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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 19, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, April 19, 2004

When Lucas doesn't show for his grandmother's funeral, a worried Kate finds him tending to a sick Sami who has passed out on the floor. Upon learning of Sami's faintness and stomach pain, Kate believes that Lucas got Sami pregnant once again. Acting like fourth graders, Lucas and Sami overact their disgust at her conclusion. But in their minds, they both remember when they almost made love on the camping trip. Kate swears that Sami is putting on an act but Lucas insists that Sami's confrontation that morning with a reporter over Sami's own death chamber experience has made her truly upset. On hearing this, Kate whips out the late edition of "The Intruder" with "Like Mother, Like Daughter?" as the headline above Sami and Marlena's pictures. On overload, Sami runs to her room and Kate takes the opportunity to push Lucas to go for full custody. Lucas won't hear of it but Kate is fearful that Lucas is confusing pity for love and might act on his attraction to Sami. While arguing about the matter of custody, Sami overhears and begs Lucas not to take Will away from her. Kate refuses to back down on Sami's fitness as a mother and Lucas stands up for Sami by pointing out Kate's own child custody history. About ready to snap, Sami shoves Lucas and Kate out of the apartment, and then breaks out the hard liquor. She drinks and complains that she has nothing to live for.

Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn discuss his plans to blow town. Shawn wants to follow his dad's lead and leave town to clear his head. Belle reminds him of their night on the roof and confides her fear that it would be over between them and that she would not be able to forgive herself. Shawn changes his tune and tells her, "It's not your fault. It's mine." Noting her confusion, he explains that he promised to protect Alice but he failed her.

Bo and Hope are at odds over Shawn's decision to leave town. Bo thinks it means he is growing up and to let him go. Hope thinks Shawn is running away.

Bonnie is having a luncheon in Alice's honor at "Alice's" restaurant. Mickey cajoles Julie into coming in for a bite followed shortly thereafter by a worried Celeste. Celeste warns that "evil is near" and informs the group of her chitchat with the ghost of Alice about the future death of another loved one. And then they eat bad food with smiles on their faces. Except for the new chef who is fired by a chipper Bonnie.

John wants to try an exorcism to determine whether the devil made Marlena do it. Since the apparent memory loss is symptomatic of her possession before, he pushes her to agree to it. Marlena flashes back to those demonic times and thinks about the demon-like sex and the repeated strangulation attempts on Father John. Marlena finally begins to come around and worries that perhaps she is possessed and may have indeed killed her friends and loved ones. After Marlena dreams of being possessed and killing John, she decides to go ahead with the exorcism. A thrilled John is hopeful that the devil is the culprit since he took copious notes last time and thinks he knows how fix the problem to save Doc.

At "Alice's," Bo gets a call that John has removed Marlena from her hospital room so Bo, Hope, Shawn, and Belle race to the hospital chapel. Celeste, Julie, Mickey, and Bonnie stay behind and contemplate the possible possession. Celeste holds her stomach and makes a face. However, it isn't the bad food that has made her sick but the possibility that Marlena has been innocent all along and that her visions were confused by the presence of the devil.

Marlena and John meet with Father Jansen in the chapel for the exorcism. Bo thinks it is a set-up but Hope remains open minded. Their son doesn't weigh in on the matter but silently comforts Belle. A tearful Marlena says she is ready. Father Jansen puts a cross up to her forehead and Marlena violently flinches away from it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004
by Joan

At Alice's Restaurant, Bonnie was feeling pessimistic about opening the Club without a liquor license. But Rex gave her the idea the let someone else hold the license for her. Bonnie was forced to tell Mickey that her past deeds denied her the license. Knowing that Mickey held Maggie's Tuscany liquor license, Bonnie played on Mickey's sympathies persuading him to help.

Outside Sami's apartment, Kate tried to convince Lucas that as Marlena's daughter, Sami might bear similarly bad traits to Salem's Serial Killer. Reminding Lucas of Sami's past, Kate suggested Lucas get full custody of Will for his protection. In turn, Lucas reminded Kate of her promise to Roman about caring for Sami. Kate and Lucas found a despondent Sami inside the apartment with traces of alcohol on her breath. As they argued, an astonished Will walked in on his parents. Kate wanted to call Child Protection Services to report Sami as an unfit mother. But Lucas made arrangements to send Will to Grandpa Shawn.

At the Hospital Chapel, Father Tim began the first words of Exorcism, "Behold the Cross of the Lord", as Marlena jumped at the site of the Crucifix. When a cold breeze blew, Bo, Hope, Belle, Shawn and John remained present despite Fr. Tim's warning. Marlena grew tremulous rattling her handcuffs as Fr. Tim continued the Latin invocations. With a wind now blowing in the chapel, Marlena's eyes opened, now green, as the evil within her greeted the priest.

Growls changed to benevolence briefly at Belle's voice but the evil within Marlena grabbed Belle by the throat. As Bo and Hope aimed their pistols at Marlena, the Evil threatened to take Belle with it. Fr. Tim loudly cried out his prayers, as John tried to reach Marlena saying she wouldn't want to hurt her daughter. Fr. Tim's prayers ended as he touched the Crucifix to Marlena's forehead. As she went limp, Fr. Tim said, "The evil is gone." To which John replied, "And so is she." But Marlena had only passed out as the evil light left her eyes. Fr. Tim explained that he had used an invocation inviting an evil force to use Marlena as a host, claiming the new evil would challenge one already present. But according to Fr. Tim, Marlena was not possessed and now the newly invited evil was exorcised from her.

Confirming that Marlena was not possessed, Bo said she was now responsible for nine murders. As Marlena denied it, John tried to intervene on his wife's behalf. As Hope begged Bo to show some mercy he replied, "Did she show any mercy when she butchered your father, or my mother or brother or Mrs. H.? No. Why should any of us show her mercy?" Emotionally accentuating some victims' names, Bo arrested Marlena while she wept helplessly. "Marlena Evans Black, you're under arrest for the murder of Alice Horton, Doug Williams, Anthony Dimmer, ROMAN Brady, Cassie DiMera, CAROLINE Brady, Maggie Horton, Jack Deveraux and Abe Carver. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law!"

At the Loft, Mimi schemed with Philip to get Shawn and Belle back together. Looking at Belle's picture, Philip said he would do whatever he could to keep Belle happy. But once she was out of the room, Philip added, "I'm sorry, Meems. Some deals are meant to be broken." On the roof, Belle arrived to find a radio playing a special tune. Not far behind, Shawn followed the sound of the music finding Belle being consoled in Philip's arms.

At Sami's apartment, Lucas refused to let her continue drinking as she went deeper into depression. In struggling to get the bottle from her, Lucas apologized as he slapped Sami once in the face. At the moment, police officers broke in at the request of a neighbor. Sami and Lucas exchanged glances as he was arrested for domestic disturbance assault and battery. And at the Salem PD, John and Marlena said their goodbyes, as Bo said, "It's time. In fact, it's long past due."


With no resistance and tearful silence, Marlena was booked, fingerprinted and had her "mug shot" taken by Acting Commander In Chief Bo Brady with Evans listed as her last name on the sign held in front of her. With just a moment alone with John before being transported to the county lockup facility, she cried and begged him to help her, declaring she has no memory of any of the killings. Then goes on to question her own innocence and admits she should pay the ultimate price if she is guilty. John kissed and hugged her, professing his undying love and swore that he "will move heaven and earth" to help her. Bo delivered Marlena to county lockup, where she was made to change into the standard orange prison jumpsuit. Assured she would be watched by extra security and also that she was on suicide watch, she entered a holding cell with 6-8 female prisoners who immediately started heckling her. It seemed they all knew the famous Dr. Marlena Evans up close and personal yet she couldn't place any of them. She appeared very fearful and with good reason. One of the females named Crystal had been treated by her and made it very clear Marlena would have trouble. Crystal left, having been notified she had a visitor who turned out to be Nicole. Realizing Jan was more trouble than she was worth, Nicole, decided to take matters into her own hands and promised old porn pal, Crystal, lots of money and legal help to get out of jail and start a new life with her daughter. In turn, Nicole asked Crystal to kill Marlena, who ultimately agreed. Crystal returned to the cell as Nicole left with satisfaction. Back in the cell, things heated up with food being dumped on Marlena by one prisoner and Crystal proudly proclaimed Marlena as hers. A fight broke out and when all was said and done, all the prisoners were unconscious on the floor, scattered about and on top of each other.

Belle begged Shawn not to leave town but things went from bad to worse with a Philip and Shawn escalation confrontation that eventually broke out in FIGHT Number 2 on the show today. With Jan standing at her eavesdropping post, Belle cried about her rights to cry over her Mom's incarceration and the accusations Marlena had been accused of, not to mention that her own life (Belle's) had fallen apart and that Philip was her only friend. The guys were flinging insults and dagger looks at each other which of course had to cross the line. Philip taunted Shawn, then punched him to the ground as Belle tried to separate them.

After the police saw Lucas slap Sami, he was handcuffed, arrested and taken to jail. Kate and Sami had to go also to give statements but once there, there was a lot of thinking being done by everyone. Lucas told the officer Sami's state of mind lately, including her drinking, her inability to cope with her father's death and her mother's arrest, her general out-of-control personality but then stopped just short of completing the sentence, "I love HER!" as Sami looked on. Through flashbacks, she remembered her own near-execution and the poison that was already in her veins, her own mortality virtually over until Lucas had in a last ditch effort burst into the room and admitted his guilt. Sami, bravely told the officer that Lucas was telling the truth and came clean about what had really happened in her apartment. Kate just stood by and wondered to herself what Sami might be up to by her helping Lucas.

As the show ended, Bo received a call from the county lock-up alerting him to the fight in the holding cell. Bo relayed to Hope and John that there had been not just a fight, but also a stabbing and a death. As the show ended, on the jail cell floor, were all the female prisoners but it was not possible to tell what had happened.

Thursday, April 22, 2004
by Joan

On the roof of the Loft, Shawn accused Philip of moving in on Belle, and Philip demanded that Shawn see Belle's side of it. As the two fought, Mimi was accidentally struck. Revived, Mimi brought news about the stabbing incident at Marlena's cell.

At the Holding Cell Marlena appeared beaten up and frightened. She denied accusations that she killed fellow prisoner, Tina. Hope noted that the knife, fashioned from a spoon, could not have been made in the time Marlena was there. Bo questioned the inmates, but not recognizing their answers as lies. The guards claimed Marlena resisted them after threatening prisoners. But Marlena's recollections were of waking up on the floor with bloody hands as a hand swept something from the floor. Using the sharpened spoon, she tried to fend off intimidating prisoners until the guards brutally cuffed her. John suggested, Marlena be tested for any neurological disorder that might affect her behavior. Against Bo's judgment Marlena was sent to be tested by Lexie.

Returning to Sami's apartment, Lucas and Sami began relating to one another warmly. Grateful to Sami for not having him jailed, Lucas apologized for slapping her. But Sami admitted her own poor behavior; disappointed at how she handled situations in the past. While Sami speculated about John's motives for helping Marlena, Lucas could only suggest it was out of love. Surprising Sami, Lucas pledged not to ever sue for sole custody of Will again. Sami asked forgiveness for the many things she'd done to him, while Lucas assured her he didn't hate her. Considering all they'd been through Lucas compared themselves to an old married couple. Promising to be there whenever she needed him, Lucas held Sami as he said, "Will and I need you, too."

Lucas was ready to leave after getting Sami settled for the night, but when she asked him to say the night in bed next to her, Lucas didn't think it a good idea. Admitting that he loved her, Lucas explained, "I'm trying to be the man you deserve, trying to put your needs before my own." With a passionate kiss, Lucas told Sami he loved and wanted her. But he never left once Sami admitted loving him, too.

At University Hospital, Shawn was unable to get through to Belle who was now too distraught over her mother. Hope began to believe in Marlena's guilt, and Bo personally guarded Marlena as Lexie ran tests. Bo assured John that his refusal to testify was not needed since he considered the prison inmates "star witnesses" to a murder. Outside Marlena's room, John watched and whispered, "You're no killer, Doc. I know that in my heart, and now I gotta prove it. I don't know just how I'm going to do that ...but I will.

Friday, April 23, 2004
by Joan

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole was delighted at television reports of a stabbing in Marlena's Detention Cell. Thinking her plan had worked, she was overheard by Brady whispering to herself. "YES! With Marlena dead, Jan's the only one who can tie me to Victor's murder. Two down, one to go." Thinking she referred to her drink, Brady scolded Nicole for drinking. But Brady grew suspicious at Nicole's apparent disappointment when she learned Marlena was alive.

At University Hospital, Marlena waited for test results, lost the will to live with the options facing her. Having no memory of killing, she was distraught at the damage brought not just to victims' family but her own as well. Belle listened as Marlena asked John to help her die. Bo's grudge strengthened for Marlena and for John who was protecting her. But despite her own grief and conflict, Hope tried to encourage Shawn and John, while suggesting that John come to terms that Marlena could be the Killer.

Mimi advised Philip not to intervene when Shawn followed Belle. Thinking that her Aunt Samantha's poor mental history might be passed on, Belle worried that Shawn's children didn't deserve having a Serial Killer as a grandmother. As she prayed for a sign in the Hospital Chapel, Shawn arrived calling him the answer to her prayer. Philip watched as Shawn embraced Belle saying he would not walk away. Saying he would give Belle the time she needed, Shawn decided not to join the Merchant Marines. Showing her the heirloom Brady ring he was still holding for her, Shawn also replaced the Purity ring to his finger.

At her apartment, Sami abruptly left in a confused state, leaving Lucas calling to find where she'd gone. But she returned just as abruptly with coffee for both of them, saying she'd never really left. Thinking Sami regretted their time together, Lucas apologized for taking advantage of Sami's intoxication. But when he admitted still needing her, Sami returned the sentiment with a kiss. Sami and Lucas were in agreement about Kate's displeasure that they were "together," but in their newfound happiness, didn't seem to care.

At University Hospital, Lexie announced that test results showed no medical reason to explain Marlena's violent behavior. Psychiatric examination showed that Marlena's knowledge of right from wrong might have traumatized her to suppress memories of her deeds. But Lexie told a distressed John, "But she definitely knew exactly what she was doing." But as Bo arranged for Marlena's transport to isolation in prison, John refused to let her go. Head to head in the hospital hall, Bo threatened to arrest John. Before walking away, a desperate John cried, "What do you guys expect from me? This is my wife..."

Mimi's suggestion to use sodium pentothal, a truth serum, on Marlena was agreed upon even by Bo. But at the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady grew suspicious when that news prompted a nervous Nicole to rush to the hospital and stop the procedure. Although Belle admitted to loving him, Shawn found her in Philip's arms when she learned about her mother's test results. And while John argued that a truth serum could railroad Marlena into the gas chamber, Marlena agreed. "I'll take the serum. I have no idea if I have brutally murdered nine of our closest friends. But I really want to know the truth. I want to know what I've done."

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