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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 10, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, January 10, 2005

Philip and Belle came home from the hospital to find that Kate had thrown them a surprise party. As the festivities got under way, John snuck off to a corner to shoot up his painkillers. Nicole noticed him and told Brady she recognized the warning signs that he was a drug addict. Brady didn't want to believe it but snuck up behind John and witnessed a syringe fall out of his pocket. Kate overheard Nicole and Brady and she fought with Nicole. When Brady returned he had to break the bad news to Kate. The three agreed to take John home. A surly and temperamental John went with them. After discovering the meds stolen from Salem hospital in John's jacket pocket, Brady put in a phone call to Abe and Lexie to get John help.

Shawn prepared for his bail hearing as a very angry Mickey lectured him on the charges. Shawn maintained he was innocent of doing drugs. When Shawn went to his hearing, Hope argued with Bo on the phone, finally hanging up on him without telling him about Shawn. After Billie insisted, Bo called back to explain to Hope why he left. Unfazed, Hope told Bo he should have let Patrick go after he volunteered. When Bo said he couldn't trust Patrick, Hope spit back, "I don't trust you." Hurt, Bo pressed Hope to talk. Hope finally spilled all about Shawn and Bo swore to return to Salem on the next flight. She was even more relieved when Shawn returned, out on bail.

After the party wound down, Philip and Belle settled in for the night. Unfortunately, Shawn pounded on the door and found a stunned and unhappy Philip answering it. Shawn demanded to talk to Belle.

Across the hall, Rex told Mimi to give up the Belle and Shawn dream. Mimi agreed to back off but insisted they needed to stay strong and support Shawn since he needed them now.

In Europe, Jack tried to hide out in the hotel bar but when Bart showed up flashing his picture, Jack was again on the run. Billie just managed to miss Jack and couldn't quite place Bart's voice. The hotel innkeeper, on the DiMera payroll, promised Bart Jack had nowhere to run. Meanwhile, Jack slipped out the upstairs window and made a break for it.

Down the hall Billie overheard Bo argue on the phone with Hope and counseled him to work things out with his wife. Billie went back downstairs to check the phone number she had against a reverse directory. Once she had an address, Billie asked the innkeeper if she knew the name. Smiling, the innkeeper told Billie they were a nice family with a fifteen year old daughter. Happy, Billie set off on her own to see the teen. Meanwhile, the innkeeper tipped off someone on the phone to Billie's investigation.

A poorly disguised Jack hopped a ship for passage back to the states. Unfortunately, the captain caught him and threatened to call the police. Smooth talking Deveraux sweet talked his way into doing the ship's laundry in exchange for passage to the United States and on his way back to Jennifer.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Brady, Kate and Nicole have realized John is hooked on drugs. Brady is about to call Abe and Lexie when Nicole stops him, convinces him this should be just between the family. Kate and Brady agree. John, alone, haggard, and worn, gives himself another injection to get through the rest of the night. Brady calls John downstairs and they confront him. John denies any wrongdoing, just as Nicole predicted. John demands to know why they think he's taking drugs. Brady tells his dad Nicole recognized the signs and this sets John off - she hates him and would do anything to discredit John. Brady says neither he nor Kate wanted to believe it, but they do. John, still not admitting anything, is furious and demands they all get out!

Belle is in her room, preparing for her wedding night still wondering why Shawn tried to stop the wedding. Downstairs, Philip confronts Shawn at the door. Philip and Shawn physically fight. Rex and Mimi take Shawn back to his loft as Philip returns to Belle. Belle sees his bruised knuckles but Philip covers. Philip and Belle begin their romantic wedding night with a champagne toast.

Jack, on the freighter, fantasizes about returning home to Jennifer, Abby and Jack Jr. Jennifer must have heard his message by now and knows he is alive.

Jennifer slips and wrenches her back, Patrick offers to give her a massage. Chelsea still has her sights set on Patrick and tells Abby, so does Abby's mom. Abby still believes her mom loves her dad and that he is alive and trying to come home to them. They go downstairs and react when they see Patrick giving Jennifer a back rub. Chelsea accidentally erases Jack's [unheard] message.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

John's intervention continues as Brady confronts his father with solid proof of his drug addiction. Brady saw John hide a hypodermic needle at Belle's party earlier and found empty drug vials in John's overcoat. John covers, revealing Lexie asked him to do a covert investigation into the theft of drugs at the hospital. Kate wants to believe John and Brady is torn. Nicole is convinced he is lying and Brady admits it does seem suspicious. Due to the drug's side effects, John lashes out in a cruel and vicious way. He lays into Brady for his relationship with Nicole and belittles him for sleeping with this trashy gold digger. When Kate tries to intervene, John fires a verbal attack at her about being born on the wrong side of the tracks and attacking how she worked her way up! John does not reveal that Kate was a hooker but Kate is stung. John calls them both whores and Brady is outraged, now even more convinced his father must be on drugs. John slams into his bedroom and locks the door. Sweating and shaking from withdrawal he tries with all his strength to avoid taking more drugs. He finally prepares a needle...

Philip and Belle share an incredibly romantic wedding night.

Shawn is about to lose it in his loft. He wants Mimi's help to get time alone with Belle. Jan enters and expresses her worry about Shawn. Jan warns Mimi not to help Shawn get anywhere near Belle. Rex also pressures Mimi, Belle and Philip are married now. Shawn keeps the pressure up, warning Mimi he will go and fight Philip in order to see Belle. Mimi still believes Shawn and Belle belong together so finally gives in and goes over to talk to Belle. Belle convinces herself that she is happy with Philip and has nothing to say to Shawn. While Philip sleeps, Belle does go up to the roof to meet with Shawn. Meanwhile, Rex and Jan wonder how Shawn is doing and Mimi looks caught as she tries to prevent them from checking on him.

Hope updates Jennifer that Bo flew off to Europe again with Billie. Patrick overhears them railing about Billie's manipulation and chimes in that nothing is Billie's fault; she told Bo she didn't want him to come to Europe with her.

Bo stops Billie from chasing down a lead because it could be another DiMera trap. Bo promised Hope he'd fly home to deal with Shawn and Billie refuses to go with him. Bo agrees to quickly check out the lead with Billie...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

The intervention continues as Nicole tries to convince Brady and Kate that John is an addict. It appears that John has convinced Kate and Brady that he's anything but an addict.

Hope admits her fears to Jennifer about Bo being with Billie in Europe. Jennifer tries to place the blame on Billie; Jennifer believes Billie coerced Bo to Europe. Patrick, however, disagrees and thinks Bo went because he wanted to. Hope has a memory of talking with Bo about Billie and Hope sadly tells Jennifer that she agrees with Patrick. After Hope leaves, Jennifer turns on Patrick, angry that he upset Hope.

Mimi tries to keep Jan from ruining Shawn and Belle's talk on the roof but things turn for Mimi when it appears that Jan is finally going to tell Rex about Mimi's abortion.

Shawn tries to get through to Belle but she holds her ground. Belle is about to leave when Shawn asks her flat out if she loves him.

Friday, January 14, 2005

John continues to deny his drug addiction but Nicole won't let it go. Brady and Kate defend John but Nicole manages to finally get through to them - - she asks John if he only needed the drugs for Belle's wedding, then why was he shooting up when they entered the room. John tries to back pedal but Brady doesn't buy it and asks John to let him call the doctor at the ISA. John gives in and Brady calls - the ISA doc privately recalls being threatened by John and tells Brady that he won't be giving John any more pain medication. Brady hangs up, convinced that he has solved the problem. It appears Kate and Brady are buying John's story but Nicole is still extremely dubious. Against Nicole's judgment, Brady and Nicole leave. Kate remains behind and John apologizes to her. Alone with Brady, Nicole wants to go back and confront John again but Brady says no. Kate returns to John's room where she finds plenty of proof that John is using.

Bo and Billie talk to the family who adopted Georgia and it appears that they will finally find their daughter. The couple invites the two of them in. Bo comments on Georgia's name, says it's pretty. The mother says it was on their daughter's birth certificate. They ask the couple what they know about Georgia's birth parents and they admit they don't know much except that the birth mother was a whore. This doesn't sit well with Billie so she slips and exposes their real agenda. These "parents" turn out to be DiMera minions and tie up Bo and Billie.

Shawn appeals to Belle. He tells her that he can't remember why he treated her so poorly and he wants her help in figuring out what happened over the summer. Belle refuses and Shawn cries out for her. Reluctant Belle comes back and tells Shawn that she will help him.

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