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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 24, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, March 24, 2003

As they headed out to confront Rolf about the twins, Tony convinced Marlena not to call John to let him know what they were doing. However, when John had no luck reaching Marlena via her cell phone, he used a tracking device to find out where she was and popped out just as she and Tony arrived at the house. Marlena was angry that he'd hidden the device in her purse, but John claimed he had simply been trying to protect her. John insisted that he be with them to question Rolf, who they found had been tied up by Bart.

John recognized Rolf from a time with Stefano and quickly demanded some answers about some baby things he and Hope had found on the island. Rolf confirmed that the twins had been there but had been spirited away when they had learned he was going to be there. Though Rolf wouldn't answer any of Tony's questions, he did tell Marlena that the twins had been with her for a while and had been taken from her after they had been weaned from her. When John threatened to hurt Rolf as only Stefano could train him, Rolf agreed to tell all he knew.

At the Blue Note, Jack and Jennifer watched as Roman interrupted his date with Kate to confront Carson and ordered him to stay away from Bo. Carson hinted that he knew Roman and Bo were working for Victor. In the Blue Note bathroom, Jennifer tried to find out who Carson's date was but had no luck.

Nicole angrily blasted Victor about changing the locks on her car. He refused to give her the access codes and kicked her out of his room. Victor then ordered Nico to find out all he could about the new gang leader in Salem. Nicole overheard him and threatened to tell Bo about his illegal activities, but Victor was unimpressed by her threat.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003
by Joan

As Tony and John questioned Rolf, Marlena suddenly remembered the twins being taken away from her as well as their phoenix tattoos. Rolf admitted that the twins were part of Stefano's plan to ensure the continuation of the DiMera family and the hope to create a more perfect DiMera. John tried to take Marlena out to the car, but she wanted to wait behind for a moment. While John got the car, Marlena bonded with Tony. After they left, Tony noticed that Rolf had escaped but was unconcerned because he had learned what he'd hoped to hear.

Shawn and Belle stopped by the pub where they found Rex staring daggers at Chaz as he secretly gave Cassie beer. Asked by Rex to help, Belle accused Cassie of drinking, but Cassie denied it. Mimi quietly asked Shawn to give Rex some dating tips. Rex quickly used them to some success. Cassie fell down while on the dance floor. They took Cassie back to the dorm, where she interrupted Belle and Shawn's "makeout session."

When Brandon and Sami arrived at the Blue Note, Brandon found Lexie there with Abe. He interrupted their meal and chastised Lexie for being out instead of staying home to rest. Abe warned him to back off and mind his own business. Sami made fun of Lucas and let his date know that he'd been with a lot of women. She later complained to Brandon about his overt interest in Lexie.

When Sami mentioned her concern for Will, Brandon noticed her interest in sticking it to a nearby Lucas and suggested they go to counseling. She refused. Lexie panicked when her comment about their baby's paternity caused Abe to wonder if there was a question about it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

When Cassie awoke with a huge hangover, Mimi and Belle were unsympathetic and tried to lecture her about the danger of drinking. Tired of her complaining, Belle tried to call Marlena so Cassie would be in hot water, but when she couldn't reach Marlena, she gave Cassie some aspirin. After they left, Rex boasted to Shawn about his frustration with his life. After he expressed his new philosophy of doing "unto others before they do unto you," Shawn pointed out how much he sounded like Tony, but Rex defended his "father."

Reunited with Mimi, Rex ran into Chaz outside the Hartley House and met his friend Vin. Vin invited them to a party, but Mimi turned down the offer for both her and Rex, which upset Rex. Inside the house, Chaz found Cassie hungover and offered her a drink to take care of her headache.

Hope took Zack to the police station and urged Bo to stop blaming himself for the gang member being freed after his victim had died. Bo later questioned an informant named Timmy and asked him to find out the name of the "big man" who was well connected. Hope heard about it and offered her help.

At the hospital Brady was touched when Isabella appeared and offered him encouragement about Chloe. She talked about a butterfly that he had bought for Chloe. Victor interrupted and called out the name Isabella, admitting that Chloe had looked like her for a moment. Talking about his memories of Isabella's wedding day, Victor apologized for the way he had talked to Brady earlier and asked how Chloe was. Isabella talked to Victor through Brady, urging him to change his ways.

Nico advised Victor that Tony wanted to see him.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

When Hope complained to Jennifer about her boring life, Jennifer enlisted her to help with a story they were working on at the paper. The two tried to find a lead on the name of the woman Carson had been with at the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Jack agreed to help Bo investigate the numerous cases that were being thrown out by the D.A.'s office. When Jack talked about Carson's last press conference, Bo warned that the D.A. had it in for him and Roman. Carson interrupted and again threatened to have the Brady cops tossed off the force. Jennifer and Hope arrived with a digital photo of Carson's date and learned that Maria had a rap sheet "a mile long."

At the hospital, Eugenia took great pleasure in taunting Sami about knowing her secret. She went on to guess that Sami and Brandon's relationship would be over by the end of the day. Meanwhile, Lexie met with Brandon and, boasting that the paternity test proved that Abe was the father, told him to leave her and Abe alone.

Sami interrupted Brandon and Lexie's argument and learned about Brandon attending her Lamaze class. Lexie suggested that Sami keep her man satisfied and away from Lexie. After Lexie left, Sami asked Brandon to stay away from Lexie, but he couldn't agree to it. They argued further until Brandon told her that she was the only woman for him. However, back at work, Sami found Brandon talking with and staring at Lexie again.

When Victor stopped by the DiMera mansion, Tony reminded him that Victor owed him. He handed the man a piece of paper with his request, and Victor was outraged by what was written. Winning a game of pool to seal the deal, Tony then handed Victor the necessary documents to be signed.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Marlena gave John the cold shoulder and finally revealed she was upset because he had planted the electronic bug. She reminded him that their marriage was based on trust and questioned him about the device, but he wouldn't answer. The two ended up arguing about Tony's desire for Marlena, with Marlena reminding John of how he had taken Kristen from Tony.

Belle was upset when Cassie admitted that her hangover had been cured with help from Chaz and his special drink that had included a shot of whiskey. When Cassie boasted about going to a party at Vin's that night with Chaz, Belle urged her to reconsider, but Cassie wouldn't hear it.

A professor at the university approached Rex for help with a math problem his graduate students were unable to crack. Rex agreed to look it over and offered to solve it if he and his other teachers would help Rex graduate early. When the professor okayed the plan, Rex solved the problem, causing the professor to offer him a job once he was done with school. Rex turned the offer down and hinted that he already had an experiment in mind that would need his attention.

Upstairs, Belle argued with Cassie. Mimi joined the argument, and Chaz, who chose to stay out of the verbal battle, eventually escorted Cassie out. When Rex was unable to convince Cassie to back off from Chaz, he returned to Belle with his news, and she announced she was done worrying about Cassie. Later, when Cassie was caught with a beer at the house, she was threatened with expulsion.

Jack and Jennifer confronted Carson in his office about Marie, the known felon he had been dating. The two sneaked back into Carson's office and, using the redial button on his phone, got a lead on a "gentleman's" club named Clue Echelon.

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