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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 31, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, January 31, 2005

Sami and Lucas sat in her apartment and opened the first group of wedding presents to arrive. When Sami opened a box to find a beautiful crystal sculpture of two lovebirds she marveled at it. But when Lucas told her it was from Brandon, Sami dropped it to the floor in surprise. Upset over the shattered remains, Lucas calmed Sami down and told her they needed to start a tradition of trust. Lucas hugged her and promised that if anyone was going to break them up it could only be Sami's doing.

At the Carver household, a stupefied Celeste opened the door to find a jet lagged Brandon. Brandon continued to deny he could come between Sami and Lucas. Worried about tempting fate, Celeste held a small séance to ask for a sign of Sami's upcoming nuptials. When the spirits entered the room, the newspaper clipping of the wedding announcement lit itself on fire and burned.

In the loft bedroom, Belle broke down and admitted she still loved Shawn. Delirious with joy and overflowing with promises to be a better person, Shawn begged her to tell Philip as soon as possible. Philip came home and after some prodding, Belle got Shawn to agree to sneak out the window. Belle went downstairs to find a despondent Philip who had just received bad news from Rex. One of the other marines, Paul, had been in a car accident. Philip blamed Paul's wife Maria because she left him for an old boyfriend, the day before he shipped out. Upset, Philip told Belle how happy he was that she would always be faithful to him.

Across the hall, Jan screamed from the inside of the hall closet that she would expose Mimi's secret. Mimi stood guard over Jan and meditated over whether to let her out. When Shawn came through the window and heard Jan, he chuckled and let her out. Rex walked in on the scene as a giggly Shawn told them all that Belle and he had worked out their differences and were getting back together. A steamed Rex yelled at Mimi for lying to him and helping Shawn. But a furious Jan stormed off to seek her revenge. After Rex filled Shawn and Mimi in on the Paul news, Jan returned with a gift for Mimi and Rex. Over Mimi's objections, Rex opened the package to find a life like doll baby. Pleased, Rex admired it as Mimi shook nervously nearby. After a moment, Rex claimed to finally understand what was going on.

In Europe, Billie and Bo continued to beg Georgia to return to the United States for a DNA test. Crying, a scared Georgia refused to accompany them. Georgia's adoptive parents broke out the birth certificate which showed Georgia was three months younger than Bo and Billie's Georgia. Not ready to give up, Hope intervened and asked for everyone's blood type. With the types not matching, Hope suggested they leave the family alone. However, Billie and Bo refused to let go so easily. Fortunately Georgia's mother remembered a letter she had been given with Georgia. A cautious Bo opened it and read greetings from Tony DiMera informing them they had the wrong girl and to keep searching. Bo seemed to accept it but a desperate Billie continued to plead for the DNA test. Georgia stepped forward and cut off a lock of her hair for Billie to test. Seemingly placated, Bo, Billie, and Hope finally took their leave.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Rex misunderstands Jan's "gift" of the baby doll and thinks that Mimi is pregnant. Shaken Mimi sets him straight and they retreat to their room to talk as Shawn and Jan have it out. Jan is desperate off the realization that Shawn intends to go back to Belle. Shawn presses Jan for answers about what really happened last summer and announces that he is leaving her. Jan cradles the doll and we sense Shawn may be in danger.

Anguished Belle is about to tell Philip that she and Shawn are in love when Philip gets a call- he must take an earlier flight and leave for duty ASAP. Belle feels tremendously guilty, fearful of what will happen to Philip if he goes into combat after she breaks his heart. On the other hand, she knows she can't let them continue to live a lie. She steels herself, deciding she must tell him the truth. She's shocked when she comes downstairs and finds Philip is already gone. Shawn is upset to learn that Philip left before Belle could break the news and decides he is going to the airport to do it himself.

Rex is still upset with Mimi for going behind his back to help Shawn and Belle get back together. As Rex goes on about the importance of trust and honesty, Mimi grows increasingly nervous and realizes she can't put it off telling Rex the truth any longer. Rex has to get ready for work so Mimi gets up her courage and talks to him while he's in the shower -- she confesses everything. She tells Rex she can't bear to hear him say he hates her, so if that's the case, please don't say a word. His response is silence so tearful Mimi, certain that their relationship is over, tells him she'll move out.

Billie is devastated as she comes to accept that the girl they found could not have been Georgia. She lashes out at Hope for her negativity and suggests that she's not welcome to help them search. Bo understands Hope's heart is in the right place but urges her to go easy on Billie. Bo's disturbed to see Patrick comforting Billie. Hope thinks it's none of Bo's business. Neither she nor Bo has any reason to be jealous. Then Bo sees the picture of Hope and Patrick kissing at the wedding reception in the lobby.

Tony and Bart play poker with special cards adorned with the faces of Salem's finest. Tony hints that he may need to woo Patrick back into the DiMera fold soon. He also reveals that he has a special card up his sleeve - Georgia Brady. And yes, she is alive.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Kate and Eugenia are desperate to stop Sami's wedding to Lucas. Luckily Kate's thought ahead and using Eugenia's skills as a computer expert, Kate infiltrates Sami's trusted on-line horoscope. After reading the bogus horoscopes, Sami truly believes Brandon is going to disrupt her wedding. She gets a confirmation that Brandon is in town. Lucas tries to convince Sami that nothing is going to come between them.

Bo and Hope have words about the picture of her kissing Patrick. Hope tells Bo the truth about the picture but they are definitely at odds. Hope lays down the law, telling Bo he can't look for Georgia anymore; he needs to focus on their family and hire a private investigator to work with Billie. Bo moves off to get his stuff and Hope says aloud what she's known all along: DiMera wanted nothing more than to destroy everyone's relationship in Salem.

Patrick and Billie talk and Billie frets about never finding Georgia. Patrick reassures her and tells her that in order to find her daughter she must lose Bo. Billie can't believe Patrick is suggesting this but he makes his case for Bo and Hope: Billie doesn't want Georgia, Shawn and Zack to lose all their parents. Billie agrees and asks why he's defending Hope. She spots the picture of them kissing and says she thinks he's sweet on Hope.

Patrick assures Hope that Billie doesn't want Bo. Hope overhears Billie and thinks Patrick was right and she (Hope) was wrong. Unfortunately, Hope walks in on Bo and Billie in an embrace.

Shawn is determined to stop Philip and breaks the news to him that he (Shawn) is still in love with Belle. Belle goes after Shawn to the airport and Jan goes after Belle. Jan creates a diversion but it's too late... Shawn has spotted Philip.

Mimi and Rex make up; he didn't hear a thing in the shower! and Mimi is determined to tell Rex about her abortion. He forgives her without her getting a chance to even break the news to him.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Shawn desperately tries to get to Philip before he ships out. Belle, too, is desperate to get to him; she wants to tell him before Shawn does. Jan gets some Marines to beat up Shawn by telling them he's trying to steal a fellow Marine's wife. Philip is outside the checkpoint and Belle can't get to him. Philip calls Belle on her cell phone and discovers she's at the airport. He has difficulty talking and hearing because of the noise from the planes. Philip tells Belle he loves her and Belle, filled with guilt, tells Philip she loves him, too. Shawn rushes up, bruised and bloodied, grabs the phone and tells Philip it isn't true, Belle doesn't love him - she's in love with Shawn!

Sami is a wreck after learning Brandon is back in Salem. She's convinced the phony horoscope planted by Kate and Eugenia portends doom for her marriage. Brandon is at Lexie's where she, too, is worried that his being back will ensnare Brandon again in Sami's web. Celeste is there and predicts that neither Sami nor Brandon can avoid what fate has in store for them. Lexie insists Brandon get a hotel room and stay there until after Sami has married Lucas. Brandon agrees. Kate and Eugenia find out where Brandon is staying and using the phony "psychic" Marguerite, arrange for Sami to find out where he is, too. Kate manages to drug Brandon's drink at the bar before he goes up to his room. Sami arrives and Kate drugs her drink, too! Sami (thanks to a careful "plant" by Kate) learns what room Brandon is in. Kate, disguised, poses as a maid lets Sami bribe her into allowing Sami into Brandon's room. Sami sees Brandon on the bed and says she has something important to tell him. Kate tells Eugenia this is the beginning of the end for Sami Brady. She hands Eugenia the key to Brandon's room, tells Eugenia when the time is right and she knows what to do.

Friday, February 4, 2005

Kate and Eugenia's scheme to destroy Sami's life proceeds according to plan. Sami enters Brandon's hotel room and demands that he leave Salem. Highly distressed and feeling the effects of the drug they gave her, Sami doesn't notice that Brandon is unconscious. She warns Brandon not to say a word but the drug takes full effect and Sami falls onto the bed, out cold. Eugenia creeps into the room and undresses Brandon and Sami; it looks like they've spent a night of champagne-soaked debauchery!

Kate stays by John's side, knowing this will give her the perfect alibi.

Shawn is on fire to tell Philip that Belle doesn't love him anymore but Philip's military jet takes off and the phone connection is lost before he hears Shawn. Belle is deeply torn as Shawn wants to keep trying to contact Philip. He moves off and Jan comes up to Belle accusing her of deliberately trying to kill Philip! If Philip dies, his blood will be on Belle's hands! Belle looks stricken. Shawn is unable to get the Marine brass to contact the jet Philip is on so Shawn goes back to Belle and urges her to email Philip. Belle flashes back to Philip complaining about how soldiers get "dear John" missives all the time from their wives and girlfriends. He thinks it's a cowardly way to end a relationship. Belle is very reluctant to give Philip the news in such a cold and impersonal way but Shawn insists Philip must be told. Belle is deeply torn, unsure about what she should do.

Rex sees Mimi is troubled and can't sleep. He asks her what is wrong and Mimi is forced to cover. She sees the doll Jan gave her turn into a toddler and still can't bring herself to tell Rex the truth. Rex is looking forward to a happy future with Mimi and when the time comes, he wants to start a family. He knows she will make a great mother but Mimi doesn't think she deserves to have Rex's children.

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