment - into Nancy's room just before she delivered a baby girl. Overjoyed at the birth of their new daughter, Craig and Nancy asked Chloe to choose a name for her sister. Nancy agreed with Chloe's perfect choice of "Joy."

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