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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 14, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, April 14, 2003

Jack returns home to let Jennifer know that he has resigned from the newspaper in order to do their TV talk show. Jennifer surprises him by admitting that she did the same earlier. Ralph arrives to start work on their show but when Bo calls seeking his help, Jack rushes off. Ralph warns that their show is scheduled to start live today and starts to panic when they're are unable to reach Jack. As it gets closer to show time, Jennifer too begins to panic until Jack suddenly returns home. Roman tells him to back off when Bo makes a comment about his treatment of Kate. Bo then confronts Maria and, using an edited video of an interview with Vin, tricks her into thinking Vin's sold her out. When Bart eyes a photo of Vin taken at Echelon and advises Tony that he doesn't know the guy, Tony realizes someone at the club has betrayed him and hurries off. Hope meets Lexie for lunch at Tuscany where they spot Kate and invite her to join them. After Hope tells Lexie about the trouble with Bo and Roman earlier, Kate insists that she and Roman are no longer a couple. Tony arrives at Tuscany just as the televised police press conference begins. Abe shows a photo of Vin and asks for the public's help in finding him. Tony realizes it's the same man from Echelon and has one of his men tell Hope about him hiding at the club. Hope then runs to the station house with Lexie where Bo, Roman and Abe listen as Maria talks about Carson and Vin. Thanks to Tony's info, Bo heads to the secret room at the club and arrests Vin. Tony invites Kate back to his limo for some fun and she joins him.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003
by Joan

Lexie was visiting D.A. Carson Palmer when he was tipped off that Bo had arrested Vin Ramsel. Following a visit to the Salem P.D., Palmer was convinced by Lexie to show up at Jack & Jen's talk show, which would be discussing the Ramsel case.

Waiting to see her Dad for reassurance, Belle ran into Kate at Basic Black. After confiding in Kate about her problems with Shawn, Belle accepted Kate's offer of a summer internship with the company. Meanwhile, Brady was telling John about his decision to join Titan. Although he disagreed at first, John was supportive of his son's ideas to incorporate a music subsidiary into Titan.

Jack arrived home to find "In The House" premiering in his own house. Totally unprepared for the live talk show, his nervousness nearly doomed the program on its debut. But Lexie had secretly brought Carson Palmer, and Jennifer brought the house down inviting him to be a guest.

Having Palmer seated for the interview, Jack regained his composure as he challenged the D.A.'s ties to Maria Annendel and Vin Ramsel. Unaware the Police were waiting in the wings, Palmer made Jack & Jen's show a hit as he was arrested by Abe Carver live - "In the House."

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Chloe has a nightmare that Brady was leaving her, the nurse wakes her up to make sure everything is okay. Brady stops by and reassures Chloe that he isn't going anywhere. Chloe is afraid that his new job with Victor is just a ploy to separate them. She wonders what will happen when she goes to New York and Julliard and he stays in Salem with Titan. Brady lets her know that is why he chose to form a music department in the company; he can travel to different places, including New York and be with her.

Belle is excitingly starting her internship at Basic Black, she ribs Brady over is now empty desk and its possible new occupant. But grows serious when she says she'll miss him and had hoped to work with him, maybe he could teach her some things. Brady informs his little sister that she is very knowledgeable in fashion and doesn't need his help; Kate backs up that sentiment claiming that is why she hired Belle. Roman shows up and Kate tells him to go away, of course he doesn't and follows Kate into her office. He yells at her for declaring her love on the police scanner; she yells at him for NOT declaring any feelings whatsoever. They argue around this point a while before she throws him out.

Jack and Jennifer's first live show tries for high ratings with the arrest of DA Carson Palmer. Abe reads Palmer his rights and escorts him out, but as any good DA he doesn't go down without a fight threatening Jack with unproven facts. Jen and Jack are impressed and happy with their first show and can't wait to the next, after getting the show crew out of the house and furniture back to normal, they share a little quiet time.

Hope, Bo, Shawn, Zack, and Maggie watch the show from Tuscany. Bo rushes off to the police department, he wants to be there when they bring in Palmer. Shawn tells Hope how proud he is of her, but wants her to be careful. Hope tells him not to worry about her, but guesses he is worried about Belle. She tells him that her and Bo broke up many times and if it is meant to be, there is nothing to worry about. Alice arrives and Hope conveniently leaves Shawn and Alice alone. Alice echoes Hope's words; she knows that the young couple cares for each other, but not to rush things. Shawn understands, waiting for marriage is a good thing to do, he tells Alice she is the smartest woman he knows.

Bo heads to the Police Department just in time to have a chat with Vin. He casually threatens to kill him when Abe and Roman walk in. Roman takes Bo out to calm him down while Abe lets Vin have his one phone call to his lawyer. Abe listens outside as Vin makes threats against the Brady brothers, claiming they will pay. Abe lets the brothers know of the threats. Palmer comes in with police escorts, Bo uses this time to his advantage, playing up the fact that the PD has him in custody. As usual, Palmer still claims to nothing, stating everything they have is false and he will get revenge. Bo and Roman aren't affected by his words, confident they have their man and Salem will be safer.

Kate and Belle head to the gym for a little workout to unstress their lives and run into Hope. Belle tells Hope about her internship, Hope congratulates her and asks if that means Paris is on hold for a while; Belle doesn't really answer and excuses herself to get a drink. Hope asks Kate if Belle seems skittish lately, Kate tells her that Belle is head over heels for Shawn, and he for her says Hope. At the water cooler, Belle and Shawn meet up. Shawn tells her he knows that is uncomfortable for her to see him there, but asks if after their workouts if they could talk. Belle doesn't commit, but says she'll think about it. Later, Belle is having trouble getting a barbell back in its place; Shawn appears and helps her out. They sit on the bench and look at each other, then embrace in a passionate kiss. Both are very into the moment when Belle stops and says I told you I wasn't ready and leaves. Shawn smacks the bench and runs after her.

Cassie has a few friends over sipping on scotch while Tony is away. The kids suggests having their next party at the mansion, Cassie knows Tony won't allow it but plays it off telling them she'll think about it. She hears Tony coming and pushes the students out the back door. Tony reprimands Cassie over her participation in the dating show after he forbid her to do so. She sweet talks her way into staying on the show by telling Tony she wants people to know her, too many still think she is an alien freak. He relents and allows her to stay on the show. Rex is upstairs putting finishing touches on his secret process, faithfully recording messages on a tape recorder, claiming he wasn't named Rex for nothing, it means king-like and that is his mission. Tony welcomes a new club manager into his mansion and tells him and Arnie to dispose of the old manager Waters, not kill him, but make sure his face doesn't show up anywhere again.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Chloe is still unsure about Brady's new job with Victor. She is very convinced that Victor has a plan to get Brady to dump her and it scares her. Brady does an awesome job convincing her that he isn't Philip and he isn't going to leave her, ever. He even mentioned that when she gets better maybe they could talk about marriage. Chloe is taken aback but happy, after her lunch Brady cuddles her in the bed as she falls asleep.

Mimi, Belle, and Gabi stop by the DiMera mansion to pick up Cassie for another taping of Love is Blind. Belle and Cassie immediately start bickering with each other, Tony interrupts and Belle apologizes, telling Tony that Cassie provokes her and Mimi. Gabi tries to get friendly with Tony, but he is disinterested in her and the show. Shawn shows up and wants to speak with Belle outside she agrees, but seems impatient. Shawn tells her that he is ready to change and wants to get back with her because he misses her and their relationship. He promises to be more sympathetic to her and her needs, if she agrees not to look disappointed when she is with him. Shawn waits for an answer, but Mimi, Cassie, and Gabi are leaving and holler for Belle to join them, she glances at the car and at Shawn and heads toward the car. When the girls return after taping, Rex and Shawn are waiting on them. Gabi is blown away by Rex calling him handsome and asks him if he would like to be a part of Love is Blind 2, where three guys fight for one girl. Rex looks semi interested but heads upstairs to his "project." Mimi is hurt that he doesn't' really acknowledge her and races after him. Mimi gets to Rex's room as he shuts the door, he tells her to leave but she doesn't. Mimi wants to know what happened, because she felt things when they kissed and knows that he did too. He doesn't answer her but again tells her to leave and slams the door locking it behind him. Mimi gives up and goes downstairs, reaffirming her desire to win the dating show. Cassie asks if Rex is the reason for this new attitude, Mimi says she doesn't care about Rex, she is finding someone else. Cassie talks to Gabi about starting a new show where the twins are the hosts; a brother/sister show and they critique each other's dates. Gabi seems interested and tells Cassie she has a future in show business. Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn have snuck away into the living room. Shawn asks Belle to stop the show; he doesn't want her doing it. She says she can because of the contract. She tells Shawn that maybe something will happen with the ‘hunk' after they all go out on a date. Shawn reminds her that he saw her checking him out at the gym earlier, but she denies it. He tells her that she can deny it all she wants but she loves him body, mind, and soul, just as he does her. Because of this statement she divulges to him that she has purposely done things to turn the ‘hunk' on the dating show away from her, she doesn't want anyone but Shawn. They kiss and Shawn asks her if she wants to get back together, she says yes but the relationship can't be like it was last time. Shawn kisses her hand and promises.

Rex is busy in the tunnels and finds a good spot to set up his project. Out of a backpack, Rex pulls a video camera, the mysterious metal box with timer, and a long almost scope like device. He returns to the mansion for a large black bag and heads back to the tunnels and his project.

Marlena tracks down Roman at the gym and asks him to help her get a bug-sweeping device. Roman wonders if someone is trailing a client and she tells him about John planting a bug in her purse. Roman guesses right about John's reasoning, Marlena's relationship with Tony. Roman tells her that John doesn't trust Tony, Marlena says no one trusts him, but why should we judge someone on their name alone. She believes that parenthood has changed him. Roman seems skeptical, but will find a device for her. Marlena heads to Basic Black to find John for dinner, she overhears Kate making dinner plans with Tony for Tuscany. She questions the dinner date and Kate tells her that her relationship with Roman was over. John comes out of the office after a meeting with OPS, Kate leaves, and Marlena and John head to Tuscany for dinner, but tension is between them. Tony and Kate arrive moments after Marlena and John are seated. John asks Marlena if Tony is the reason they came to dinner there, she denies it, she loves the food at Tuscany. She questions John on the secrecy and asks him questions about his meeting with OPS, he doesn't answer and they plunge into silence. Tony asks Kate to dance and they have a solo seductive twirl across the dance floor as the entire restaurant watches, including Roman who arrives moments later. Marlena excuses herself and goes to talk to him. He gives her the bug device and begins to leave. Marlena tells him that Kate does love him, but he doesn't want to hear it and leaves. Kate thanks Tony and tells him it can't happen again, because she is in love with another man. As she gives the valet her ticket, Roman arrives and pulls her away. She wants him gone, but he tells her that they need to settle this argument now. Marlena and John head home, after silence in the car, they are tired of arguing. They know their love is strong and don't want to fight, as they kiss John knocks over her purse and the device falls out, he demands to know what it is.

Friday, April 18, 2003

As Belle was happily patching things up with Shawn, her parents were arguing at home. When John found the bug-sweeping device, Marlena argued that his planting a bug in her purse was controlling her - and his fear of her cheating on him as she had with Roman. But John was more disappointed that Roman was involved at all - thinking that Roman was glad to interfere with their relationship. Marlena was surprised when John noted that Roman couldn't seem to commit to Kate - saying Marlena had ruined Roman for any other woman. Marlena defended Tony as a victim saying he had more reason to hate John.

Rolf (as Prof. Putnam) called to meet Rex without Tony's knowledge. During his visit to the DiMera Mansion, Rolf learned about Rex's advances and Cassie's misadventures in school. But Rex was unwilling to share information about his work. Rex grew suspicious of the Professor's identity. It was then that Rolf conceded he was the doctor who delivered the Twins - explaining his part in Stefano's plan. But also, that he had grown to care for the Twins. Rex insisted that "Dr. Putnam" remove the wig and speak in his real voice. Noting Rex's keen assessment, Rolf called him one smart cookie and left saying that he loved him as if he were his own.

After Roman saw Kate with Tony, he brought her back to his place saying he was worried about her with Tony. Recalling her words on the police band radio, Kate told Roman again that she loved him but was disappointed he didn't return the sentiment. Admitting he was jealous of Tony, Roman said he couldn't put his strong feelings for her into words. After a romantic interlude, Kate told Roman about her past as an escort and insecurity of his learning about it. But finding he had fallen asleep, Kate left hurt, saying goodbye to him as he slept.

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