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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 3, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, January 3, 2005

At the clinic, Brady talked up Chloe to the nurse who told Brady of a Chloe visiting at the clinic. Before Brady could show a photo of his Chloe, a worried Nicole entered and told him she talked to Belle. Undeterred, Brady insisted on going to his little sister's wedding. After sending Nicole to call for a car, Brady closed his eyes and imagined marrying Chloe. Chloe came from behind the curtain to see Brady who was lightly sleeping. As Chloe kissed Brady, he came to and called her name.

On the jet, Bo stopped Billie from taking off. An outraged Billie told Bo she wasn't his wife and he couldn't order her around. As Billie went to talk to the pilot, Bo found a tape recorder and listened to Billie's message to Georgia. Billie left the message in case of her death and told Georgia that she left behind Bo who was a wonderful father and that Georgia was conceived in love. Touched, Bo told Billie he would go with her and that someday Hope would understand.

In the European DiMera castle, Tony egged on Marlena and Roman by showing them live footage of Belle and Philip's wedding. Marlena fretted that Belle didn't look happy but struggled more mightily with the shots of Kate comforting John.

In the church, a nervous Belle prepared to walk down the aisle with her father as the various guests questioned whether Belle loved Philip. Celeste was particularly disturbed by bloody wedding visions but Abe told her to think happy thoughts so she kept quiet. John attempted to walk Belle down the aisle but when bumped by the photographer, collapsed.

Outside, a police officer stationed by Kate prevented Lucas and Sami from entering the church but when some marines showed up, the officer weakened and let them all in. As John recuperated in the pews, Sami spied on her stepdad from the corner. John surreptitiously pulled a needle from his jacket and injected pain medication as a shocked Sami witnessed it all. Within minutes, John got back to his feet while a muttering and a surprised Sami watched from a nearby pew. Belle and Philip met at the front and began their vows. Belle was shaken for a moment when she imagined Shawn in Philip's place but pressed on anyway.

Outside a frustrated Shawn arrived at the church on time but the police officer would not let him inside. After finding every door locked, Shawn hopped on his bike and went to plan B.

Inside the church, Philip said I do and the priest moved on to Belle. Just as Belle began to say her part, Shawn's bike came crashing through the stain glass window, causing it to shatter apart and shower across the wedding crowd.

In the DiMera castle, a horrified Marlena watched the whole scene unfold on her television.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Shawn sails through the church. Unfortunately he nearly kills Belle in the process and as confusion and chaos erupt, John and Lexie try to save Belle's life. Philip is hit in the head with a chandelier while Shawn is bruised and wounded. John fights his pain while trying to help Belle; Hope worries about Bo's reaction to Shawn's latest stunt. To make matters worse, Shawn's motorcycle is leaking gas and explodes. Hope thinks everyone has perished in the explosion but Jennifer tells her everyone got out. Shawn and Philip and Belle are taken to the ICU where Lexie runs a tox screen and blood alcohol level on Shawn. When she wakes up, Belle asks to see Shawn. In pain, Shawn comes in to see Belle and apologizes in tears.

Hope tries Bo's cell but gets a message saying reception is outside the service area.

Sami and John have words and Sami witnesses John steal drugs. Sami is ready to turn John in for stealing drugs.

Bo tells Billie he's had a change of heart. Billie protests but Bo says he'll make Hope understand. Billie realizes Bo doesn't think she can handle it and Bo admits this is true. Billie disagrees and wants to know why Bo's so worried about her; she is so angry she wants to stop and let him out of the plane.

Nicole vows to get "that dead bitch" Chloe out of Brady's mind once and for all.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

At the hospital, Shawn asks if Belle and Philip are married. Belle doesn't answer... she is furious at Shawn for what he did. Driving his motorcycle through the stained glass window was irresponsible and dangerous. Shawn feels terrible and, in heartfelt scenes, confesses to Belle about his confused emotions and blurred memories. They are interrupted by a doctor who needs to examine Belle. Shawn goes into the waiting area and is confronted by an angry Philip, who is there with protective Kate. Lexie reveals that Shawn's blood tests and tox screens were positive for alcohol and drugs. Jan arrives. Rex thinks what Shawn did was terrible but Mimi defends him, thinks it was wildly romantic -- trying to stop the wedding proves Shawn is still in love with Belle. Jan hears this and is worried. Sami overhears Jan murmur that she drugged Shawn's drink.

Sami is being questioned by a guard on whether she saw anyone steal drugs from the nurse's cart. Sami is about to incriminate John when Lucas pulls her aside; he doesn't want her making false accusations just to get back at an enemy. Sami is outraged but Lucas reminds her she's done things like that in the past. She claims she wants to be the "new Sami.".. then be the new Sami and don't deliberately make trouble for people. We get the sense Sami has agreed but then John (feeling the effects of the drugs he took) confronts Sami angrily about her negative attitude. The guard asks again: did she see anyone steal the drugs?

Hope goes home and finds Bo is gone. Julie and Maggie arrive with Zack and they speculate that Bo felt better and went to the wedding. Maggie goes to check for Bo at the church. Julie again warns Hope in the strongest possible terms not to let Bo go off again with Billie. Maggie returns and she couldn't find Bo. Julie asks if anyone knows where Billie is? Hope is convinced: Bo is not with Billie!

On the plane Billie is sad, still yearning for Bo and knows he only loves her as a friend. She remembers another time with Bo, taking care of Shawn-D, Bo telling her she's going to make a wonderful mother. Bo confirms there can never be anything between them again. He's with her now to look for their daughter and to make sure nothing happens to Billie. But, he warns, if he ever had to choose between Billie or Hope and his family... he'd have to choose Hope.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

At the hospital, Shawn is devastated to learn that Belle and Philip are married and he was too late to stop the wedding. He and Philip get into a fight. Lexie orders Shawn out of Belle's room. Kate listens as Mimi encourages Shawn to talk to Belle and rediscover that they love each other. Kate calls the police about Shawn's blood alcohol and positive drug tests. Shawn tries to get to Belle, but is stopped by Lucas and Rex, defending their brother and his new bride. Kate is angry that Mimi encouraged Shawn to go to Belle and thinks Mimi may not be the right woman for Rex, after all. Jan wants Shawn to leave with her, but he refuses. He needs to talk to Belle again. Meanwhile, Philip tells Belle Shawn was drunk and on drugs. Belle's shocked, but still thinks she should talk to Shawn again. The police arrive and arrest Shawn.

Sami is about to tell the security guard John stole the drugs when they are interrupted by Shawn's reaction to hearing Belle and Philip are still married. The guard continues to press Sami, who remembers Lucas imploring her not to deliberately get someone in trouble. Sami says she didn't see who took the drugs. Abe is there with Lexie, complimenting John on finding the strength and courage to walk Belle down the aisle, considering the great pain he must be in. Lexie, worried about what public knowledge of the drug theft will do to the hospital's reputation asks John to conduct a private investigation. Sami is appalled when she hears John agree. John goes into the corridor and injects himself with drugs again while Sami watches. Her new found knowledge could prove to be very useful.

Jennifer comes to see Hope. Maggie and Julie filled Jennifer in that Bo may have gone off with Billie again. Hope believes Bo would never do that but is worried. Lexie calls and tells Hope Shawn tested positive for alcohol and drugs.

On the plane Bo tries to call Hope but can't get through. He and Billie share more romantic flashbacks. About to land, Bo is determined to call Hope and fill her in even though he knows she is going to be furious.

Having escaped the DiMera castle, Jack arrives at a small European inn. He's dressed in a guard's uniform and doesn't have money or a passport. He's about to reveal himself to the police and ask them to take him to the American consulate when Bart arrives.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Unable to find Bo, Hope learns Shawn has been arrested and goes to the police station. Meanwhile, Kate calls upon Judge Fitzpatrick to make sure Shawn gets what's coming to him. Kate gets a call from the Basic Black pilot and learns that Billie is with Bo in Europe. Hope arrives and is furious. Hope asks Kate if she has heard from Billie and Kate says she has not. Hope goes in to talk to Shawn while Judge Fitzpatrick tells Kate that it's up to the DA and the legal system to decide Shawn Brady's fate. Mickey comes out and the judge confides that from her perspective, it doesn't look good for Shawn. Kate overhears this and makes a few phone calls lobbying for the bishop and the DA to put Shawn Brady away for a long time. She does not want anything to come between Philip and Belle.

Hope talks to Shawn. He wants her to unlock the cuffs and let him go to Belle. Hope refuses and Shawn lays into his mom. Hope retaliates by asking what he was doing drinking and taking drugs. Angry Shawn wants to see his father and Hope hesitates; Shawn realizes Hope doesn't know where Bo is and he is taken and processed for jail.

Bo and Billie arrive at the European Inn where there is only one room available. Bo tries to reach Hope but it's useless. Billie wants Bo to rest because his wound is bleeding; Billie nurses him. Alone, Bo finally reaches Hope and tells her that he's in Europe with Billie.

Jack tries to keep his head down and is nearly caught by a cop and a DiMera minion. He checks into the Inn and almost runs into Billie.

Jennifer breaks the news to Alice about Shawn. Alice is upset and then Jennifer breaks down about Jack. She tells her grandmother that although Jack is gone, at least she has her family and Patrick. Alice raises her eyebrow at this and Jennifer gives Patrick a glowing review.

Chelsea is determined to seduce Patrick. Chelsea's plan to spy on him in the shower goes up in steam and Jennifer returns home. Jennifer forgets momentarily that Patrick told her there was a message on the machine.

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