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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 14, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, March 14, 2005

At the loft, Belle agonized over Philip's broadcast video, blaming herself for betraying her wedding vows. A hopeful Jan whispered in Belle's ear, "It must feel terrible to betray a man who is about to die." Resolving to save Philip with her love, Belle asked Shawn to leave so that she could dedicate herself to saving her husband's life.

Devastated, Shawn turned his ire on Jan, blaming her for losing Belle. Furious, Shawn demanded that Jan tell him the truth about last summer.

Rex used the computer at his apartment to track down more information on captured Philip. As if he were not worried enough about his brother Philip, Rex also grew anxious when he couldn't reach Kate.

Billie and Bo received the results of the DNA test on the lock of hair and it confirmed that it was a match for Georgia. An ecstatic Billie began to celebrate but a cautious Hope told her to ask a few questions to be sure. Bo asked whether the DNA sample was recent and the technician confirmed it was not from a newborn and was taken recently. Billie ran off to sign the paper work, leaving Hope to beg Bo to go with her to talk to Shawn. Kate interrupted to ask Bo to stay with Billie so that she could take care of John. Bo agreed, leaving Hope to talk to Shawn alone but promising to meet her over at Shawn's apartment later.

Jack rubbed his temples trying to reconcile the vision of Jennifer out on the front walk wearing a black jacket with the Jennifer dressed in purple making coffee in the kitchen. When purple clad Jennifer returned, a shaken Jack told her he just saw her out front but blamed sleep deprivation and the constant desire to see her again. Jennifer worried Tony might still be after Jack and that they should leave. A tired Jack decided they should lock themselves into the house, to avoid any possible clones.

At the back of the Deveraux house, the black clad Jennifer entered the kitchen and picked up a knife. After a moment, she put it back exclaiming, "Maggie has knives. She wanted a pie server!" Black clad Jennifer called Maggie on her cell phone and told her she could only find a spatula. As black clad Jennifer walked out the back door, purple clad Jennifer entered the kitchen to fuss with the coffee.

As Jack thought back on all the suspicious moments he has had with Jennifer since he returned, he began to wonder if he was currently with the imposter. Hoping to figure things out, Jack begged purple clad Jennifer to do the hair thing he loved so much. Jennifer stalled until she could go back into the kitchen. Now certain he was with an imposter, Jack ran out the front door. Once back in the kitchen, Imposter Jennifer made a phone call to someone and yelled about how "no one told her Jennifer had a stupid hair thing!"

Out in the back yard, black clad Jennifer talked on her cell phone, asking Maggie whether Abby had arrived for Alice's party. Figuring they got their signals crossed, Jennifer decided to leave a note for Abby inside the house. Jennifer walked back into the kitchen as imposter Jennifer hid in the kitchen pantry. While writing the note, Jennifer flipped her hair over her shoulder, causing Imposter Jennifer to rejoice. Real Jennifer thought she spotted Jack outside.

Outside Jack wandered around calling Jennifer's name until Imposter Jennifer came rushing into his arms, pretending she just saw a clone of herself run out of the house. A tearful Jennifer gushed over the return of her love. Jack was still suspicious but when Jennifer tossed her hair over her shoulder, he happily melted into her arms, buying her story.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Shawn argues with Jan over Belle. He turns to leave but then Jan reveals she has the keys to his now fixed motorcycle. Hope grabs the keys and attempts to deas with Shawn. She tries to get through to her son but it's no use; he takes off on a motorcycle with Jan in tow.

Belle and Mimi talk. Mimi realizes Belle is operating from guilt and tries to help her friend as best she can while still remembering Jan's blackmail. When Shawn takes off, Mimi urges Belle to go after Shawn. Belle's torn, but she'd rather stay close to home in case there's word from Philip.

Bo and Billie find a new clue, footprints of baby Georgia, but they lead to a dead end. Bo comforts Billie and he vows they will find their daughter.

Jack is shocked to realize he's been set up by an imposter. He attempts to escape from the Jennifer look-a-like but he's neutralized by a candlestick.

Jennifer leaves the house, thinks she hears Jack, but decides she has to be hearing things.

In Europe, Marlena has a dream that she's grown old and Roman has died in their prison. She's coming undone and it takes every ounce of Roman's being to get her back on track.

Brady and Nicole come to visit John, only to discover that he has flown the coup. They search for him in the shady section of town.

John is on the move when he runs into Sami/Sami/Stan Sami gloats that John has obviously given in to temptation. Sami/Sami/Stan offers to help him out with more drugs. John is trying to resist the urge when Brady arrives.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Jack battles imposter Jennifer. He escapes the ties that bind him, then he ties up his captor and tries to contact the authorities. Unfortunately imposter Jennifer has other ideas and Jack is subdued.

Brady wants to know what his dad is doing with Sami/Sami/Stan. Afraid he's trying to score dope, Brady quizzes both John and Sami/Sami/Stan. Still thinking Sami/Sami/Stan seems familiar, John tries to place him but Sami/Stan lies, saying they worked in the ISA together. John numbly agrees and Sami/Stan gets out of there. John and Brady part ways, and when John thinks he sees Marlena again, he gives into his pain and takes another pill to get him through.

Nicole runs into Chloe and starts up a conversation with her. Nancy arrives and Nicole and Nancy have words. Chloe runs off and Nancy slips, calling her her daughter. She sidesteps the issue and goes after Chloe. Brady finds Nicole and she tells him about running into Nancy and a strange woman. Nervous Nicole tells Brady that she doesn't have a good feeling about it.

Sami/Stan runs into Chloe, and Sami/Stan realizes "ghoul girl" is alive and well.

Maggie, Doug, Julie and Mickey throw an anniversary party for Alice. Maggie considers leaving Mickey if he continues to pine for Bonnie. Julie tries to talk to Maggie but Alice is the only person who can get through. Alice reminds Maggie how Mickey stuck around when she was with Craig all those years ago. Bonnie steals Mickey from Maggie for a dance so Maggie gets creative: she grabs Patrick for a dance.

Patrick shows up and confides in Bonnie about what happened at the Cheatin' Heart. Little does he know the culprits Abby and Chelsea are there. They run into him and are stunned. Luckily for them, Patrick doesn't suspect them.

Jennifer arrives and talks to Patrick about Jack -- she remembers a time with Jack at a previous party. Alice reaches out to her granddaughter and reassures her that everything will work out.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Kate convinces Bo that Billie needs him. She's still overwhelmed that the DNA tests on the hair follicle prove that Georgia is alive. Bo takes Billie to his home where she receives a taunting, evil phone call from Sami/Stan telling Billie that her daughter is in pain and needs her. Billie is deeply shaken by the phone call from Sami/Stan and Bo is forced to stay with her instead of going to Hope.

Lucas has been at the anniversary party for Alice; he confirms to Alice and Jennifer that there's no hope for him and Sami. He goes home and is visited by Kate. While there, she sees the videotape of captured Philip's declaration of love to Belle. Kate is determined to go to Belle's to convince her to stay with Philip. Lucas is worried that Will isn't home yet.

Sami/Stan gets a call from Tony, encouraging her to continue her revenge. After talking with Billie she heads out and Will runs into her on the street.

Hope is upset that Shawn took off on his motorcycle. Belle is also worried. Hope knows that Belle's still in love with Shawn and counsels her that true love can't be denied. Hope advises Belle to be with Shawn. Belle goes up to bed. Kate, having heard Hope's advice, enters and accuses Hope of trying to destroy her son's marriage.

Jennifer is with Alice, talking to her about the great love Alice shared with Tom... and the great love Jennifer shared with Jack. She thinks she'll mourn the rest of her life, as Alice has.

Jack, despite being threatened with a gun, is about to dart out of his house, still determined to blow the whistle on Tony. As he heads out the door, he's shocked to see Bart and Tony there. They hold him at gunpoint but Jack manages to turn the tables and holds a gun on Tony. There's a stalemate: if Bart and Madison shoot Jack... he'll shoot Tony. At the same moment, we see Jennifer moving up the walk, about to go inside...

Friday, March 18, 2005

Hope confronts Kate. Hope defends Belle and Shawn's love. Kate, naturally, thinks Belle should remain married to Philip. Hope's argument about true love falls on deaf ears and Kate is convinced Shawn's a drunk and druggie and belongs in jail. The two women part as enemies.

Sami/Stan has run into Will on the street. Suddenly, Lucas appears and is suspicious of this strange man. Sami/Stan assures Lucas that he (Sami/Stan) means no harm. He and Lucas talk about Will... Sami/Stan says he reminds him of his own boy. Sami/Stan shares that he's lost his son, who lives with his mother. Lucas shares his disappointment and betrayal by Will's mother. Sami/Stan (hopeful) says it sounds like Lucas still loves her. Lucas assures Sami/Stan that their relationship is over for good. Lucas goes, leaving Sami/Stan devastated. Kate runs into Sami/Stan, who stares at her with hate... and we see that Sami still blames Kate for destroying her chance for happiness with Lucas.

Bo is with Billie, who is reeling after Sami/Stan's vicious phone call. Bo is still determined to get to Hope and is about to go when a mysterious package arrives. It contains a tape of a young girl singing childhood rhymes... altered to torment and hurt Billie. Bo comforts her but Billie insists he leave and go to Hope. Bo goes... but returns with the lock of Georgia's hair encased in a glass pendant, which he puts around Billie's neck. As Bo holds and comforts Billie, Hope walks in and sees them.

Jennifer is about to walk in on the gun standoff b/n Jack, Madison, Bart and Tony when Patrick stops her. He shows her the first bloom of spring and Jennifer grows wistful as she realizes Jack planted the bush it's on. Patrick admits he's a little jealous of all the years Jack loved, and was loved by, Jennifer.

Inside, the standoff between Jack, Tony, Bart and Madison continues. Jack is determined to get away and reveal that Tony is alive. Tony, using his martial arts skill, gets free of Jack. Bart holds Jack while Madison prepares an injection. Jack is struggling as Madison approaches with the needle. Patrick and Jennifer move up to the house. Will they discover Jack, Bart, Madison and Tony?

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