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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 7, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, March 7, 2005

Sweating in his penthouse bed, John struggled to sleep through his back pain. After thinking about the drugs hidden in his bedside table, John tried to clear his head with a shower. Unfortunately, John's legs gave out, sending him crashing through the glass shower stall. Kate immediately called Lexie who gave John a once over. Without any injuries besides an aggravation of his back injury, Lexie left him to sleep and pray for Doc's guidance.

Out in the hallway, Lexie tried to comfort a tired Kate. Kate worried about Philip coming home to Belle and Shawn but Lexie told her you can't fight true love. After Lexie left, Kate swore aloud to make Shawn pay for his wedding stunt and for hurting Philip.

Rex brought Mimi home from the hospital to a testy Jan. Frustrated, Mimi sent Rex out to get her prescription so that she could chat with Jan. Once again, Jan gave her the ultimatum to help her with Shawn or else suffer the consequences of spilling all to Rex. Mimi told her it was pointless since Shawn would never go back to Jan, especially once he remembered being locked in a cage all summer. Furious, Jan began to tell Rex about the abortion when he returned from the store.

A shaken Belle struggled with how to break the news to Philip that she was leaving him. Shawn pressured her to stop dragging things out and making things worse for Philip in the long run. Swayed, Belle composed a Dear, John email to Philip explaining that he deserved someone who loved him as much as he loved her. Ready to send the email, Belle's mouse clicking was interrupted by a phone call from Philip's commanding officer, telling her Philip was MIA. Belle fell to the couch, screaming.

In a torture cell, two masked men continued to torment Philip who steadfastly refused to give anything more than name, rank, and serial number. Kicking the interrogation up a notch, the masked men offered to video a goodbye to Philip's mother and wife. Philip took them up on the offer and told his mother and Belle how much he loved them. Philip promised to take his joyful memories of Belle with him to the grave.

Outside Philip's cell, a composed Tony watched as he tapped away on his PDA. A frantic Bart worried that Tony wasn't taking Jack's escape seriously. Tony refused to believe Jack could screw things up because it would mean the Salemites would escape justice yet again. Worst of all, Tony feared John would become a hero again but felt secure that John would succumb to his addiction and take the poisoned medication Stan had dropped off.

At the Deveraux household, a depressed Jennifer talked to her photo of Jack and nearly fainted dead away when she saw his reflection in it. A filthy but happy Jack scooped her up and gently shook her awake for a tearful, kiss filled reunion. Jennifer could hardly believe his tale of woe, but she stopped Jack from calling John, Abe, or Bo because of their various problems. "I know just who to call," Jennifer chirped. One quick call to Alice Horton later, a disbelieving Jack wondered what she was up to. A smiling Jennifer promised that Gran was tight with Agent Specter of the ISA and they would get the word out. More importantly, Jennifer explained she wanted Jack all to herself. The two kissed passionately, alone at last.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Billie overhears Bo and Hope fighting about her. Hope says she doubts Bo and Billie's daughter even exists- what if it is all a DiMera plot? Billie barges in and again accuses Hope of not wanting Bo and Billie to find their daughter! A huge argument ensues and when Billie storms out of the room, Bo says Hope didn't handle that very well. Hope steams as Bo goes downstairs to check on his ex-wife. Billie gets a mysterious call on her cell phone and an unidentified voice tells them both to look outside the front door to find what they've been searching for. Bo and Billie throw open the door and find a box with a locket of hair inside labeled "Georgia Reed Brady." Hope thinks this could be another set-up but Billie is convinced it is evidence that they need to prove their daughter really is alive!

Jan is about to tell Rex about Mimi getting rid of her baby but they hear a terrible scream from next door. They all rush over to Belle's loft to hear her cry out that Philip is missing in action! Belle is inconsolable and confides in Shawn that it is all her fault! She hopes Shawn didn't send the email telling Philip their marriage is over and Shawn reveals he never sent it. Belle erases the message and Jan pours salt in Belle's wounds: no wonder Belle is such a wreck. If Philip's dead, Belle might as well have killed him! Shawn and Rex lay into Jan and tell her to get out; Jan won't budge. She goes after Mimi next warning that Rex will dump her when he finds out the truth. Jan thinks Mimi and Belle are hypocrites because they have both been lying to the men they profess to love. Belle and Shawn go give Kate the bad news about her son.

Kate is with John, comforting him during a very bad night in withdrawal. John does not tell her about the pain pills Sami/Stan left for him. John is very tempted to take the pills but he resists. Kate hears from Belle and Shawn that her son, Philip, is missing in action.

Jack and Jennifer's romantic reunion continues but Jack can't wait to see Abigail and Jack Jr.; he wants to go pick them up and have a family reunion. Jennifer stops him and for once in her life declares she is going to be selfish -- she wants Jack all to herself tonight. Alice will call the ISA and police to tell them Jack is alive, and get them to hunt down Tony DiMera at the castle and look for the others. Tomorrow, Jack will give his statement to the authorities and the media but tonight, Jennifer wants private time with her husband. Jack loves the sound of that and wants to take her upstairs to bed. Jennifer has a better idea and leads Jack out for a night neither one of them will ever forget!

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Kate is devastated when Shawn and Belle deliver the news that Philip is missing in action. Kate lashes out at them and blames them for Philip volunteering for a dangerous assignment because he wanted to get home to Belle -- he obviously didn't trust leaving Shawn alone with his wife. Shawn defends that Belle has not been unfaithful. John hears the commotion downstairs and although in excruciating pain, resists taking the pills. When John finally gets downstairs, Belle is forced to tell him what happened and the truth about her feelings for Shawn. This is very difficult for Belle because she hates disappointing her father. Feeling guilty, Belle rushes out. Shawn reaches out to Belle but she pulls away and is adamant that she can't be with Shawn!

Bo and Billie go to the hospital to have their DNA checked to see if the hair locket they received could be Georgia's/their daughter's. Hope arrives and repeats her warning that this could be a DiMera plot. Billie lashes out at Hope again that she doesn't want their daughter to be alive. Lexie commiserates with Hope as Bo and Billie go to get their DNA tested. When Bo and Billie return the tension rises and Billie prays the DNA test will lead Bo and Billie to find their daughter. Hope prays that she won't lose her husband to Billie.

Abby is dismayed when Chelsea vows she's going to get a date with Patrick. They sneak out of Chelsea's house and go to the Cheatin' Heart. Chelsea makes herself up to look older and tries but fails to get Patrick's attention; he is wrapped up in a high-stakes poker game with shady characters. Chelsea slips a "mickey" into Patrick's beer and Patrick drinks it. Disguised Chelsea asks Patrick to dance -- woozy from the drug, Patrick thinks he is with/sees Jennifer and dances with her.

Jack and Jennifer's romantic reunion continues at the Horton cabin. Jack is concerned about Abigail but Jennifer assures him Abby's in good hands with Chelsea. Alone on their first night back together Jack and Jennifer renew their lifelong commitment to each other and make love in front of a roaring fire.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Belle comes home with Shawn, still distraught that Philip is missing. Emotional, Belle can't be with Shawn right now but he refuses to leave Belle alone when she's so upset. Jan forces Mimi to go tell Belle to stay away from Shawn because if she doesn't do what Jan says, Jan will tell Rex that Mimi about the abortion. Miserable Mimi has no choice so after Belle insists that Shawn leave her alone, Mimi moves in and Mimi is forced to tell Belle to stick to her guns and not be with Shawn while Philip is missing.

Shawn has a memory flash of Jan locking him in a cage. Desperate Jan does damage control and insists Shawn's mind is playing tricks on him after his motorcycle accident and brain surgery. Jan pulls out all the stops to convince Shawn that he belongs with her, not Belle.

John is desperate to regain his strength in order to help Kate and Belle find Philip but the pain from withdrawal is keeping him bedridden. Kate almost catches John taking one of the pain pills Sami/Stan left for him but John covers and Kate does not see the pill. Kate leaves to tell Billie the news about Philip and John assures her he'll be fine alone. When she leaves, John makes a fateful decision and takes a pain pill. John gives into his drug addiction for what he thinks is a good cause.

Abby watches in shock as dolled up Chelsea dances with a drugged Patrick. Patrick sees Jennifer in his arms and gives Chelsea a deep kiss! Chelsea is in heaven and tells Patrick her name is Angelica and slips him her cell phone number. Chelsea is derailed when Billie arrives and Patrick turns to her.

Bo and Billie are waiting for DNA test results. Anxious Billie decides she has to get the charges against her dropped so she can be free to search for her daughter. Bo is upset when Billie goes back to the Cheatin' Heart and implores the bartender to intercede with the cop she hit. When Bo and Hope track her down there, Billie is with Patrick who seems to be very drunk. Bo goes ballistic and pulls Patrick off Billie. Patrick thinks someone drugged his drink but he can't prove it. Bo is very skeptical and Hope comes to Patrick's defense, further upsetting Bo. Hope makes sure Patrick isn't planning to drive home when Billie gets a call from the hospital -- the DNA test results are almost ready. Kate calls and Billie tells her mother to meet her at the hospital.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Shawn refuses to let Belle be alone and walks into her bedroom as she's coming out of the shower. We see Belle and Shawn are very drawn to each other but Belle has to be faithful to Philip. Shawn sees Belle is exhausted and tucks her into bed; he can't help climbing in beside her. They kiss but Belle can't let them get any closer. Horrified Belle and Shawn see Philip's hostage video on television and as Philip says an emotional goodbye to his mother and his beloved wife, Belle breaks down.

Philip is still being held hostage and the masked mercenaries taunt him. They are sure his wife will move on with someone else when she realizes she'll never see Philip again.

Rex surfs the Internet looking for clues to Philip's whereabouts. He finds out about Philip's broken GPS device and realizes that without a way to track him, Philip could be anywhere. Rex, Mimi, and Jan watch Philip's hostage tape as it airs.

Bo and Billie wait anxiously for the DNA test results; Kate arrives at the hospital. Privately she gives Billie the bad news about Philip and Billie tells Bo. Kate fills Hope in about Shawn's recent behavior pursuing Belle while she's still married to Philip and declares it is not right. Hope is concerned about her son and when she goes to Bo she walks in on him comforting Billie in a hug- again. Hope tries to get Bo to come with her to deal with Shawn but Bo is torn about leaving Billie. Before he can go, the DNA test results finally come in...

Jennifer and Jack continue their romantic reunion but Jennifer is acting mysteriously- she receives a cryptic one-way phone call and then insists they get back to Salem; the ISA and the police are ready to take his statement. When they get back to the house Jack starts to get suspicious that something is amiss.

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