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Monday, October 11, 2004

Belle demanded to know how Shawn saw her on the couch at the loft with Philip as well as at Titan and Green Mountain Lodge. Shawn couldn't explain how he saw and heard those moments. Instead he continued to attack Belle's infidelity and betrayal. A very angry Belle began to yell back and picked apart Shawn's "what I did over the summer" story. Confused, Shawn could not explain why he never called or how he came to hook up with Jan. Unwilling to back down, Shawn repeated in more detail what he saw and heard. Belle finally admitted that she wished she didn't love him anymore after the way he acted and began to question whether his behavior was excusable due to his head injury. When Shawn called her a lying slut, Belle said, "I hate you." "Not as much as I hate you," a smirky Shawn sneered.

On Salem Island, Tek and Abe discussed their predicament. Abe asked about Lexie and Tek admitted that he spent a lot of time with Lexie over the last year. Abe was happy to hear that Tek was watching over her but Tek kept mum about his romantic interludes with Commander Carver's wife. Doug burst through the door to inform them that Tony was missing from his mansion. Surprised by Tek's presence, Doug wanted to grab the others and escape in Tek's boat. Worried about retaliation, Abe said that no one could escape unless they could all escape at the same time.

In the underground prison, John, Roman, Bo, and Patrick cooked up an escape plan. Using a hidden tool, John tried to pick the lock to the cell door. Unfortunately, the door was electrified and John flew across the room. Next, Roman and Bo stood in front of the cell camera, talking, as Patrick and John snuck underneath the camera to jam the frequency and loop the video feed. With the camera out of commission, the group decided to make a human ladder and escape through the air shaft. Before they could try, Tony made an entrance, handcuffed Patrick, and shuttled him back to the control room. With Patrick gone, the remaining guys put their plan into action.

At the control room, an enraged Tony questioned Patrick's loyalty to the DiMeras. Patrick admitted he was blackmailed into service but that he never wavered in loyalty. When asked about Jennifer, Patrick said he was protecting her because bringing her to the island was too risky. Tony was not buying Patrick's continued oaths of loyalty and explanation, so Patrick swore he had proof of his loyalty.

Just as Bo finished unscrewing the air shaft vent cover, Tony sauntered into the cell with Patrick in tow. Tony admitted that Patrick was a DiMera operative. To combat more escape attempts, Tony threatened to hand Billie and Hope over to his sex starved minions. In the meantime, Tony just whisked away John, leaving Roman and Bo to fend for themselves in the cell but informing them the air shaft was electrified like the door.

Elsewhere on the island, Brady tackled Nicole in the jungle to prevent her from catching her foot on a trip wire. While on the ground, Brady noticed a hidden security camera. The twosome crept through the jungle until they found the hidden Island Bunker prison. Brady scored some hairspray from Nicole and sprayed it onto the compound's hidden lasers. They then crawled under the lasers to a compound airshaft but unfortunately, they did not notice another security camera trained on their progress. Fortunately for Nicole and Brady, Bart still was a sucker for "Tales from Space" comics and did not notice them unscrewing the vent to an air shaft on the side of the building.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

At Basic Black, Lucas and Sami are taste testing wedding cake. They end up smashing it in each other's faces and taking it off with kisses. They talk about how it's going to be hard to make a decision. Sami tells Lucas that that's what happens when you deal with the world's top chefs. She goes on to say that this is going to be her dream wedding, except that they don't have to pay for anything and they still get to pick out everything themselves. Lucas points out that they still have to agree on the choices. Sami tells him that even if they don't agree to remember that she's the bride, besides that, he doesn't care about the wedding anyway. Lucas tells her that he never said that and Sami tells him that they should get back to the wedding plans. They end up playing around and throwing cake all over each other and kissing it off each other again. Sami tells Lucas that their life is going to be perfect, she just wishes that Belle were as happy with Shawn as they were together. A bit later Lucas tells Sami he has a surprise for her and Will comes out in a tuxedo. Will tells him that he feels weird and asks if he really has to wear a monkey suit to the wedding. Lucas tells him he will wear it and then asks Will to be his best man. Will says "no way!", but corrects himself and says yes. He goes on to say that it's so cool that they're going to be a real family finally and how everything is going to be perfect. Sami starts crying and Lucas asks her what's wrong, he thought she was crying because she was so happy. Sami says she's crying because everything is horrible. She goes on to say that she feels so old, and doesn't know why it took her so long to realize that they belong together. Will tells her that he's been telling her that for about as long as he could talk, it just took her a little longer to catch on. Lucas tries to calm her down and tells her it's time to move forward and that they're going to have the perfect wedding. Sami says that weddings blow up in her face and asks Lucas if she's jinxed. Lucas says she's not jinxed and that their wedding is going to be picture perfect. Sami points out that they never really dated, they were never young and in love. Lucas tells her that they are in love and he'll prove it to her. Will asks if he should leave and Lucas says no. He tells Sami to use one of the Basic Black designer dresses because he's going to take her out on a date. Sami tells him that it can be like their first date, and Lucas says better, it will be like going to her prom. Sami is excited about the idea and Lucas tells Will that he can stay with Kate.

They end up going on their "date" to Alice's. Lucas says it looks like the prom has a Western theme. He excuses himself to do something and Sami comes face to face with Eugenia. Eugenia is anything but happy to see her and tells her that she was fired from the lab because of her and she never got to thank her for that. She asks Sami what she's doing for work and wants to know if she's still at the hospital. Sami tells her; no she was fired from the hospital as well. Sami tells her that she's now training to be an executive at Basic Black and when Eugenia sees her ring, Sami tells her she's also engaged. Eugenia tells her she gets all the breaks and leaves. She runs into Lucas and asks tells him they should go out for coffee or a drink. He tells her he's engaged and she asks who the lucky lady is. Sami comes up behind her and says, "me." Eugenia is in disbelief and says she shouldn't be considering how her life is going. Lucas goes to get Sami a drink and Sami rubs in the wedding to Eugenia by telling her she can read all about it in Salem Style magazine, it's going to be the wedding of the decade. Lucas comes back with Sami's drink and they toast their future and their wedding. Eugenia thinks to herself that Sami has to suffer for what she's done, and that she might have to lose her fine fiancÚ'.

At the loft, Mimi has a dream that Rex has shown up with a gift for her. He tells her that he knows she's pregnant; he was worried about her and looked at her medical records. He wonders why she didn't tell him. Mimi doesn't respond and Rex tells her not to tell him that she killed their baby. Rex is upset and furious and tells her she lied to him. She says she's sorry but Rex tells her it's too late. She cries and begs him not to leave her. Mimi wakes up from the dream by crying "Rex please don't leave me." Rex tells her she's having a nightmare and he's not going to leave her. She tells him she's worried because of everything that's going on with Belle and Shawn. She goes on to tell him that she's going to get them back together and Rex says if that's what she wants, he'll help her. Mimi suggests to Rex that they go over and see them.

At Belle and Philip's loft, Belle and Shawn are continuing to argue. Shawn tells her that she lied to him about her mother, caused the death of members of his family and his parents, and she lied about having sex with Philip. Belle tries to convince him that she didn't have sex with Philip but Jan says she did and she can prove it. Jan asks Belle where her purity ring is. Belle says she doesn't know what it has to do with anything but Shawn returned his purity ring through Jan. She goes on to ask Shawn why he did that. He says he doesn't remember. Jan says that he asked her to do it for him so he could avoid the confrontation. She goes on to say that Shawn said that since Belle wasn't faithful to him, he didn't have to be faithful to her. Belle tells Jan that she's a liar but Shawn tells Belle not to blame Jan, all of this is her fault and he'll never forgive her for it. They go on arguing and Mimi and Rex show up. She asks Shawn if he remembers loving Belle, because it was a love they all thought would last forever. She tells them both to think about their love and all the memories they have together, and not to throw it all away. Jan thinks to herself that Mimi is going to regret this and asks to speak to her alone. Jan tells Mimi that Shawn is her fiancÚ'. Mimi says that Belle and Shawn belong together. Jan tells her they don't and she'll do everything she can to keep them apart. They argue a bit more and Mimi says that when Shawn wakes up he's going to go back to Belle because they were meant to be together forever. Jan says, like her and Rex? Mimi asks her what she's talking about. Jan says that she and Rex are going to be history unless Mimi does what she says. Jan tells Mimi that she knows she had an abortion and hasn't told Rex about it. Mimi is shocked that she knows and Jan tells her that from now on she's going to support her and Shawn, and it's her job to make sure they stay apart. Meanwhile, Belle is trying to convince Shawn that they can get past all of this and Shawn says that he can't forgive her for lying to him. Belle tells him that after he left her and came back engaged she has every right to hate him too. Shawn tells her that Jan helped him when he found out about her and Philip and he cares about her, though he doesn't know why exactly. Belle asks him if he loves Jan the same way he loved her. He doesn't respond and she said she knew he didn't feel the same way.

On the island, Tony asks Bart about the status of the security. Bart tells him that John is in solitary and their special guest is lying around like a corpse. Bart says it would be ironic if he were dead while all the others were alive. Tony questions him about the perimeter and Bart says that all the entrances are secure and that the airshaft will electrocute anyone who tries to get in. A bit later, Bart sees Nicole and Brady on the video monitors and Tony sends him to make sure the perimeter is still secured. He leaves and Tony tells Patrick how wonderful it is to work for the DiMera's, all their security equipment is state of the art. Patrick tells him he didn't have a choice in the matter. Tony asks him to check on their "guest" and make sure the cell is secure and the drugs are still in effect. Patrick leaves and Tony says to himself that if Patrick betrays them, he'll be dead.

Outside, Nicole and Brady try to get into the building's airshaft. As he's working, Nicole sees the camera and pushes Brady out of the way as it's about to focus on them. Brady finally gets the cover to the airshaft off, but they have to hide when some of Tony's henchmen show up. Brady asks Nicole for her hairspray and tells her it's time to go into the airshaft. Nicole tells him not to let anything happen to him, she loves him. He says he won't let anything happen, but says to herself that he didn't say he loves her too. They head into the airshaft and get past the lasers. All of a sudden there is a huge shock! When the screen clears again Nicole and Brady are lying on the ground, a black glove is shown turning off the security in the airshaft. They regain consciousness and Nicole tells Brady that she's sorry for being a klutz. Brady uses the hairspray and sees that the lasers are gone. Nicole asks him what happened. Brady says that someone turned off the power to the security system. She asks him if it's safe and he says we'll find out. They move on in the shaft and Brady turns a corner and suddenly falls! She calls his name he calls back to her and says he's fine. She sees he's fallen down an airshaft and he tells her not to come down, to keep going forward and he'll work his way back up to her. She tells him to be careful and they both move on. They are both shown shocked at who they see!

Back in the control room, Patrick comes back and tells Tony that they have a problem. He goes on to tell him that the people in the cells are being very quiet. Bart says that they're all there and accounted for. Tony tells Patrick that the men think he's a traitor, but Bart points out that Billie and Hope don't. Tony says that that will come in handy and tells Patrick to get some rest because he's going to get much closer to both of them.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Belle and Shawn continue to argue at the loft. Shawn tells Belle that what happened to Marlena was her fault, as was what happened to his family, and she helped to kill them all. He goes on to say that on top of all of that he lost her too. Belle tries to tell him that she waited the entire summer for him but he tells her she's a liar. Shawn tells her that Jan was there for him when he needed her. She responds by saying that he still can't say he loves her. Shawn says that love is overrated and he used to tell her he loved her but look where that got him. Belle asks him how he can sleep with Jan and marry her if he doesn't love her. Shawn tells her it's none of her business and leaves.

Elsewhere, Jan is telling Mimi that if she doesn't back her up she's going make sure Rex finds out about the abortion. Mimi says it's a nightmare but Jan assures her that it's very real. Jan goes on to say that Belle is Mimi's best friend and she'll listen to her. She wants Mimi to tell Belle that Shawn wouldn't get over the lies she told him, and that Shawn belongs to Jan now! She says if Mimi doesn't do what she says, she's going to lose Rex for good. Mimi ends up not saying it, but Jan persists and tells her to convince Belle to let go of Shawn. She says if she thinks Shawn is being hard on Belle, wait until she it's Rex turning on her! Mimi imagines Rex announcing to a group at Alice's that Mimi had the abortion and then lied to him about it. He breaks up with her and then pours beer on her. Mimi tells Jan she can't do it. Jan says that everybody will be happy, she'll have Shawn, Belle and Philip will be together and Rex will never know her secret.

Mimi returns to Belle and Belle thanks her for being a good friend to her. Belle asks Mimi what's wrong when she notices the worried look on her face. Mimi tells her it's everything and starts talking about her abortion. Belle tells her not to worry about her and Shawn and that she'll be there for her. She says she has to accept the fact that what she had with Shawn is over now. Mimi says she's sorry about what's happened, she doesn't know what she'd do without Rex. Belle tells her she tried to talk to Shawn and to explain things to him but he wouldn't believe her. She goes on to say she still loves Shawn but doesn't know what to do. Belle wonders if Jan is responsible for Shawn's behavior and that she could understand and accept it if it made any sense. She asks Mimi if she thinks there's still a chance for them. Mimi tells her that she needs to get out and get her mind off of Shawn. They go to leave and Belle thanks her again for being such a good friend. She asks Mimi if she should move on with her life without Shawn.

Meanwhile, Shawn heads back to his loft confused as to why there are so many things he can't remember. Jan tells him that Lexie said he might never get those memories back. Shawn tells her that there are a lot of things he remembers, like seeing Belle and Philip together, but doesn't know why he never confronted them about it. Jan tries to convince Shawn that being there isn't healthy for him, that he should just come back to her house for good. Shawn has a vision of Jan asking him to make love to her. Jan tells him she used to call him her prisoner of love. She asks him if there is any reason why they shouldn't be living together. Shawn says, yes, he doesn't love her. Jan tells him he does love her, he just can't remember, but if he gives her a chance she'll help him to remember. They leave the loft and out in the hall they come face to face with Mimi and Belle.

Meanwhile, Rex is working at Alice's and Kate comes in. She's come to bring Will in to take some dance lessons for the wedding. Will wants to know if Kate is there to spy on Sami and Lucas and to try to break up their wedding. Kate tells him she only wants happiness for them. She says to herself that that means they can't get married. Will wants to go ride the electric bull so Kate asks Rex to show him the ropes. Eugenia sits down next to Kate and watches Sami and Lucas and says it's time for her to lose her man. Kate hears Eugenia damning Sami and they start talking about how they both hate her. They both agree that Lucas can do better than Sami and Kate suggests that they work together to get Sami out of the picture. Sami and Lucas have since spotted Will and ask him how he got there. Will tells them that Kate brought him. Sami looks over at the bar and wonders what the two of them are up to. Kate and Eugenia keep talking and Kate tells her that they have to stop the wedding, and to do that they have to sink to Sami's level. Kate then offers Eugenia a job at Basic Black but Eugenia says thanks but no thanks, she's worked with Sami before. Eugenia gives Kate her number and Kate tells her she may be needing her soon. Sami continues to wonder what Eugenia and Kate are up to but Lucas says that if Kate brought Will in to learn to dance for the wedding, she's behind them. He tells her to stop worrying and then blindfolds her, telling her he has a surprise. Rex comes out and makes an announcement that Lucas and Sami are engaged but they both had bad proms so tonight they are making up for lost time. He crowns them king and queen and they dance. Will tells Kate how great they are together and Kate responds by saying they have great futures to look forward to and then silently adds "apart."

On the island, Tek and Abe show up at the pub. Caroline recognizes Tek as being a police officer from Salem. Tek tells her he came with Brady but he lost him in the jungle somewhere. Caroline tells him that the others are out looking for Billie. Tek is shocked to hear that Billie is still alive and on the island. Victor says that he has faith in Brady and asks Tek if they have any more information. Tek says a little and Abe says that Doug was watching Tony but Tony disappeared. Victor expresses his hopes that Brady would find John so Brady's not in the jungle alone. Tek tells him he's not alone, that Nicole is with him which doesn't please Victor at all. Tek tells them about Chloe and Victor comments that Nicole is surely taking advantage of Brady.

Meanwhile, Brady continues his trip through the airshaft and finds John in a cell. He calls out to him and John is shocked to hear him. He pretends like he didn't hear anything because of the cameras that are trained on him. John asks him how he got there and Brady says it's a long story and tells him he's coming in. John says no, there are cameras in here. John figures out how to jam the camera and loop the recording and Brady is able to get into the cell undetected. Brady tells him how the power was cut which enabled him to get through security. John brings Brady up to speed telling him that everyone is alive and that Marlena is innocent. Brady asks him who planned it all and John tells him it's Tony but Stefano is probably alive and involved as well. Brady tells him Nicole is there with him in the ducts of the airshaft and wonders how they're going to get out of there. They start traveling back through the ducts and come to a fan at the end of one. John tells Brady he hopes it doesn't come on but Brady says it was off when he came through earlier. John starts crawling towards the fan but suddenly it turns on and he starts sliding towards it! Brady tries to catch hold of his hand but John keeps moving closer and closer to the spinning blades.

Elsewhere in the ducts, Nicole gets claustrophobic and breaks through a grate in one, falling to the floor of a cell below her. She is knocked out and when she comes to she calls out for Brady. Nicole wakes up completely and sees a man in the cell with her (the mystery prisoner). She turns him over and screams, it's Colin Murphy!

Meanwhile, in the control room, Bart is ignoring the security monitors in lieu of reading cartoons. Tony comes in and berates him for not keeping an eye on things. Bart tells him everyone is there and accounted for and then asks him what his next surprise is. Tony tells him (we don't find out what it is). Bart asks him when it will take place and Tony says very soon and the people of Salem are going to get an awful surprise. A bit later Tony is watching the camera on John's cell wondering what's wrong with it. Bart says he hit a wrong button and they watch John pacing his cell. They think that John is planning to escape. Suddenly they hear Nicole's screams and wonder what/who it is. Tony says that he's going to find out.

Thursday, October 14, 2004
by Joan

At Alice's Bar, Sami and Lucas discussed their upcoming large wedding financed by Kate and Basic Black. Lucas believed in Sami's word and thought his mother was on their side. But as Eugenia and Kate watched, Sami was thinking how to get Kate before she gets her. Will caught Sami confronting the two about getting revenge, and questioned their willingness to get along. Reduced from Hospital Lab Tech to Coat Check girl, a vindictive Eugenia got sarcasm for a tip as Sami left with Lucas. But at home, Sami imagined Kate over Lucas' shoulder. Answering Kate's mocking remarks out loud, she confused Lucas' romantic moment.

Shawn arrived with Jan demanding a drink despite Rex's advice not to after his surgery. Worried about Jan's threats, Mimi had Philip surprise Belle at the club to distract her from Shawn. But the surprise came as the two couples found themselves in the same room. While Jan was eager to get Shawn home, he replied, "I like hanging out with you. I just don't want to live with you." As Rex and Philip broke up a fight between Shawn and another patron, Shawn's nasty attitude nearly got him into a fight with Philip instead. And when Rex said it seemed as though Mimi wanted to keep Belle and Shawn apart, she thought of Jan's blackmail but said, "Rex, I have something important to tell you."

In New Salem, Abe and Tek discussed their Melaswen escape but Abe was unwilling to leave anyone behind. Caroline was frightened for Victor, furious at learning about Nicole preying on Brady. Victor refused her suggestion to leave Nicole to the PD members on the Island. "The only person you need to be frightened for is Nicole ... I have never allowed the authorities to handle my problems before. I will take care of Nicole myself - once and for all." Desperately asking what he would do, Caroline got the reply, "It's best if you don't know ... I've said too much already." Tek interrupted them with news from Salem about Shawn's accident and his change afterwards. The mention of Shawn's 'engagement' to Jan stunned them both.

At the DiMera compound Bo was put into solitary, with a door electrified to the touch. But Nicole's bloodcurdling screams startled everyone when she found Colin Murphy's body. Through a vent, Hope and Billie wondered who it was thinking the screams alerted DiMera's guards. Tony arrived asking which of the women was screaming. Using a diversionary tactic, Billie complained about being tied up to Hope. Once alone, the two struggled to break free. As Hope asked, "Are you here to destroy my marriage?" Swearing she wasn't, Billie admitted, "He was my one great love." A worried Hope listened as Billie said, "Kissing Bo, made me realize I still have feelings for him. I'll never get over him."

As Bo devised a way to blow out the electric power on the door, Tony walked in, threatening to increase the voltage if Bo tried to escape again. Worried about Hope and Billie Bo asked who had screamed. Taunting Bo, about who he preferred to see survive captivity, ex-lover or wife, Tony said, "If you're unwilling to make the choice, I'll make it for you." Bo asked what Tony was going to do. "You'll just have to wait and see, won't you?"

In a vent space, Brady and John became a human ladder climbing but trying not to become victim of a huge ventilating fan. Cut by the fan, John had Brady cauterize his bloody wound. Using a vent cover, Brady jammed the mechanism long enough for them to slip through. Separating through the vent system they searched on finding missing captives. Finding Bo's cell, John rescued him explaining the screams came from Nicole.

In another holding cell, Nicole touched Colin's body in disbelief, realizing the man she'd shot over a year ago, was still alive. A sudden appearance by Tony went her hiding in a ceiling vent. Standing below, Tony instructed Bart to inject Colin. But the Count thought the intravenous needle had spurted when a drop of Nicole's perspiration hit him. Tony demanded to know what was happening as Colin's injected body went into convulsions. As Bart nervously panicked, "I think maybe death!" Tony looked up hearing something. In the vent, Nicole let out a sound as Brady covered her mouth with his hand.

Friday, October 15, 2004
by Joan

Bonnie watched a Country Dance Benefit get under way at Alice's Bar with additional plans before the end of the evening. Arriving with Mickey, Julie scolded Shawn for leaving the hospital and getting involved with Jan. Challenged by Shawn Douglas, Philip beat the club's record time on the Electric Bull. But Julie stepped in for Shawn D.'s parents when he nearly fell from the bull himself. As Rex questioned Mimi's changed attitude about Belle and Shawn D., she explained hesitantly, "there are things you don't know...about Jan. She's just used to getting her way." Mimi was silenced by Jan's presence and repeated blackmailing threat. But Rex made an announcement that dancing couples had to switch with those nearest them. As Jan and Philip watched, Belle danced in Shawn's arms trying to remind him of the Last Blast.

On Melaswen Island's Brady's Pub, Caroline warned Victor against his threat to "return the favor" by killing Nicole and Jan with his own hands. To Victor even jail would be worth it. "Anything to keep my murdering slut of a wife away from my grandson." Maggie arrived saying she had a feeling she would lose Mickey forever worried he would move on. Caroline also worried but thought her marriage would be saved. But while Alice assured her Mickey was a one-woman man, Maggie worried about Bonnie's influence.

At Alice's Bar in Salem, Bonnie called Grandpa Shawn Brady inviting him for a "big surprise." Saying Caroline would want him to find a new love, Bonnie suggested Julie. Overcoming his fear of moving on too soon, Shawn approached Julie with a drink in hand. "I'd like to propose a toast to a lovely lass who only grows more beautiful with each passing year." Taken by surprise, Julie replied, "You talking to me?" Julie took a swig of her drink when she heard his next words. Understanding their shared feelings of loss for a loved one, Shawn innocently courted her. "I have always found you so beautiful. So attractive. And I was wondering if you'd ever consider going out on a date with another man, me for instance?"

Before Julie could answer, Bonnie began an announcement at the mike. Attributing the success of Alice's Bar as a dream come true, Bonnie asked for one more dream to come true. "Mickey Horton, will you marry me?" Julie's glass fell to the floor in pieces, and then she fainted when Mickey kissed Bonnie's hand and accepted the proposal. Shocked, Mimi found it difficult to congratulate her gold-digging mother who still hinted about Mimi and Shawn. Devastated, Julie watched Mickey and Bonnie saying, "I know what true love looks like. And what it doesn't look like." Agreeing with Shawn with they both had lost their one true loves, Julie accepted Shawn's ride home.

In Colin's Murphy's cell, Bart was sure that Colin had died, until the Count revived him with electric paddles. The Count remained suspicious of the vent above as Nicole insisted that Brady return to confirm Colin was alive which would clear her. After Bart confirmed a plan with the Count, he turned to Murphy's body saying, "Poor sucker. Good thing you're unconscious. You'll never feel a thing." Once Bart left, Brady checked Colin's bed finding nothing, and thinking Nicole had imagined seeing him.

Meanwhile, Tony radioed orders for "moving the prisoners into "the final phase starting with the ladies first. " Taking a phone call, from his father Tony said, "I think our original plan is no longer feasible ... we must proceed with the Doomsday scenario at once." Advising Bart that security on the Island was breached irreparably, Tony said no evidence could be left behind for others to find. "New Salem will be, must be completely destroyed."

In Hope and Billie's cell, Hope defended her marriage promising to destroy Billie. But Billie assured Hope she couldn't. Satisfying Hope's curiosity, Billie admitted she could never have children after losing Bo's baby. Since Hope gave Bo the family she couldn't, Billie said she would never take that away. As the two struggled out of their ropes, DiMera's operative walked in. Bo and John arrived too late finding Hope's bracelet by the empty chairs. As DiMera's operative escorted the women down a hall, they overheard the plot. Bart was amazed at "the Stefmeister controlling the world's energy." Tony then revealed his plan. "We destroy the Island and everything on it."

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