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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 5, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, January 5, 2004

As the hooded figure tried to escape into the woods, John, Bo and Hope surrounded him and managed to pull back the hood to reveal Tony! Bo accused him of being there in order to kill Roman, but Tony said that he wasn't there for that reason, but that they wouldn't believe him if he did tell them the truth. Suddenly they heard Kate scream from inside Tuscany, and they dragged Tony with them to find out what the commotion was about. Appearing in the kitchen doorway, Kate held up blood covered hands that matched her stained wedding gown. Astonished guests watched on as John, Sami, Marlena, Bo and Hope rushed to the kitchen to investigate. Sami and Marlena nearly panicked as they watched John pull the table covering up and Roman's bloodied hand fall to the ground.

Bo tackled Tony, but was stopped by Hope who insisted that Roman would not want him to react this way. Bo admitted that Roman would have wanted him to trust the system, but blasted "the system" for letting him down once again. Bo thought quickly and checked Tony's cuff links. He was not surprised to find that the cuff link he had found in the snow earlier belonged to Tony after all. Back in the kitchen, Lexie examined Roman's body and noted that he had not been dead for long. She sadly pulled the bride and groom cake topper that had been stuffed in Roman's mouth. Tek came back inside and showed John and Bo a samurai sword he had discovered in the bushes outside. Lexie spied the accused weapon and then ran to confront her brother for masterminding all the killings which included her own husband, Abe! Celeste stopped her ranting and insisted that she redirect her anger and feelings into helping Roman.

John found his way over to Sami and Marlena, but Sami quickly accused him of being glad that her dad was finally gone. Sami ran off and Marlena halted John's attempt at following her by saying, "there's no way she'll accept help from you now." Marlena found Sami standing over the sink in the bathroom sobbing, but Sami then turned on her and placed the blame for her father's death on Marlena and Roman's heads. As Sami mourned all the times she would never again share with her father, she stormed out on a shocked Marlena. After mulling over Sami's accusations, Marlena confronted Tony by slapping him across the face. When John tried to stop her, Sami stepped up in her mother's defense and stood between them. Tek returned after watching the surveillance tapes and told Bo and John that there was no evidence of Tony being there, but Bo refused to believe that Tony was innocent. Meanwhile, Marlena tried to help Sami cope. John tried to tell her that he thought she and Sami should go on home, but Marlena spun around and told him that it was his fault that Roman was dead. She went on to say that if John hadn't forced her to accept Roman and Kate's marriage, Roman wouldn't be dead. John told her that she was wrong, but Sami kept the situation tense and then Marlena wasn't sure who to listen to.

Belle admitted to Brady that she was worried about Sami and that her father's death would push her over the deep end, but her worry quickly turned to her parents' relationship as she watched their fight unfold. Shawn also mourned his Uncle Roman's fate on his wedding day as he comforted Belle. Across the room, Shawn Sr. showed great emotion at his son's death, and then collapsed to the floor. Hope called for Lexie who tended to the hyperventilating Sr. Shawn Brady. After watching Shawn Sr. collapse, Rex told Tony that he knew Tony wouldn't have cared if Grandpa Shawn had died. Tony told Rex that he should be smarter than that and to "quit thinking like a Brady." Rex then headed over to check on Shawn Sr. who unexpectedly hugged his newfound grandson and expressed his love. Rex turned to Mimi a while later and said that he finally understood what having a family was like, and then realized the impact of his father's death in that he would now never have the chance to know him fully.

Brady and Chloe watched in amazement at the tragedy that was taking place all around them. Brady's suspicious gaze shifted to Nicole and Victor. In their own private conversation, Nicole told Victor that she did what she had to do and now it was his turn to do something for her. With that, Victor praised Nicole on getting what she wanted and being "free and clear" just as Brady walked up and overheard. She explained that she was free and clear of the other murders since she couldn't possibly have committed this one, but Brady tells her to hold on because Tony didn't have a motive to kill Colin Murphy. Nicole then asked Brady to find she and Victor a way out of there, but he turned her away. A bored Nicole then turned to Victor and taunted that he wished Shawn Sr. had had a heart attack while Caroline was still alive so that he could move on with her. As Nicole tried to slip out a side door, an officer quickly reminded her that she could only leave after clearance from John and Bo. Brady received clearance to take Chloe home, as did Mickey who wanted to take a shaken Bonnie Lockhart home with him. Nicole bullied her way into getting to leave. Back at the mansion, Chloe and Brady comforted each other and decided to live every day to its fullest. Brady brooded about his own mortality and wished he hadn't let Chloe go before as they had wasted so much time. As they held each other, Brady wondered aloud who, other than Tony, could be so twisted. Outside the door, Nicole said, "evil is in the eye of the beholder, Brady."

At Mickey's house, Bonnie convinced him to allow her to stay the night since she was scared. While she was in the shower washing all the blood off herself, Mickey thoughtfully brought in her pajamas to her fresh from the drier. Bonnie stepped out of the shower clad only in a towel, and Mickey offered to let her sleep over in his bed. Upon further explanation, it was clear that Mickey had planned to stay in the guest room.

Kate cried over her bloody dress and wished that Roman was ok. Philip tried to tell Kate that Roman was already gone, but Kate returned to her state of denial. Lucas and Philip tried to calm Kate down with a drink, but then she had to refuse a sedative because of the alcoholic influence. Nearby, Bo began a struggle for strangulation with Tony as others tried to stop him. Kate continued to refuse that Roman was gone while she scrubbed at her dress and hands in an attempt to get the blood off her. After Lexie asked Tony if he was in fact the killer, Celeste told her daughter that she was having no more visions. The gurney was then brought out, and Sami began crying harder as her dad wheeled by. Kate walked over and pulled back the sheet to reveal Roman's body. While she held his limp hand, Kate wondered what she should do next. As they wheeled him away, Bo held her back. He yelled for the guards to take Tony out, but Tony began a struggle and yelled over his shoulder, "It's not over Bo! Roman will not be the last to die!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2004
by Joan

At the Salem PD, Bo mourned his mother and now his brother. Despite Hope's assurance that a jailed Tony would be convicted, Bo threatened to kill him first. Calling Roman his conscience, as well as his brother and friend, Bo felt unable to step into his brother's job. But he accepted The Police Commissioner's offer to become Acting Police Commander to honor Roman. Finding a file that Roman had kept on him, Bo was touched by Roman's opinion of him as the "best all-around cop on the force"... "very proud to all him my brother."

At the Kiriakis Mansion, an unsteady Nicole saw blood streaming down her hand as she reached for a drink. Growing increasingly unsteady when it disappeared, she was taunted by Victor who asked if she'd killed Roman as she had killed Colin. Saying she always gets want she wants, Nicole threatened Victor not to get in her way.

At Tuscany, Kate had the support of her three sons, Lucas, Philip and Rex, but she saw little hope of building bridges to Sami without Roman. Rex's grief was softened by Kate's motherly offer to be there for him, saying he was like his father. But John saw his wife growing more distant. Sami accused Kate of causing Marlena to lose the love of her life. Seeing Marlena's behavior, Belle expressed concern about keeping her family together. When Marlena curtly said Roman was her husband, Belle could only reply that John was her husband now.

While Sami's accusations continued towards both Kate and John, Lucas sent her home to be with Will. This time Lucas accused Sami of constantly thinking of herself. As the guests consoled one another, Mimi offered condolences to Shawn D., but mentioned her fear that Celeste sensed the murders weren't over. Belle and Shawn D. returned to the Loft, unaware that Jan was watching them, wearing Belle's negligee.

Kate returned home to find a romantic setting prepared by Roman for their wedding night. Staying with his mother, Philip was encouraged by Kate not to give up on Chloe. Lucas went home to Will finding Will comforting his mother. Sending Will to bed, Lucas stayed the night with Sami at her request. Holding her, Lucas comforted Sami as she wept the loss of her father, regretting the things she'd said.

At the Blacks' Penthouse, John had no success consoling Marlena when he said Tony was responsible for Roman's death. But Marlena believed Roman was killed because he married Kate. Convinced she could have persuaded Roman to wait, Marlena blamed John for encouraging her to let Roman move on. When Marlena wouldn't answer his questions about blaming or forgiving him, John asked if he should move out. Marlena's eyes said it all. With his bags packed, John asked if she was sure. Marlena said she needed time to think and that John's presence confused her. Approaching the door, a devastated John turned to look at his wife her one more time. But Marlena did not turn toward him. As the door closed, Marlena switched a book in her hand for a picture of Roman. Holding it to her heart, she cried, "Oh, Roman, why did you have to die?"

And at Tuscany, Celeste approached the Evidence table, when Police left it unattended. Unwrapping the bloody sword, she was hit by a blinding light, which seemed directed at her left shoulder. Putting the mask to her face, she saw Roman's murder replay through the eyes of the Killer. Celeste suddenly realized that Tony was telling the truth and the wrong person had been arrested. With a premonition of more innocent lives taken, Celeste had a vision of Bo assuring Hope: "Don't worry about me, Fancyface. I'll be fine."

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Celeste dreamed that she found the killer's mask. When she tried it on, she could see through the killer's eyes. "Tony was telling the truth," she exclaimed, "He's not the killer. They've arrested the wrong person." When she awoke, her curtains were fluttering, the windows open. Roman appeared in her room. He wanted her to warn Bo that the danger isn't over. Suddenly, Maggie was beside Roman, asserting that Celeste knows who the real killer is. She is just missing a piece, but if she solves the mystery, she will be able to stop the killer.

At Belle's loft, Shawn woke up and went to take a shower, where he found Jan, naked, waiting for him. He couldn't overcome the temptation before him, and kissed her, just as Belle walked into the bathroom. None of this was real, of course, just another of Jan's fantasies. Shawn and Belle were both still asleep, Jan watching them. Shawn woke up, feeling like something was watching him, and got up to check it out, baseball bat in hand. Jan hid in the closet, accidentally making a noise. Just as Shawn was about to check out the sound, he was interrupted by Belle. He dismissed the noise as just something from the radiator. While they get dressed, Jan takes the opportunity to sneak out of the apartment. Shawn went to spend some time with his dad, suggesting that Belle visit her parents. After he left, Belle found her negligee on the living room floor -- not where she left it.

In bed next to Kate, Roman whispered, "Don't cry, Katie." He told her that he is alive, he loves her, and isn't going to leave her, convincing Kate that his death was just a nightmare. But this apparition is the dream, and Kate wakes from it, alone.

At her penthouse, Marlena was looking at a picture of Roman, when she was interrupted by John at the door. When she opened it, however, it was Roman that she saw. She was confused when he turned back into John, but covered her confusion by telling him that she was just surprised to see him, after last night. He told her that he'd returned to pick up some of his things, but he also wanted to speak with her. Marlena was firm. Nothing has changed since their argument last night. John tried to comfort her, but Marlena didn't want him to touch her. She left John there while she went to church to pray for her "husband."

At church, Marlena found Kate, who was also there seeking comfort. Kate told Marlena that Roman was to be buried in the Brady plot, where there was also a spot for his wife, beside him. Since this plot was still in Marlena's name, Kate asked Marlena for her okay to transfer it to Kate's name. Marlena hesitated, reminding Kate that she and Roman had shared their lives for years, shared children, whereas Kate had only been married to Roman for a matter of hours. Kate admitted that she and Roman had had their married life stolen from them, just as their knowledge of having children together had been. But she was still Mrs. Roman Brady, and she couldn't understand why Marlena would want to be buried next to Roman anyway, since she was John's wife. In a stirring scene, Marlena admitted to her that she didn't know how she felt about John. Kate advised her that this was not the time to push John away. Marlena admitted that she feels she could have stopped all of this from happening -- his marriage to Kate, and his death. Kate denied that the marriage and the murder were not one and the same. Marlena tried to explain her feelings to Kate. On that day in the past when she had married Roman, right there in that church, she had felt in her heart that their marriage would last forever. If she hadn't let him go, she believed it would have lasted forever, and all this pain and suffering would have been avoided. Kate protested that she couldn't know this, but Marlena insisted. Not wanting this to cost them their friendship, Kate extended the olive branch, reminding Marlena of the family they have in common -- including Will. She suggested that they go visit him, and Marlena agreed, if only to keep Kate from causing her daughter any more pain at this time. Kate told her of her last conversation with Roman, when he asked her to try to help Sami, but Marlena became defensive at this, insisting that she could take care of her daughter without Kate's help. Kate told her that she was worried about Sami and Lucas getting closer. She didn't want Sami to destroy her through Lucas.

Back at the penthouse, John had just finished collecting his things when Belle arrived to spend the day with her parents. John had to tell her that he and Marlena are taking a break, and that he has moved out of the penthouse, as of last night. Belle, shocked and dismayed, insisted that John must not let this happen. John didn't want the family to fall apart anymore than she did. He tried to comfort his daughter, but Belle was worried about Celeste's prediction. She asked John outright, if he was going to kill her mother?

Sami woke up with Lucas' arms pressed close around her -- and something else pressed close against her nether region. "That thing touching me had better not be what I think it is," she warned. Pulling down the blankets, that thing turned out to be only a hot water bottle, which Lucas had brought in last night to comfort her, as she was crying and shivering in her sleep. Sami cried, remembering her father, who had always loved and supported her, no matter what. Lucas comforted her, but Sami stopped him, feeling that it was just too weird. Lucas didn't think that there was anything "weird" about the situation. He was only there because she and Will wanted him there; his shirt was only off because it was hot in the room. She was afraid that he was entirely naked, but after teasing her for a moment, he revealed that he was still wearing his boxers. Will was at his friend Ryan's down the hall, because he wanted Sami and Lucas to spend some time alone together. Lucas has a surprise for Sami -- breakfast in bed. There was much arguing about the sexual tension in the room, culminating in a tickle fight, with Lucas sitting on Sami, pinning her to the bed as she screamed in a futile attempt to fend off his tickles. "You want me, you want me," sang. This was what Marlena and Kate walked in on, having heard Sami's screams from the hall, and finding the door unlocked. Kate lectured Lucas for being so insensitive on the morning after her husband's death. Marlena is much more understanding in her lecture to Sami, realizing that Sami may be feeling vulnerable. But Sami doesn't want to talk about Lucas. It's John and Marlena in whom she is interested. Marlena tells her that John has moved out. Sami holds her mother, promising her that they wil get through this together. In her mind, she threatens to have her revenge on Kate, now that she's had her revenge on John.

Thursday, January 8, 2004

Shawn is at the police station with Bo and Hope where Shawn has shared his feeling that he is being followed. Jan is almost dragged into the office to see Bo but wiggles out of it when Tek enters with urgent news for Bo. Tek tells Bo that no trace of blood was found on Tony's samurai sword/the suspected murder weapon. Frustrated, Bo orders Tek to run more sophisticated tests. Bo is convinced DiMera is guilty.

Jan covers with the cop, Ruiz that she is only at the PD to extend her condolences for the death of commander Brady. Hope suggests that Ruiz advise the visitor to simply sign the condolence book. Shawn looks out and sees Jan (from the back), thinks he recognizes her and starts to follow. Jan is able to make her escape as Shawn checks the entry in the condolence book an obvious alias. Shawn takes chase through the park and Jan, aware that Shawn is pursuing her, barely gets away. It looks as if Shawn corners Jan outside the Kiriakis estate.

Mickey is breakfasting at home with Bonnie. She tries to convince Mickey to invest in her idea for a Country Western club. Mickey says he can't afford the investment. Tony, from his jail cell, and to Bart's dismay, places a call to Mickey Horton for legal representation. Bonnie answers the phone and plays secretary - her eyes flash with dollar signs when Tony mentions he will pay a million dollar retainer. Bonnie tries to convince Mickey to take the challenge, if nothing else for financial reasons. In the park, Bonnie meets up with Celeste and Lexie and based on her visit from Roman and Maggie, Celeste is adamant that Tony is innocent. Bonnie hears this and tells Mickey. Later, Bo and Hope try to interrogate Tony and Mickey stuns them Hope at Tony's jail cell... Mickey is now Tony's lawyer!

Brady and Chloe share a romantic breakfast and make a New Year's resolution to spend the year together. Chloe gets a phone call offering her a starring role in a prestigious opera company and Brady realizes Chloe cannot turn the offer down. Chloe asks if Brady will come on tour with her but he must decline; Brady has to stay in Salem to supervise construction of the new opera house. Meanwhile, Victor warns Nicole he is on to her. Nicole, wheels turning, goes out to find the perfect weapon to use against Victor and the men of his family!

Friday, January 9, 2004
by Joan

At the Deveraux home, Lexie brought some of Baby Theo's unused or outgrown clothes for Jen's expected baby. Becoming emotional that the DiMeras caused Jen's loss, Lexie was re-assured by Jen that she wasn't to blame. Lexie admitted feeling jealous of Jennifer's second pregnancy, feeling she missed out on additional children with Abe.

John removed more of his things from the Blacks' apartment. Understanding his daughter's fears about Celeste's predictions, John asked if Belle was afraid of him. Confident in her father, Belle feared an accident to Marlena might fulfill the prediction, but she asked if Roman's death was the reason for John's moving. Unable to explain Celeste's warnings, John could only assume that Marlena felt guilty for having a happy life after leaving Roman alone and unhappy. John's concern was what he himself could become if he lost Marlena. Reciting his wedding vows including, "till death do us part", John assured he would never break his vows to Marlena.

In his jail cell, Tony had a surprise visit from a bitter and vengeful Marlena, who threatened doing something noble, to assure her loved ones a world without him. Declaring his own innocence, Tony said the killer's repeated attacks were out of fear of being caught. Mickey arrived, giving a shocked Marlena the news that he was Tony's Counsel. A disbelieving Marlena begged him not to defend Tony, sensing there was something more to Mickey's actions. But Mickey could not bring himself to tell her that Celeste's predictions of Tony's innocence prompted him to take the case. At that moment, Marlena, as witness for the Prosecution, realized she and Mickey were adversaries. Tony warned Marlena that without his freedom and her help, the blood of more victims would be on her hands before she herself would die. Recalling his wife, Kristen, Tony believed John had destroyed his life as he'd done to Marlena's family. Interrupted by a phone call from John, Marlena could not return his sentiment of love.

Shawn chased Jan onto Kiriakis property when he ran into Nicole. Explaining being followed in recent days, Shawn was unaware Jan was hiding in bushes behind him. While Nicole caught sight of her, Jan motioned not to let on. Putting a spin on nearly revealing Jan's presence, Nicole began talking about Jan in Puerto Rico. Playing on Shawn's sympathy, speaking about her father, Nicole was caught by Victor as she flirted with his grandson. Victor threatened forming an alliance with Tony to see Nicole in the death chamber to avenge Caroline's murder. Outside the Kiriakis Mansion, Jan thanked Nicole for keeping her secret. But Nicole surprised Jan saying "I helped you because I need you to help me."

Placing Tony's fate in the hands of Court Judges and God, Marlena promised to play her small part by simply telling the truth in court. Both in agreement that Marlena Evans never tells a lie, Tony warned: "But if you tell the Court that I'm a murderer, that will be exactly what you're doing. And at University Hospital, two weeks prior to Jen's scheduled appointment, Lexie performed an ultrasound as a favor. Moments after finding a heartbeat a serious Lexie told Jennifer ‘something's wrong...with the baby.'

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