Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 28, 2005 on DAYS
Sami's transition was completed, and Tony's plan for revenge on Salem continued as planned. John was tempted to take drugs from the 'new Sami.' Belle ended her marriage to Philip and reconciled with Shawn. Mimi learned that she could never have children. Jack returned home to Jennifer. Billie couldn't get Bo out of her mind.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 28, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, February 28, 2005

At the Brady homestead, Hope and Bo tried to share a lovely candlelit evening, but Billie interrupted. Trying to be honest, Hope told her it wasn't all right, and she would go get Billie's things to speed along her exit. While Hope was upstairs, Billie told Bo she couldn't find a place to stay because Kate was with John, Kate's suite was being remodeled, Roman's house was out, and Lucas and Will were bad off and already crowding Lucas' apartment.

Billie insisted on a hotel, but Bo worried the judge would find out and put her back in jail for defying his orders. Bo insisted Hope could deal with it because the evening was spontaneous but not special like an anniversary. A hopeful Billie smiled just enough for Bo to remember it was his anniversary with Billie. A perturbed Hope stood at the top of the stairs and watched the scene unfold.

John suffered through his back pain as Kate lay in bed, trying to comfort him. A guilty John worried he had let Sami down when she had needed him, but Kate told him Sami herself was to blame for her troubles, and Sami was not the only one grieving. When John had trouble getting out of bed for a shower, a quick-thinking Kate grabbed a wash basin and set to work giving John a sponge bath. Feeling pathetic, John tried to stop her but finally gave in and thanked her.

Kate said she enjoyed feeling like a good person, even if she shouldn't. Eyebrow raised, John asked if she'd had something to do with Sami and Lucas' breakup. A smooth-talking Kate denied she had done anything and was merely talking about mistakes in her past. When she asked what else she could do, John asked her to hold him in her arms so he could sleep.

In the DiMera European castle, Roman and Marlena tried to put up a united front of pigheadedness when Bart carried in dinner. Tony made an appearance to tell them to "just eat already," and Marlena told him she was onto his plan to get her and Roman back together. Marlena clocked Bart on the cheek, sending Bart scuttling off after a chuckling Tony. After they were gone, Roman uncovered the dinner and found pizza, beer, chardonnay, and Chinese food.

Roman and Marlena laughed as they realized it was the food they had eaten every Friday when they had been newlyweds. The two reminisced about the olden days but were interrupted by a brief broadcast on the television of John and Kate holding each other in bed. Marlena refused to give in to Tony's plan, but Roman told her that John and Kate had moved on, and so should they. As Roman drew closer to Marlena, he told her they were just like Kate and John, moving on, and the old love was still there between him and Marlena.

Down the hall in the castle, a pleased Tony was euphoric over Marlena's attempt to resist his plan. A curious Bart asked about Tony's involvement with Sami, and Tony called her his secret weapon. When asked why, Tony told Bart that ten years before, Stefano had looked in Sami's eyes and discovered she was the most useful person in Salem. "Why do you think I've cultivated that relationship all these years?" he asked Bart.

In her apartment in Salem, Sami talked on the phone to Tony, who used a distorted voice. Tony told her to open her front door. A reluctant Sami opened her door and found a man with a wad of cash and an offer to fulfill her fantasies of revenge. Sami let him in, and the man proceeded to transform her through makeup, prosthetics, clothing, and wigs into a man. A pleased Sami wondered why and was told it would help her get what she wanted. For a final flourish, the makeup artist provided Sami with a mouth plate to give her a mannish voice.

With the transformation complete, a letter of instructions, and directions to maintain her masculine disguise, Sami renamed herself Stan. Tony called back, talking through his voice distorter to instruct her to get her revenge.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Tony called Sami, his voice electronically disguised, and urged her to start taking her revenge. She thought the plan was pure evil, but Tony persuaded her that it was the perfect way to punish John Black. Tony called Kate, still disguising his voice, and told her that Belle was cheating on Philip. Kate left John asleep in bed. Sami was thrilled at the prospect of revenge, and Tony gloated to Bart: he'd use Sami to destroy all his enemies.

Hope was dismayed to hear that it was Bo and Billie's wedding anniversary. Bo tried to convince his wife that it meant nothing. Hope's upset only grew as Bo insisted that Billie needed to spend the night because they couldn't risk sending her back to jail. Hope finally gave in and said Billie could stay. Bo wanted to continue their romantic evening, but Hope said, "Forget it!"

Shawn surprised Belle with a takeout dinner. Belle was uneasy being alone with Shawn. Shawn experienced a disjointed memory of his time with Jan over the previous summer and got a big headache. Belle tried to make him feel better by feeding him and spilled sauce on his clothes. He peeled them off so Belle could soak them, and Belle gave him Philip's robe to wear.

Kate barged in on them and went ballistic. Belle tried to explain that it was all very innocent, but Kate could see Belle and Shawn were close. Belle was honest; she was in love with Shawn, but she wouldn't act on their love until she could tell Philip the truth. Kate was irate, reminding Belle that Philip was off fighting a war. Kate asked what would happen when Philip found out Belle was leaving him for Shawn. She insisted Philip's life was at stake.

Philip led Jake and two Marines on a dangerous covert mission behind enemy lines. Philip was injured, but he refused to give up command. Jake pointed out the mission was going to be very dangerous. Philip agreed, and that was why he was going to do it alone.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Hope, upset with Bo, reluctantly allowed Billie to stay with them. Billie went upstairs and fantasized about celebrating her wedding anniversary with Bo. In the fantasy, Bo and Billie were still together, raising their daughter; they were a very happy family. Bo renewed his wedding vows and carried Billie upstairs to make love. In reality, Bo was downstairs with Hope, trying to get back to their romantic evening. Hope kept hearing Billie upstairs, which put her out of the mood.

Romantic and sexy Bo seduced Hope and carried her upstairs to make love. That interrupted Billie's fantasy, and pained, she went to take a shower. Hope heard the water running, and that ended Bo and Hope's lovemaking. They fought about Billie again, and Bo stomped out to sleep downstairs. Hope had second thoughts and called after Bo. At the same moment, Billie walked out of the bathroom, and she saw there was trouble in paradise.

Kate tried to convince Belle to give up Shawn and stay faithful to Philip. Belle had no intention of breaking her wedding vows, but she had to tell Philip the truth: she was in love with Shawn. After Kate left, Belle made Shawn promise that they would keep things platonic until Philip returned.

Philip set out alone on a very dangerous mission, and masked mercenaries captured him.

John tried to resist taking pain pills he had found. When Kate returned home, she almost discovered the pills, but John hid them and asked where Kate had been. Kate didn't tell him about finding Belle with Shawn but did tell him that Philip was on a dangerous mission. She was worried about her son, so John took her into bed. They needed each other more than ever.

Mimi went in for exploratory surgery. While she was under, she dreamed about a happy life with Rex and giving birth to twins. The doctor saw trouble in Mimi's future, and Rex wondered how Mimi had gotten such a serious infection. Bonnie almost spilled the beans. When the surgery was over, Dr. Aubrey prepared to give Mimi the bad news.

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Without Belle's knowledge, Shawn prepared an email to Philip, pretending to be Belle. He asked Philip to call home to Belle in the hopes that she'd be forced to break up with him. Unfortunately for Shawn, Jan found the email and used it to start a fight between the two reunited lovers.

Belle took a shower and had a waking dream of Philip, hurt and bleeding. Upset by her dream, she went downstairs, and Shawn offered to make her some warm milk. As Shawn doted on Belle, she found the email Shawn had sent to Philip and erupted.

The mercenaries had caught Philip. He saw a vision of Belle that encouraged him to persevere. Determined to alert his unit that he was still alive, he took on a soldier in order to reach and activate his distress beacon -- he was caught and appeared to be a goner.

Mimi learned the severity of her situation, and it appeared that her pelvic inflammatory disease was in both fallopian tubes. Dr. Aubrey broke the news that she would never be able to have children, as Bonnie looked on. Mimi, in tears, broke the news to Rex.

Abby tried to pull the wool over Jennifer's eyes by doctoring her report card. When Jennifer realized the truth, they fought, and Abby stormed out. Chelsea tried to get closer to Patrick and tried to convince Abby to apologize to her mother. When they returned home, they found Patrick supporting Jennifer with a big hug. Both girls were peeved.

Jack's freighter had arrived in US waters, and he was almost home free. A mysterious figure sold him a US passport, but it turned out to be useless. Jack followed him down the hall and was pushed overboard.

Friday, March 4, 2005

Patrick tried to comfort Jennifer, who thought she was a terrible mother. Patrick offered to stay as long as she needed him, and the two nearly kissed.

After nearly drowning, Jack arrived in Salem and was hell-bent on finding his way back to Jennifer. He hitchhiked and arrived at the same park where Abby and Chelsea were conspiring; they had a near miss. Jack got home and was inches away from reuniting with an unsuspecting Jennifer. She saw his reflection and fainted.

In the park, Chelsea and Abby talked about Patrick and how Chelsea was going to do whatever she could to make him her lover.

Mimi and Rex talked about the fact she couldn't have children. A guilty Mimi broke down, and Bonnie suggested the two of them adopt. Rex called Shawn and Belle, who were just getting past the fact that the email had been sent to Philip. Shawn and Belle went to the hospital. Belle talked to Mimi while Jan stalked Rex and Shawn. Belle and Jan exchanged heated words, and Belle revealed that she knew Jan was blackmailing Mimi. Devastated, Mimi apologized, but Rex said it was not her fault.

Tony and Bart talked about Jack and how he had escaped. Tony didn't seem too concerned, as he needed to focus on the arrival of their latest guest. Philip was captured and appeared to be dead. Philip was being transported to the custody of none other than Tony DiMera.

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