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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 11, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, August 11, 2003

Roman and Abe walked into Abe's office and discussed how they were both disappointed to be missing the fashion show. Roman figured that Kate wouldn't want him there anyway and Abe reasoned that they must have been having problems. Roman changed the subject and Abe announced that he had reopened the Colin Murphy murder case since Larry Welch had retracted his murder confession on his deathbed. Suddenly, a cop alerted the two of a tragedy at the fashion show and they hurried out, worried about Kate and Lexi.

At the fashion show, Bo and Hope lay on the runway in pools of blood. Simultaneous yells of "Call 9-1-1!" were heard and John held Shawn back as he struggled to help his ailing parents. Lexi's medical instincts kicked in and she checked for pulses while in the background Rex found what appeared to be blood on the sleeve of his shirt. This seemed to remind him of a conversation he'd had with Lucas previously regarding the explosion at the cave where the mystery substance was. Rex lashed out and blamed Lucas for the mishap stating that if it weren't for Lucas, he would've made his father a fortune. He suddenly reverted back to present and watched Lucas strip off his shirt to help stop the blood. Rex recalled arguing with Lucas and stating that whoever caused him to lose the deal with the mystery substance was going to pay. Everyone on the stage frantically discussed who they thought could've done such a thing to Bo and Hope. The collective crowd explained to the EMTs that Belle and Kate were receiving flowers when there was a blackout and when the lights came back on Bo and Hope were unconscious on the floor. Just then Abe and Roman arrived and ordered that they seal the crime scene - nobody in, nobody out. Meanwhile, across the stage, Shawn left to go in the ambulance with his parents, but Belle was detained for questioning while a sympathetic Philip comforted her. She cried that she needed to go to the hospital to be with Shawn, but couldn't because she still had to be questioned. Philip asked John to pull some strings for Belle so she could be with Shawn and she was cleared to go with Marlena and Lexi. Abe's phone rang and he explained to the caller that the Colin Murphy case would have to be put on hold while he investigated Bo and Hope's case. Backstage, Cassie went to see Rex and spied the blood on his sleeve. When she inquired about it he became defensive and said when the lights went out he bumped into a makeup table. Roman then made the announcement that nobody could leave the crime scene without his or Abe's approval and that they couldn't touch anything, as it was all evidence. Nicole became upset by this news as she remembered shooting Colin Murphy on her wedding night. She wanted to leave, but Brady comforted her instead. On stage, Lucas explained to Roman that Sami was upset because the tragedy reminded her of her accident and asked permission to take her home. They argued about her independence and she finally agreed to let Lucas take her home. Roman then turned to talk to Brady and Nicole and asked them who the last one down the ramp was. It happened to be Nicole, but Brady explained that she was already on stage when the lights went out. Roman seemed satisfied and said Nicole and Brady could go. A few steps away John and Philip took off to check the electrical panel. Meanwhile, Abe's phone rang was the Commissioner. He was not happy that Abe wanted to push the Colin Murphy murder case to the backburner, but Abe explained that it was the best he could do. Roman then offered to take over Bo and Hope's case so that Abe could pursue the murder case to stay in the Commissioner's good graces. He reluctantly agreed and went off to the original crime scene of the Colin Murphy murder case. Backstage, Cassie watched Rex hurry to wash the blood off his sleeve. Roman looked for Cassie and Rex and Rex came out to answer questions. While he spoke to Roman, Cassie noticed blood on the stage prop Rex had been standing by and tried to clean it off while Philip watched her every move.

Lucas delivered Sami safely to her doorstep and followed her inside to make sure she was o.k. Sami dismissed him, but he wouldn't leave because he saw that she was upset about Bo and Hope. Sami pushed Lucas away and asked why he cared because they weren't really friends anyway. He tried to understand why she was angry, but became angry instead. The "old Sami and Lucas" appeared as they hurled insults at each other. Sami hit home when she told Lucas that he had never been in love and that she blamed him for all her troubles with Brandon. She stated that she hated him and he decided that Sami hadn't changed a bit.

Victor found himself on the floor unable to get up and with papers strewn everywhere. He had a flashback to when he blackmailed Nicole about murdering Colin Murphy while he struggled to stay conscious. He remembered Nicole tearing up the papers he taunted her with and in reality he quickly tried to shove the papers on the floor underneath the chair. He then remembered talking to Nico about possibly destroying the evidence against Nicole and letting the past go. Just then Nico and Henderson came into the room and found Victor slumped over on the floor. They rushed to get his heart medicine and call a doctor, but Victor refused treatment and said he had something to take care of. The aides offered to take care of it for him, but he said he had to do it himself and needed an hour uninterrupted. When Victor got up to the couch he couldn't remember what it was that he had to do that had been so important. Victor went upstairs to bed just before Brady and Nicole arrived back at the mansion. They headed to tell Victor the news about Bo and Hope, but Henderson beat them to the punch by delivering his own news about Victor's bad spell. Henderson found out what they had to tell Victor and advised them not to give him any bad news just yet. Nicole and Brady agreed and then Brady turned to find the papers Victor had left on the floor. He picked them up to look at them and Nicole realized what they were as a look of dread came over her face.

At the hospital, a delivery for Tony arrived just as Bo and Hope were wheeled in. The deliveryman took the flowers down the hallway to Tony's room while Bo and Hope were wheeled away from Shawn and into the trauma unit. Shawn couldn't go in and paced the floors until Belle, Marlena and Lexi showed up. Belle comforted Shawn while Marlena used her doctor's privileges to get information for Shawn about his parents. She explained to Shawn that the external bleeding had stopped, but the doctors weren't sure of the extent of the injuries as of yet. Shawn vowed to kill whoever did this to his parents. Right then, the deliveryman came back down the hall and stated that Tony's room was empty.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003
by Joan

Lucas and Sami's fighting continued until Sami finally admitted she was still traumatized from her accident. But Lucas went from supportive to angry finding a letter from Will - that Sami was keeping from him. Lucas reminded her that Will was sure to choose his father over her - if custody became an issue before a judge.

At the TV Studio, Philip confronted Cassie's cover-up of the bloodied pipe, but didn't mention her when he brought the pipe to Roman's attention. Rex became defensive as he was questioned. But soon Roman's questions triggered flashbacks for Rex - one of a gloved hand turning a voltage switch off, the glint of a silver object in the darkness, and then washing the blood from his arm. Later, as he left the Studio, Rex was surprised to find Mimi waiting for him.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole nervously watched Brady retrieve the incriminating papers Victor had dropped. Abe Carver arrived to discuss the re-opening of the Colin Murphy Investigation. Victor had brief recollections as he saw the papers in Brady's hand. Nicole nearly fainted at Abe's determination to find the murderer. As Abe mentioned Victor's visit to Welch prior to his confession in the holding cell, Victor grew weak. But when Brady helped his grandfather, The Commander was unaware he'd been handed the papers containing the evidence he was seeking. Nicole's fumbled attempt to take the papers from Abe, caused the files - and the video to drop on the floor.

At University Hospital, John confided to Marlena his suspicions of Tony being involved in the attack on Bo & Hope. After reminding a disbelieving Marlena that Stefano had once faked a coma, John returned from Tony's room - finding him gone.

Although Bo had come through surgery, the doctors were unable to determine Hope's chances for survival. A despondent and angry Shawn was joined by Belle and Alice in the Hospital Chapel to pray for Hope. As Alice asked her husband, Tom, for a sign, the steady flicker of a candle began to struggle to stay lit. At the same moment, Hope's monitor flatlined.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

We pick up Hope flatlining as Bo implores Hope to continue fighting for her life. Shawn, Belle and Alice continue to pray for Hope. Hope miraculously makes it! After the trio learn that Hope will live, Alice thanks God! Shawn later visits his mom. Later, Bo crawls into bed with Hope, while Shawn and Belle resolve to stay at the hospital in case Hope needs them.

Also, Mimi learns of Bo and Hope's attack and asks Rex if he did it? On this, Philip enters and casually mentions that "some people" think that Tony may have attacked Bo and Hope. In a fit of rage, Rex attacks Philip! Mimi gets Rex to go upstairs and she confronts him on his actions. Rex manages to convince Mimi that he was justified in pummeling Philip. The pair kiss and all is okay. They are about to make love when Rex remembers he might have evidence on his clothes. He feigns a headache and Mimi heads downstairs for some medicine. Rex burns his stained shirt before Mimi gets back. Meanwhile, downstairs, Cassie apologizes to Philip for her brother. Philip presses about Rex, but Cassie changes the subject to breaking up Shawn and Belle. Philip firmly tells Cassie he won't be a part of her plan. While watching a movie, Cassie falls asleep and Philip sneaks upstairs and hears Rex speaking into his tape recorder about the lights going dark and then the blood. Rex nearly catches Philip in the act. Rex goes downstairs and tells Cassie about Philip sneaking upstairs. Cassie doesn't believe him. While Philip listens, Rex warns Cassie he's up to something that could ruin their lives.

Nicole successfully gathers the file of evidence proving she murdered Colin. She almost manages to destroy them before Victor surprises her. He indicates he was about to destroy the evidence himself and takes the file. Of course, he realizes that he needs the file as insurance against her getting revenge on him. Meanwhile, downstairs Abe asks Brady if he knows of anyone who would have a motive in Colin's murder. Brady tells him no. Victor puts the file back in the safe, leaving Brady wondering.

Nicole goes skinny-dipping and Brady finds her in the pool. Brady wants to know what has Nicole running scared, so Nicole tells Brady she's been feeling trapped. She says she feels free when she swims. She invites him into the pool, and he also goes for a swim.

John launches a search of the hospital to find Tony. He later has the Salem PD put out a search. He tells his suspicions to Philip, who he says must stay out of it since he's not ISA.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Marlena and John catch Sami trying to visit Tony at the hospital. When they tell her Tony is missing, Sami freaks out, and it's obvious she's gotten close to him. Marlena is aghast, but Sami protests that she and Tony are just friends. Lucas shows up and disagrees: Sami is getting too close to Count DiMera for her own good. He further shocks Marlena... besides accepting a diamond pendant and matching earrings, Lucas alleges that Sami has been dreaming about a diamond engagement ring to complete the set! Sami has to do major damage control. Outraged Marlena warns Sami she's making a terrible mistake. After they move off, Sami turns her fury on Lucas, ready to kill. Later, Marlena runs into Roman, and tells him what their daughter is up to. Roman confronts Sami, tells her to stay the hell away from Tony DiMera. Sami refuses. Marlena, Roman, and Lucas try to warn her, but Sami won't budge. She's going to end up on top this time.

Philip and Cassie have spent the night on the couch. Cassie nearly catches him disabling the mansion security system. Philip wonders why Cassie never came on to him, and Cassie intimates that he's her "substitute" brother now that Rex has Mimi. After Philip leaves, Rex lays into Cassie. He doesn't want the "enemy" in this house! Cassie fires back: Philip is not the enemy. And she plans to keep seeing him as a friend. Mimi thinks Rex and Cassie should be honest with Philip, tell him he's their half-brother, but they adamantly refuse. Later at the hospital, Abe questions Cassie. Afraid that Philip told him about her cleaning the metal pipe, she almost spills it all. She thinks she covers in time, but Abe is suspicious.

Belle and Shawn go out for breakfast after a long sleepless night at the hospital. Shawn is grateful his parents are alive, but he's determined to find the SOB who tried to kill them. Later, Philip arrives and offers a suspect: Rex DiMera. Belle is shocked, but Shawn agrees Rex could have a motive. He would have been angry that Bo/Hope blew up the goop. Phil confides: he was at the DiMera mansion earlier and he disabled the security system. Philip plans to go back when no one's home and look around. Shawn strongly warns Philip to leave this case to the cops. Belle agrees. While Shawn checks on Zack, Belle convinces Philip to back off the investigation. After he leaves, to Belle's shock, Shawn vows to investigate on his own. Unable to talk him out of it, Belle decides to go with him. After Mimi and Rex leave for the hospital, Shawn and Belle break into the DiMera mansion. Rex, however, has forgotten his wallet. A mystery person catches them red-handed, as they search Rex's room!

Jack wakes up with Jennifer. He plans to go back to doing investigative reporting, find out who attacked Bo and Hope, and work on a new mystery story. Jennifer wonders what the new story is. Jack won't tell her. We see Jack has an overwhelming need to prove himself to Jennifer. He wants to win a Pulitzer, bring it to Tom Horton's grave, and show the patriarch of the great Horton family that Jack Deveraux has finally reformed, and is now worthy of being Jennifer's husband! Jennifer is supportive, but worried for his safety.

Friday, August 15, 2003
by Joan

At University Hospital, John accused Lucas of being an accomplice in Tony's disappearance. Tony's comatose body was found - apparently delivered to the wrong room by an Orderly after a test. In his mistrust, John punched Tony for a response but there was no reaction. A shocked Marlena confirmed brain scan results proving Tony was not faking the coma. As Hope regained her speech, and was later reunited with Zack, Roman surprised the Brady couple with his suspicions of the Count's possible involvement.

Trying to get Nicole's mind off developments at home, Brady took her hang-gliding. Nicole's exhilaration from the experience gave her a feeling of freedom - similar to the moment she knew Colin was dead - but stopped short of telling Brady. Thinking of her life with Victor, she told Brady freedom means that much more when you're afraid of losing it.

Gaining entry to the DiMera Mansion, Belle, Shawn and Philip broke Rex's computer codes and passwords sleuthing for clues. Finding a year-by-year plan Rex had set up for becoming rich and powerful, Shawn was convinced of Rex's motives to hurt Bo & Hope. But the three were startled by a sound outside the door.

And in Tony's room, Sami's get-well wishes to Tony were interrupted by Lucas and Marlena sending her home. Still disbelieving, John privately told Tony that their truce was off if he was faking the coma. And outside the room, Roman and Marlena wondered if Tony was capable of this deceit - what might he do to their daughter, Sami.

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