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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 28, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, July 28, 2003

Tony survives surgery and summons Lucas and Sami. Tony helps alleviate Sami's fear that her warning may have somehow made a bad situation worse because Tony was stabbed in the chest instead of the back. Tony also asks Lucas to take care of Sami while he's indisposed (in the hospital). He says Lucas is like a son to him. Tony suddenly lapses into a coma because of a reaction with the anesthesia and all fear the worst. Lucas contemplates calling Cassie about Tony and notices with a smile that Sami appears to be jealous. Cassie arrives and Lucas comforts her to Sami's dismay. Sami sends Lucas off to find out more about Tony, leaving Sami with Cassie. With her voice back, Sami reveals she knows that Tony isn't Cassie and Rex's father!

Nicole attacks Victor because Victor told Brady of her porn past. Victor threatens to reveal why he and Nicole are still married. She tells him to go ahead, nothing could be worse than her current situation. She storms off. Victor explains to Brady that once they made each other happy, but no longer. Later, Nicole has a nightmare that Victor and Brady share crude locker room talk about her. Nicole holes up in her room, drinking and crying. Brady asks to speak with her, she tells him to go away.

Belle's at the loft having a hard time sketching designs for Kate and Basic Black when Shawn shows up for a break and a little lovin'. While Belle procrastinates with Shawn, Kate and Alice interrupt them. Belle's designs will be showcased at a fashion show put on by Basic Black. Belle's ecstatic. After Kate and Alice leave Belle tries to think of hot friends she would like to model her PJs. Shawn gets upset when Belle says she'd like Philip to model. Shawn tells Belle he doesn't think it's a good idea for Belle to be working with Philip because his profession could put her in danger. Shawn, still a bit upset, leaves Belle and meets Mickey at the pub, who has a proposition for him. Later, Philip arrives at the loft needing to talk to Belle.

Philip still wonders what Cassie was up to, and she must cover that she collected his hair sample. Cassie thanks Philip again for the pet rabbit Whiskers, although Philip holds his tongue when she says she let him go free in the DiMera backyard. Later, John tells Philip that the ISA isn't budging re: letting Philip work for them. It's going to take John some time to get the ISA brass to change their minds... until then, Philip is going to be just a marine. Philip doesn't like this one bit. He tells John about his suspicions re: Rex. The Maya/Tony case isn't over. He can use his ins with Mimi and Cassie to find out more about what Rex is up to. John tells Philip to leave Rex alone, since pursing him isn't the marines' concern.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
by Joan

At University Hospital, Sami told Cassie about her knowledge of the Twins' true parents. Worried about being overheard by Roman, she changed the subject, taunting Cassie as she promised to let Roman know anything. While Sami accused Cassie of being interested in the DiMera inheritance, Cassie declared she was just proud to be considered a DiMera. When a catfight broke out, the two had to be pulled apart by Rex.

As John spoke to his brother, wondering about Maya - Marlena walked in to hear him say he didn't want Tony to die. She marveled at John's change in attitude since the yacht went down. But when Marlena voiced her concern about Tony's influence on the Twins, Rex arrived to protest her remark. After begging a comatose Tony not to leave him, Rex was consoled by Marlena's assurance that if anything happened, the Twins would never be alone. Privately, in an emotional plea, John commanded his brother to pull through for the sake of the Twins.

At the Brady Pub, Mickey offered Shawn a chance to join his law practice - and perhaps head the firm in time. But Shawn was undecided about entering law before trying out for pro-baseball. As he agreed to consider it, Shawn left to respond to what seemed an urgent phone call.

Mimi invited herself to Lucas' table at the Pub with the intention of getting a sample of his DNA. Finding him down at being forgotten for his birthday - but more because of Tony - Mimi eventually retrieved a straw from Lucas' glass. Returning to the DiMera Mansion, Mimi left Rex a note directing him to the sample in the drawer.

At the loft, Belle felt responsible for John's discipline of Philip after her involvement in his ISA work. Relentless curiosity about Philip's attitude towards her finally gave her an unexpected response. Assuring Belle of the one thing he wanted but couldn't have - Philip answered her - with a passionate kiss.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Shawn comes home to find Bo without Hope. Slightly confused Bo thought she was back in Salem. Shawn says Hope received a call from Bo after Jack and Jennifer's show and caught a flight out of Salem. Bo left her a message telling her to stay in Salem. He guesses she didn't get it. They're concerned that she's alone in a dangerous place. Then Bo and Shawn receive a call from Hope but before Bo can get her location the line breaks up and he's disconnected. Bo says Hope found the source of the mysterious substance (the goop). He has an idea how they can find out where Hope is, but he's going to need Shawn's help. Later, Bo/Shawn show up and question Maya. Unfortunately she doesn't shed much light on Hope's whereabouts as Bo and Shawn learn she received the goop from a mysterious Native American she and Tony met. The man gave her the latitude coordinate and Tony the longitude, forcing them to work together. And now that Tony's in a coma, neither one will be able to find the substance. Shawn asks to speak to Maya alone, in which he asks her to do the right thing. During this, Bo asks an officer for a favor. Bo hears raised voices in the conference room and enters finding Shawn demanding Maya tell him the location of the substance. Bo tells Shawn he has a lead and won't be needing Maya anymore. The officer has brought Bo Maya's possessions and he finds the latitude coordinate in her compact. All he has to do is get the longitude and he'll find out exactly where his Fancy Face is.

Sami tells Cassie and Rex she knows Tony is not their father and that Roman is. Sami is aware they don't want to give up that money... power... and of course the DiMera last name... so their secret is safe for now. Rex wants to know what Sami's silence will cost them. Sami says she simply wants to make sure her greedy, self-serving siblings don't take advantage of Tony. Rex takes offense at this and warns Sami to keep her mouth shut. The twins try to turn the tables on Sami, implying that she might have been behind the attack on Tony, but it's no use because Sami's the master. She tells them they'll do what she says and sends them home so she can watch over Tony herself.

Nicole has nightmares of her porno past and Brady, hearing her scream, breaks into her room and comforts her. Then Nicole and Brady share the same dream.

Belle comes out of the kiss with Philip, upset. She blames herself for always being in his face while he's finally letting go of Chloe. She realizes she gave him mixed signals and insists they should still be friends. She insists that the right girl is still out there for him. They hug as Shawn arrives, and as Belle moves to Shawn, she tacitly lets Philip know his secret admiration is safe with her.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Sami comes to the DiMera mansion looking for Rex or Cassie, but is shocked to discover that Lucas is working for Tony and has taken over while Tony is recovering from his stab wound. Sami protests that working in the shady DiMera underworld could put their son in jeopardy. Lucas turns the tables on Sami, arguing the same goes for dating Tony. Sami accuses Lucas of being jealous of her relationship with Tony. Lucas denies it, but Sami thinks Lucas is stepping into Tony's business over some misguided idea that he'll be able to win her over. We sense Lucas and Sami's attraction to each other, but neither is willing to admit their feelings. Rex interrupts them, thinking Sami is on the verge of telling Lucas Rex isn't a DiMera. Much to his surprise, Sami keeps quiet and invites Rex to be involved in Lucas's planning meeting. Lucas is still able to keep the upper hand since he knows more about the organization than Rex. Later, Sami chooses to keep the secret about Rex from Lucas. She implies that she has something on Rex and Cassie that could be of use to Lucas, but she'll be damned if she'll give Lucas what he wants before he starts treating her better.

Rex wants to assume his rightful role as Tony's heir apparent during his father's illness. He confides to Mimi that Sami knows he's not really a DiMera. Mimi cautions Sami isn't to be trusted. Rex is alarmed when he learns Sami is downstairs with Lucas and almost blows it when he warns Sami not to say anything in front of Lucas. After another of Rex's violent fits, Mimi feels she can't compete with Rex's desperate need to be a DiMera and breaks up with him.

Bo comes to Jack and Jennifer for help locating the coordinate that Tony had. He believes it will lead him to missing Hope. Jack and Jennifer invite Tony's associate, Bart, to be on their show, hoping to search through his possessions while he's occupied. There's a close call when Bart falters while singing a song and requests his PDA which contains the lyrics. Jennifer comes to his rescue and sings a duet, allowing Bo to finally get the information he needs to find Hope.

Nicole overhears Abe talking to Victor and Brady and fears the police have discovered she was behind the hit on Victor. It's a false alarm, but Nicole has to play her hand carefully when Abe questions her. Meanwhile, Brady takes Victor to task for treating Nicole in a way that reminds Nicole of her father. Victor warns Brady Nicole is not the victim and warns Brady not to interfere. Brady reassures Nicole that she can continue to lean on him because he will never hurt her. Nicole is touched, but has her doubts.

Friday, August 1, 2003
by Joan

After a hearing, Marlena scolded Cassie for her ungracious reaction towards Roman - whose testimony got Cassie off the solicitation charges with community service. At the loft, a contrite Rex arrived with flowers but Mimi sent him away - saying their relationship was being destroyed as long as he lived a lie as a DiMera.

At Basic Black, John advised Tek he was withdrawing from the ISA's investigation of Tony. But Tek told John about Sami's relationship with Tony. Outside the office, Marlena and Cassie agreed to model for the Basic Black Fashion Show. But Kate asked Marlena to keep Cassie away from Philip. Disturbed to learn about Sami & Tony, Marlena worried about a more dangerous Tony once he recovered. She strongly urged John not to detach himself from the case.

Victor waited at University Hospital to see Tony, when Sami emerged from the Count's room. Reminding Sami he still owned her, Victor was surprised to hear Lucas speaking as Tony's right-hand man in defense of Sami. Kate arrived to agree with Victor's warning that Lucas watch his back working for DiMera. But Kate was unhappy seeing her son leave with Sami. As Victor whispered a promise to protect Lucas, Roman arrived and became jealous seeing them together. Kate walked out on Roman thinking he suggested she was out for Victor's money.

At the Blue Note, Brady was determined to make things better for Nicole - but not understanding why Victor blamed her for their bad marriage. Asking if he should move out of the Mansion, Nicole begged him not to leave her alone with Victor. Protective of Nicole, Brady fired the Club's bartender who recognized her from the porn film. Arriving for lunch, Sami and Lucas were quick to be catty and critical of Nicole and Brady's co-management enterprise. Suggesting a plan to make Nicole pay, Sami boasted to Lucas of having a "whole new bag of tricks ready for Nicole."

And at the Brady Pub, Philip and Shawn discussed their feelings about Belle when she interrupted to invite both to participate in the Fashion Show. Philip agreed - to Shawn's dismay. Mimi broke the news to Belle and Shawn about her break-up with Rex. Meanwhile, as Philip was imagining himself kissing Belle - Cassie was convincing him to pursue her - that if they worked together - Shawn and Belle didn't stand a chance.

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