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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 7, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, June 7, 2004

Based on Celeste's prediction, Bo, Hope, Mimi, and Rex comb Shawn's room for clues. Hope finds an earring and Bo dusts it for fingerprints. After finding only a partial print, Rex does some fancy computer work with the police database and pulls up a suspect who is a murderer.

At Jan's cottage, Shawn gets loose and forcibly takes the key to the cage from Jan. Urged on by her Kewpie Doll, Jan throws burning hot coffee onto Shawn when he tries to escape. Jan chains him back up and cleans him off but when Shawn continues to babble about his love for Belle, Jan announces she is going to get the key. Unfortunately for Shawn, she meant the key to her gun cabinet. Crazy Jan then informs Shawn of her plan to spend the rest of the evening stalking and killing Belle.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole fantasizes about making out with Brady, then sympathizes with him about the loss of the opera hall. Brady tells her that John suspects that Crystal is her accomplice to Victor's murder. However, Nicole informs Brady that Crystal was out of town when Victor died. When Brady tells her to just ask Crystal to leave, she claims that she owes her for protecting her back in her adult film days. Vaguely touched by Nicole's story, Brady offers to take Nicole out to dinner to thank her for standing up for the Isabella Toscano Opera Hall.

On the Blue Note dance floor, Crystal and John dance closely as a disgusted Kate cuts in. Then John and Kate share a slow dance while Crystal stews in the corner. To ease Kate's fears, John informs Kate of his plan to seduce Crystal into giving him information about Victor's murder. When discussion turns to the turbulent meeting between Bo, Philip, Brady, and Nicole, Kate correctly identifies Nicole's plan to plant discord in the group. As they continue to dance, John protests when Kate says Shawn's background is too different from Belle's for a successful relationship. Backtracking, Kate says that she meant his nomadic ways but John is quick to point out that Philip ran off and joined the Marines. As the song ends, Kate turns away to find Crystal who throws a drink in her face. Kate heads off for Basic Black in a huff while a giggly John thanks Crystal for running off the work-minded employee who was bothering him. After nibbling on Crystal's hand for a bit, John questions her about Nicole's fitness to be with Brady. Crystal calls Nicole a killer.

Meanwhile, Brady and Nicole arrive at the Blue Note. Brady goes to take care of some invoices while a very worried Nicole spots Crystal and John getting cozy.

At Basic Black, just as Philip is about to name the woman he loves, Belle cuts him off claiming that if she knew the girl's name she might spill the beans and ruin it for Philip. Belle dreams about running for President of the United States briefly before rehashing Shawn's absence with Philip. Trying to get her mind off the subject, Belle shows her new designs to Philip and hopes to use her talent for a charitable cause. On cue, Kate arrives at Basic Black and offers Belle the position of Director of the Basic Black Foundation. When Belle feels overwhelmed, Kate announces that Philip is going to help her. Philip and Belle hug in celebration.

Tuesday, June 8, 2004
by Joan

In Jennifer's kitchen, Bonne besieged Patrick with questions thinking he was behind the messages from Jack to Jen. As Patrick denied involvement in a scam, his mother was scamming Jen by stealing her groceries. Worried about Patrick's involvement with thugs, Bonnie recommended he give them what they want. But Patrick was unable to set Jen up. In another room, Abby found Jen looking for computer messages from Jack, and the two reminisced about him.

On Salem Island, Marlena found a Dictaphone in her Penthouse drawer, and began recording that Roman and Abe were looking for Jack. The doorbell interrupted her dictation and Marlena nearly fainted seeing Victor at her door. Stunned that she had confessed under sodium pentothal that she hadn't killed him, Marlena still believed Victor was dead. Victor speculated that whoever was behind the Salem Island plot used his attempted murder to their advantage, but he placed blame squarely on Nicole. The two compared notes as Victor revealed his murderer was Jan Spears. Thinking Nicole was convicted for his murder, Victor was indignant that she was free. But he was shocked that his will and the incriminating evidence in the safe were never found. As Victor explained Jan's motive was to get Shawn, and that she was "potentially more deadly than Nicole." Marlena worried about Belle as Victor while Victor's concern was for Brady. Referring to Nicole, he said, "Anything she can't have or control, she kills."

At Jan's, Shawn tried convincing her she was not a killer as she planned to kill Belle. Denying his argument, Jan recalled watching Victor's electrocution. Shawn's effort to offer himself if Jan wouldn't kill Belle didn't work. Claiming that it was Belle who was obsessed with him, Jan left the radio on, so Shawn could hear the news when she was found dead.

As Philip and Belle worked on the Basic Black Foundation, Belle hoped there would be enough money to fund the Concert Hall. But Philip's displeasure about the idea made Belle think that Philip's mystery love was Chloe. A surprise delivery of champagne and dessert arrived for the two, sent by Kate.

From the bar of the Blue Note, Nicole caught sight of John plying Crystal with questions. Beating Brady across the floor, Nicole was unable to get them to join her for dinner so she deliberately spilled a drink at Crystal as a distraction. Following Crystal to the Ladies Room, Nicole warned her to stay away from John. Nicole reminded her that John was with the ISA, but Crystal was determined not to lose him. Meanwhile, outside a na´ve Brady was telling his father about Crystal's background thinking she had just arrived in Salem. Saying he would do a check on Crystal, John took her champagne glass with him to check the fingerprints against those found in the Kiriakis Mansion.

At the Deveraux house, Jen thought she heard Jack's voice calling her name twice at the computer. She watched as the words appeared on the screen. "Jennifer, It's Jack. I've missed you so much and I want you to know that I'm alive...I'M ALIVE !" On Salem Island, Marlena called the plot evil, while Victor remarked that perhaps the person behind this delights in knowing of the Castaways inability to warn or help those in danger in Salem. And outside a window at Basic Black, a disguised Jan aimed the silenced gun at an unsuspecting Belle.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Shawn struggles mightily against the shackles and desperately tries to escape from Jan's homemade prison to save Belle. An apparently superhuman Shawn breaks free, hops on his bike. Jan aims her gun, ready to take out Philip and Belle, as crazed Shawn races to stop her. When Shawn finally arrives, he is too late - Belle is shot in the chest and dies in his arms. Suddenly, the tape rolls backwards at hyper-speed and we realize it was all a fantasy - Shawn, still shackled in the cage, fears his girlfriend is about to die!

Jan gets Belle in her gun sights but is prevented from taking a shot when Philip returns. Philip and Belle resume the romantic champagne and dessert Kate set up for them. We see Philip gazing at Belle with love in his eyes. Belle clearly still loves and misses Shawn. Jan wants to gag... figures she'll just have to whack Belle and Philip! As Jan goes to shoot, she lowers her gun. Seeing Philip and Belle looking intimate at the romantic table gives Jan an idea. She starts snapping photos of the couple, hoping to convince Shawn that Belle has fallen for Philip. Belle is determined to get Philip together with the girl he's interested in and he still can't confess to Belle. Belle gives Philip a dance lesson and we see Philip loves having her in his arms. Jan keeps snapping pictures!

Jennifer gets another computer message from Jack and is now convinced he's alive! Julie and Mickey arrive. Julie confides her worry about Jennifer, that she is deluding herself about Jack coming back to her for the birth of the baby. Jennifer rushes to tell Patrick that Jack contacted her again but when they check the computer screen, it's blank. Jennifer swears Jack is out there trying to get back to her. Julie, Patrick, Mickey cannot dissuade her. Jennifer hears Jack's old car pull into the garage but Patrick checks... no car there. Jennifer gets so agitated and overwrought that she faints. Julie sees her pulse is racing and gets Mickey to call Lexie. Patrick gets another call from the mystery guy and Patrick demands to know if someone is trying to gaslight Jennifer. Ominous mystery guy warns him that Jennifer and her baby are about to die.

Sami schemes to destroy Kate with a white-collar crime scheme. Lucas finds her research but Sami covers. Kate arrives to say goodbye to Will before he leaves for summer camp and warns Lucas that Sami is still out to get her. Lucas wants to give Sami a chance to prove herself. Sami has a fantasy of Kate as Martha Stewart's cellmate and slave. Kate watches Sami warily, fearing Sami is out to destroy her!

Thursday, June 10, 2004
by Joan

Jan returned home telling Shawn she decided to spare Belle, but explained that Belle was no longer a threat. "She doesn't love you anymore." Showing him the photos of Belle with Philip at Basic Black, Jan tried to prove that Belle was no longer thinking of him. Meanwhile, Philip was distressed at Basic Black as Belle insisted he confide his feelings to his mystery love. While Philip told her that Shawn still loved her, Belle was having doubts. Later on Salem Pier, Philip was surprised when Belle hugged him for giving her an idea how to get Shawn back.

As Sami made diabolical plans for Kate, a trusting Lucas argued with his mother about Sami's intentions. Sami fantasized replacing Kate as Executive Material, imagining Lucas, Philip and Belle turning against Kate. Unable to convince Lucas that Sami was up to something, Kate insisted that Sami was using Lucas to get her.

At the Blue Note, John left with Crystal's glass for evidence promising Crystal he'd see her later. Brady sensed Nicole's nervousness when she told him John was "driving down a dead-end street."

At the Salem PD, Tek introduced Assistant D.A. Ray Diaz, who had business elsewhere. As John spoke to Tek about Crystal's porn past, Tek began to wonder what else she might be hiding.

While Sami kept her activities a secret, Lucas and Kate found her dressed to the nines flirting with D.A. Ray Diaz at the Blue Note. Watching the couple unseen, Kate advised Lucas that Sami only loves herself. "Sami smiles, and I don't see a lovely young woman. I see evil." Furious that Sami had just spoken of a future together with him, Lucas watched as Sami asked the D.A. about bringing down executives. Calling himself the fool that wouldn't listen, Lucas declared this was the last time. Meanwhile, Sami was falling under the charm of the D.A. as he invited her back to his place.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Crystal's plans to spend the evening with John were thwarted by Nicole. Saying John would kill her himself if he learned that Crystal brought down Marlena, Nicole spoke of the dangers surrounding her. Recounting Jan's help in Victor's murder, Nicole lived in fear of Bo Brady's suspicions. Nicole insisted that Crystal get out of Salem. But as Crystal made new demands for clothes, jewelry and credit cards, in exchange for not snitching to John, Nicole now found herself at the mercy of two blackmailers.

Downstairs John arrived telling Brady that the fingerprint on Crystal's glass did not match those found in the Mansion. But a sudden call from Tek shed new light for John as he told Brady, "Crystal was involved - in killing my wife!"

Friday, June 11, 2004

Due to NBC News coverage of the funeral of Former President Ronald Reagan, Passions did not air. Today's show will air in Passions' regular timeslot on Monday, June 14th and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this preemption.

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