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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 12, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, April 12, 2004

A comically horrified Julie struggles to hang on to the malfunctioning mechanical bull. Bonnie laughs in the corner and admits to Mimi that she did this to Julie on purpose. After Julie falls off the bull, she complains she almost died twice today; once from the bats and now the bull and both were Bonnie's fault. When Bonnie gives her lip, Julie goes for the throat. Literally. Rex pulls them apart as Mimi tells Bonnie that Bonnie is her worst enemy, not Julie. Thoroughly fed up, Julie gives Mickey an ultimatum that either Bonnie goes or she does. Mickey begs them to be friends but Julie is wary. After the bull riding incident, Mimi worries that she will turn into her mother. Rex comforts her and assures her that even a weird mother is better than what he had so he doesn't mind how inappropriate Bonnie is.

Brady grabs Nicole as she sneaks back in to the mansion. He confronts her over the 911 text message from Jan. Trying to cover her tracks, Nicole spins a yarn about an abused friend who needed stitches. Brady isn't buying it and informs her that while she was out, Tek came by to collect evidence without her interference.

John reveals his new suspect and it is none other than Hattie Adams. Bo wonders if it is a clone and Sami thinks it is her Aunt Samantha. John informs the group who she is and Bo points out that Marlena was the one that confessed. Desperate to free Marlena, John explains that Marlena must have just told him what he wanted to hear. When Sami starts to act up, John blames Marlena's head injury and Sami's screaming as the reason for Marlena accusing John of pushing her off the balcony. John believes based on the look-a-like history in Salem, that this is the work of Stefano DiMera.

Trusting this hunch, John brings back Bart, Stefano's "Guy Friday" henchman. Bart happily fills in the plot holes for the group, expositioning that Stefano met Hattie at the Hudson Street Diner and paid for Hattie's physical transformation into a Marlena double. Alas, Bart admits that he had no idea what the big plan for Hattie was. Bart merely followed Stefano's last order to finish the transformation. He adds that he was not aware of Hattie's involvement in the murders and did not come forward. Now that John got him to talk he wants to leave town to save his life. Shocked by the implication that Stefano could still be alive, Lexie confronts him. Still fearful of all angry DiMeras, Bart explains that Stefano is the Phoenix and he will always operate under the assumption that he could come back even though he has not heard from Stefano since he "died." Now up to date on whom Hattie is no one lets Bart say another word. After mourning the deaths of Roman and Abe, two of her best tippers at the diner, Hattie gorges herself on Alice's donuts and nearly chokes to death.

Belle, overwhelmed, goes up to the roof with Shawn. Philip follows Belle and Shawn when he sees Jan chase after them. On the roof, Belle almost sees Jan. Philip bursts out of the stairwell explaining he was following someone up to the roof. Since none of the three see Jan, Philip leaves them alone. Shawn apologizes to Belle for pushing her and blaming her. They make up while a jealous Jan watches in the corner. A forgiving Shawn promises a special proposal in the future. Angry, Jan sneaks back to her house to grab a knife.

Lucas is worried about Sami's anger and tells her to apologize to John. Unable to go that far, Sami tearfully urges John to join her in Marlena's room and update her on the situation. After seeing that Marlena is still unconscious, Sami cries in Lucas's arms. Without being able to talk to Marlena, Bo starts to read Hattie her Miranda rights. Realizing that this is not a reality show but an actual arrest, Hattie proclaims her innocence shouting that Marlena is the killer and that she can prove it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004
by Joan

At University Hospital, Bart assisted in defending Hattie's innocence. During Abe and Jack's murders, Hattie was in Europe for cosmetic surgery. Suffering an infection from that surgery, Hattie was then hospitalized from Halloween through Thanksgiving once again. A shoplifting charge put Hattie in jail from before Christmas until Valentine's Day. Confirming this, Bo was forced to release Hattie instructing her not to leave town. Hattie left with a tray of what she thought were Alice's last batch of donuts, now worth "a bundle" on EBay.

At Jan's parents' country house, Nicole found Jan had made a shrine to Shawn replacing Belle's picture with her own. Nicole's concern was that Tek had found prints at the Kiriakis Mansion that could be Jan's. Worried about matching prints to Jan's past criminal record, Nicole learned that Jan's files were sealed after posting Chloe's pictures on the Internet. But suggesting they separate for a time, Nicole tried unsuccessfully to find the evidence that Jan was hiding there in the house.

Saying she had prepared a room for Shawn's arrival, Jan showed Nicole a cage she'd built around a bed, with plans to live with Shawn as two "cooing doves." After helping her complete building the cage, Nicole could only refer to Jan as a "certifiable cuckoo."

As blame fell back onto Marlena, Shawn and Belle's reunion, just moments earlier, fell apart. Sami returned to the apartment hysterically removing John's photos from her family album. As Lucas told her John was trying to save Marlena, Sami was filled with hatred for John, saying she was comfortable with the hatred. Looking at her Lucas told Sami she was so hurt, she wouldn't recognize love if it were staring her in the face. Leaving her alone in tears, Lucas wanted to return to Sami but chose not to.

In preparation for her arrest, Bo handcuffed a sleeping Marlena to her hospital bed. When she awoke John couldn't answer when Marlena asked "why did you do this to me?" As he held her hand, Marlena helplessly watched Bo and Hope together outside.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

It's a dark day as Salem prepares to bury its beloved matriarch, Alice Horton and Doug Williams. Mickey, Julie, and Jennifer gather to ready for the funeral. At the funeral, Shawn can't speak to Belle... he's too overcome with grief. Bo, Hope, and Jennifer movingly remember Alice and Doug with memories and tributes. When Marlena and John show up, the mourners react in shock and horror.

Bo and Hope check on their son and are stunned to hear he's thinking about leaving town. Shawn explains he needs to get away to clear his head. He still loves Belle, but it's hard to see a future with her... now that they know Marlena was the killer and Belle lied to give her an alibi. Hope doesn't want Shawn to leave and is upset when Bo tells Shawn he thinks he should go and gives Shawn the keys to his motorcycle. Shawn says he's thinking about joining the merchant marines like his dad.

Belle doesn't want to go to the funeral, thinking Shawn and his family won't want her there. Mimi tries to tell her otherwise. Hope meets with Belle... but doesn't tell her about Shawn's plans to leave town. Hope urges Belle to fight for her man.

John is determined to find out if Marlena is innocent or guilty. Emotional Marlena can't remember why she confessed to John and swears she is not the serial killer. But if John and Marlena can't come up with exculpatory evidence, she could be headed for death row. Marlena insists she wants to attend Alice and Doug's funeral. Lexie overhears and hits the roof: over her dead body! As her physician, Lexie says Marlena is in no physical condition to attend. Alone with John, Marlena begs him to intercede with the cops and take her to the funeral.

Celeste wonders if she was wrong when she thought Marlena was innocent. John asks if perhaps she discerned what Marlena wanted to believe, rather than the actual truth. At the funeral, she runs into ghostly Alice, who portends doom for the residents of Salem.

Jan makes a bed with silk sheets in the "love cage" she has prepared for Shawn. Nicole still thinks she's certifiable. Jan is confident that she'll get Shawn to her country house hideaway somehow; she'll hold him hostage until he falls in love with her. Nicole is even more aghast when Jan decides to attend today's funeral. Nicole warns Jan that she is going to get caught. We see Nicole fears Jan will send them both straight to jail. At the funeral Shawn notices a stranger all in black (Jan) and he approaches to speak with her.

Kate urges Philip to make his move with Belle. Philip attends the funeral... he'll be there for Belle whenever she needs him.

Thursday, April 15, 2004
by Joan

Stopping for gas, Nicole found her car had a flat. Having car trouble himself en route to Alice's funeral, Brady questioned Nicole's shielding her face at the sound of police sirens. As he changed her tire, Brady accused Nicole of using him in the past. Nicole admitted her jealousy of Chloe's success compared to her own sordid past, but Brady reminded her of Chloe's foster-home childhood and struggle with Leukemia. Despite her tears and denial of implication in Victor's death, Brady accused her of being a good actress. As Brady remained convinced she had an accomplice, Nicole recalled even Marlena putting the pieces of Victor's murder together.

Meeting someone outside, Patrick was told to do what he came to Salem to do. Rex listened as Patrick refused to do anything that would hurt Jennifer. While Rex introduced himself to Patrick, the stranger now hidden looked over a photo of Jen.

At "Alice's" Restaurant, Bonnie had just prayed to a deceased Alice for a successful business. Her prayer was followed by a visit from a State Board representative who denied Bonnie's liquor license application due to her questionable past, which included misdemeanors. Bonnie's flirtations in an attempt to bribe him were unsuccessful. Rex and Patrick stopped by finding a distraught Bonnie. Delighted to help, Rex was unaware of a new scheme Bonnie was planning as she suddenly said he and Mimi made a great couple. Meanwhile, Mimi and Patrick were promising never to let the people they cared about get mixed up with their crazy mother.

At St. Luke's, Philip advised Belle not to crowd Shawn as he spoke with Jan posing as a mourner. Mimi observed "more trouble", as shocked mourners saw John bring Marlena to the funeral, cuffed to her wheelchair. Screaming, "Murderess!" Julie accused, "She killed my husband. She killed my grandmother. How dare you come into this House of God?" Mickey and Bo restrained Julie as she strangled Marlena. John assured that Marlena posed no threat, to which Julie continued, "She won't be satisfied until every last Horton is dead! She's a killer. She doesn't belong in the House of the Lord!" Addressing Marlena she cursed her saying, "May God strike you dead!"

As Julie sobbed hysterically, Bo was furious with John. Saying she asked John to bring her, Marlena said, "I didn't kill Doug or Alice. I loved them." Belle embraced her mother, and Hope still gave Marlena benefit of the doubt, against Bo's argument not to delude herself. As John promised to prove her innocence, a grateful Marlena said her family meant everything to her. Bitterly, Julie replied, "Then you'll excuse us while we bury ours. Your last two victims are lying in their coffins. Unless you want to join them, I suggest you keep your distance, Marlena."

Shawn followed the disguised Jan outside. Saying she was a close friend of Mrs. Horton, Jan claimed that Alice had thought she was the best match for her great-grandson. As Shawn tried to introduce her to Hope, Jan disappeared. Nearby, she watched Hope at Doug's gravesite, saying a simple "I love you, Daddy", as she placed a rose on his casket. Abby brought her great-grandmother's favorite flowers, as Jen thanked her Gram for everything. Bereft, Julie cautiously offered flowers as she told Doug, "You take my heart with you. I'll be loving you, always." Breaking the sound of sobbing around him, Shawn approached Alice saying, "You took such great care of us all. I am sorry. I love you so much, Gran." As family members consoled one another, Hope reminded Shawn Douglas that her father was proud of his namesake.

Leaving the gravesite, Bo fired Officer Pirelli for allowing Marlena to leave the hospital. While John took responsibility Marlena insisted on her desire to pay her respects. Bo coldly asked, "Do you get some kind of perverse pleasure out of seeing your victims buried on the very spot you killed Doug?" Marlena declared her innocence based on her whereabouts during the first murder. But Bo confirmed that discussions with Eric as well as airline records proved she had left earlier. As they left, Marlena questioned Bo's remarks while John reminded her that Eric nor airline records wouldn't lie. Leaving Marlena to wonder, "Oh, well maybe it's true. Maybe I did it. Maybe I'm the Killer."

Friday, April 16, 2004
by Joan

At Alice's Restaurant, Bonnie got drunk as she served liquor to Rex from a personal flask, trying to beat the denial of a liquor license. Suspicious of Bonnie's offering Rex a job as bartender, Mimi warned Rex it could spell disaster. Not convinced, Rex accepted the job, unaware that Bonnie had just lifted his watch. Retrieving the watch, Mimi warned her mother she could end up in a cell next to Marlena.

At St. Luke's Marlena worried that testimony by her own family could send her to death row. Julie summoned Bo when she found Celeste unconscious on the floor. But as she came to, Celeste said, "It was Alice." Bo said premonitions wouldn't convict a killer and left. But Celeste told Hope, Julie and Mickey that the killings would not stop. Alice's news, "Before the suffering is over, one more death will come to Salem" was met by a promise from Julie to kill Marlena herself.

Outside the chapel Brady and Nicole were shocked to see Marlena out of the hospital. Afraid of running into Marlena, Nicole couldn't leave since she was Brady. Stopped by Bo, Nicole and Marlena listened as he asked which one of them had the motive to kill Victor. Aside, Marlena asked Nicole why she was seen with Jan outside Belle's apartment. When Nicole claimed to have just run into Jan, Marlena challenged Nicole, saying, "You were just up to no good weren't you?" As Julie interrupted, asking Bo to jail Marlena, Nicole rushed away. While Hope warned about Alice's news, Bo called Lexie, learning that John never had authorization to take Marlena from the Hospital. Advising Lexie that Marlena was returning, Bo asked that she be treated as a prisoner under 24-hour guard.

Visiting Jack's grave Jen was startled by Patrick, who left briefly to speak with the lurking stranger who was following her. Jennifer overheard voices saying her name. Patrick was told by the stranger, "We've got a job to do all the way to the end. Don't back out now." But when questioned about it by Jen, Patrick lied saying it was a friend of Bonnie's who worked at the hospital with Alice.

Shawn told a disguised Jan of his plans to leave Salem. Calling herself "Mrs. B", Jan asked him to spend some time at her country house. Giving him the address, she added that she was a recluse, asking that he keep his visit a secret. Afterwards, Shawn refused Belle's questions about "Mrs. B" saying it was personal. Belle's condolences and apology for Marlena's presence only made things worse. Belle said she wouldn't be able to live with herself if Marlena was guilty and her lie caused Shawn's loss. Jan was delighted as Shawn grew angrier with Belle, but was surprised as Nicole pulled off her disguise. Warning her about Marlena, Nicole also warned Jan that once she got Shawn to the country house, she'd never be able to let him go or she'd end up in jail herself.

St. Luke's Cemetery, Brady approached Celeste asking for vibes about Nicole. Telling him to watch out for her, Celeste said, "I sense lies and danger." Julie turned down Mickey's invite for an after-funeral meal at "Alice's Bar." And at University Hospital Marlena was sorry she went to the funeral. "How do I convince them, John, that I'm not the monster they think I am ... when I'm not even convinced myself?" John told her the evidence was stacking up against her leading to the death penalty. But John suggested an idea to find out if she were guilty, warning it would be a huge risk, that she could be signing her own death warrant. "I'm willing to risk my life. I have to know the truth," Marlena choked. "I have to know if I'm the Salem Stalker."

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