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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 6, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, September 6, 2004

On the island, the infection from Roman's foot is spreading rapidly and he is slowly dying in Marlena's arms. Roman's vision fails and it appears that he is dead; Marlena breaks down in tears...

Hope finally finds Jennifer, Patrick and her newborn baby son in the cave. She is happy Jennifer and her baby are both alive but worried and alarmed that Jennifer is still bleeding. As Jennifer bonds with her son, Patrick and Hope work to try to stop the bleeding. It seems Jennifer could die from loss of blood.

Back in Salem John, Bo, Tek, Lexie, Celeste and Kate are at the graveyard as Roman and Abe's coffins are exhumed and their bodies are missing! Bo is convinced this means Celeste's premonition was right and all the serial killer victims and Marlena are alive. John and Tek remain skeptical. Bo is determined to trace the point of origin of the coded signal. John stops by Chloe's memorial service to see Brady and then returns to police headquarters. Tek manages to pinpoint the source of the signal to an island on a pirate map with the strange name: "Melaswen." Bo and John make plans to leave.

Chloe's memorial service is attended by an emotional Brady with Nicole, Philip and Belle, Sami and Lucas, Mimi and Rex, and, later, Kate and John. Philip and Belle plan to go to Green Mountain Lodge. Kate is thrilled and Sami encourages Belle to sleep with Philip. Lucas worries that Sami will recommit to Brandon if he asks her. The friction between Brady/Nicole and Philip continues. John stops by and offers sympathy to his son. Nicole, playing the "supportive" friend, takes Brady home and promises to be there for him any way she can. Philip and Belle leave for the lodge. Mimi has a fantasy of getting married but Celeste tells her she sees her being rolled down the aisle in a coffin instead of walking down it. Mimi thinks she is going to die and the call from Lexie comes that her test results are in.

Back at the apartment, Lucas pushes Sami to answer his question: what would she do if Brandon asked her to get back together with him?

Shawn comes to, tends to his wounded leg and eats something while waiting for Belle at the loft. Shawn overhears Kate leaving a message for Philip and learns Philip and Belle are going to Green Mountain Lodge.

Jan, disguised as a nun, waits for Shawn at the memorial and tries to solicit Nicole's help. Nicole shuts her down and warns her to get out of town. When Shawn doesn't show, Jan believes he's had a change of heart and is waiting for her back home!

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Marlena tries to bring dying Roman around by encouraging him with memories of their past. Realizing all hope is lost she says good-bye with a kiss but it does not revive her ex-lover. They are photographed by a masked man who is watching nearby. Marlena goes to fetch some water and during this a mysterious masked stranger approaches Roman. Marlena finds the stranger and there is a brief struggle. Marlena realizes the stranger has left a syringe and Marlena ponders whether the stranger was trying to help or hurt Roman. Realizing there is nothing to lose Marlena takes a giant leap of faith and injects Roman with the syringe. Sadly, Marlena watches as Roman's body contorts in pain.

John and Bo attempt to take off from Salem in John's jet. John realizes "melaswen" is really New Salem spelled backwards. This is a huge turning point for John as he realizes that his family and loved ones are being held on this island. John is determined to depart however, the pilot has disheartening news, due to security measures, John and Bo will have to file a flight plan 48 hours in advance. Bo tries to clear the matter up but it's no use, they are grounded. Not about to wait any longer, John dismisses the pilot and tells Bo that the two of them will take the plane up. Bo has a moment where he thinks about Zack but realizes he must bring Hope home. As they prepare to take off they dodge airport security.

As Rex receives a job offer from Salem University, Mimi learns from Lexie that she does not have cancer, she is pregnant with Rex's child. Rex and Mimi both plan to share their good news over dinner.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Abe arrives as Roman suffers under the effects of the injection. Abe is aghast and wonders what Marlena has done. Marlena realizes the syringe was intended to help Roman as he gets better; Abe tells Marlena that Jennifer is bad off. Marlena goes to Jennifer and we realize that Jennifer is dying. Marlena points out to Hope that unless Jennifer gets some help all hope will be lost. Also, Jennifer & Patrick encounter the mysterious figure who demands to know who Patrick is.

Nicole tries to help Brady get over Chloe's death but realizes it's going to be a difficult task. Eventually she makes headway. Little do they know Chloe is alive in Austria and Nancy begs her daughter to tell the man she loves that she is alive. Chloe says for all practical purposes she is dead and since she will never sing again and her face is horribly disfigured, Brady could never love her.

Shawn tries to get to Belle before she makes a huge mistake at the Green Mountain Lodge with Philip. His bike is damaged so he tries to hitchhike. Someone pulls over and picks him up.

Philip and Belle try a platonic night at the Green Mountain Lodge. One thing leads to another and they end up together in the hot tub. Philip and Belle kiss and start to get hot and heavy; she breaks it up. Belle mistakes Philip's adjoining door for her closet door and walks in on him in the nude.

John and Bo take off only to be tracked by DEA planes. They veer wildly off course and Bo realizes they are in the same military airspace where Hope and Patrick were shot down. John tries to get them on course but it is too late - missiles hit them and their plane starts to go down.

Thursday, September 9, 2004
by Joan

On New Salem Island, Doug and Victor caught sight of a plane crashing. Identifying it as John's, they rushed to pull an unconscious John and Bo from the burning wreckage. Maggie wept hysterically as John came to and recognized her. Bo didn't hear his father's touching words as Victor said, "They told me how devastated you were by my death. How determined you were to avenge me. Here you are, Bo to the rescue, as usual. Damn, you're stubborn. I like to think that's the Kiriakis in you. I'm so proud of you, son. I love you. Please don't die on me now." Coming to, Bo simply asked, "Victor, am I dead?"

In the jungle, Jen caught sight of a figure over her holding a dagger. Patrick threatened to kill the stranger if they harmed Jen or the baby. It was Tony who removed his hood. Cradling the infant in his arms, the Count said, "Now why would I want to hurt the lovely Jennifer Deveraux and her precious newborn child?" Tony still denied accusations of being behind the Island Plot. Claiming he used his Zen meditation and an amulet to get through the force field, Tony said he was the only one who could save Jen. He offered a palm stalk to Marlena as the cure for Jen's bleeding. Recognizing the clotting properties in the plant, Marlena helped revive Jen, as Hope realized she was indebted to DiMera for her cousin's life. But when Patrick acknowledges he knew something about the DiMera family, the Count suggested they would talk.

At The Green Mountain Lodge, Belle and Philip were uncomfortable coming to terms with their champagne Jacuzzi together. Philip gave Belle a necklace with a diamond heart increasing the tension of the two becoming closer. But Belle disappointed Philip thanking him for being "such a good friend." As she prepared for dinner, Belle found herself at a crossroads between Shawn and Philip. Wishing for her mother's help, Belle suddenly saw Marlena appear. Marlena advised that Belle's choices would become clear eventually. Saying she deserved to be cherished, Marlena said, "don't you settle for less." With a renewed feeling of confidence, Belle left Shawn's photo behind, leaving for dinner with Philip.

Limping on foot towards The Green Mountain Lodge, Shawn remembered hearing Kate's message to Philip on Belle's voicemail. Determined to get to the Lodge, Shawn accepted a ride from Jan still in nun's habit. Unsuspecting, he confided his problems, referring to Jan as "psycho." Shawn naively drank some drugged herbal tea before realizing who the driver really was. With a threat she would kill Belle, Jan bound Shawn to a wheelchair outside the Lodge, forced to watch Belle and Philip together. But as Belle and Philip kissed on the terrace, Belle heard the sound of Shawn calling out her name.

And on New Salem Island, Bo was stunned to find a Brady's Pub with an overjoyed Caroline waiting there for him. As John embraced Alice, she believed it wouldn't be long before they would be saved. Against the others' arguments, John and Bo were determined to go after their wives. In the jungle, Roman recovered enough to walk with Abe and meet the others. But when a discussion ensued about looking for Jack, Tony replied, ."..I know for a fact that he is dead."

Friday, September 10, 2004
by Joan

At Sami's apartment, Lucas demanded an explanation about Sami's feelings for Brandon. Believing she was stringing him along, Lucas wanted to know who Sami would choose. Sami hedged and struggled for the words Lucas wanted to hear. She admitted her fear of losing Lucas as she had Brandon. Exasperated, Lucas refused to "pick up the pieces anymore", and started to leave, warning Sami of making the biggest mistake of her life. But Sami finally said she wouldn't return to Brandon even if he asked. "You're the only man that I want. Now and forever." Comparing her past with Brandon to a future with Lucas, she called it an easy decision. "I'd be a fool not to choose you." ... "You've always known who I really am, and you've loved me anyway" ... "I love you so much more than I ever thought that I loved Austin or Brandon." ... "I don't just want you I need you to be complete." ... "You don't take any of my crap, and you don't let me get away with anything. And I love you for that, too. Lucas, I couldn't imagine my life without you."

At New Salem Island's Brady's Pub, John guessed that Tony was the person who broke the transmitter on a second try. As the discussion turned to Patrick's coin affecting the force field, speculation was that Tony had a similar method, if he wasn't controlling it himself. At the perimeter, Bo was electrocuted in an unsuccessful attempt to break through. John decided to try climbing over the field.

In the jungle, Jen was hysterical at Tony's remark that Jack was dead. Roman scolded the Count for his insensitivity. Abe suggested Tony's knowledge meant he had killed Jack and could be planning to kill them all. But the Count insisted Jen would have to "face facts." When asked about Stefano's possible implication with the Island, Tony's defense was that his father had died in his arms. But Marlena reminded him, "Well, I died in John's arms. I was embalmed, eulogized. I was buried along with nine other people who live right here on this island." Tony could only agree that the Mastermind behind the Island plot could only be a genius like his father. Jen reluctantly offered the baby to Tony when he asked to hold it. But the captives watched curious and suspiciously as the Count told the baby he would have stories to tell someday. Patrick and Hope left alone in search of Jack, but Abe did not want to leave the captives alone with DiMera. Roman asked, "Which DiMera? The one we can see or the one we can't?"

Outside The Green Mountain Lodge, Shawn remained bound and at gunpoint of Jan's gun, as he fantasized his escape from Jan, punching Philip and returning to Belle. But Jan was shocked as Shawn really had maneuvered the tape from his mouth calling out to Belle.

And at the perimeter on New Salem Island, emotions could not be controlled during another reunion. As Bo recalled losing Hope in the water, the jungle captives returned with Jennifer and the baby. Now separated only by the force field, John had to be restrained from jumping through the electrical current as he saw Marlena approach with Roman. A stunned John said, "It's a miracle, as Marlena greeted him with her eyes. Caroline was overjoyed to see her other son, as Roman and Bo cried out to one another. Almost sarcastically, Tony remarked, "Oh, goody. The Cavalry's arrived!" But the joy was followed by silence when Bo asked for Hope. And deep in the jungle, Hope turned to find Patrick gone but sensed the presence of someone.

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