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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 27, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, October 27, 2003

Brady entered the Kiriakis mansion and wondered where Nicole and Victor after getting no response to his calls. Then he picked up a newspaper and thought about whom the Salem Stalker could be. As he passed a picture of Nicole on the table nearby, it seemed to turn to life and the image began moving. Just then, Victor came through the door and ordered Brady to close the office doors behind him and his lawyer. As the doors were shut, Nicole came through the front entrance and asked Brady why he was so quick to run away when she came into the room. She asked him if he was trying to hide a black eye from his fight with Philip the day before, but Brady turned to face her and told her no. Nicole then asked him if the rumor that they had been fighting over her was true. Saved by the bell, the doorbell rang again and Brady answered to find another of Victor's lawyers. Brady showed him the way to Victor's office, and Nicole anxiously wondered why Victor was meeting with all his lawyers without notifying her first. Nicole left when Brady headed upstairs for a shower. She crept around the perimeter of the house and decided to try to get into the crawl space so that she could hear Victor's words more easily. Upstairs, Brady finished his shower only to realize that he'd forgotten his towel. He hopped out to grab it and saw Nicole out the window as she tried to scale a tree and climb onto the roof. He ran out the door, dragged Nicole out of the tree and lost his towel in the process. Nicole looked slightly embarrassed at first, but then became defensive when Brady drilled her on why she was climbing the tree in the first place. She told him that she was afraid that Victor was going to get rid of her. As if on cue, Victor appeared behind her and said, "You're absolutely right, I am."

Jennifer looked amazed while she spoke to Jack's ghost. He warned her that another attack by the Salem Stalker was being planned right then. She probed him to find out who would be the next victim, but Jack told her that he couldn't change the future. As she worried that she, Abby or her friends and family might be next, Jack apologized and said he shouldn't have come and caused her to worry. She admitted that she didn't want their last time together to be based around fear or argument. Jack assured her that it wouldn't be their last time, but this only worried Jennifer more that she would be the next to be attacked. Jack corrected himself and said that they would be together someday, but that until then his presence would be with them always. He told Jennifer that there was one more thing he had to give her so that she would be "ready", but that he couldn't reveal it to her now and she would know in good time. Jack then admitted that he had actually come back for closure, but Jennifer wasn't ready for their love to be over. Jack reminded her that they had their memories. While Jennifer begged him to stay, Jack looked around as if he heard something far off. He stood, kissed Jennifer goodbye and then vanished.

At the Brady Pub, Belle and Shawn strolled by outside and Shawn admired the Halloween decorations. Belle looked half interested and wished the holiday would be over quickly. Shawn tried to cheer her up by offering to make her dinner and then fussed over her to the point of annoyance. Belle finally blew up and told him to quit trying to fix things that were out of his control. She told him that he couldn't keep making her promises that he couldn't keep and told him to stop trying. Shawn told her that he wanted just one night when they could forget all the horror and tragedy around them, but Belle was quick to remind him that as soon as his roommate Rex showed up, Shawn would be in his face again making things worse. Belle determined then that she was tired of waiting around for the next victim to be killed and was going to do something about it. Shawn tried to find out what Belle was thinking, but suddenly they heard sirens and Belle was spooked, thinking the killer had struck again nearby.

Lucas waited for Sami, who was late in meeting him for their dinner date with Will. When he asked her why she was dirty and grungy, Sami told him that she had been working and then inquired as to why Lucas's expensive shoes were all scuffed up. Just then, they saw Belle and Shawn, and Belle quickly came over to talk to them with Shawn right behind her. Belle abruptly told them that she had wanted to talk to them both. Sami said she was eager to talk to Belle too, but that they were late meeting Will. However, Belle told them that they weren't going anywhere until she had said what she needed to say. Sami stopped to listen, surprised at her little sister's tone. Belle angrily yelled at Sami and told her that John hadn't ruined her life; rather it was her own doing. Sami tried to defend herself and blame John for her problems once again, but instead Belle begged the duo to spare her friends and family if Sami and Lucas were to blame for the murders. Sami assured her that she was not responsible, and Shawn pulled Belle away to talk to her. After realizing that Belle intended to confront all the suspects to try to get them to stop killing people, he tried to talk her out of the dangerous plan. Meanwhile, Sami and Lucas headed into the Brady Pub, and met Jennifer outside. Lucas apologized for not being there for his sister after her husband's death, but Jennifer understood that since he was a suspect, the cops would have hounded him if he had appeared at Jennifer's home. They all went inside the restaurant, and Jennifer found a table across from Sami and Lucas's. Jennifer thanked Caroline for believing her about Jack's ghost, and an eavesdropping Sami mentioned to Lucas that Jennifer was the crazy one, never mind Belle. She went on carelessly adding that Jennifer was pathetic for not being able to be independent when her husband passed away. Jennifer overheard the comments and angrily began a yelling match with Sami about love and Sami's lack thereof in her life. Lucas pulled Sami over to the door and ordered her to leave Jennifer alone.

Mickey and Hope stood outside Maggie's hospital room as Maggie underwent hypnosis to remember the killer's identity. While Maggie tried to remember, a dark figure climbed through her window. As she came to, Maggie opened her eyes and met the glare of the masked figure. She began screaming and jumped up to try to escape. The Salem Stalker held a scalpel up and it shined in the moonlight. Maggie's door was stuck and she was unable to get it open. Hope and Mickey heard her screams, but were also unsuccessful in opening the door. Finally they kicked it open and found Maggie alone, but unconscious on the floor. Hope felt for a pulse, hoping she wasn't too late and found that Maggie had fainted. As she regained consciousness, Maggie kept muttering about the eyes. She tried to tell Hope and Mickey what had happened, and Hope noticed that the window was open. She looked outside, but found no one, however, she did notice that the dust on the windowsill had been recently unsettled. As Maggie relived the horror, Hope connected the event to her own struggle in the evidence room and decided that Maggie had had an encounter with the killer. As Maggie settled into bed, Hope warned Mickey that since the killer hadn't finished the job that night, he'd inevitably be back. Hope posted an officer outside Maggie's door, and then left to meet Jennifer at the Pub. When Hope arrived, she met Sami and Lucas and started interrogating them on their whereabouts when Maggie's "visitor" had been in her hospital room. They both said they had been together, and Hope assured them that the truth would come out. She then went to speak to Jennifer, who tried to tell her about seeing Jack's ghost. Even though Hope was skeptical, Jennifer insisted that Jack had brought a message: that the Salem Stalker was planning another attack right then. Belle, who had just entered with Shawn said, "I knew it." Back at the hospital, Maggie looked out the window and heard children's voices that said a Horton would be next. She jumped when she saw Jack's ghost smiling at her from outside.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003
by Joan

Upstairs from Brady's Pub, Marlena tried consoling Belle advising that her stress was unreasonable. But Belle was certain that John's statement of knowledge about the killer would make her family vulnerable. Marlena was taken aback when Belle wondered if the killer could even be a family member. John told Shawn that he'd decided to send Belle out of Salem for her safety.

Outside the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor surprised Nicole and Brady announcing he was giving Nicole her freedom. The divorce settlement included $100,000, Nicole's car and personal things. While Nicole was suspicious, Brady was pleased. Privately, Victor told Nicole he'd had his fill of her and was protecting his grandson. Victor's one condition was that she leave Salem permanently, having no contact with Brady or any member of the family. Nicole's refusal would result in being turned in for Colin Murphy's murder, leading to suspicion of killing Abe and Jack. Indignant at Victor calling himself an "innocent man", Nicole was told to "take the money and run while you still can."

Mickey found Maggie at their bedroom window where she said she'd seen Jack. She cried that Jack was sadly warning her she would be the killer's next victim. Maggie recalled the similarity to Tom calling her name during her hypnosis session. Seeing nothing at the window, Mickey was concerned but at Maggie's insistence he left for Brady's Pub when Hope called.

Downstairs at Brady's Pub, Sami's sarcastic remarks about not finding the killer made Jennifer declare her determination for vengeance. Shawn, Sr. brought Will to the Pub sporting a black eye from fighting with kids accusing his parents of being murderers. Will refused to go home with Lucas or Sami. Mickey arrived and shocked Caroline, Jennifer and Hope when he recounted Maggie's vision of Jack. While Hope called it stress, Jennifer was convinced that two people having the same vision was no coincidence.

Maggie was disturbed by the children's Salem Stalker rhyme and left the house without her police guard. Greeted by worried family members at the Pub, she was relieved to learn that Jen had also seen Jack. Overhearing them, Sami criticized Maggie, while Lucas defended her. But as Mickey consoled his wife, Maggie made Lucas and Sami uneasy as she focused on their eyes, fearful she might name one as the killer. Marlena said they would continue Maggie's hypnotherapy. But Maggie's appreciation for everyone's help turned to tears. Believing Jack's visit meant she should prepare to die, Maggie said there was nothing anyone could do about it. At that moment, the lights in the Pub began to flicker, frightening everyone.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

The show begins with Belle talking to Marlena. John and Sean are also talking, about Belle. Sean thinks she can't handle anymore grief or stress with all the horrible things going on in Salem-especially if it involves anyone else she cares about. Belle is telling Marlena how freaked out she is, she's worried about her dad, Sean, and her mom. Marlena tries to reassure her, but Belle says no one can make those kinds of promises.

Bo and Hope see that Maggie was featured in the newspaper, and this worries them. Hope is sure the killer will go after Maggie again. Philip comes in, convinced he knows who the killer is. Philip explains that Rex has been acting weird, and Rex said that the killer won't be caught; he or she is obviously smarter than the police. Philip tells Hope and Bo about following Rex to each of the crime scenes, and then Rex mysteriously disappeared.

At the Brady Pub, John talks Sean into helping him get Belle to go to Italy. Sean says he will miss Belle so much, but John convinces him she will be safer there. So Sean calls Belle and tells her he has news that will change her life forever. Belle rushes over. It seems that Basic Black has acquired a relationship with a top designer in Milan. Belle doesn't understand why her dad would pick her? John assures her he has total faith in her capabilities, and her absence will count towards college credit. She agrees to go. Not long after John leaves, however, Belle flatly tells Sean she's not going anywhere. Sean convinces her she's better off in Milan.

Cassie is worried about Rex, and she confronts him. Rex destroys the loft, which upsets Cassie further. She learns Rex doesn't remember where he went after visiting the crime scenes, and she tells him Maggie Horton was attacked.

John goes back to Marlena's office and they talk about Belle going to Italy, how Marlena doesn't have to worry about her anymore. John informs Marlena of Rex lying about her and Tony being his parents, and Marlena damns Stefano for messing with their lives.

Belle and Sean share a tearful goodbye. Sean says I'll love you forever Isabella Black. He promises to take care of their friends and family.

Bo and Hope are discussing the drawing of the killers eyes, and John says he doesn't need that to know who the killer is. His money is on Rex DiMera. John thinks Stefano created a killing machine.

Philip goes to find Cassie, and warns her that if she is having doubts about her own twin, then Rex really could be the killer. Cassie says he can't be.

The show ends as Rex sneaks up behind Marlena with a chain between his hands.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

At Basic Black, Kate is at her desk and she hears a voice, chanting like the voices Maggie hears, only this chant says Salem Stalker has more in store, he's exposing a deadly whore. Kate opens the door to find Sami standing there. Sami starts in on Kate accusing her of being the killer, and of course Kate has her own accusations to throw. Sami asks Kate how John would like to know an ex-hooker is running his business. Kate tells Sami that John chose Belle to go to Italy.

John is trying to convince Bo that Rex is a ticking time bomb. Bo is concerned about other suspects; Tony, Victor, and he doesn't want to commit yet to Rex being #1 suspect. Bo and Hope tell John about Philips visit and how Philip followed Rex to each of the crime scenes. John remembers Philip saying he was close to Cassie, and was working on her and Rex and he had the best shot at getting close to Rex. Sean walks in and disagrees, he's Rex's roommate, he's the man for the job. Hope absolutely wants Sean to have nothing to do with this investigation, he doesn't need to be a target too. Sean tells his mom that if Rex is the killer, its already too late, Rex would already have it in for him. This upsets Hope further. Sean thinks Rex is getting more confident now that he passed the lie detector test, and is bound to slip up.

In Marlena's office, Rex sneaks up behind her and slips a chain around her neck. Marlena jumps up, and asks Rex why he did that. Rex gives Marlena a charm that says Mom, and explains he wanted to measure her neck before he gave her the necklace. Marlena talks with Rex, lets him know that no matter what happens in the future- the mother/son bond that they share will never be broken. Marlena talks with Rex about the possibility Rex might have been born for the same reasons John was brainwashed and trained. Marlena asks him if he could imagine being given orders to carry out and not being able to remember what you did. At this, Rex grips his head and goes into a trance like state. Marlena is worried, and Rex makes a quick getaway.

Meanwhile, Sami and Kate are still arguing, and eventually after some name calling Kate ends up putting a letter opener to Sami's throat and threatens Sami as Roman walks in. Kate tells Roman that Sami verbally attacked her, and she lost it. She wouldn't really have hurt her, it was just a letter opener. Sami passes out in a weak attempt to defend herself, and she leaves to go bake a cake for Will. Roman presses Kate to tell her secret, and he yells at her, asking if she wants him to believe she's the killer. Kate finally shouts back, saying "maybe I do, maybe I'd rather you think I was a murderer than have you know that I was a whore!" Kate proceeds to tell Roman everything, including that Stefano was her boss.

Marlena calls John to tell him how Rex was acting when he left her office, and that she thinks he's taking a turn for the worst!!

The show ends as Sean arrives at the loft to find Rex ripping up the newspaper picture of Maggie. John and Marlena discuss Rex, and hope its not too late to help Rex if he is under mind control!!

Friday, October 31, 2003
by Joan

At Basic Black, Roman was disappointed that Kate hadn't confided in him about her past. Kate's reference to pain and destruction made Roman catch on that Abe was aware of her past. Although Kate swore she didn't kill Abe, Roman now saw she had a motive. Since he couldn't arrest her without hard facts, Roman agreed to keep it under wraps for now. Alone in the office, Roman knew Maggie might name the killer. Still carrying the engagement ring he'd never given Kate, he thought: "There's nothing more painful than losing somebody you love."

At the Loft, Shawn went on the attack when he saw Rex shredding The Spectator's report that Maggie could name the killer. While Mimi tried to break them up, Shawn continued baiting Rex until the headaches began. Headed for a Halloween party, Rex bought a silver mask, as Shawn watched from outside. But later, Mimi returned to the loft looking for Rex who never arrived at the party.

At school, Will was embarrassed when Sami and Lucas arrived for his class Halloween party. Determined to appear charming despite the accusations, Sami was unwelcome and taunted both by other mothers. She defiantly stayed after Will begged to leave. Lucas still couldn't convince Sami to leave after she found her cakes labeled: "Chocolate Cakes to die for." But after she saw a costume called "Samantha Brady, Psycho Salem Serial Killer", Sami lost it. At a teacher's request that she leave, Sami started a food fight hitting the teacher with a cake. Infuriated at being called insane, a crazed Sami threatened the women with a knife. Leaving before the police arrived, Lucas reminded Sami her conduct made her look more guilty. And both were concerned about Maggie's naming the killer.

Celeste visited Maggie and Mickey saying she'd had a vision of Maggie being in danger. Maggie recounted her experience in Marlena's office and seeing Jack's ghost. Answering the doorbell sent Maggie hysterics. A trick-or-treater, dressed as The Grim Reaper, called to his friend, "Jack" that Mrs. Horton was waiting. Mickey was upset at the apologetic neighbors and later refused to let Celeste read the Tarot cards for Maggie.

But once home, Celeste couldn't resist looking at Maggie's future. As in earlier readings, she chose the Death Card. While outside Maggie's house, a menacing, hooded figure in black, with a light mask, approached.

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