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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 12, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, January 12, 2004

Lexie and Jennifer were excited as Lexie was finally able to find a strong heartbeat for Jennifer's baby during the impromptu ultrasound. Lexie's smile dropped when she finally relayed to Jennifer that there was something wrong with the baby. Jennifer began to panic and couldn't believe that there would be something wrong since the baby was a gift from Jack. While Lexie comforted her, Jennifer wondered how she would ever tell Abbie this news. She begged Lexie to tell her the whole truth, to which Lexie replied that if she didn't miscarry, there was a chance that Jennifer's life would be in danger too, and that the best course of action would be an abortion. Jennifer was adamant that there was no way she would have an abortion, and Lexie headed out of the room to get Alice, Jennifer's grandmother to talk with her. Outside the room, Abbie chattered to a nurse all about hearing the new baby's heartbeat, and then explained how much her mom would need her now that there would be a new baby in the house. Lexie sat with Abbie and then went back in to see if Jennifer was ready for Abbie to come in. Jennifer tried to make Lexie understand why she couldn't abort Jack's baby. Just then, Abbie overheard and yelled that she couldn't kill the baby like she had killed her daddy.

As Nicole walked in the door to the mansion, Victor drilled her on where she had been and who she had been with. He ordered her again to stay away from his family. After threatening to turn her in for murder, Nicole seethed and informed him that he had no proof and neither did anyone else. As Victor left he advised Nicole to leave Brady and Chloe alone.

Upstairs at the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe looked for ways to talk herself into staying with Brady instead of flying back to Europe to perform. Brady almost gave in, but then stayed strong when he told her that this was something she had to do. Later they took a walk, and upon entry to the house, Nicole greeted them and offered an apology after finding out that Chloe was leaving. She really turned on the charm when she offered Chloe a basket of food to take on the plane. As Brady and Chloe shared a long tearful goodbye at the airport, Nicole skulked behind a large pillar to listen. At the last moment, Brady informed Chloe that he had changed his mind and was going to go with her after all. But, Chloe rightly suggested that he stay here for now.

John stopped Marlena in the hallway of the courthouse and hoped to talk with her about their separated situation, but Marlena brushed him off and headed into the courtroom to sit behind Tony DiMera. Tony turned around and taunted Marlena about changing her mind and testifying on his own behalf. Marlena refused and moved to sit near the back. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope confronted Mickey on his decision to defend Tony. Mickey explained that the case would be decided based on the facts, and that he hoped whether he won or lost that the killer would be behind bars. Celeste asked Mickey why he had not mentioned her visions of Roman and John, but he simply told her that the case would be based on the evidence they had collected and would win or lose on its own merit. Roman prodded Celeste to do something. When Celeste turned in her seat to see Roman, she recognized Abe who told her, "The people they love are still in danger." Just then, Marlena appeared in the doorway and curiously watched Celeste as she spoke to the two dead men. Marlena insisted that she didn't see anything, but then Celeste informed her that they were both there. During the trial, Bo was nearly kicked out due to his outbursts. Next, Tek went on the stand and said that they had virtually no proof of the samurai sword was related to the accident. Meanwhile, the Judge called another order, and just then, Marlena appeared and was ready to testify.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004
by Joan

Meeting Jan at a park bench, Nicole was getting the impression Jan was stalking her as well as Shawn. When Jan denied stalking anyone, Nicole called her bluff by phoning Shawn about Jan. At the loft, an apprehensive Shawn nearly hit Belle with a bat, thinking she was an intruder. Now convinced he was being stalked, Shawn received Nicole's call saying he hadn't identified the girl he'd chased. While Nicole never mentioned Jan, Shawn later told Belle he suspected Jan was his stalker. Meanwhile, Jan's descriptions of her family life and Shawn's understanding, reminded Nicole of her own life and Brady, leaving the two in agreement to plot together.

At University Hospital, Abby turned on Jennifer again overhearing the bad news about the baby. While Lexie said she would deliver the sonogram results to Dr. Bader, she gave Jen additional news based on Dr. Bader's files. There was no way baby would be born healthy, and Jen might lose her own life as well. A confused Jen was determined this baby was a miracle as she received consolation from Alice and encouragement from Abby to have the baby in hopes of a medical resolution.

At Salem's Courthouse, Mickey had just declared there was no one to vouch for Tony's innocence, when Marlena interrupted the hearing. During a brief recess, outside the Courtroom, Celeste explained to Hope about Abe and Roman's appearance. Now referring to Roman as her ex-husband, Marlena told John she would fulfill Roman's wishes by speaking in defense of Tony.

Formerly a witness for the Prosecution, Marlena was questioned by the Judge personally who was curious at the turn of events. All connections and conflicts of interest were cited, including the murdered victims' relationship to Marlena, as well as Marlena and Tony's supposed parentage to Cassie. Having no solid evidence, Marlena testified based on professional opinion. Claiming Tony was "on the defensive" after the murders, she compared him to others who at some time would have considered taking the law into their own hands. Marlena's plea to release Tony, brought Bo to his feet accusing her of turning on Roman twice, and saying the blood of future victims would be on her hands.

Waiting for the Judge's decision, Tony told Mickey that Marlena's saving his life might enable him to continue what he had started. Bo asked Victor to use his underground ties to determine what Tony was up to. Victor disappointed Bo saying he couldn't help because of previous agreements with Tony. But in a brief conversation, Victor reminded Tony of their equal power to take one another out at any time. Tony was surprised at Victor's confidence in his innocence. The Count shared Victor's theory that the murderer is a female. "Female equals lethal equals cunning ľ A woman who's well able to cover her tracks" was Tony's equation. But he questioned who that female might be. As Victor agreed, he looked to a nervous Nicole who had stolen into the Courtroom.

Outside, John's argument over Marlena's testimony was met with Celeste's explanation and Marlena's belief in the ghostly apparitions. Reminding John that no victim had been safe even with people around them, Marlena told John he was the person she should be afraid of. Disbelieving Celeste's visions and Marlena's lack of confidence in him, John asked Celeste about his killing Marlena. Closing her eyes for a moment, a solemn Celeste could only reply, "I'm sorry, but it is written. You will kill your wife."

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Thanks to Marlena's testimony the judge decides there isn't enough evidence to prosecute Tony for the murder of Roman Brady. Tony's charges are dismissed and Tony offers Mickey a huge bonus. Mickey accepts the check on behalf of the Horton Foundation and tells Tony the person he needs to thank is Marlena. Tony tries to do just that but she tells him it is because of Celeste that he is free. Tony thanks Celeste who tells him about Abe and Roman coming to his defense. Tony confides in Celeste about Victor's belief that the suspect is female and Celeste thinks they should go to the police. Tony intends to taking care of the femme fatale all by himself.

Victor promises to be in touch with Tony about his potential "female" suspect. Nicole hears this and vows to take care of Victor first. Victor tells Nicole it's all over and that he intends to feed her to Tony DiMera. Nicole grabs a gun and shoots Victor.

John is unsettled to hear that Celeste is still holding to her premonition. John wants to talk to his wife but she won't hear it. After the verdict is announced Marlena heads out of the courthouse and is abducted by a mystery person wearing leather gloves and a black hooded sweatshirt. She is taken to a secluded room where she's bound and gagged - the mystery person is John. John felt it was the only way to get uninterrupted time together and a chance to talk.

Hope has taken Bo to the park for some fresh air but Bo still wants to pursue DiMera as the killer. Hope tells him about Celeste having spoken to Roman and Abe's ghosts. Bo doesn't want to believe but Hope tells him she does and takes Bo home to relax. Bo looks at a photo of Roman and wonders why his brother hasn't visited him.

Despite Mimi's disapproval, Bonnie kicks "the seduction" of Mickey Horton into high gear and when a fantasy becomes a reality, Bonnie finds herself in a lip lock with old man Horton.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

The shock of Roman's death continues to affect the inhabitants of Salem. In the park, Marlena learns from heartbroken Carrie [on the phone] that due to the immediacy of the funeral, she will not be attending. Tony receives instructions from Stefano regarding Rex - he needs to make amends with his young ward and calls Marlena for help. Marlena refuses and Tony moves on to plan B.

At the loft Rex puts on a brave front and confides in Mimi that he is sorry he never got to know his real father, Roman. Shawn and Belle learn that Marlena testified on Tony's behalf and that DiMera is free - Shawn relays this info to Rex. Angry, he intends to stop Tony; he starts to exit but is thrown when he finds Tony at his front door. Tony attempts to extend an olive branch and professes his innocence. Rex harshly tells Tony that he is a Brady and that his life as a DiMera is over. Outside, Tony looks at the instructions from Stefano and muses that Rex doesn't realize how big of a mistake he is making. Shawn, Mimi and Belle tell Rex how proud they are of him and Shawn lets Rex keep a jacket he inadvertently put on. They bury the hatchet and Shawn welcomes Rex to the Brady family. Rex gets another headache and Mimi thinks it could be a sign that the killer is going to strike again.

Hope and Jennifer talk about the possibility of Jennifer having to terminate Jack's baby. Lexie gets a call from Celeste who informs her of Tony being set free. The line breaks up and Celeste feels the killer growing restless. Celeste thinks that the killer is going to strike again. Later Celeste shows up at Jennifer's and goes into a trance in which she walks through the park and is unable to remove the killer's mask. Concerned for her mother, Lexie tells Hope to call Marlena ASAP. Marlena arrives and eventually pulls Celeste out of her trance and Celeste says she saw two piercing yellow eyes.

Tony faces off with his Japanese Zen master. Stefano wanted his son, Tony, and his young ward, Rex, to train with master Hanzo Hattori. Unfortunately Rex is not included in this equation anymore and Hanzo gives Tony what he calls the instruments of his opponent. Hanzo warns Tony they are instruments of a real killer: a tiger claw and tooth.

At the Kiriakis estate Nicole shoots at and misses Victor. Victor refuses to tell Brady the truth about Nicole trying to shoot him and Nicole uses this to her advantage - Nicole tells Brady that Victor killed Colin.

Friday, January 16, 2004
by Joan

The day of Roman's funeral, nightmares plagued Hope and Marlena. Hope dreamt she was attending Bo's funeral, instead of Roman's. While Tony DiMera meditated with the tiger's tooth in hand, Marlena saw eyes appear before her. Addressing someone as the one who killed Roman, she saw a tiger leap at her. Shortly after, she saw Roman asking to take her home. While Hope woke from her dream, Marlena remained in a deep sleep.

At St. Luke's, Sami argued that Kate was not Roman's next of kin and should not be presented the flag from his coffin. Honoring Roman's wish, Kate reached out to an emotional Sami saying: "As much as I may want to, I can't hate you, because you are part of Roman as much as he is part of you." Lucas was helpless to console a grief-stricken Kate or Sami as they both ran out of the Chapel. Mimi encouraged Rex, who felt unworthy of being Roman's son, to join his family. Sami protested Rex's presence, while Shawn Douglas insisted that Rex was her brother. Finally, Grandpa Shawn scolded Sami into silence. Kim, Doug and Julie arrived, but Marlena was still missing. Jen and Alice prayed not only for Roman but also for Jen's baby. Despite the bad news she had been given by Lexie, Jennifer couldn't forget that this baby was Jack's promised gift.

John and Belle discussed Tony's visit to Rex, and the theory that the killer could be a woman. Concerned about Marlena they went to her apartment. Belle found her mother in so deep a sleep she thought her dead. Marlena awoke dazed and unaware that her nightgown was now torn. Saying she was dreaming of Roman, she asked why they had brought her back. Angry with Marlena's behavior towards John, Belle insisted he would never harm her, and begged that Marlena not tear their family apart

Delivering a eulogy for his brother, a tearful Bo called Roman a "true hero". Bo's words that Roman died happier than he had been in a long time brought bitterness to Sami's face. As the priest asked for Roman's wife to speak, Kate stood up. But at that moment, Marlena arrived asking to speak for Roman's children. Nodding quietly to the priest, Kate deferred to Marlena who then read a letter from Eric. Adding her own sentiment, Marlena said, "...I'm sorry, Roman, I wish things had turned out differently. But you will always remain alive in my heart." As family members wept, Marlena returned to a sobbing Sami as a somber Kate watched behind them. At the end of the Church service, Sami want to Lucas and Marlena to John's arms for consolation.

At the gravesite, shocked mourners found the gravestone engraved with Marlena's name next to Roman's. Stunned and unaware of the engraving, an apologetic Kate reminded Marlena that she had been unwilling to give up the plot. Marlena replied, "I never should have left this in your hands ľ any of it." Following a gun salute to Commander Brady, Taps was played as Bo offered the flag from Roman's coffin to Kate. With a simple "Give it to Sami," Kate held a red rose while Sami was presented her father's flag. Clutching it to her heart, Sami wept uncontrollably. Inside St. Luke's, Sami tearfully apologized to Roman, feeling responsible for praying not to be a family with Kate. A comforting Lucas escorted her out. Kate remained starkly alone and unconsoled in the chapel, half removing her wedding band.

Bo was forced to leave to answer a 911 page. No sooner had he left Hope turned to the gravestone, and, as in her dream, she saw Roman's name change to Bo's. Arriving home, Bo found Agent Spector waiting for him. Now the Director of the ISA, he warned that someone very dear to Bo was possibly facing death. Saying Bo was the only one who could help "her", Bo asked if it was Hope.

And at the DiMera Mansion, Celeste told Tony of her premonition seeing fierce yellow eyes. Speculating that Celeste's vision was metaphorical, and the killer like a predatory tiger, they agreed there was little time before another victim was claimed. Meanwhile, at the Cemetery, Marlena had just told John she was afraid to lose him when she heard a roar. Doug and Julie proudly showed off a souvenir of their travels, as Marlena stared into the yellow eyes of a Royal Bengal Tiger.

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