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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 16, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, August 16, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air today. In its place, we offer a special flashback episode from June 1990, an episode chosen by actress Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton Deveraux) as her favorite personal episode. To review more recaps from DAYS's past, click here.

As part of our special two-week Olympic hiatus "special," our recapper, Spalding, shares with us this favorite DAYS memory...

Favorite Days Memory: Jack kidnapping Jennifer from her wedding to Emilio. As the sounds of "Rescue Me" flowed out of my television, I don't think I ever grinned or laughed as much in my life. That made me a Days fan for life. These are the kinds of things that make soaps so dang enjoyable to me.

And now, this special recap for Days of our Lives episode #6290, which originally aired in June 29, 1990.

Ernesto Toscano talks to his henchman about his plan to poison his daughter, Isabella, just like he did her mother. When Isabella hears Ernesto talk about "the accident" he is forced to tell her about the ship sinking. He then adds that no one survived, including Roman. Meanwhile, he continues to encourage Isabella to finish her breakfast even though she is feeling ill. Ernesto sends his henchman out to the jungle to spy on the ship survivors from the Cruise of Deception.

Roman and Victor argue over the Toscano diary pages and the well being of Isabella as they work to manufacture a raft to get off the island. Roman goes off to find Bo leaving Victor to work on the boat with Julie who seems to be learning to respect Victor and see him in a whole new light.

Bo and Hope go for an afternoon swim at the water hole on the island. Though they seem to be enjoying themselves, they decide they better get back to work. They meet up with Roman in the jungle and decide that their captors must be nearby. Right on cue, a man in the bushes makes a noise. Unfortunately, Roman runs over to the spot in time to find just the man's footprints and nothing else. Roman and Bo agree to split up and look. Bo stops by the campfire to update Julie and Victor on the spy before going off to the beach to look for their captor.

In the cave, a recovering Jennifer decides she needs to clean up. Jack goes to fetch a pail of water for her and after stumbling upon a frolicking Bo and Hope at the water hole, returns with Jennifer's bath water. A tired Jennifer begs Jack to help her remove her clothing while a clearly uncomfortable Jack agrees. As the slow seduction continues, Jennifer throws aside her pretense and tells Jack that she wants him. Jack says he is scared but Jennifer asks for him to just kiss her. The kiss tenderly and slowly lie down by the fire.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air today. In its place, we offer a special flashback episode from February 2003, an episode chosen by Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux) as a personal favorite episode. To review more recaps from DAYS's past, click here.

And now, this special recap for Days of our Lives episode #9498, which originally aired in February 17, 2003.

The doorbell at Jen's house started to ring ... and ring ... and ring. Jen opened it and was surprised to see little Abby all dressed up as Cupid. "Gotcha! ... right in the heart!" Abby yelled gleefully! Jen laughed and asked Abby who she was. Abby replied that she was Cupid. Jen wanted to know where "Zeus" was and Jack peered around the corner. Then Abby started to chant, "Mommy's in love ... Mommy's in love." Jen grinned up at Jack and said to Abby, "Yes I am, Baby!" Evidently there was yet another teachers' conference that day and Abby had a day off school. She was spending the day with Jo and Vern who were waiting for Abby outside in the car. Vern tooted the horn and Abby rushed off. With a warm glow left from Abby's Valentine's wishes, Jen and Jack kissed. Jack then told Jen to close her eyes while he led her to the kitchen, which was totally decorated with balloons, hearts, lights and candles. When Jen opened her eyes to view the spectacle, Jack told her that he and Abby had been up since dawn decorating. A little later Jack, dressed in a red apron with white hearts on it, and chef's hat, served Jen a breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes and strawberries. Then he gave her a gift, which made Jen feel bad because she didn't have a gift for him. Jack told Jen that SHE was all the gift he needed. Jen opened her gift to find a beautiful heart-shaped watch/bracelet. Jack look lovingly at Jen and told her to take all the time she needed, but he wanted her to know that he would not take no for an answer. They both agreed that they wanted to forget all the bad stuff that had happened and wanted to move forward. They flashed back to the time that Jack had proposed to Jen when he was dressed in a Santa suit. Jen smiled at Jack and told him that he would never get the chance to propose to her again as she turned and ran upstairs. She returned shortly, dressed in a Santa suit, yelling "Ho Ho Ho." She ran up and plunked herself in an awestruck Jack's lap, pulled off her cap and beard, and told Jack he would get what he wanted. She told him that he was the only man she had ever really loved and that she still did. She bent down on one knee and asked him to marry her. Jack got down on the floor with her and accepted her proposal with a big hug. She urged him to make love to her, saying she wanted their new life to begin immediately. Jack gently picked her up and carried her upstairs.

While packing to go to Paris, Belle sadly looked at a picture of her and Shawn. Rex came by with a Valentine's gift for her from Shawn. Belle believed that Shawn must have arranged it before they had broken up. Rex urged her to open the gift which turned out to be a carving of a snowman. Looking at the carving reminded Belle of the time that she and Shawn had built a snowman together. Rex asked her if she really wanted to go to Paris. But before she had a chance to answer, the driver arrived to take her to the airport and Belle gathered up her luggage and rushed out to the car.

Shawn and Cassie were at the Brady House drinking tea. Shawn was totally enraged about Larry and told Cassie that he wouldn't feel safe until Larry was dead. Cassie, in her usual self-serving manner, reminded Shawn that it was Valentine's Day and thought that maybe they should have their own private party. Just then Mimi showed up with a gift for Shawn from Belle. Needless to say, Cassie was not at all pleased by this turn of events. Mimi called Cassie "Space Girl" and told her that she was aware of what Cassie was up to. Mimi then urged Shawn to open Belle's gift which turned out to be a book that Belle had made by copying certain pages from her diary. Shawn started to read the book to himself. The first thing he read was about the snowman that he and Belle had made. Cassie rushed to Shawn trying to stop him from reading it, but Mimi held her back. Mimi told Cassie that it was time for the two of them to leave Shawn alone, and all but dragged Cassie out the door. Not to be outdone, Cassie looked back at Shawn and said she would call him later ... but Shawn, full enrapt by Belle's gift, totally ignored her. Sometime later, as Shawn was reading the book, Alice dropped by with flowers for Bo and Hope. Shawn told Gran about Belle's gift and Alice pleaded with Shawn to stop Belle from leaving. Shawn planted a kiss on Alice's cheek and sped off to the airport. Later, we saw Shawn arrive at the airport only to be told that the plane had already departed. On the plane we saw Belle sitting alone, saying "Goodbye Shawn." Meanwhile back at the Brady House, Gran was listening to music and talking to a picture of her and Tom ... wishing Tom a Happy Valentine's Day. Unbeknownst to her, Larry was lurking in the basement, doing something to the furnace and the pipes. He mumbled to himself that when the Brady's got home, they would have a humdinger of a present waiting for them. He sneered at the fact that "Matriarch" Alice Horton was upstairs all alone. He chuckled to himself that a little carbon monoxide was all she needed for a one-way ticket to Tom-Tom Land. Upstairs, Alice had fallen asleep.

Bo and Hope woke up after a wonderful night at Green Mountain Lodge. Bo went to pour them a bath and while he was gone, there was a knock at the door. It was a delivery of roses and a heart-shaped box. Bo entered the room and yelled for Hope not to open the box. A frightened Hope thought that maybe the box was from Larry, but Bo assured her that it was from him and that he wanted to be there beside her when she opened it. The box was filled with memorabilia of their life together. The first thing Bo took from the box was a miniature motorcycle (flashback of a much younger Bo and Hope and his bike). Hope then took out a small carrousel and they remember the carnival and the kissing booth. Bo said that first kiss sealed his fate. Then they took out a tiny music box and they kissed. A while later, they were lying in bed wondering what would have happened if they had not met when they did. They both agreed that they were destined to be together and would have eventually met at some point in their lives. A fantasy unfolded as we saw Bo in The Blue Note Bar talking with a friend (played by Michael Buble). Bo turned to leave the bar and passed Hope who was on her way in. A few minutes later Bo came back in and complained that someone had hit his bike. He found out that it was Hope, who of course in this fantasy, was a complete stranger to him. His friend told him to go and ask the girl to dance. He went and introduced himself and Hope apologized for hitting his bike. She handed him her father's business card and told him to call with the cost of repairs to his bike. Before he headed to another room, Bo's friend suggested again that Bo dance with the girl. As the song "That's All" started to play, Bo asked "Princess" to dance, telling her it was payment for his bike. They headed for the dance floor to dance and when the song was over, she kissed him. Back in real time in Green Mountain Lodge, they two lovebirds were sure that if they had not met when they did, it would surely have happened sooner or later. Then they got out of the bed, both wrapped in their sheets, and danced .....

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air today. In its place, we offer a special flashback episode from June 1999, an episode chosen by Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady) as a personal favorite episode. To review more recaps from DAYS's past, click here.

And now, this special recap for Days of our Lives episode #8557, which originally aired in June 2, 1999

At the hospital, Roberto says that Sami murdered Franco. Roman is furious and calls him a bastard for stringing him along. Roman panics when he realizes he has nothing left to save Sami. Kate is furious with Roberto and tells him that he is dying and his sister and mother will be alone with no one protecting them. Kate tells him that she will help them if he confesses, but he refuses. Kate leaves the room and finds Roman telling himself that he has let Sami down. Kate puts her hand on his shoulder and he asks her what he's going to do now? He wonders who the real killer is. Later, Roberto's mother shows up to say goodbye to Roberto and the priest shows up to anoint him. Roberto finally realizes that he is going to die. Roman and Abe prepare to leave for the prison, and Kate says she wishes she could help him and hopes he doesn't hold her responsible. Roman tells her that he knows there is good in her and if she could save his daughter he knows she would. Kate asks God to forgive her. She then begins to be eaten away by guilt and asks Roman to wait. With tears in her eyes, Kate tells him that she has something to say. Suddenly, Mike tells Kate and Roman that Roberto wants to talk to them. They rush into Roberto's room and as he is about to save Sami, his heart stops!

Lucas and Nicole are in Lucas' limousine. Lucas tells his driver to floor it. Lucas reaches for a drink, but Nicole tells him no. Lucas starts ranting about how he told her this would happen, but she wouldn't listen. Nicole asks him what he is talking about? Lucas tells her to forget it, but she wants to know what is going on. Lucas and Nicole arrive at the prison, but they can't get close because of the protests. Lucas says he's getting out here and pushes his way through the crowd. Sami now has one hour to live, and the news reporter is telling the audience about how Sami will spend her last hour. The reporter explains how the execution will go down and what each of the three drugs will do to Sami: one calms her, one stops her breathing, and the third stops her heart. As the reporter speaks, Sami watches from a TV set across from her cell. The reverend wants to say a prayer, but Sami says she doesn't want to die, she is innocent.

John is still talking to Marlena about her going to Stefano for help. He says there will be one hell of a price to pay, but Marlena says that she'll do anything to save Sami. Marlena goes to see Sami, who is telling the reverend that it would take a miracle to save her. Marlena tells her that she may have that miracle. Marlena says that she went to Stefano for help and he's going to talk to the governor. Sami apologizes to her mom for everything she did to her, and she's so sorry. Marlena tells her that is the past and is over. Sami tells her mom that when she went away she thought it was her fault and if she was good she would return, but she didn't. Sami says that she began to hate her for leaving, and she was spiteful towards her when she finally came back. Marlena says that she was still a little girl afraid of being abandoned again. Marlena hold Sami and tells her that whatever happens she will always be able to feel her arms around her. Sami asks her mom to give Will a letter that she wrote when he's old enough. She says that she doesn't want Will to have nightmares like she did. Marlena remembers singing Sami a song when she was little, and Sami asks her mom to sing to her now. Marlena holds Sami and sings her own special version of "Rock a bye Baby." Later, Sami, Marlena, and a priest say a final prayer for Sami. The warden then arrives and tells her that it is time and asks Marlena to leave. Marlena and Sami say a final goodbye. Marlena tells Sami to feel her arms around her and loving her. Sami is shackled and lead down the hall to the execution chamber and the guard cries out "dead woman walking!"

Bo shows up at prison to see if there is any news, there isn't. The family is led to the viewing room where they will be able to view the execution. John shows up and tells the family that Marlena has asked Stefano for his help. Later, Eric hears from his dad and he tells the family that Roberto said there was no hitman, Sami killed Franco.

Sami arrives at the execution chamber and is strapped to the gurney and the needle is inserted in her arm. Everyone takes their seats in the viewing room, Marlena is praying that Stefano will come through for them. Sami's gurney is turned around so that she is facing her family. Sami is given a chance to make a final statement. Sami tells her family that she regrets that they have to watch this and she's sorry for that, and she says that she's sorry that she won't be here for them, but she hopes they know and will help her son to know that she was innocent. She tells them all that she used to think that she didn't deserve their love, but now she understands what love really means and she's sorry it took so long. She says she's finally learned how to be a better person, but it's too late. She says that the most important thing she can says is thank you, she thanks them all for believing in her and supporting her. The clocks clicks to midnight and suddenly the warden gets a phone call. Marlena stands up, and Sami looks around. The warden hangs up the phone and tells them to proceed with the execution. The buttons are pushed, and Sami is given her lethal injection. Sami begins to have memories of playing with Eric as a child, and growing up with him and Carrie. She also remembers dancing with her dad, and Carrie and Austin dating. Later she remembers giving birth to Will and watching him grow to a five-year-old. The second drug is administered to Sami, and finally the lethal injection. As her heart monitor slows to a crawl, Lucas bursts in and screams that he killed Franco! As Sami is dying, Lucas screams his bloody head off and pounds on the glass.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air today.

As part of our special two-week Olympic hiatus "special," our recapper, Joan, shares with us this favorite DAYS memory...

Have you ever wondered if the Ladies of Salem have tried to qualify for assorted Olympic events?

In the Boxing Category - The Final Event was in September 1997.

The Preliminaries: After years of competition between two sisters, Sami Brady was not the favorite to become Austin Reed's wife. Sami spent the months before the final event trying to convince her sister, Carrie, she was really in love with Dr. Mike Horton. She even sprinted onto a European-bound jet disguised as a nun - yes, I said a nun - to set her plan in motion. Carrie was plagued with doubt about her feelings for Mike and love for Austin. Exercising her now-perfected expertise, Sami doctored hospital paternity records. She then lied to Austin telling him he was the father of her son, also withholding the fact that she had regained her lost memory. Reluctantly, Austin married her in Paris, as a tearful Carrie watched. The quickie French nuptials were later annulled but Sami was determined to be the Last Contender Standing at his side. Sami seemed to have won the next round when Austin agreed to re-marry her in Salem for the sake of young Will. But Carrie and Mike, together with Sami's twin brother, Eric, researched her past. Interrupting the ceremony, Carrie revealed that Will was really Lucas' son, and that Sami had her memory all along. Delivering the wedding gift that keeps on giving - it was a knockout as Carrie decked Sami in front of the guests, bridal veil, tiara and all. There would be no wedding that day. Right hook? Left hook? Who remembers? It was a lollapalooza!

Follow-up: While this was the punch felt round the world, Austin would deal the final blow in 2002 leaving a devastated Sami crying at the altar in Las Vegas.

In the Basketball / Discus Throwing Category - The Final Event was in June 1997

The Preliminaries: Kristen DiMera was unable to give John a child. Without that child, there might not be a marriage. With Kristen desperate to snag John away from Marlena, Stefano provided Susan Banks, a Kristen look-alike, to bear a child for his daughter. The child, later named "Elvis", was an artificially inseminated son of Stefano's. But Susan had plans of her own. Falling for John, she locked Kristen and Marlena in a secret room below the DiMera Mansion. Susan duped even Stefano into thinking she was Kristen. During their romance she convinced John as well - right up to their wedding day. Guests were given Country '50s attire. (Abe may be wearing floral shirts on Salem Island - but for the wedding Salem's Sheriff wore a ten-gallon hat!) And instead of a tux, Groom John wore black leather. Mike Horton had a hard time calming his mother, Laura, who was sure Marlena was in the house. Demanding that Susan reveal Marlena's whereabouts, Laura shook the truth out of the intoxicated, uh blushing bride. One shake too many sent Susan's false teeth airborne across the court - uh, garden. The buck-toothed Bride took the gold - but not the wedding band - when the teeth landed directly into Vivian Alemaine's champagne glass. A bubbly moment! Score points for effort, but not for Susan who lost her chance with John and embarrassed herself into admitting she wasn't Kristen!

Follow-up: Marlena and Kristen were released from the secret room, but this wasn't Kristen's last lock-up. Slam-Dunk Susan Banks struck again, causing Kristen to become a prisoner of unknown captors somewhere in the world!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air today. To review more recaps from DAYS's past, click here.

As part of our special two-week Olympic hiatus "special," our recapper, Joan, shares with us this favorite DAYS memory...

That Was the Year That Was

While the Olympics traveled around the world, what was happening in Salem?

1994 – Winter Games – Lillehammer, Norway - A soap in itself – It was the rivalry of skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan that marked the games. But Russia's Oksana Baiul took the Gold.

1994 – Salem – *It was the year Lexie switched from police work to a medical career, and while married to Abe Carver, she nearly had an affair with Jonah Carver. *But that was trivial pursuit compared to Vivian's. With a little trickery and theft in the doctor's office, Viv was inseminated with Kate and Victor's embryo, carrying Baby Philip for them. *Peter Blake, forever after Jen, poisoned her mother, Laura, into insanity.

1996 – Summer Games - Atlanta, Georgia - Now fighting Parkinson's, Olympic Gold Boxer Mohammed Ali, ignited the Olympic cauldron. An innocent man is charged with setting off a bomb during the games.

1996 – Salem – *Also innocent, John is charged and nearly executed for Tony's death. *Sabotaged in a plane crash by Vivian, Kate survived a year of cleaning fish on a boat. Presumed dead, Kate returned to give Vivian her just desserts - pouring fish stew over her archenemy. *Peter Blake is shot, believed to be dead, but isn't. *Will is kidnapped and taken to France. Carrie is supposed to marry Austin but Sami does instead. *Austin hits Sami head-on with a car. (Hmm, would this qualify under luge or bobsled?)

1998 – Winter Games – Nagano, Japan - Some firsts – Figure Skater Tara Lipinski, became the youngest ever to win a gold medal at age 15. The U.S. won the first women's hockey gold medal. Curling and snowboarding made their Olympics debut.

1998 – Some firsts in Salem, too! *Roman sees John and Marlena kiss. *Jack and Jen join the circus. *Billie is pregnant with Bo's child but loses "Georgia" in New Orleans. *‘Swamp Girl' Greta Von Amberg makes her appearance finding a compact with a "G" on it – for Gina! *Sami loses another fiancιe on her wedding day (ok, it's not a first - but this fiancιe doesn't walk out – he's snuffed out!) Lucas, trying to protect his mother, shoots Franco. But Kate frames Sami for Franco's death.

2000 – Summer Games - Sydney, Australia - Fireworks, barges and bridges made for a spectacular celebration. The U.S. took the lead in the medal count.

2000 – Salem – *Chloe Lane, builds her own bridges while fellow students ridicule her. Shedding her ‘Ghoul Girl' black cape for a fireworks red dress, she's named Queen of the Last Blast. That evening began a romance for her and Philip Kiriakis. *More fireworks as a brooding Brandon confronts his mother, Faye, about her affair with Abe. *Bo learns Hope is pregnant but he (and she) doesn't know Bo's the daddy. *Thanks to Stefano, the baby is switched with an ailing child, so that Lexie can adopt a healthy baby.

2002 – Winter Games – Salt Lake City, Utah - Royalty Reigns as Prince Albert of Monaco, competes a fifth time in Men's Bobsled.

2002 – Salem's King of Villains, Stefano DiMera is believed to have died in Europe, and leaves mysterious legacies in a Will. *Count Anthony DiMera reminds Salem of the Phoenix legend. Announcing it was Andre who had really died, the Count appears at the Penthouse Grill. *The Wesley's have a baby whose bone marrow saves Chloe's life. *In Las Vegas, Austin leaves Sami at the altar, and Jack dances in drag. *Twins Cassie and Rex, thought to be aliens, are offered a home with Count DiMera.

2004 – Summer Games – Athens, Greece - After centuries, the Olympic flame adorns its original home, Greece. The suspense of who will excel in the games is yet to be seen.

2004 – In Salem, it's a year since the infamous Basic Black Fashion Show. Benefiting the Horton Foundation, it was Belle's initiation into the world of Design. But it became the scene of the first Stalker attack, nearly killing Bo and Hope. The black-gloved hand made its appearance and was believed to be Marlena. But we've seen a black-gloved hand at the Salem Inn several weeks ago, and inside Marlena's Faux Salem Penthouse. The year has been a competition between Killer and Victim; Mastermind and Captive; Love between couples, old vs. new. The victims never died. Will love triumph or will they be forced to move on? A battle of wits and hearts. Who will win and how? But one thing's for sure – Everything comes full circle on Days - Sami's engaged -- again!

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