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Monday, November 1, 2004

At the Carver residence, Lexie worried about Sami latching onto Brandon. Getting suspicious, Lexie asked him if he still loved Sami. A smirking Brandon told Lexie that he probably will always love Sami. At the doorway, Eugenia slipped a flier under the door for the Salem Hospital Children's Charity Halloween party over at Alice's. When Brandon went to go for a walk, he found the flier and curious, decided to go to the party. Lexie stayed behind with Celeste who had a new premonition that Abe and the others were in danger of dying in flames. When a bored Lexie turned on the television, a news story about the volcano in the Caribbean erupting caused Celeste to take pause and connect the dots. Celeste insisted they try to help Abe and the others but after Lexie made a poorly received call to the police, Celeste went back to being a party of one in her terror.

At Alice's, Will, dressed like the Wolfman, enjoyed himself at the Salem Hospital Children's Charity Halloween party. Will's good time suddenly came to a crashing halt when Brandon sauntered in the doorway and right past him. Worried, Will rushed home to prevent his parents from attending the party. Meanwhile, Brandon made small talk with Bonnie at the bar that went on and on about how hot Brandon was with Sami. When Brandon admitted Sami was his soulmate, Bonnie told him he needed to go after his true love. During a lull in the conversation, Eugenia approached Brandon who gave her a very icy reception. Not fazed, Eugenia insisted that Brandon let her dress him in costume.

Back at her apartment, Sami was still unnerved by visions of Brandon. Kate insisted Sami was still hung up on Brandon but Sami denied it. Changing tactics, Kate began to push Lucas to take Sami to the Salem Hospital Children's Charity Halloween party at Alice's. Lucas begged off because of an early job interview the next morning but Kate finally got Sami to acquiesce and go with her to Alice's. Right after Sami left, a harried Will arrived home and learned he was too late to stop his mother.

While Eugenia and Brandon were back in the costuming room, Kate arrived with a very reluctant and suspicious Sami. Kate tried her darnedest to lay the "I promised Roman I'd be nice to you" shtick on thick but was saved by a smiling Eugenia who dragged Sami off to be fitted in costume. While everyone mills about, Bonnie announced that each costume had a number on it corresponding to someone else in the room. Bonnie instructed the attendees to find their match for a couples dance. A masked but remarkably good natured Sami met up with Brandon who was costumed as a knight. The two began to dance, slowly together, staring into each other's eyes.

In the Salem Island jungle, Hope tried to protect Billie from the surrounding lava flow. Just when things looked bleak, Bo arrived to save the day. When a downed tree didn't help him get across the lava pit to the ladies, he grabbed the nearest vine and swung over to them. All three held on tight to the vine and swung back to safer ground. Midway, the vine snapped.

On the Salem Island docks, an angry Caroline told Nicole she was going to go to jail for trying to kill Victor as an unconscious Victor lay nearby. Jack, Jennifer, Alice, Maggie, Tek, and the baby were safely aboard the speed boat as the others gathered supplies for the trip. Roman and Abe went off to look for Hope, Bo, and Billie in the jungle but returned empty handed. A unified Doug and Caroline resisted leaving without their children despite the volcanic eruption but thankfully, Bo, Hope, and Billie arrived to join the group. Finally ready to leave the island, the group turned to find a gun toting Bart and Tony standing in their path.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

At Sami's apartment, Will tells Lucas he wants to go back to the party and get Sami. Lucas tells him he can't go because he has a big job interview the next morning. He also says that once Sami sees that he's not at the party she'll be home. Will says he's not so sure of that. Lucas asks him what he said and Will says nothing. Someone rings the doorbell and Will hopes that it's Sami but it turns out to be trick-or-treaters. Lucas tells Will that he needs to go to bed because it's a school night but Will is insistent that they go to the party and get Sami. Lucas wants to know what's going on and what Will is so worried about. Will reminds him of what happened the previous Halloween and says he thought that this year they'd be together and start all over. Lucas says that he's right and that they'll go find Sami but then they're coming back home.

At the party, Eugenia and Kate are watching Sami and Brandon dance. Kate says she can't wait until Sami figures out that it's Brandon she's dancing with. Eugenia asks her, what if Brandon walks off once he figures out he's dancing with Sami? Kate says it doesn't matter, as long as Sami looks into his eyes and falls in love with him again. Out on the dance floor, Sami is asking her prince why he's there, if he's alone, and asks him what his name is.

Meanwhile, Mickey and Julie show up at the party, Bonnie is happy to see that Mickey came. Julie says that it's a hard day for Mickey, and Mickey says that it was a year ago tonight that Maggie died. Bonnie says she knows and that she'd lit a candle for her. They start talking about the volcano that's about to erupt and Bonnie starts thinking about Patrick and the fact that his plane went down in that area. Mickey comforts her and Bonnie says she still has hope that Patrick might still be alive. Julie says she knows how Bonnie feels and starts listing off her friends and family members who had died. She makes a point of naming Maggie and referring as her to Mickey's one and only true love. Bonnie excuses herself and goes off to start the costume contest. Mickey tells Julie that Maggie is gone and not coming back, and he's moved on with Bonnie. He says he never thought he'd be happy like this again, he's going to marry Bonnie whether Julie likes it or not. Bonnie ends the dance contest and suggests that everybody keep dancing. Sami and Brandon dance again and Sami wonders why she feels so connected to her dance partner.

Lexie shows up at the party and starts talking to Kate about Celeste's premonitions and the volcano. She says that Celeste thinks that all the serial killer victims are alive and on an island. Kate says that that's impossible, there's no way they can be alive. Lexie says that as a doctor she knows it's impossible, but she knows that Roman and Abe's bodies weren't in their graves as well. Lexie says that Celeste believes Abe is still alive and wants her to think about that before moving on with her life. Kate says that Abe and Roman are gone and they have to accept that. Lexie wonders if Kate has accepted it and if she's tried to move on. Kate flashes back to her time with John and says she doesn't want to talk about it. Lexie changes the subject and tells Kate she knows that she's using Brandon to try to break up Sami and Lucas. Kate denies it and then Lexie sees Sami and Brandon dancing together. She accuses Kate of setting it up, but Kate tells her she's being paranoid, and asks how she could have set it up. Lexie says it sounds like something Sami would do and heads over to them. She tells Sami she has an important phone call and Sami goes off to take it. Lexie asks Brandon how he could dance with Sami. He says he didn't know it was Sami, but she shouldn't worry, he's not going to get involved with her again. Lexie tells him to put his mask on and get out of there.

Lucas and Will show up at the party and run into Kate. Will tells her they came to get Sami and have to get her out of there. Sami shows up, surprised to see them; she says she'd gone to take a phone call and thought it was Lucas but nobody was there when she picked it up. Sami thinks to herself that Lexie did it to get her away from her dance partner and then she realizes who it was she was dancing with. She sees Brandon walk by, excuses herself and goes after him. Outside she asks why he didn't tell her he was back in town. She pulls off his mask and has a surprised expression on her face. Back at the party Mickey and Bonnie tell Julie that they're flying to Las Vegas the next morning to get married.

On the island Tony is confronting his prisoners as they try to escape, Bart has a gun aimed at them. Tony says that he can't believe they're leaving so soon. Bo tells Patrick and Billie to get to the rafts and get the others away from here. John tells Tony that all of this is sick, and so is he for doing this as revenge. Tony says revenge is just a part of the whole picture, what he's really planning is something none of them could possibly imagine. Bo tells John that they need to keep Tony distracted to give the others a chance to get away. John asks Tony what he's up to and Tony says he'll happily tell them, but not to bother trying to escape because they're not going anywhere. John and Roman ask Tony how he was able to survive the bomb. Tony says that the bomb had been tampered with by a traitor and reprogrammed to kill him. He tells Bart to shoot and kill Patrick. Bart says he can't do it. Patrick tells Tony that his only regret is that he didn't kill him. Tony asks him if he admits to tampering with the bomb. Patrick says he couldn't stand by and watch him kill everybody. Bo says yet he could program the volcano to blow them all up. Patrick says that he delayed it to give them all time to get off the island. John says that Bart can't shoot them, the numbers are against him. Bart says he can try; Tony is his boss and signs his paychecks. Tony tells him to shut up and starts babbling about his plans. John tells him to stuff it, they're leaving but Marlena wants to hear what Tony is saying, and Roman wants to know what's in the briefcase. Tony says it's power to control the world, but first Patrick has to die. Marlena tells Tony that she can't believe that he's this heartless. Tony again orders Bart to shoot Patrick, but Bart says he can't. Tony takes the gun and says he'll do it then. John and Bo step forward and say he'll have to kill them all. Tony says it's ridiculous, they're all going to die anyway; he continues by saying that he'll tell them the truth, this whole thing isn't really just about revenge.

He says he accomplished what Stefan couldn't and now he was going to rule the world. Bo tells him he's lost his mind. Tony says that they were all idiots for not giving him credit for what he's capable of; he just pulled off the scam of the century and people would feel it for years to come. John still doesn't understand how he can control the world. Tony says that he's going to harness natural energy; tides, weather, volcanoes, etc. He says he has the technology to wreck havoc. Roman asks him what kind of technology he has. Patrick says that it's computer programs, like the ones used to blow up the volcano. Tony says that, and also several deadly strains of viruses. He goes on to tell John and Marlena that if they'd been loyal to Stefano they could be sharing the glory. He then tells Patrick it's time for him to die. Patrick tells him he can kill him if the others can leave. Tony says that's so noble, but no. Maggie shows up and asks what's going on and the men use that chance to rush Tony. Hope holds the briefcase over the lava and Bo tells Tony that if he moves, his briefcase is getting fried. Marlena asks Maggie why she came back and Maggie says she forgot her wedding band. John and Bo tell Patrick to get everybody else to the rafts; John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, and Roman stay behind. Tony tries to bargain with them, he says if they give him back his case he'll let them go. Bo says that's really generous of him and tells Hope to drop the briefcase into the lava. Tony says No! and says that now she'll have to watch Bo die. A flare is set off and Tony is distracted by it, the men take the gun from him and Bo tells him that the flare meant the rafts were away from the island. John tells Tony that it's over. Tony says the DiMeras never lose, and it's never over. Tony has his hands behind his head and we see a device in his hand. Tony tells them that he has another trigger for the volcano. John tells him that he'll die too and Hope asks him why he doesn't care about his own life. Tony asks why he should care, all his hard work is gone except for one plan; their destruction. He tells them this is his chance to watch them all go out in a blaze of glory. Marlena tells him it's not too late and he can get help. He says he doesn't want any help and then he tells Marlena that she doesn't even have time to say goodbye to her loved one because she doesn't know if that's John or Roman. He moves to push the button on the device and the show ends.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

John and Tony fall into Tony's underground Zen-lair and go toe-to-toe in a sword fight. It looks as if John has killed the Count with a dagger, but Tony has the last laugh and hits the switch to detonate the island volcano once and for all. During their battle, John hurts his back and Roman and Marlena also find themselves in jeopardy. Roman, Marlena, and John make it back to the raft but they are not out of danger yet.

Nicole and Caroline have heated words and Victor overhears. It looks like Victor is going to tell Brady the truth about Nicole but Roman arrives with news of Tony's demise and the detonation of the island.

As our castaways push off on rafts and boats, we see coast guard warning that a tidal wave is headed straight for Melaswen.

In Salem, Kate and Eugenia push unknowing Sami closer to Brandon. Having clued in that she was dancing with Brandon, Sami heads off to find him. Unbeknownst to Sami, Will has overheard and prays his mom doesn't screw things up. Sami thinks she has found Brandon but instead finds a man wearing the same mask. Lucas asks who Sami was looking for and she lies. Back at her apartment, Will calls his mom on this lie and warns Sami that if his dad finds out that she went looking for Brandon, he'll never forgive her. Just then, Lucas shows up and overhears.

Lexie urges Brandon not to get involved with Sami. Brandon promises Lexie that he has no intention to and the only reason he is in Salem is because of his family. Lexie isn't so sure.

Mimi can't sleep and decides to get some advice from her mother. She arrives at Alice's and learns that Bonnie and Mickey plan to elope to Vegas the following day. Bonnie can't believe she's going to be a Horton! Mimi surprises her mom and tells her how happy she is for her and Bonnie shares how thrilled she is to have found true love in Mickey. Bonnie feels so fortunate that she hasn't screwed it up. This resonates with Mimi and she tells her mom that she loves Rex but she screwed it up by terminating her pregnancy. Bonnie offers support and learns that Jan is blackmailing her daughter. Angry, Bonnie offers to bail Mimi out. When she hears that Jan won't spill the beans about Mimi's abortion in exchange for Mimi helping to keep Belle and Shawn apart, Bonnie doesn't think it's such a bad idea. In fact, it may be a blessing. Angry Mimi can't believe her mom could side with Jan. Bonnie reassures Mimi that she is not siding with Jan; she thinks this is an opportunity for Mimi to come clean with Rex... and then go after Shawn. Mimi doesn't subscribe to this thinking and does not want to lose Rex. Rex overhears and asks for an explanation. Bonnie pulls Mimi aside and says: tell him! Mimi can't. It looks like Bonnie is going to spill Mimi's news.

Thursday, November 4, 2004
by Joan

At Alice's Bar, Mimi interrupted Bonnie from telling Rex about the lost baby before Jan did. Lexie confronted Brandon insisting that Kate was behind his returning to Salem. When Brandon approached Kate accusing her of the same, Kate suggested he still had feelings for Sami. Kate denied Lexie's accusation that she was meddling in Brandon's life to get Sami. "You'd do anything to keep her away from your son. Just as I'd do anything to keep her away from Brandon. Consider yourself warned."

At Sami's, Will told his mother that Lucas would never forgive her for chasing after Brandon. Overhearing them, Lucas realized Brandon was back and told Sami that they could never be married if she still had feelings for Brandon. Insisting she hadn't recognized Brandon in costume, Sami began putting the pieces together. Lucas thought Sami had lost it as she accused Kate of conspiring with Eugenia, and even appearing at her door looking like Brandon. In tears, Sami tried to convince Lucas she wanted to spend her life with him. As Lucas walked out she asked, "Is everything O.K. between us?" "I don't know, Sami. That's up to you." Outside her window, Sami caught sight of Brandon on the sidewalk below.

Escaping Melaswen Island, the Captives floated in small groups on small rafts following the speedboat. On one raft, Roman wondered if Tony was really gone while John recalled delivering a final blow to Tony, assuring Roman he was dead. While not directly answering John's questions, a concerned Marlena told Roman that John might have suffered spinal chord injury.

In the darkness, Bo steered his raft as Hope anticipated seeing their sons. But as Billie recalled losing her baby she realized there was nothing in Salem. Saying she would return to the ISA with the disc from Tony's computer, Bo insisted Billie had family and friends in Salem. Noticing Hope's dismay at Bo's remark, Billie assured her she posed no threat. But when Hope said she wouldn't mind Billie's presence in Salem, Billie said, "You're lying, Hope. To me and to yourself." Understanding, Billie added, "if things had turned out differently, and Bo and I had stayed together, I wouldn't want you around either." Hope honestly replied, "Since you put it like that, I hope your stay in Salem is short and sweet."

Brady swam to another raft for drinking water. Caroline listened silently as Nicole begged for Victor's mercy. She asked for the chance at the love the he and Caroline never had. Caroline spoke up saying, "You wanna' turn your life around? You may not have killed Colin, but Brady deserves to know the truth, about everything." When Nicole feared that the truth would send Brady away, Caroline continued. "Not if he really loves you. There's things Victor did in the past I don't approve of." Nicole asked "And you still love him?" Caroline's silence answered as she put her head next to Victor's. Victor finally spoke, saying he believed everyone deserved a second chance to find happiness. "Everyone but you. You're a ruthless, murdering money grubber. You don't know the meaning of love, and you never will." Nicole wept as Victor promised to tell Brady everything on their return to Salem.

In their craft, Jack and Jen recalled their first sea voyage, The Cruise of Deception. Putting fears and superstitions aside now, they decided to name their son, Jack. But as the waters became rough a decision was made to tie all the rafts together. Marlena told a weakening John if he hadn't come to Melaswen, she would have approved of his moving on with Kate. Saying he felt the same way about Marlena and Roman if they'd remained on the Island. But John's effort to help row stopped when he realized couldn't feel or move his legs. Jack left to check on Alice, when a swell in the water frightened everyone. Screams to hang onto their rafts rang out, as a tidal wave the size of a building approached.

Friday, November 5, 2004

Sami is looking out the window and sees Brandon walking below her. A woman's voice tells Brandon to stop and he thinks it's Sami, but it isn't. Brandon goes over to Lexie's house while Sami wanders along the street thinking about Brandon and whether or not he still has feelings for her. She thinks about the connection they had while dancing but says she's with Lucas now and there's no way she and Brandon will get back together. She says she should go talk to Lucas to make sure he knows that.

Meanwhile, Lexie is at her house and is hoping that Brandon isn't with Sami; and then she starts worrying about Celeste's predictions about the volcano. She turns the TV on and listens to news, which reports that there were several crafts in the vicinity of the volcano but everybody on them might be lost. The report goes on to say that a Coast Guard boat has been sent out to look for survivors. Lexie is praying when someone knocks on her door; she runs to answer it but its just Brandon. She asks him where he went after the party and he tells her he went to Sami's. Lexie says she can't believe him, but Brandon tells her that he has to forgive Sami. Lexie asks him why and if he wants to get back together with her. He says no, and he's not moving back to Salem; not if Kate's is using him (through her offer) to break up Lucas and Sami. Lexie is happy about it but says she'll miss him and asks that he at least spend the night.

At Alice's, Bonnie is looking at her ring and saying that the next day she'll be Mrs. Mickey Horton. Julie shows up and tells her she has a different future planned for Mickey and she shouldn't count her lucky stars yet. Mickey shows up and Julie brings him over to Celeste and asks her to tell Mickey's fortune. Celeste isn't sure, but relents after saying that the future can change day to day. Celeste reads the cards and says that there are going to be a lot of tears shed that night. She is suddenly sprayed with water and says that there is a new danger now, in water and drowning.

Elsewhere at Alice's, Mimi and Rex are dancing and Mimi tells him that she needs to be honest with him and never wants to lie to him. Rex asks her why she'd say that unless she's already lied to him. She says she never wanted to, but before she can say anything else Bonnie interrupts and asks Celeste to read Mimi's cards. Celeste starts her reading and says that there's a secret that might destroy her life. Rex says if Mimi won't tell him what's bothering her, maybe the cards will. Celeste says she sees great love; Mimi thinks she means Rex, but Celeste says she's not sure there are mixed signs; she sees an old love and a long history. Bonnie thinks it's Shawn but Mimi tells her to shut up, the only other person she dated was Kevin, but Rex is the only man she's loved. Celeste starts getting more vibes and Rex starts to worry that there's someone else. Mimi assures Rex that there isn't he's the one she loves and wants to be with. Rex tells Mimi to promise him there will be no secrets, she does and says she doesn't know what she'd do if she lost him. Later at home Rex wants to make love to Mimi but she says she can't and they end up kissing and cuddling.

At Alice's, Julie is trying to convince Mickey that he's making a big mistake.

Back at Alice's, Julie tries to talk to Mickey about how he is making a mistake. Celeste comes over and says she's had a very strong premonition about Maggie. She tells Mickey that he might lose Maggie all over again. Mickey tries to tell her Maggie has been gone for a year but she says that that's not true. She tells him that Maggie is trying to come home to him and she's not dead! Bonnie pulls her aside and tells her that Maggie is dead and to stop giving Mickey false hope. Celeste says Mickey and Maggie have a very powerful love and that can work miracles. Bonnie tells Mickey not to pay any attention but Julie steps is asking what if it's true and that everyone is still alive? Bonnie tells her that using that against Mickey is cruel.

Sami shows up and asks Celeste if Brandon is going to come between her and Lucas. Celeste wants to know why it matters unless she loves Brandon. Sami says she's over him but wants to know if he'll cause any problems between them. Celeste starts the reading and says it's not good, if Brandon spends the night in Salem her life won't be the same again. Sami tells her she made a mistake but Celeste says the cards have spoken. Sami tells her that her cards are broken and says she's going to go talk to Brandon if she can find him. Celeste tells her he's staying with Lexie. Celeste tells her again that if Brandon stays the night it won't be good for her. Sami says she'll go see him and make him leave.

Celeste heads back to Bonnie, Mickey, and Julie who are all arguing about Maggie. Celeste tells them not to be so sure that Maggie won't come back. Bonnie says that she and Mickey are engaged and are going to Las Vegas to get married tomorrow. Mickey says he's made a decision; that if he found out Maggie was still alive it'd be the happiest day of his life. He goes on to say that he's not getting any younger and that he's happy with Bonnie and is going to marry her. Celeste says that their future will be clearer in the morning and Mickey and Bonnie leave. She says Maggie might still be alive and Julie says she hopes she is, and comes back in time to stop Mickey from making a huge mistake. Bonnie worries about the possibility of Maggie being alive and says she'll marry Mickey in Las Vegas, tonight!

Back at Lexie's house, Lexie is praying for a sign about Abe and Tek when Sami shows up. She says she has to see Brandon and make sure he leaves town tonight.

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard is patrolling the waters, watching the boat and rafts on their radar disappear. One of the men spots some wreckage and some bodies in the water. The captain asks if anyone is alive. On their rafts, John is calling for Marlena but she and Roman have disappeared; Bo calls for Hope and Billie but they too have disappeared. Bo dives into the water to search for them. On his raft, Brady is the only one left, he calls out for Nicole and she answers him, asking him to save her. Patrick has grabbed Jennifer on the boat while she screams for Jack.

On the Coast Guard boat, Maggie, Hope, Jennifer and the baby have been rescued. Jennifer tells them that they have to get Jack; he went down with the others. Patrick is pulled aboard and says he wants to go after Jack, the Coast Guard says no way. Brady, Nicole and John are rescued. John asks about Marlena but nobody has seen her yet; he tells them that she saved his life. There is a flashback of Marlena lashing John to the raft, saying she loves him and jumping into the water and disappearing. Maggie says that Alice always said to have faith and they'll be reunited. They pull someone else aboard and says they're dead. They pull back the blanket and it's Bo. Hope won't give up on him and says he saved her life and went back for Billie. She has a flashback of Bo pulling her from the water and giving her CPR and then diving back in after Billie. Hope begs Bo to come back because she and their sons need him. She gives him a kiss and he comes back to life. A bit later the captain says Doug has been found and will be ok but they are still searching for the others. A while later he comes back with a lists of the dead and the survivors; he says Abe and Tek have been found but the rest are presumed dead. He goes through the list Victor, Caroline, Cassie, Roman, Marlena, Jack and Colin.

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