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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 4, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, August 4, 2003

As Sami and Lucas entered the DiMera mansion, Sami uttered that she couldn't wait to put her next plan into action. Lucas was surprised that Sami wanted to tell Victor that his grandson and wife were "going at it" behind his back. Lucas urged her to forget about it listed her blessings, including that she now had him to rely on. Cassie bounced into the room as Lucas left and demanded to know who had invited Sami into the mansion. A defensive Sami pointed out that Cassie did not belong there either because she was no blood relation to Tony. Cassie refused to let Sami bully her and spun around to leave as Lucas came back to the room to find out what the commotion was about. Sami blamed it on Cassie and the two agreed that she was a disturbed person. Lucas went on to say that he believed that Cassie was jealous of Sami for dating her father and then hanging around Lucas. Sami muttered that Cassie should watch her step or else she would end up with nothing. When Lucas prodded Sami to find out why she said that, he joked that they had everything because they were DiMeras, to which Sami said, "No they're not," under her breath. Before he could force Sami to explain, Rex appeared in the doorway. Sami left and Rex showed Lucas his plans for an explosive and told him that he would need complete access to Tony's bank accounts to finance his project. Lucas explained that he was in charge and refused to give Rex a blank check. The knock on the door was Bart who told an irritated Lucas that he had tried to see Maya to get the coordinate to find out the source of the mystery substance, but security would not let him see her without approval. Rex asked Lucas to give him the coordinate and he would find the other one, but Lucas declined and restated that he was left in charge. Rex angrily stomped upstairs as Bart left. Sami reentered the room to talk to Lucas and Cassie wondered aloud how to keep Sami quiet about the fact that she and Rex are not DiMeras. Meanwhile, Sami listened to Lucas talking on the phone about finding the source of the mystery substance and questioned him stating that she loved mysteries. She also said that she knew some DiMera secrets. Lucas said that she shouldn't overwork her voice and that he was taking her home to bed. Instead Sami asked Lucas to go somewhere with her.

Back at the loft, Mimi came downstairs with a suitcase and prepared to leave due to her breakup with Rex. Belle demanded to know why Mimi was leaving and told her that she couldn't leave until they talked about it over some of Caroline's homemade pie. Shawn stepped aside to call his dad, but got no answer and started to worry. Cassie then showed up and barged in uninvited to return Mimi's belongings. Cassie called Mimi trash and Belle stepped in and told her to back off. Cassie then let it slip that Rex was working on some project with mystery goop and Shawn headed off to check on him hoping to find something out. Belle headed upstairs to get tissues and Cassie started back in on Mimi. Mimi threatened that soon everyone would know that they weren't DiMeras. She reluctantly admitted that she would keep Rex's secret, but that it was hard to keep it from her friends. As Cassie picked up the pie to toss at Mimi, Belle intercepted and Shawn came back and helped Belle break up a brewing catfight. On the way out, Cassie made fun of Belle's drawings for the fashion show. After she was gone, Belle apologized for her "sister" and Mimi almost let it slip that Cassie wasn't really Belle's sister. Shawn confided that he was worried about Rex and explained what he'd heard him say about the mystery substance. Mimi immediately rushed out to check on Rex. Shawn then calmed Belle's insecurities about her drawings and inspired her to find a place for the fashion show by a long kiss. It worked and Belle called Kate to set up a meeting to discuss her idea. When Shawn asked where it would be held, Belle said she wanted to keep it a secret and remembered the secret kiss that she and Philip shared. She then told Shawn she would tell him her secret after all.

While Rex brooded about Lucas being left in charge in Tony's absence, Cassie knocked at the door. Rex congratulated her on the charges against her being dropped and she began complaining about having to do community service. She made fun of his experiment and then found a picture of Mimi and told Rex he should quit moping around over her. Rex ignored her and went back to testing the sample of the mystery substance he had obtained from Bart. He explained to Cassie that he had to have all the answers before Tony got out of the hospital. Cassie taunted that he only wanted the answers to prove his loyalty to Tony even though he wasn't even a DiMera. She then raised the point that Mimi knew the truth and wondered how long she would keep quiet. Cassie left to take the picture back to Mimi so that Rex could start healing from the breakup. Soon Shawn arrived and persuaded the maid to let him see Rex. He paused outside the door and heard Rex talking into his tape recorder about the how the substance was a form of dynamite and was more dangerous than previously thought. Shawn left instead of talking to Rex and called his dad to tell him what he had found out. Rex took a quick swim and came back to find Mimi in his room waiting for him. She explained she was only there to make sure he was all right and tried to leave. Rex told her that if he solved the mystery of the substance he could be the most powerful DiMera ever. She reminded him that he wasn't a DiMera. Then he told her that he loved her and that was all that mattered. They kissed and Mimi melted once again as they went to bed. Afterwards Mimi inquired as to what Rex would do if he had to choose between her and the DiMeras. Rex said he didn't have to choose and a distraught Mimi got up to leave.

Bo entered a store on an Indian reservation expecting to find Hope. He started showing her picture around and a man said she looked familiar, but was no help. Bo then went to the manager who stated he had not seen her. When Bo mentioned the woman was from Salem, a light went on in the man's eyes. Bo's caught the look of realization and inquired who he knew from Salem. After a quick description, Bo knew the man was talking about Maya. He asked the man how he knew her and the he explained that she was from the reservation and that their grandmothers knew each other. Bo asked if the he had ever sold Maya anything and the man said no. Bo explained that the coordinates were bought and that Hope had followed them to the reservation and that he couldn't find her. Bo played nice and bought some moccasins from the man to butter him up. The manager empathized with Bo and said that he had lost a son to a sickness, so he knew how Bo felt. While they talked, Bo noticed security cameras and asked to view the tapes to see if Hope had been there. Bo saw Hope on the tapes and hounded the manager again until a lady behind the counter told him that Hope had left with Belinda to go to a cave. The manager refused to take Bo there out of fear, but Bo threatened to call in the ISA. The manager relented and he and Bo left to go to the cave to look for Hope.

Tuesday, August 5, 2003
by Joan

As Jack grew more restless wanting to return to reporting, Jennifer had arranged for the Basic Black Charity Event to be broadcast on their show. Jack reluctantly agreed but refused to participate as a model. Jen agreed to Jack's return to journalism after the show.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor's intuition about Philip's feelings for Belle prompted him to caution his son about getting serious. But Philip angered his father - asking if he had second thoughts about Kate and Nicole - calling the mansion a tomb. Kate arrived, inviting Brady to model for the Charity Show and cattily telling Nicole she was too old to participate. Convincing Kate to reconsider - out of compassion for Nicole - Philip invited Nicole to model. Later, Nicole flirted with and fantasized about Brady at poolside. Meanwhile, Victor told Kate that Roman wasn't for her. But finally Kate wished Victor the happiness she now had.

At University Hospital, Sami & Lucas found Lexie distraught that Tony might be losing his will to live. Lexie was indignant about Lucas' new role managing DiMera Enterprises as well as Sami's relationship with Tony. Reminding Sami it was Tony's idea to set the paternity test trap, Lexie claimed that Tony despised Sami. When Sami threatened to kill her, Lexie said she would see to it Sami wouldn't be allowed in Tony's room. Sami disappointed Lucas when she told him she would be there for Tony when he recovered.

At the Brady Pub, Caroline gave Belle a gift delivered for her there. Philip had sent a video monitor for her to use at the Fashion Show. Belle later told Philip that the gift would not sit well with Shawn. Lexie stopped in and gladly accepted a last-minute offer to be part of the Fashion Show.

Bo was reunited with Hope at a cave containing the mysterious lava. Revealing that Maya's ancestors were from his tribe, Cree's dealings to sell the property was intended to aid his people. As part of sacred Indian Land, the sale had to be done in secret. And so, arrangements had been made for payment in diamonds instead of cash. A message from Shawn advised Bo that the lava was a natural explosive - more deadly than dynamite. The Brady's couldn't convince Cree to reconsider. As he called Lucas to finalize the sale, Bo and Hope found themselves bound and at gunpoint.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Bo and Hope are tied together in the sacred cave. As they work to free themselves from their bonds, they vow that they will never be separated again. Finally, they free themselves and are determined to find a way to prevent Cree from selling the volatile and dangerous goop to the DiMeras. They know Cree needs the money for his tribe, but... Hope has an idea and makes a call. She reveals that the proceeds from the fashion show plus very generous donations from the Horton Foundation and the hospital will be given to help Cree's sick tribe. He won't have to sell the substance. Bo's still worried. Knowing that it's here, he thinks Tony will still try to get the goop. Bo has a plan. He and Hope sneak into the reservation store and gather alcohol and cleaning equipment. Hope sees the little girl she was with before and assures her everything will be all right. Cree arrives to take the girl home, narrowly missing seeing Hope. Bo and Hope rush back to the cave, where Bo fashions a homemade bomb to detonate and destroy the goop. Bo lights a makeshift fuse as he, Hope hightail it out of the cave. Cree arrives just in time to see the bomb and goop explode, showering Bo and Hope's bodies with debris...

Earlier, Cree calls Lucas, and Lucas manages to get Cree's location and arrange for the transfer of the diamonds and money for the land where the substance is. Cree doesn't know what to do about the two people he's captured; Lucas says he'll take care of them when he gets there. Lucas is thrilled he's pulled this off for Tony and Sami is impressed. Lucas attempts to send Sami home as he prepares to travel to meet Cree, but Sami will have none of it. Lucas has to wonder why she really wants to go with him, but she doesn't tell him the real reason she wants to spend time with him. Lucas, believing he's gotten Sami to leave goes to take a swim when a bikini-clad Sami joins him. Just as Sami notices that Lucas is ogling her, the maid offers to get them a drink, and Lucas asks for a vodka tonic. He quickly covers, saying it was a test. Lucas confesses that nothing's been the same since Sami had her accident and almost died. Sami admits things haven't been the same for her, either. Lucas used to always be the enemy. Now he's not, counters Lucas. Now they can move forward. For Will, of course. As they prepare to go for a swim, Lucas brushes by Sami, and they linger close, looking like they will kiss.

Belle and Kate are frantic as they race the clock to complete all the details for the fashion show. Roman and Shawn arrive to take them out for a much needed "break." Kate and Belle won't leave until their work is done, and end up using Roman and Shawn for the final fitting with the seamstress. Roman then takes Kate to his home and gives her a tender, sexy backrub. Kate mentions that she was at Victor's and Roman reacts jealously again, forbids her to see Victor. Kate calls him on his caveman attitude. Roman takes her in his arms, makes love to her, their problems unresolved. Shawn takes Belle to Lookout Point and Shawn reacts when he learns Philip gave Belle an expensive present for the fashion show. Belle slips, tells Shawn she isn't interested in another guy. Shawn wonders why she'd even say that? Belle covers, pulls Shawn into a kiss. They make-out, but stop (remembering their vow of purity). They snuggle together, staring at the stars, swearing that their love will last forever.

Thursday, August 7, 2003

Lucas and Sami are about to kiss when Lucas receives a call from Cree, who tells him the deal for the goop is off. Wanting to know what's going on, Sami eavesdrops on another extension. Later, Lucas learns a woman was responsible for the explosion. Cree promises to fax an image from the surveillance video to Lucas so that he may deal with those responsible accordingly. During this, Sami sneezes and almost gives herself away. Later, Lucas calls Sami on her eavesdropping. She tells Lucas she is going to help him manipulate his way out of trouble. Lucas says he's flattered but reminds her he can handle himself. Sami isn't so sure. She has to wonder if Tony's going to be upset how he's handled everything. Later, Sami admits how she admires Tony's business acumen. Sami mentions that she's taken some investment classes and she yearns to be independently wealthy. She feels with money would come newfound respect as well as a decent life for Will. Lucas bristles hearing her talk this way. Lucas receives the fax and learns that the woman who caused the destruction of the cave containing the goop is none other than cousin Hope.

Rex goes to see Marlena for help regarding his headaches and mood swings. Although Marlena can't treat him, she listens as Rex reveals how Mimi dumped him. At the same time, John breaks the news to Philip that the ISA has reassigned him back to the marine base. Not happy, Philip wants to prove himself by going after Rex DiMera. John won't have any part of this and tells Philip without the ISA's help it would be suicide for Philip to proceed. Meanwhile, Marlena continues with Rex who says he can't lose Mimi because she knows too many of his secrets. John arrives just as Rex blurts this, and later, John wants to know more about Rex. Marlena tells John the headaches/heartbreak aren't the only things eating at her son. John takes Marlena home and they make love. Philip runs into Rex at the hospital, then plans to go into action... he's determined to bring Rex down.

After Brady finds a review of Chloe's opera debut on the net, Nicole helps Brady realize that it's time he focused on his future. Despite her subtle derision of Chloe, Nicole compliments Brady on how he put her first in their relationship. She hopes he'll find someone else who will do the same for him.

Abe and Lexie share a much deserved romantic evening together. Unfortunately for Abe, Lexie and Celeste experiences an unsettling premonition and interrupts their love fest on the patio. After Celeste leaves, Abe assures Lexie that all is well and we know they're going to make love.

Friday, August 8, 2003
by Joan

At the TV Studio, last-minute preparations were underway for The Basic Black Fashion Show. Meanwhile at the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor disappointed Nicole by withdrawing permission to model in the show. After the two traded insults, Brady criticized his grandfather's poor treatment of Nicole. Reminding Victor that the bitterness in the marriage could kill him - leaving no one to care - moved Victor. A surprised Nicole received Victor's permission to model - with the understanding that they would later discuss the future of their marriage.

At the Brady Pub, Bo and Hope were met by Lucas, who was furious at their ruining his deal with the Cree Indians. But Lucas's heart was softened visiting Alice, who asked him to represent the Horton Family at Show. She reminded him that love was more important than his desire for money and power. Feeling inadequate to follow in his grandfather's footsteps, Lucas wished for someone who believed in him.

At University Hospital, Rex tried to keep Sami away from Tony's room. Realizing Rex had sized up her greedy aspirations, Sami threatened to reveal that he was a Brady. Rex's rage was building - first, when he tried unsuccessfully to reach Mimi - and later at the Fashion Show, when he found Philip going through his things.

As Jack and Jen emceed the Charity Event, Cassie was uneasy at Philip's continuous attention to her in the revealing lingerie. Nicole froze before going onstage. Recalling her past, she was distressed at people's opinion of her modeling lingerie. Unbeknownst to Designer Belle, Brady sympathized by sending Nicole out in one of his shirts instead. Sami was impressed at Lucas' clout during the show when he spoke not just on behalf of the Hortons, but made a $500,000 donation on behalf of DiMera Enterprises. Rex's fury at giving Tony's money away, prompted Lucas to tell him that Bo & Hope were instrumental in stopping the DiMera / Cree deal.

As Victor watched Nicole on TV, he removed the incriminating documents on her from the safe. Nico questioned his judgment about wanting to destroy the documents. Victor claimed it was time to put the past behind and give his marriage another chance. But no sooner had Nico left the room, Victor collapsed of an apparent heart attack - dropping the incriminating papers on the floor near his unconscious body. And the enjoyment of Salem's residents - turned models - and Belle & Kate's fashion success ended abruptly - when the lights blacked out. Once power was restored, Belle's scream alerted everyone to Bo and Hope's bloodied bodies on the floor.

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