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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 21, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, April 21, 2003

Abe calls Bo to the station after reading Roman's report on the drug bust and tears into Bo for jeopardizing the stakeout by attempting to break into Vin's house without a warrant. Bo vehemently defends his actions and believes that justice should come before obeying rules. Abe worries about Bo's vigilante style and fears he could compromise future cases. Bo is upset when he learns that Vin is out on bail and Abe warns him not to pursue Vin...

Jack meets Barry Schmenkmen, Ralph's brother, who is the new producer of their show. Jennifer and Jack's show takes the air again with Belle, Cassie, and Mimi as guests to talk about the new dating show. Also during the show, Jennifer reveals that viewers have voiced their concern that Jack's look is "boring," so he tests three new looks to be voted on by the audience. Hope, Lexie, and Rex are among the viewers who vote. Jennifer asks the girls who won the final date, but no one will give; she drags Shawn onto the show and he bashes the reality show format and thinks that his girlfriend shouldn't be on it. Jennifer also asks viewers to vote on whether Belle should do the show. Belle is aware that Shawn thinks she won the final date and can sense his jealousy. Meanwhile, Rex continues to work on his secret project. As he continues to record his thoughts, he reveals it will be fully functional after he gets one more part...

Brandon surprises Sami with an invitation to spend a long weekend at their resort. Will overhears and balks at the idea, but Sami assures she won't be gone long and goes to check with Lucas and make sure he can keep Will. She finds one of Lucas' girls there, Denise, and is shocked to learn that she's a sweet schoolteacher. Denise wins Will over quickly and Will tells Sami that he's fine with her going away now. Sami is incensed because Denise is everything that Sami is not. She rages to Brandon, describes Denise to him, and is flabbergasted when he runs over to Lucas', sees Denise, and reveals they went to college together and dated for a while. Brandon thinks Denise will be good for both Lucas and Will, which only raises Sami's anger. Sami considers not going away, but Brandon insists they go; she locks eyes with Lucas as she peers into the hallway and both are unsettled by Sami's jealousy...

Tuesday, April 22, 2003
by Joan

At Dot.Com, Rex was meeting with someone who delivered an additional component for his experiment. Eager to get it, he borrowed additional money from Cassie who suspected her brother of lying about it. Running into just-released Chaz, Cassie was naively convinced he was innocent of charges. But his friend, Vin, realized Shawn was the best way to get back at Bo.

At Titan's Health Club, Ops reported to John that both Tony and Marlena were at the Club. Tony was disappointed to learn Marlena wasn't there to see him, but delighted when she asked to speak about Cassie. Marlena was quick to tell of her suspicion that he was manipulating her and hoping her marriage would fail. Claiming the marriage was already in trouble, Tony put a spin on it. Taking her hand he said Marlena's concern for others was denying her own needs. No sooner had Marlena denied Tony's suggestion that John might be eavesdropping, when John interrupted them. Forced to admit his ownership of The Echelon Club, when revealed by John, Tony defended the "establishment." But John countered by calling it a whorehouse.

Roman scolded Bo for some rashly-made decisions that could result in mistakes at work. Bo brought Roman to the grave of Ben Wells, killed by a man the police had in custody and had to let go. Feeling his hands were tied by the system, Bo promised to set things right for those victims of criminals.

Chloe was depressed about her condition during a visit from Belle. Belle told her she was falling in love with Shawn again. When Brady arrived Chloe was concerned that she would have to wait for Craig to bring the results of her blood work.

Setting the newly-purchased component in place, Rex calibrated the device in the coalmine - believing the success of his experiment would make him "more powerful than my father or his father before him."

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Nancy and Craig break the good news to Chloe and Brady. Her transplant is a success and she can go home tomorrow! Much celebration in the tiny hospital room, Nancy breaks out the sparkling cider. Brady excuses himself to head over to Victor's mansion, he promises Chloe he'll stop by later. Chloe admits to Nancy that she is afraid Victor is going to break them up. Nancy doesn't understand her fear, stating that Brady loves her deeply and wouldn't let anyone come between them. Chloe tries to reference back to when she was dating Philip and Victor wanted them apart. Nancy tells her that her relationship with Brady is very different than with Philip and once Victor sees the two of them together, he'll understand that too.

Victor and Nicole are hosting a pre-symposium get together at the mansion. Nicole is sarcastically thrilled to be there and begins to announce to everyone just how Victor treats his wife when they are alone. She is distracted by Linda Browning's entrance and Victor stops her. Nicole demands to know who Linda is; Victor reveals it is Brady's date for the evening. Nicole thinks it is quite amusing that Victor is trying to break up Brady and Chloe. Brady runs in late and apologizes giving Nic and Vic the good news about Chloe. Victor excuses himself and Nicole takes that opportunity to tell Brady about Linda, of course Brady is quite upset and confronts his grandfather. Victor squeaks around the confession by telling Brady he thought of Linda as his partner in business considering she is very well known in the music industry. When Brady learns the woman's name he is happy and excited to meet Ms Browning. Nicole applauds Victor on his shrewd ways, he comments that is why I'm me and you are not. As the group leaves for the hall, Linda and Brady discover they have seats together. Brady makes a quick call to Chloe to say Hi and promises to call her when they get to the hall.

Bo and Hope are working out at the gym. Bo is upset over the system and wants to find a way to keep criminals behind bars. Hope agrees and lets him know that she wants to help the children of Salem as well, but not as a cop. She confesses that although being a mom and wife are fulfilling it isn't enough and as Zack gets older she will have more time on her hands. Bo is relieved about her not wanting to be a cop and told her to find something she likes to do. They decide to heat things up themselves in a broken sauna. Hope thinks she feels the earth move, for real, Bo considers it a compliment.

Mimi visits Rex to ask him about their relationship or lack of one. He is very busy and says he doesn't have time to talk. She pulls him into the hall and kisses him. Rex wants to know why she likes him. Mimi tells him that he understands her; they are both alone though they have family. She is tired of feeling left out and thinks that if they get together neither one will feel that way. Rex confesses that he is tired of being alone and after his project he will have more time for her. Mimi feels like she is an obligation, not a want and tells him she is tired of chasing him. She stalks off and Rex returns to the project. He discovers that the laser is knocked over. He runs downstairs but is stopped by Tony who wants to go over Rex's extravagant spending habits. Rex tells him another time and runs out the door.

Cassie and Tony have a father/daughter moment in the living room. Tony asks her about the obvious set up she arranged between him and Gabby the dating show host. Cassie just wants her dad to be happy and asks him if he is going to try to get Marlena away from John. She offers to help him anyway she can. Tony duly notes her suggestion, but tells her he can handle this himself. After trying to stop Rex, Cassie offers to go over her bank statements. Rex is heading through the alley when the guy that he bought material off of earlier in the day confronts him demanding more money. Rex shoves him off, he paid him enough. The guy now knows that Rex is a DiMera and demands the money, pulling a gun on Rex. He forces Rex to dial home, Tony answers, the kidnapper tells Tony he wants one million dollars or Rex is in trouble. Cassie is listening on the other end and Tony tells her that Rex has been kidnapped

Thursday, April 24, 2003

The tremors from Rex's laser are felt throughout Salem.

Rex's kidnapper calls John after speaking with Tony and demands one million dollars from him as well. He orders it to be placed in a trashcan at the gym. John breaks the news to Marlena and promises her that he will get Rex back for her. Marlena, left alone and scared, calls OPS and asks him to help John find Rex and bring him back safe. OPS is a little confused considering John is one of the best ISA agents, but agrees.

The phones are ringing off the hook at the Salem PD. Abe doesn't know what to tell the residents, no one knows what it is. He contacts the mayor who puts Salem in a state of emergency. Lexie stops by to go to lunch, but Abe is bogged down with the phone calls and panic attacks. She decides to go walking in the DiMera Mansion gardens. The gardener warns her of large craters in the yard due to pulled up trees and roots. As a large tremor tears across the land, Lexie loses her balance and falls in.

Victor and Nicole are going home after the symposium. Victor admits that he loved her deeply once, but she is getting what she deserves now. She acted like a whore; she will be treated like one, even though he wanted to treat her like a goddess, a princess. Nicole resigns that maybe she does deserve it. She tells Victor she spends most of her time trembling over their shame of a marriage. After the final tremor, a tree falls on the car knocking Victor, Nicole, and the driver unconscious.

Kate is viewing buildings with a real estate agent for Basic Black. She arrives at a large building that has possibility. Roman shows up and tells her not to take the offer, the building is in bad need of repair. The agent leaves them alone and tells Kate to call her. Roman wants to know why Kate left his bed that morning. Kate tells him that he doesn't want to commit and she is exhausted from trying to explain everything. She tells him to go away, he doesn't leave at first but gets a call from Abe to go to the station.

At the station, Roman has an exotic daydream. Kate arrives in black lingerie and seduces him on his desk; at the same time in the dilapidated building Kate also has a dream. She envisions Roman walking through the door admitting his love for her and asking her to marry him. But alas, neither comes true as Kate gets stuck on the 25th floor with no elevator and Roman is at the station trying to decipher the tremors.

Rex uses telepathy to summon Cassie to find him. She "hears" him and runs to where he was being held. Rex urges her to untie him, for he needs to stop the tremors, if he isn't too late.

John arrives at the gym, dressed in a robe and carrying a black bag with the money. He deposits the bag in the trashcan and heads to the sauna to watch for the kidnapper. Much to his surprise in walks Tony carrying a bag as well. As Tony heads to the trash can more tremors rock the gym. He finally puts the bag away; John realizes that the kidnapper is double dipping for ransom. Both Tony and John look around to figure out who the kidnapper is; little do they know each walked by him as he pumped iron with barbells, watching their every move.

Friday, April 25, 2003
by Joan

Abe met Celeste at University Hospital where she was treated for a minor injury from the quake. Concerned about Lexie, Abe called Brandon (who was away with Sami). But Brandon knew nothing about Lexie or the quakes in Salem. While Sami was pleased that he didn't leave to find Lexie, she still had to wait to hear what special question Brandon had in store - when he was called to help at the hospital.

At the Titan Gym both John and Tony had left ransom money in a trashcan. John and Ops were staking out the area for suspects when Tony walked into the steam room where John was. Surprised to learn that Marlena had also been blackmailed, Tony was amazed that John would come to the aid of a DiMera. But in no time Tony's arrogance insisted on handling the situation his way.

Through mental telepathy, Cassie found Rex and set him free. As Rex explained his experiment, the two found the displaced laser in the coalmine. As Rex reached for it, the still-active laser caused another more severe quake. Once he disabled it, Rex called Tony and Marlena, on his cell - and at her request, the Twins joined an overjoyed Marlena and family at home.

But at the Titan Gym, a severe tremor hit as Tony & John watched for the kidnapper to pick up the ransom. A scuffle ensued before he escaped without the money. Tony's operatives were unable to catch him but Ops subdued the kidnapper outside. Meanwhile, John argued that Tony was more concerned for the money than his son. Each argued they were saving Rex to impress Marlena with John accusing Tony for staging the kidnapping.

At the Black's apartment, Cassie was announcing plans for a party to watch "Love Is Blind" - but she didn't mention it would be given by Chaz. It was then that another severe quake hit. A fistfight between Tony & John was interrupted by the quake - causing them to become locked in the steam room with heavy debris blocking the door. And in a crater on the DiMera property, Lexie remained alone and unconscious, while her cell phone rang unanswered.

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