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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 7, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, February 7, 2005

Shawn continued to try to encourage Belle to email Philip overseas and tell him it was over. Upset, a feisty Belle refused to hurt Philip and swore there would never be an annulment after Philip had been so good to her. Belle told Shawn that though she used Philip to forget Shawn, along the way she did fall in love. Crestfallen, Shawn refused to believe it but Belle explained she could not let Philip pay for their mistakes. Scared, Belle ran home leaving a confused Shawn standing in the hallway. Nearby an eavesdropping Jan stood ready to pounce. Jan confronted Shawn, calling him pathetic. Smirking, Shawn called her delusional and promised he would someday remember how Jan became so intertwined in his life.

Back at the Loft, Belle wondered what she should do. Shawn came over to apologize for pressuring her and the two ended up kissing as a huffy Jan stood in the doorway.

At the hotel, Eugenia kept tabs on a drugged and naked in bed Sami and Brandon from the hallway. A groggy Sami dreamed she was in bed with Lucas and kissed Brandon. When Brandon said he loved Samantha, Sami came to and tried to figure out what was going on. Out of it, Sami decided to go back to sleep and wake up in Lucas's arms later. Outside the door, Eugenia and Kate talked on the phone about Kate's plan to get Lucas over to the hotel.

Lucas and Will had a guys' night in at Lucas's apartment. Satisfied that Kate was at peace with his impending nuptials, Lucas told Will not to worry. A scheming Kate called Lucas to plant the seeds of doubt about Sami. When Lucas looked out his window and saw Sami's darkened apartment he was suspicious but let it go. Later, a shaky Kate came to the door, begging to talk to Lucas about Sami.

Chloe awoke after her surgery at the clinic, but she could only talk about seeing Brady soon. Out in the hallway, Nancy talked to the plastic surgeon who warned her that the scarring might remain not get better, despite the surgery.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole got ready for scary movie night as a depressed Brady told her that a local singing teen named Clara was at a nearby clinic for injuries sustained in a car accident. Nicole worried about competing against a ghost and agreed to donate money in Chloe's name so that Clara could get reconstructive surgery.

Mimi tossed and turned in her sleep, dreaming about a glowing, golden baby who mocked her for the abortion. Feverish, Mimi cried out as a worried Rex applied a washcloth to her forehead. Once they were both back asleep, Mimi continued to dream of the baby. Horrified, Mimi followed the baby out into the living room then, clutching her stomach, collapsed to the floor.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Eugenia stands watch outside the hotel room where Brandon and Sami have been drugged.

Kate is at Lucas's, trying to break the terrible news and get him to the hotel. Lucas is very understanding and forgiving about his mom's hatred of Sami in the past. Kate swears all she wants is for Lucas to be happy. Finally, she breaks the bad news that a private investigator she hired is following Sami and she isn't home. Lucas's fear grows as Kate tries to spill the news.

Bo, Hope, Billie and Patrick arrive back in Salem and go to Jennifer's. Patrick and Billie are both staying there and Hope and Bo need to pick up Zack and take him home. Jennifer observes the incredible tension between all four of them and counsels them to try to come to some kind of peace. They agree to try. Patrick and Billie go out together to get a bite to eat and Bo and Hope head home with Zack. Jennifer looks at a picture of Jack and observes that they used to fight like that a lot; even fighting with him was better than not having him around.

Chloe hears from Nancy that she may have some residual scar tissue from her operation; she is still adamant that she won't reveal herself to Brady until she's completely healed.

Brady and Nicole are at the clinic giving Dr. Weiss a check for Clara's reconstructive surgery. They meet Clara and are very impressed by her. They also hear about another patient who is undergoing reconstructive surgery and who has befriended Clara and is helping her with her singing. Dr. Weiss asks if Brady and Nicole would like to meet this other patient. Brady says he would and asks what her name is?

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Eugenia, disguised as a maid, is still outside the hotel room. She calls Kate and tells her that drug she gave Brandon and Sami won't last forever and that Lucas better get over here.

Lucas, with Kate, is in denial that Sami went out. Lucas checks on his own and is shocked that it is true; he tries desperately to rationalize where Sami might have gone. Kate "checks" with the "private investigator" (Eugenia) and tells Lucas that Sami is at the Jetway Inn... with Brandon Walker. Lucas shakes his mother, accuses her of setting this up, privately and desperately hoping Sami hasn't betrayed him with Brandon.

Bo and Hope are home, still tense and arguing about Billie and Patrick. Finally, they call a truce and decide to concentrate on their love for each other.

Abby and Chelsea are at the Cheatin' Heart with fake IDs. They see Patrick come in with Billie and Abby is surprised when Billie drinks beer; she remembers about Billie's addictive tendencies. Patrick gets a call, goes outside and has a cryptic meeting with a mystery man about an obviously nefarious deal. Billie casually flirts with a guy named Mace, but he comes on too strong and she leaves him when Patrick returns. A little tipsy and flirting, Billie tells Patrick that she's glad he's back...

Jennifer is with Julie and missing Jack; she listens to the radio.

Jack is on the freighter doing laundry and realizes he's almost back to Salem! He gets a radio station from Salem and listens to a song on the radio... the same one Jennifer hears.

Brady and Nicole are poised to meet Chloe. Brady has a funny feeling about this badly disfigured accident victim who has been helping Clara with her singing. Nancy sees Brady and Nicole and encourages Chloe to meet Clara's benefactors. Chloe agrees to meet them until Clara finally remembers Brady's name and Chloe refuses to leave her room. Brady is disappointed the "patient" has changed her mind but perhaps they'll meet her another time when he and Nicole come back to check on Clara.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Kate tries to convince Lucas that Sami is secretly meeting with Brandon in his hotel room. Lucas steadfastly refuses to believe Sami is up to no good; he is convinced she has reformed anda has to trust her. Kate fears her plan to gaslight Sami may be going up in smoke so she presses Lucas to reconsider: what if Sami is in some kind of trouble? Finally, to Kate's dismay, Lucas calls the hotel. Eugenia, outside Brandon's hotel room, panics, as she hears the phone ringing inside the room. Lucas checks with the front desk but no one has seen Brandon or Sami. Kate keeps up the pressure but Lucas believes Brandon is over Sami and still believes Sami is innocent. He decides to go to the hotel to protect her, none the less. As Lucas exits, Kate does her happy dance. Once he finds Sami with Brandon, Lucas will never want to marry her and Kate's nemesis will be destroyed!

Belle types an email to Philip telling him she's in love with Shawn and that she can't be married to him anymore. But at the last moment she can't send it. Shawn is distressed and says they can't keep lying to Philip. Belle fears that getting this bad news, while he's overseas in combat, could jeopardize Philip's life. If Philip is killed as a result, Belle and Shawn would always blame themselves. Belle might even lose Shawn due to the guilt and she can't let that happen. Deeply distressed, Belle decides to go talk to Mimi and leaves Shawn. As she opens the door to Shawn's loft Belle sees something very disturbing.

John is desperate to get drugs. The nurse Kate paid to watch him has fallen asleep so John sneaks out of the penthouse.

Friday, February 11, 2005

As Lucas drives, rushing to get to the hotel to find out why Sami went to meet with Brandon, he gets stopped by a hard-nosed state trooper.

Belle finds Mimi passed out cold in Shawn's loft. Rex and Shawn come running when they hear Belle scream. Unable to revive Mimi, they rush her to the ER. A doctor examines Mimi in private and discovers that she was pregnant; she must have had a termination. Mimi is still unconscious and can't answer any questions but the doctor needs more information. She goes out to question Mimi's boyfriend.

Bo promises Hope he will be here for his family from now on; he won't go racing off to Billie's rescue anymore. Billie, out drinking with Patrick, gets into a bar brawl and ends up slugging a cop. Billie and Patrick are arrested and the arresting officer calls Bo. Billie grabs the phone and begs Bo for help. Bo, torn, leaves Hope asleep in their bed and goes off once again to rescue Billie.

Brady catches John about to shoot up and is shocked that his father got out of the penthouse. Brady thinks John belongs in rehab but John refuses to go. They struggle and Brady has no choice but to slugs his father... knocking him out.

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