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Monday, August 23, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air today. In its place, we offer a special flashback episode from April 2002, an episode chosen by James Reynolds (Abe Carver) as a personal favorite episode. To review more recaps from DAYS's past, click here.

James Reynolds intro: James says that Abe is a great guy and the moral center of Days. He adds, "integrity is his by word." Reynolds concludes that fans love a good guy and will always side on side of the greater good.

An now, here is a special recap for Days of our Lives episode #9293, which originally aired on April 26, 2002.

In Victor's office at Titan, Nicole and Victor argue about her relationship with Austin. Nicole demands respect or else she will leave and take the Permalash account with her. When Nicole softens talking about Austin, Victor teases her saying that she has never had a friendship with a man before and she has no future with Austin Reed.

Kate and Lucas are on the hunt for the tape recorder with Sami's confession about making up the story of Lucas hitting Will. Unfortunately, Sami beats them to the Titan offices. When the mail boy Henry picks up the package with the tape in it from Nicole's office, Sami pretends to break the heel of her shoe. Henry works on gluing the heel back on as Sami slowly opens the package and removes the tape recorder. Kate and Lucas rush into Nicole's office and demand Sami give them the tape. She holds them at bay with a letter opener until their yelling brings Victor running. Victor demands answers and Sami lies telling him she came to take one last look at her engagement ring from Austin. Henry pops up from behind Nicole's desk, gathers up the packages that were knocked over, accidentally scooping up the tape recorder along with Victor's mail. Victor asks for the package in Sami's hand and orders them all to leave. Sami drops to the floor to find the tape recorder and Lucas and Kate join her. When they come up empty handed, security escorts them to the elevator. Once in the elevator, Lucas, Kate, and Sami all realize Henry took the tape recorder to Victor's office. In Victor's office, Victor begins to play the tape.

Bo and Hope play with J.T. on the couch as Shawn comes downstairs. Looking solemn, Shawn gets antsy. Bo and Hope break the news that J.T. will be going home with the Reibers tomorrow, for good. At first Shawn gets huffy and angry but Bo begs him to calm down and act normal for both his mother and J.T.'s sake. Bo asks Shawn whether he wants their sadness to "haunt J.T. for the rest of his life." Shawn, Bo, and Hope spend the day with J.T. playing, taking pictures, and eating all J.T.'s favorite foods. At the end of the day, the three grieving family members crowd around J.T. in his room to have a sleep over.

At the DiMera Mansion, Lexie talks on the phone to the tabloid reporter she has been feeding information to. Abe catches her but she gets defensive, acting offended that her husband the cop is grilling her. Abe says he doesn't recognize her and that he would never act immorally or unethically, unlike Lexie. He says, "I would never do the wrong thing for the right reason." When Lexie continues to push, Abe insists he would prefer to leave a legacy of common decency and respect for the rights of others to his son instead of keeping Isaac at all costs.

Lexie flounces off to the pier but just as she gives more information to the tabloid journalist, Abe shows up. He threatens the reporter to forget what he has learned, never talk to Lexie again, and to disappear. Abe and Lexie go back to the DiMera Mansion where Abe tears into is deceitful wife. He swears that if she broke the law and was involved in the baby switch that he will arrest her himself. Heartbroken, Abe goes upstairs and give a tearful goodbye to his son Isaac. He tells him, "always remember daddy loves you." Abe packs his bags and with a final warning to Lexie, tells her the woman he married no longer exists. When Abe walks out the door with his bags, Lexie cries a river.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air today. In its place, we offer a special flashback episode from June 1990, an episode chosen by actress Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) as her favorite personal episode. To review more recaps from DAYS's past, click here.

As Jennifer helps Hope pack up J.T's things she notices that it's one o'clock. Glen and Barb are due to arrive at 2:00. Bo and Roman assist them with the heavier items as they try to lighten the mood of the two women.

In the kitchen, Shawn tries to feed J.T. Hearing a knock at the kitchen door, Shawn worries that Glen and Barb have come early, but it turns out to be Doug and Julie who've come to be with the family. Mickey and Maggie also arrive.

In the living room Bo again tells Roman he's not sure how much longer he'll be able to keep himself together for the sake of his family. Roman tells his brother that he doesn't need to be so tough; it's okay to express emotion.

Marlena and John arrive having fought their way through the throng of reporters at the front door. Shawn is not at all pleased to see John. John offers to leave, but Bo insists he stay put. Bo tries to make Shawn see that John deserves to be there with J.T. He says that they owe John a huge debt of gratitude, as he was there to see Hope and J.T. through many a crisis while Bo was off in Ireland.

Marlena tries to talk with Shawn but he brushes her off causing Bo to have to step in and calm his son again. He urges Shawn to be as positive as possible for J.T. Shawn Sr. and Caroline arrive to join the family.

Mickey expresses the guilt that he feels and Hope tells him that it isn't his fault that things turned out the way that they have. Bo turns to the clock and sees that it's 1:15.

The Horton /Brady clan gathers in the living room to play with J.T. Hope shares with everyone the baby book she has made for Glen and Barb so that they won't feel too badly that they missed out on the first couple years of J.T.'s life.

Shawn lashes out at Caroline when she mentions his college acceptance. He announces to everyone that he is not going to college. Caroline suggests to Shawn that he not give up on life so easily. She says that she refuses to believe that Glen and Barb will cut off all contact, and that someday a grown J.T. may come looking for Shawn. She urges Shawn to become a man that J.T. will be proud of. Caroline glances at the clock, it's now approaching1:35.

Shawn Sr. offers a prayer of thanks to God for allowing J.T. to be such an important part of their lives, even if it was for such a brief period of time. Shawn is angry and all but renounces his faith. Caroline does her best to sooth her grandson and restore his faith. Mickey then reads aloud a passage from the Bible.

At 1:40 there is a knock at the door. Bo opens it to see Glen and Barb standing there. They apologize for being early. The couple are happily surprised that Bo and hope are giving them so many of J.T's things. Barb tells everyone that the baby she is expecting will be a boy. Shawn is a little stung by the fact that J.T. is going to have another brother.

Glen, Barb and Hope all have a tearful moment when Hope acknowledges that every moment of happiness she's had with J.T. was one of Glen missing him. Hope then shares with them all of J.T.'s recent accomplishments. Bo then gives them all the medical info they will need for J.T.'s FAS.

Glen and Barb reassure all that J.T. will be well loved and looked after. When Glen asks to hold his son, Bo takes J.T. from a reluctant Shawn and Hope. Seconds later J.T. begins to cough and choke. Everyone panics, but Glen quickly comes to his son's aid.

A grateful Glen says that he is well aware that J.T. owes his life to the Bradys. He is thankful that they were there to see his son through his first years and that he will never let J.T. forget them. He extends an open invitation to the entire family to come and see J.T. any time they would like. When Hope offers the baby book to them, Glen refuses it explaining that he could never take away their memories. He also announces that he and Barb have no intention of changing J.T.'s name, but merely wants to add his own on the end.

After a final hug and cuddle from Hope, Bo and Shawn Glen takes J.T. in his arms as they say their final goodbyes. Glen and Barb leave through the back door as to avoid the reporters out front. Watching them leave Hope breaks down.

Later in the evening after everyone is gone, Shawn sits in the yard among his brother's toys and Hope sits in the nursery. Bo, alone in the basement, can no longer contain his emotions.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air today. In its place, we offer a special flashback episode from August 25, 1997. To review more recaps from DAYS's past, click here.

In Rome, Bo is at the cafe wishing he could have talked Billie in to coming back to Salem with him. Billie watches Bo drink his coffee from a distance and says she's so sorry she lied to him, she wants to go home but cant. She begins to suffer more withdrawal symptoms. Billie walks off and runs right into Max. Max asks Billie if she could use some drugs, and she tells him she hates him for doing this to her. Max says that something is up, and asks what is wrong.

At the police station, Hope comes to see Abe and whines about how she can't get on with her life. Abe tells Hope there may be a cure for Roman's illness. Hope says that's great but Abe tells her Stefano is the one who says he has the cure and wants to be freed in exchange for it. Hope can't believe John wants to free Stefano and Abe says that this is just a trick of Stefano's. Abe says if he thought their was a cure he'd move heaven and earth, but Hope brings up the "what if" factor. Abe says Stefano wouldn't bring it back, he thinks Stefano wants to get John out of Salem, and when Roman dies he'll snatch Marlena again. Hope asks what if John decides to break Stefano out on his own and Abe says he'll have to stop him, because if he goes off with Stefano he won't come back alive. Later Hope recalls telling Stefano she won't let him hurt her family again and she recalls Stefano telling her she will get Bo back. Hope says Stefano is wrong, she won't get Bo back, but maybe she can help John.

Stefano is in his cell playing with his chess set and is gloating how he's played John's love for Marlena against him and that he knows what John will do.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen asks John if he's going to get Stefano out of jail. John asks Kristen what Stefano is offering her to convince John to let him out. Kristen claims she's only concerned for Roman, who will die if Stefano isn't let out. Kristen tells John that Roman's life is in his hands and asks what he's going to do. John thinks Kristen knows what Stefano is up to but she says she doesn't know. John wonders if this is a trick to get Marlena again, and they bicker over how Kristen is using Roman again. Kristen asks John what his plan is and John says he won't let Roman die and asks her to leave him alone. John ponders over what he should do, but realizes he has no choice.

Caroline comes to talk to John about the drugs Carrie's discovered that will buy Roman some more time. Caroline picks up on John's pain and asks what he's thinking about. John just says he's thinking about Roman, and Stefano. Caroline says she doesn't think she can lose Roman again and John tells her that Roman is lucky to have her as a mother. John says he would do anything he could to save Roman's life, and Caroline says don't do anything foolish, she doesn't know what the family would do if they lost him as well. John says he knows what he's doing and Caroline tells him to please be careful, and that she loves him. After Caroline leaves John says he will do what he has to to save Roman, even if it costs him his own life.

Kristen goes to see Stefano and says that she thinks John will free him. Kristen asks if Stefano will hurt John, but Stefano says that he promised Peter that he would have Jennifer and she would have John. Kristen asks if anyone could stop him, and Stefano thinks about his conversation with Hope in which she said he was hiding something, and Stefano says nobody could stop him. Stefano says that John's love for Marlena and his loyalty to the Brady's is his flaw. Kristen says she can't believe he's going to use John's goodness against him, that's why she loves John. Stefano tells her she must learn to use those qualities against him, that's what will make him win.

Hope goes to see John and tells him there is no proof there is a cure. John says he has to take that risk, and Hope tells him she will tell Abe what he is going to do. John grabs Hope and says what if she was him and it was Bo who was dying, he knows she'd do anything to help him. John tells her they both have felt the love of the Brady family, and he wants to pay the Brady's back for the love they've shown him, and he begs Hope not to stop him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, a package arrives for Sami and Eric wonders what it is.

In another part of the mansion, Sami gloats to Carrie over the phone about how she and Austin are renewing their vows, and Carrie puts down the phone. Lucas tells Sami she never should have told Carrie, but Sami says someone else would have and that would have keyed Carrie in on the fact that she has her memory back. Mike asks Carrie what is wrong and she tells him that Sami and Austin are renewing their vows. Carrie picks the phone back up and Sami continues to gloat. Carrie asks when she can speak to Austin about work and Sami says that Kate and Austin are out doing the paperwork. Carrie says she's already married to Austin, there shouldn't be any paper work. Carrie asks Sami point blank what's going on. Sami says the paperwork is for the church, the caterer, stuff like that. Sami asks Carrie if she's really stuck in L.A., and Carrie says yes. Sami says that's so bad since she wanted her to be her matron of honor again. Sami asks about the drugs for Roman, and then says goodbye. Lucas feels bad for Carrie and Sami says she has Mike to comfort her. Lucas says that's not what he wants and Sami tells her once Carrie has lost Austin it will be easy for him to get Carrie from Mike. Sami says everything is going great and Eric comes in with the package for Sami. Sami says it must be her veil and says she's going to go try it on. Sami tells Eric that Carrie called, and then leaves. Eric questions Lucas about Carrie's reaction to the wedding, and Lucas says not to worry about Carrie because she has Mike now.

Sami comes back downstairs in her wedding gown, and Caroline comes over and tells her that Sami looks beautiful. Caroline says that her mom is going to get the prescription for the medicine filled and that she (Caroline) will do the alterations instead.

In L.A., Carrie doesn't understand what is going on. Carrie wonders if Sami is lying, but then she realizes this is why Austin didn't call her back. Carrie says her greatest fears have come true, Austin's obligation to Sami and Will have come between them. Mike tells Carrie that Austin is a fool and she's better off without him. Carrie asks how he can say that and Mike says Austin has done nothing but hurt her over the past few months and he's always picking Sami over her. Carrie says Austin is a devoted father, but Mike says he is too and he understands what Austin is feeling but he doesn't need to something this drastic and hurtful to her. Carrie says he's right and Mike tells her she will get over Austin and find a man who loves her fully and completely. Dr. Brock returns, he couldn't get the fax through. Mike wants to try to call Marlena but Dr. Brock says he's still suffering from the snake bite, he'll call Marlena. Carrie thanks him and asks him to tell Marlena that she'll call later about dad and something else.

Carrie calls back to talk to Austin but gets Eric instead. Carrie asks if what Sami told her is true, but before Eric can tell her Austin and Sami's marriage was annulled Carrie's cell phone battery goes out. Carrie tells Mike that she wishes she could get back to Salem, she fears something is wrong. Doctor Brock tells Carrie there could be a way, if they go by train. Carrie says Mike is still to weak to travel, but Mike and Doctor Brock think he'll be okay. When Carrie leaves Doctor Brock asks Mike if he's in love with her. Mike asks how he knew and Doctor Brock how he knew and he says it's obvious. Doctor Brock even says it sounds like Austin is a jerk and she'd be better off with him! Later Carrie tells Mike if Austin marries Sami in that church, then she has lost Austin and will never get him back. Before they leave for Salem Dr. Brock tells Mike he hopes things work out for him and Carrie.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Eric listens in as Sami gloats to Caroline about her marriage. Later, Caroline asks Eric if he senses something is going on with Sami, and Eric says yes, but he doesn't know what it is. Caroline tells Eric she feels they owe it to Carrie to find out if something is going on. Later Eric confronts Sami and asks her what she is afraid of and to tell him. Sami says there is nothing and to just drop it. Sami leaves and Eric vows to find out what Sami is hiding.

Thursday, August 26, 2004
by Joan

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air today.

As part of our special two-week Olympic hiatus "special," our recapper, Joan, shares with us this favorite DAYS memory...

Who Wore What Hats in Salem?

Who says they don't work in Salem? Viewers wonder how Salemites get through the Days of Their Lives without working for it! When was the last time you saw Marlena, Jennifer or anyone – go food shopping? Or cook? Or do their housecleaning? OK, when Bonnie's in town she REALLY cleans up. So, just what do they do?

Private Enterprise: Talking about "cleaning up" Vivian and Ivan made sure things were spic and span back in 1997. Nearly kidnapping Sr. Mary Moira instead of her look-a-like sister, Susan Banks, Viv and Ivan did their penance, scrubbing the convent floors. Thrown out of the Kiriakis Mansion they worked at a number of jobs that year. Ivan hauled trash, they both washed dishes at the Penthouse Grill, and - dressed as French fries – they handed out coupons. That same year Vivian even did gravedigger duty helping Kristen exhume Peter Blake's body.

Caroline and Shawn "Himself" Brady have run a successful family business, Brady's Pub, for years; Maggie managed Tuscany until it changed hands in 2004 - Now ‘Alice's Bar', it's presently managed by Bonnie. The Blue Note management went to Brady Black, grandson of Victor Kiriakis, notoriously rich and owner of Titan Enterprises.

Security, Medicine and The Law: A cop on the beat, Abe Carver became Police Commander while Lexie left the Salem PD to become a doctor at University Hospital. A dedicated Lexie has represented just about every medical specialty in the hospital. Roman, Bo and Hope Brady have worked together for the Salem PD. Ditto Billie Reed until she lost her heart as well as Bo. Leaving Salem, she worked in Europe for Countess Wilomena, and later for the ISA. Formerly a model as well, Hope also did some undercover work at The Echelon Club in 2003 posing as a "lady of the evening." Shane headed the ISA, joined by Steve "Patch" Johnson and John Black. Both Marlena Evans and Laura Horton were noted Salem psychiatrists. When he wasn't on the roof with Sami, Brandon Walker stepped into a medical role at the hospital as well. Dr. Craig Wesley became Chief of Staff at University Hospital, by cheating young Mike Horton out of the job. Mike would ride off into the sunset with Carrie. Mickey Horton has always been Salem's first line of defense if you needed a lawyer. Despite unique references including: trying to sell baby-sister Belle in 1993, and tampering with records, University Hospital hired Sami repeatedly to work with – you guessed it, FILES. History being doomed to repeat itself, Sami did more paternity "file work" in 2003. But then, so did Dr. Lexie, so maybe it's just hospital policy. Sami once did a 9-5 Secretarial stint in 2003, but - unlike University Hospital - Lucas was too smart to get burned twice after Sami spilled coffee on him.

Kollege Kids' 401-Kapers: Some say the kids in Salem never went to class – they got their degree in Chat Halls, Dot.Com or Last Blast Dance and Dress. But who needs a grad school when college-bound Shawn Douglas found himself assisting in Mickey's law practice without a degree, and Belle became a designer without setting foot inside Fashion Institute. (Have we ever seen her with needle and thread in hand?) Meanwhile, Meems kept busy at the Java Cafι after Bonnie stole her savings. And Super Student Rex took a job as bartender at Alice's Bar.

Public Relations and Big Business: While Victor ran Titan Industries, his only competition seemed to be Basic Black in 2002. An ISA front, headed by now-Executive Owner John Black, the company would hire Kate Roberts following her successful business dealings at Titan. But Ms. Roberts was formerly a professional Escort as well.

Blue Collar to Silver Spoon: But don't forget Kate's shifts as a waitress when she worked with Faye at the Diner. During her feud with Victor and Nicole, Kate burned down the Kiriakis Mansion. Exiled from her luxurious lifestyle, Kate slept in her car until she made enough $$$ to return to an executive role. In 1998, Nicole Walker worked for tips waitressing at the Java Cafι. Sami had maneuvered her way into a job at Titan. She discovered Nicole and hired her to model for a ‘New Faces' campaign in Bella Magazine. While Eric Brady would have preferred Nicole for his wife, he took a job photographing her modeling instead. But in 1999, Nicole made her first million – make that five million. Bribed by Kate, Nicole broke Eric's heart and married Lucas. It was a loveless marriage for Nicole, which Lucas soon realized. Nicole thought she'd been promoted from divorcee to Titan Executive to Tycoon's Arm Candy. Accepting a proposal she couldn't refuse, Nicole married Victor on New Year's Eve 2002. But covering for her suspected murder of Colin Murphy, Victor offered her a new job, as wife and "serf."

Newsworthy Notables: For years, the newspaper was Jack and Jen's baby before Abigail, until they hosted their 2003 TV show "In The House." There were a few "Jacks of all trades" in Salem. Sleuthing for clues on the Colin Murphy Case, Jack appeared at the Kiriakis Mansion dressed as a phone repairman that same year. (Proof positive that there must be some repairmen in Salem!) Bart's done everything BUT make the news as he subversively worked for the DiMeras - from limo driver to eliminating evidence. And Salem's contribution to science? Its very own mad scientist, Dr. Rolf, who invented brain chips but was ended up buried in ice chips by Nicole in the Kiriakis Stables.

Between the coffee and donuts, the mystery and the mayhem - Salemites really do work. Whether it's for love or for money or just for laughs – There's no job shortage in Salem. When you think about it, have we seen anyone get their taxes done? Maybe the next hat worn should be IRS investigator!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air today. To review more recaps from DAYS's past, click here.

As part of our special two-week Olympic hiatus "special," our recapper, Joan, shares with us this favorite DAYS memory...

Shockers, Tears, and Cliffhangers

Jack and Jen's reunion and adventures on Faux Salem Island have given true meaning to the expression "cliffhanger." But they weren't the first. Do you remember ?

A major tissue manufacturer sponsored the tearjerker 2002 episode that concluded the Baby Switch storyline. Bo and Hope would finally welcome their biological child, Zack, home. But parting with JT, the child they had bonded with, cast a shadow of void in their hearts...."Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye."

Unusual having royalty in Salem, but Princess Gina's daughter, Greta Von Amberg, had made Salem her home until she was required to assume her duties in Europe. In 2001, her Coronation brought Salem's elite to the gala event. Sami and Brandon were trying to prove Kate's involvement in the cover-up of Franco's death. So, Brandon married a mobster's daughter to get info. Kate had arranged for Mobster Moroni to kill Victor during the Coronation. Shots rang out as the frames went to slow motion, and we were forced to wait for the next episode. A CLIFFHANGER for SURE ! Greta was safe. Victor, hidden by Philip, would later be found alive. But Moroni had shot his own daughter who used her body to shield her new husband, Brandon. Recalling his ulterior motives for marrying her, it was a heart-wrenching moment for Brandon.

Who was that girl Nancy secretly visited in an orphanage after a phone call in 1999? And who was the Daddy? Not even Chloe Lane knew that she was meeting her mother. Chloe, the operatic daughter no one knew about resentfully came to live with Nancy and Craig Wesley, after years in foster homes. The cliffhanger kept us dangling suspecting even Stefano was her father - until 2003. We were as surprised as Craig to learn he was Chloe's dad.

Shocker – As Count DiMera walked in alive after being presumed dead – Leading to a Shocker / Cliffhanger both in 2003, when Sami's explosive behavior with Tony and Lucas caused her accidental fall through glass doors at the DiMera Mansion. Tony's support for Sami, who nearly lost her vocal chords, blossomed into a courtship during the summer. We waited in suspense to see exactly who had what motives for the unlikely alliance. But when Tony was stabbed over a diamond deal gone badly, Sami's voice returned enough to warn him. While they never became a couple, Sami was as supportive and defensive of a comatose Tony as he had been for her during her own recuperation.

Surely the Phoenix couldn't die, but we've been left with the remains of his Will to wonder about. Even Marlena was in cliffhanger mode questioning Kate about those kippers last year. Celeste's vibes made us more curious when she sensed that Stefano was not in the ashes in the urn. What did it mean? Will we find out?

Summer's End 2003 – New Writers, and rumors of cancelled contracts made for a new kind of cliffhanger. We watched as an unknown Stalker attacked Salem citizens. In September we saw Abe felled by a bullet – the first victim. While Abe's tribute remained outside the Carver house, viewers watched – with heavy hearts – as Jack waved to Abby's school bus. Rumors confirmed – no cliffhanger now - we knew that in a matter of hours we'd lose him. We wept as Jack's ghost winked before disappearing. In the following months, murderous departures and ghostly apparitions shocked Salem's neighbors around the world. The unadvertised cliffhanger? Would there be a Horton Tree Trimming in December?

While the Horton's got through Christmas with a tree and Alice's courage, the greatest cliffhanger seemed to be January 2004, when Tony DiMera (thought to be part of the conspiracy) became a victim of Marlena, the Salem Stalker. As she revealed herself, we froze as she injected a drug that paralyzed the Count. Learning the Stalker's identity became secondary once we believed Alice was gone in April. We had knots in our stomach wondering why Marlena did it, as she drove away enjoying Alice's donuts.

Seeing Marlena buried alive had to be the lid on the coffin of cliffhangers but then, in May, the clincher – They're alive but Island prisoners and nobody knows it – yet ! We don't know who's behind this or why. After months of guessing, we've been banned from Salem or Faux Salem Island for two weeks, left with our speculations -- But, come Monday, our questions will be answered - or will they?

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