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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 5, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, April 5, 2004

While Lexie tends to Jennifer's stomach cramps, Jennifer begs Hope to get more information on Marlena for her. Lexie blames herself for not bringing Jennifer in when she first started cramping and after the shortest ultra sound ever, gives Jennifer the bad news. The abnormal cell growth is still taking up the baby's space, sending it into fetal distress. Jen begs for medication to stop the labor and prevent a miscarriage. Lexie isn't optimistic but agrees. Julie stops by and tells Jennifer that she and Doug never had a biological child together but that it did not stop them from having a fulfilled and wonderful life. She reminds Jennifer that she is blessed to have Abby and not to forget it. Since Jennifer is feeling better Abby, Mickey, and Julie say a few prayers at the hospital chapel and then go to the cafeteria for ice cream. Jennifer feels "alone" in the decision about the baby and asks for guidance from Jack. Soon she is back in labor. Lexie tells Jennifer that she consulted with other doctors and that the labor cannot be stopped; the baby is doomed. Jennifer falls apart and Lexie leaves her alone with her tears.

On bended knee, Shawn prepares to propose. Belle cuts him off telling him that she "doesn't deserve to be happy." Before she can tell him about the alibi lie a nurse interrupts to tell her that her mother is awake.

Bo, Hope, Sami, and John stand around Marlena's bed. Sami asks her to tell them she is innocent and Marlena does just that. As John takes Marlena's hand, her heart monitor goes crazy and Marlena falls unconscious. Belle and Shawn enter as the doctor stabilizes Marlena. John and the doctor tell Shawn and Belle to come back in the morning.

In the hallway, John and Bo argue over Marlena's innocence. John thinks "I'm innocent" means that she is legally innocent because she wasn't in her right mind. Sami jumps in to plead her mother's case once again but Bo says he doesn't really want to listen to "Salem's biggest liar." Sami vows, "I will do anything to protect my mother." After another round of Bo versus Sami versus John, Father Tim Jensen shows up to do a check-up on Marlena's soul.

Marlena tosses in her sleep, dreaming of being attacked by a tiger. Soon after, the group enters her hospital room and Father Jensen makes a cross on Marlena's forehead with holy water. When there is no reaction, Sami snips at John. Father Jensen warns that there is more than one way to check on the status of a soul. However, once Bo, Hope, and Father Jensen leave the room, Marlena wipes the holy water off her forehead in front of a confused Sami and John.

While checking in on Jen, Hope tells Lexie that Marlena said she was innocent. Because of the conflicting stories, Officer Hope says she is going to take grams' advice to not pass judgment and wait for the facts.

Shawn takes Belle back up to the rooftop to finish his proposal. Belle tells him that though she wants to marry him, she needs to tell him the truth about Marlena's alibi and that she lied. A disbelieving Shawn tells her that "it's too late" for them. Belle catches up with him outside the hospital chapel and explains that she was sure her mother was not the serial killer and wanted to give her an alibi because Shawn wouldn't back off of his accusations. Shawn tells her, "Things will never be the same" and runs into the chapel, closing the door in Belle's face.

Marlena wakes up again. She flashes back to Father Jensen and the holy water and says, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." A weepy Marlena gasps, "I should have known." "I told him I was innocent...and then he pushed me." A satisfied Sami grins at her mother who fixes her gaze on a horrified and hurt John.

Tuesday, April 6, 2004
by Joan

While Sami continued fighting in her mother's defense, others at University Hospital began to have doubts. As she regained consciousness, Marlena insisted she had never confessed to being the Serial Killer. With few witnesses to corroborate Marlena's claim that John had pushed her off the balcony, Bo was conflicted at Hope's suggestion of arresting John. Still unaware of Mrs. Horton's message for her, Hope questioned why Alice called John when in danger speculating John made the story up.

Kate had become convinced that Marlena was the Killer. Outside Marlena's room, John told her that Alice had called him identifying Marlena. Sami's accusation that only John could kill Alice was confirmed by Marlena who left her bed to say, "It's John. John is the Serial Killer." With those words, Marlena collapsed. Hope warned Bo, "Either you arrest him, or I will."

Still believing John was mistaken about Marlena, Belle tried to make things right with Shawn. But Shawn blamed Belle's lie for Alice's death. Disguised as a nurse, Jan listened to their argument hearing Shawn's displeasure with Belle. Nearly recognized by Philip, Jan sent a text message to Nicole.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole's bubble bath was interrupted by a scream when she saw Brady holding a radio near the tub. Recalling Victor's death, Brady reminded her the dangers of having one so close. Learning that Marlena was alive and expected to recover, Nicole was shocked when Brady told her she was suspected of Victor's murder. While she was confident of using her feminine wiles on Bo Brady during questioning, Nicole realized Jan might be quick to confess. Answering a text message from Jan to come to the hospital, Nicole rushed out. Moments later, Brady found Nicole gone, but the cell phone on the floor, wondering who she went to meet.

Not a family member, Patrick was unable to get news about Jennifer. Leaving Jen's room in tears, Lexie asked Patrick to stay with Jen. Patrick told Jen to trust in herself and her love for Jack. Suggesting she use mind over matter, Patrick gave Jennifer the coin to hold. Lexie returned preparing to deal with Jen's pre-term labor, but found her peacefully asleep. Calling it nothing short of amazing, Lexie found no further problems with the baby.

At University Hospital, Jan was convinced she would soon get Shawn and was ready to give Nicole the incriminating evidence in exchange. But Nicole wanted assurance that Jan wouldn't break under police pressure. Lucas asked Kate if Marlena was capable of killing those so dear to her. Kate replied, "If what I'm thinking is true, she's capable of that, and much, much more." Shawn told Hope about his Belle's lie. Calling that another strike against Marlena, Bo refused to arrest John. While Hope insisted Bo do something as Acting Commander, she could only wait and wonder as John and Marlena watched each other.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

John is at Marlena's bedside when Lexie arrives with Celeste. She heard what happened and thinks she has a way to reach Marlena and learn the truth. She believes if she makes physical contact with Marlena, she might get some insight into what she's done... and her motive for doing it. John is skeptical, but Lexie urges him to give Celeste a chance. Reluctantly, John agrees. Celeste takes Marlena's hand and reacts with a powerful vibe. She gasps: Marlena's innocent! John is suddenly struck: of course Marlena's innocent! John knows who the killer is... and he's going to get them now!

At home, Bo and Hope are still at odds over whether to believe John's statement that Marlena's the killer... or Marlena's statement that she's innocent and John tried to kill her. Bo hears from Tek that Alice's phone records corroborate that she did call John... and Hope is devastated when she hears Alice's voice message to call her right away. Shawn arrives, and their attention goes to their son. Shawn is reeling that Belle lied to him. He tells his parents he wants to spend the night in his old room. Hope shocks him by saying he can't stay there. She tells Shawn that she knows he still loves Belle. He has to try to make things right with her. Love is the only thing that really matters. Shawn leaves. Bo and Hope put aside their differences and come together, reaffirming their love in the face of all this horror, grief and sadness.

Miserable Belle is at her loft when Philip arrives with food to try to cheer her up. She tells him she doesn't want company, but Philip insists. As they eat, Philip reviews the ups and downs of Belle and Shawn's relationship. Belle is desperate to fix things with Shawn, but has no idea if she can. Philip holds forlorn Belle in his arms to comfort her as Shawn, dismayed and disbelieving, enters the loft and sees them.

Sami and Lucas bring Will back home. Will's worried about his mother and shocked that his grandmother Marlena could be the killer! Sami, adamant, says she isn't! Lucas manages to keep Sami quiet about her belief that John's the killer. Will believes Lucas saved his mom's life. In a genuine, heartfelt moment, Sami sincerely thanks Lucas for putting his life on the line for her. Will goes to bed. Lucas is about to leave when Sami tells him she doesn't want to be alone tonight. Lucas agrees to stay with her. As she falls asleep with Lucas, she mourns the loss of her father and the fear that she could lose her mother, too. And all because of John. She's afraid he won't stop until Sami's family is totally destroyed.

Thursday, April 8, 2004
by Joan

At the loft, Shawn walked in to see Belle hugging Philip. Sensing Shawn's presence, Belle ran out to call him. Unseen behind a wall, Shawn thought of Philip with Belle, considering it was time for him to move on. Deciding to follow Hope's advice, Shawn almost knocked at the loft door ≠ stopping suddenly and saying, "I can't." Inside Belle opened a fortune cooking that read, "You are loved by two, but only one can have you." Not happy with herself, Belle couldn't imagine Philip's suggestion that she might have a secret admirer. Confirming it, he added, "I admire you."

At Bonnie's request, Mimi and Rex, stopped by "Alice's Restaurant and Bar" finding Bonnie riding an electric bull. Mimi angrily asked, "Why can't she just be a normal mother?" As Bonnie was thrown by a now out of control electric bull, Rex came between her and the floor. But instead of thanking him, Bonnie took a bow herself saying "And a great catch I am!" Mimi said Maggie was spinning in her grave over the newly renovated Tuscany. But money-hungry Bonnie suggested Mimi go after Shawn and a trust fund Alice might have left him. Bonnie requested that Mimi put in a good word when Marlena was sentenced, so that she could clean out Marlena's closets.

Shawn arrived to tell Mimi and Rex that while he still loved Belle, the proposal was off. Unable to control his emotions, Shawn refused Mimi's advice to speak with Belle. Mimi called Belle insisting that she come immediately. While Belle was sure Shawn didn't want to see her, Mimi convinced Philip to bring her. Before leaving, Philip opened his own fortune cookie. It read, "Love is yours for the taking." As he looked at a picture of Belle he carried with him, she commented about his fortune, saying, "now all you have to do is find the perfect girl."

At University Hospital, Jen prepared to go home assisted by Patrick, Lexie and Celeste. Upon being introduced to Patrick, Celeste seemed to sense something as she shook his hand. Arriving at Jen's, the four found Jen's door open. Seeing Julie on the floor, Celeste whispered, "It's happening again." Celeste called it an omen, when Julie recounted being attacked by a swarm of bats. Julie's mistrust of Bonnie and her son brought more doubt when she heard about Patrick's coin. Her suggestion that Celeste read the Tarot cards for Patrick brought a negative response from him.

Julie left Jen's taking with her an invitation she found to the opening of Bonnie's club. Celeste stood with her arms crossed in front of Patrick with what he called a "very penetrating gaze." Realizing Celeste was getting a vibration, Lexie asked if it was about the killer. Staring at Patrick, Celeste answered, "I'm not sure, but somehow it's connected to Patrick." When Celeste asked to look at Patrick's coin, he blatantly lied, claiming to have lost the coin. Celeste would later say she sensed something interesting about Patrick intending to find out what it is.

At the former Tuscany, Belle watched Shawn pocket the ring as he said he could never forgive her. Julie arrived to find a Mickey delighted as Bonnie displayed a neon sign that read, "Alice's." And at the Brady's Hope wondered why she, Bo and Shawn were spared when so many family members died. Still not convinced about Marlena's guilt, Hope disagreed with Bo about Shawn and Belle's relationship. But a call from John advised them to join everybody at the Hospital. John was "bringing in the Killer."

Friday, April 9, 2004
by Joan

Waking from a dream about Patrick's help at the Hospital, Jen woke mistaking Patrick's figure for Jack. Denying that he was her Guardian Angel, Patrick still surprised Jen offering to make warm milk with vanilla, something Jack gave her. But watching Jen with Abby, Patrick looked at the coin and thought. "I can't go through with this. There's no way I can hurt Jennifer and her family."

At the Brady's Bo and Hope were curious at John's claim to have the Killer. Intent on sending the Killer to the death chamber, Bo's concern was that John wasn't doing things by the book.

As Lucas watched Sami toss and turn, he moved closer and kissed her as she woke. The moment was interrupted by a call from Hope to meet John at the Hospital. Still recalling Celeste's prediction, Sami worried about Marlena's safety from John. Lucas asked Sami to see that people were trying to work things out just as they were. At that moment, Sami realized their kiss wasn't a dream. And the two kissed again.

At the former Tuscany, Julie was appalled as Bonnie displayed a neon sign that read "Alice's" for Mickey. Julie scolded Mickey saying the restaurant's style had gone from an elegant establishment to an insult to everybody's memory. Unseen, Bonnie was delighted hearing Mickey come to her defense. Mickey justified the renovation recalling frequenting a country bar during his early days with Maggie. But once inside, Mimi told her mother that everyone knew she was going after Mickey for his money. Determined to see her daughter with Shawn, Bonnie used a few shots of hard liquor to convince Philip he should to go after Belle. As a nasty prank, Bonnie invited Julie to ride the mechanical bull, knowing there was trouble with it. The controls broke as Mickey tried to stop it, leaving Julie trapped on it.

Mimi told Rex she hoped Belle and Shawn would make up with nothing coming between again. But Philip was quick to say, "I wouldn't be so sure about that," explaining Belle was better without Shawn if he couldn't forgive her. Outside Shawn told Belle he still loved her, but that her lie caused him to lose two people in his life. Belle and Alice. Seeing Shawn had removed his Purity Ring, Belle realized he had given up on the relationship. Returning the ring, Shawn expressed his love and need for time to sort his feelings. With that, Belle returned the ring. And at that moment, Hope called to give Shawn with John's news.

John drove a bound woman in his car as he spoke about Roman mentioning this person but not as a suspect. Assessing motives and opportunity John declared their killing days were over. As John thought Marlena's confessions were an overreaction of his accusations, John was unaware that the bound woman had broken free. Strangling him with the duct tape from her wrists, the woman was unable to escape the car before John pulled a gun on her. But arriving at University Hospital, John brought in a woman with a scarf over her head. "I was right. Marlena didn't murder our loved ones. This monster did." Pulling off the scarf left everyone disbelief over what they saw.

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