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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 29, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, December 29, 2003

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady quickly tried to explain to Chloe that there was nothing between him and Nicole even though they stood embracing clad only in their towels. Chloe was astonished when Nicole announced that Brady was the one who broke up her and Victor's marriage. Chloe ran out the door and Brady yelled at Nicole that there was nothing between them. Victor arrived and berated Nicole for trying to come between Chloe and Brady and Brady ran out to find Chloe and explain everything to her. Brady caught up to Chloe on the stairs, but she screamed that she didn't want anything to do with him ever again before stomping out the door with Brady close on her heels. Nicole tried to follow close behind Brady, but Victor stopped her and told her that Brady would want nothing to do with her now that he had seen her true colors. Outside, Brady struggled with Chloe who yelled that she hated him. Brady recounted that he loved her and wasn't going anywhere until she believed him. He admitted that it wasn't the first time Nicole had thrown herself at him, but that he had always remained faithful to Chloe. As Chloe and Brady reentered the mansion, Chloe slapped Nicole across the face much to everyone's surprise. Victor congratulated Chloe on all she had learned while in Milan, and told Nicole about an opera in which after being rejected, the star hung herself. Chloe and Brady proceeded to make up right in front of Victor and Nicole, and Brady convinced Chloe to keep and wear his mother's pearls.

Kate hurried through the marketplace to catch up to Marlena. She asked Marlena to be her matron-of-honor, but Marlena declined and started to walk away. Kate wondered aloud why Marlena would be so rude if they were friends as she thought they were, but Marlena told her that she thought the wedding was a bad idea because of the impending death threat against Roman. Kate was amazed that Marlena actually thought she was the killer, but Marlena told her that she thought it was foolish to put Roman in the limelight where the killer could strike at any moment. Kate accused Marlena of simply not being able to stand the thought of Roman being with any other woman, but then left to go to her office. Around the corner, John assured Roman that Marlena would come around and support his marriage to Kate eventually, but that she was only worried for him. Roman reminded John that he had tightened security at the wedding and that as smart as the killer seemed to be, he or she would be stupid to show up. Just as Marlena walked into the conversation, Shawn ran up and yelled that they had caught the killer! The group ran to follow Shawn's lead.

At Basic Black, Sami started for the door to Kate's office, but was stopped by a receptionist who offered to put the folder Sami carried on Kate's desk for her. Sami refused and was "saved by the bell" when the receptionist stopped to answer her phone. Sami slipped quietly into Kate's office and spied a dress hanging close by that she assumed was Kate's wedding dress. She found a pair of scissors on Kate's desk and proceeded to rip the dress to shreds while blasting Kate for trying to ruin her life. Just then Kate walked in. She calmly told Sami that she wouldn't tell her dad about the incident since he had other things to worry about. Kate told Sami that she anticipated that she would try to pull a stunt and told her to look in the dress's pocket. Sami couldn't believe that the note was from her to Kate. Kate smugly informed Sami that she had bought Sami the dress in an attempt to repair their friendship. Kate then kicked Sami out as her hairdressers for the wedding had arrived. Outside, Sami daydreamed about posing as the hairdressers and shaving Kate bald. In her reverie she ran into the reception area laughing while a bald Kate chased her around. She was brought back to reality when Belle and Shawn arrived. Instantly Belle asked Sami what was wrong, but Sami denied any attitude she might have sported. When Kate left to find Roman at the police station, Belle and Shawn overheard Sami say, "It's far from over."

Near a storefront window, Celeste watched in horror as the groom's boutonnière and the bride's veil began to drip blood. Bonnie Lockhart arrived and Celeste bared her soul, but continued to panic. She told Bonnie that she had a vision of blood being all over Bonnie while she was at Tuscany. Bonnie tried to get away from Celeste, but then Mickey arrived and requested her help in getting Tuscany ready for Roman and Kate's upcoming wedding. Bonnie shuddered and told Mickey that it was going to be a bloodbath. Soon Belle and Shawn arrived bringing the relieving news that the serial killer had been caught. Under her breath, Celeste muttered, "Don't be too sure."

After pulling an angry Rex off Tony, Shawn hurried off to find help. Rex accused Tony of being his sister's murderer. Belle explained to Tony that Rex had decoded the killer's latest message to the police and programmed it to ring a certain way and that Tony's PDA had rang just as Rex sent the message, with the special alarm. Rex grabbed Tony's PDA and said, "It's all right here. Guilty as sin!" Roman, John and Marlena hurried to the scene and were debriefed of the situation by Belle, Shawn, Mimi and Rex. Tony taunted Rex by saying, "Clearly you're not a DiMera, but a Brady after all." While Roman read Tony his rights, Mimi tried to comfort Rex who denied that he was upset. He admitted that after finding out his parents weren't really his parents, he wasn't sure who to trust. Around the corner, Shawn admitted that he felt sorry for Rex, and Belle wondered if maybe the killer had planted the evidence so that the police let their guard down in time for the wedding to take place at Tuscany. Back at the police station, John laid out the accusations against Tony for all to hear. Roman ordered a blood sample in order to match Tony's blood with the killer's blood they had collected from the crime scene at the Christmas Tree farm, but Tony refused to cooperate since the group had already made up their minds. Tony eerily warned: "Just because I'm in jail doesn't mean the killings will stop." Tony then asked what Marlena thought and if she felt safer with him behind bars, or if she's still terrified that John will kill her. Marlena then admitted to John that she still thought the wedding was a mistake. Just then, Mickey burst in the door and he attacked Tony, but Roman stopped the assault. Bonnie calmed Mickey down by offering to fix up the hall. Back at the park, Belle and Shawn found Mimi and Rex and hand delivered the wedding invitation to them. Just then, the killer placed his mask on the table next to his exclusive wedding invitation.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003
by Joan

Tuscany re-opened for the wedding of Kate and Roman. As Bonnie managed the wedding arrangements, Mickey was dismayed seeing her in one of Maggie's dresses. At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole continued taunting Brady and Chloe. Victor warned his wife that her anniversary gift was non-attendance at Roman's wedding. But Mrs. Kiriakis' name was on the invitation, and Nicole arrived at Tuscany immediately behind Victor. At Salem PD, Hope and Roman found Bo in Tony's cell. Planning to attack the Count, Bo woke Tony in a meditative state, and was stopped by Roman. Still declaring himself innocent, Tony offered Roman a wedding gift: "Watch your back. I'm warning you. Take care of yourself. Otherwise the Killer will get you."

As family and friends gathered at Tuscany, the news about Tony circulated. Lexie was not only shocked to learn about her brother's arrest, but delighted at Jen's news about a new baby. John grew suspicious at Marlena's remark that Roman may have had a change of heart. Assuring John of her love, Marlena explained her confused emotions were prompted by concern for Roman and misinterpreted as old feelings. In an apology to Kate, Marlena asked for a second chance at being her Matron of Honor. Kate accepted.

Rex was perplexed at Tony's motives for killing Cassie, and afraid that Roman, his biological father, would hate him. Explaining the DiMera hatred for the Brady's, Shawn offered an apology to Rex, and they shook hands calling a truce. Sami relentlessly tried to stop the wedding. When threats of suicide were unsuccessful, she refused Roman's offer to bond as a family calling Kate her enemy. Realizing she couldn't win, Sami tearfully told her father she hated him.

Lexie excused herself from Tuscany to visit Tony. Comparing him to Stefano, Lexie called her brother a liar. Saying she was all he had, Tony begged Lexie to believe he hadn't hurt anyone. But Lexie cursed her brother, leaving Tony dejected at losing her support. Returning to Tuscany, Lexie disowned herself from the DiMeras, causing Celeste to breathe a sigh of relief.

As Victor offered good wishes to Kate, an already-intoxicated Nicole was making a scene, hitting on each man she met. For his grandfather's sake, Brady escorted her outside, where Nicole began kissing him. Chloe watched as Brady pushed Nicole away. Calling Brady too much of a gentleman to do it, Chloe took the lead and threw Nicole into the snow.

A glamorous Kate entered to an uncharacteristic country-western wedding march. The Justice of the Peace made the traditional request to "speak now or forever hold your peace." With that, Lucas efficiently stuffed a sandwich into Sami's mouth as she tried to interrupt the service. Together with Shawn D., Lucas carried Sami away. Locked outside, Sami watched through a terrace window, crying as Kate and Roman exchanged their vows. As Sami wished Kate would be the Killer's next victim, Celeste's premonitions began again, showing blood on Kate's hands.

When the Bride and Groom ceremoniously cut the cake, Celeste murmured in shock, "murder, death..." as the guests saw blood flow from the cake. Meanwhile, Tony's attorney was bailing him out, bringing a requested change of clothes. Asking if the clothes were for a wedding, the Count replied, "No. A funeral."

(May Your Days be Recapped With Happiness in the New Year !)

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Trying not to let the grotesque blood filled cake ruin their wedding reception; Roman and Kate try their best to start their new life together. Alice replaces Roman and Kate's wedding cake with a platter of her donuts.

Bonnie continues to flirt with Mickey and it isn't lost on Mimi; she lashes out at her opportunistic mother. Bonnie defends herself and tells Mimi that 2004 is going to be her year. Wanting to get the reception out of the somber mood, Bonnie initiates a line dance.

Celeste feels that the killer is near...

Kate thinks Sami is responsible for the cake incident but Marlena and Lucas jump to her defense, saying even Sami wouldn't stoop so low. Sami has words with Nicole, who shows her a picture of a happy Brandon with his new girlfriend. Out on the terrace, Lucas tries to comfort Sami and Kate tries to call a truce. Roman moves out and says he would like that, but Sami tells her father he is dead to her - marrying Kate was the ultimate betrayal.

Tony is released on bail and he makes his new year's resolution for 2004 -- the ultimate destruction of the Brady family. Back at home, Tony gets in touch with his Zen self and turns his attention to a samurai sword and then returns to Tuscany.

Bo, Hope, and John search the perimeter of Tuscany. A cop finds Sami lurking outside. Bo decides to question Tony so he takes Shawn to the jail cell where they learn Tony has been released. Worried, Bo returns to the party to tell Roman about Tony's early release but Marlena won't let him.

Nicole watches Brady and Chloe together and Victor tells his young wife that it will be impossible to destroy true love. Nicole is determined. Roman tells Nicole that at midnight he will have enough evidence to arrest her and Victor for Colin Murphy's murder. Victor and Nicole realize they will have to face their demons.

Roman pledges his love to his wife and asks her a favor... he wants her to make amends with Sami. Kate agrees and Roman gets a call from the informant who tells him the evidence against Nicole is in the kitchen. The revelers enjoy the final moments of 2003 as Celeste has another premonition that another victim will fall at midnight... Roman goes into the kitchen where he finds the envelope with the evidence he needs -- as well as The Salem Stalker!

Thursday, January 1ST

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode was pre-empted. Regular programming will resume on Friday, January 2nd.

Friday, January 2, 2003
by Joan

At Tuscany, Wedding guests waited to usher in the New Year, while Bo and Hope were outside, finding a cufflink they thought was Tony's. Jen returned to Alice and Mickey reporting on Abby, Will and Grandpa Shawn sleeping in Maggie's office, guarded by Officer Smith. Mickey's concern was that police protection hadn't prevented the attack on Maggie. As word spread about Tony's release, Celeste's premonition told her another loved one would die at midnight. Begging to warn someone, she was assured by Lexie that Tony, the suspected killer, was apprehended. But those words, together with Bonnie's belief that Celeste was confusing the bloody cake incident, could not convince Celeste.

Surprised at the contents of a note addressed to "R.B.", Roman suddenly found himself facing the masked Killer. As the lights went out, then on again, Roman addressed the Killer as Tony. But pulling off the mask, Roman uttered his last, shocked words, as he saw the Killer's face: "My God. It can't be. This can't be happening." As the lights switched off, the Killer fatally attacked Roman with one swipe of a sword. The Killer then methodically wiped some spattered blood from the mask before putting it on. Leaving Roman on the floor, almost as an afterthought, the Killer removed the bride and groom figurine from atop the bloody wedding cake.

Outside John was startled by a sound and struggled with a black-cloaked figure. An out-of-breath Marlena said she didn't want to startle him. But she surprised her grateful husband saying, she wanted to be with him at the start of a new year. At midnight, the couples of Salem: John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, Chloe and Brady, and Shawn and Belle, embraced. Shawn officially told Belle he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Alice assured a tearful Jennifer that Jack sees her, even though they weren't spending 2004 together. Even Sami smiled briefly at Lucas' Happy New Year wish for both of them. Telling Kate he regretted working for Tony, Lucas looked at Sami as he promised to do right by all the people he loved. But Sami's softened mood changed when she caught the bridal bouquet, declaring it wasn't a real wedding anyway.

While Kate couldn't find Roman in time for the New Year, Philip arrived. Surprised to see Chloe, Philip exchanged pleasantries with her as Brady watched. When asked about her lack of contact, Chloe said their relationship was just a memory, and hoped to make moving on easier for him. But Philip said she would always be more than just a memory to him.

Bonnie found the collapsed wedding cake, now bleeding on the floor while Celeste was recovering from a seizure attack attributed to her visions. One look at Bonnie returning from the kitchen triggered more premonitions. Celeste hysterically cried out to find Roman. Meanwhile, Nicole showed Victor a paper she called ‘all the dirt Roman had on us...' A stunned Victor asked where she'd found the bloodstained "R.B." note. But Nicole simply replied, "I told you, I am not going to jail." As the guests dance to Auld Lang Syne, Nicole burned the note.

Sami had second thoughts about her harsh words to Roman. Scolded by Marlena for the threats she'd made to Roman and to Abe, Sami was reminded she couldn't always get a second chance. Still unable to accept Roman's new marriage, Sami was convinced to give him her blessing. Outside, while John suggested bringing Roman to a secured location, the damaged wedding cake was being removed as evidence. But Roman's lifeless hand remained unseen as it dropped down from under the table. John wrestled a black-hooded figure to the ground as he called out to grab their mask.

Seeing a moneymaking opportunity, Bonnie secretly convinced the photographer to give her the unedited wedding tape. Celeste began mumbling, almost incoherently in fear. And as Sami became concerned that Roman and Kate had left, Celeste froze as she saw her premonition become reality. Kate walked through the doorway, covered in blood, and painfully shrieking at the blood dripping down her hands.

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