DAYS Recaps: The week of March 28, 2005 on Days of our Lives
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DAYS Recaps: The week of March 28, 2005 on Days of our Lives
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Monday, March 28, 2005

Despondent Hope fretted that her son could have been killed. When Bo tried to comfort her, Hope told him he could have prevented it by being there for Shawn. Hope also assured him she meant her warning that she would end things between them if Shawn became injured because of Bo's absence from their lives. "I don't want to give up on our marriage but I don't know what else to do," she said. Pulling out the big guns, Hope finally told Bo that Shawn believed he cared more about Billie and Georgia than them. Bo did not want to believe it, but Hope reminded him he hadn't been there for Shawn so why shouldn't he think that. Worried, Bo and Hope headed over to Shawn's to try to talk some sense into him.

Sleeping together in Shawn's bed, Belle and Shawn both dreamed that Philip had come home, gave them his blessing, and was annulling his marriage to Belle. The two continued to dream of making love for the "first" time. Their romantic dreams were suddenly frustrated by the entrance of Bo and Hope, demanding to know why their son had a death wish. Shawn denied he was troubled or injured, but Bo insisted they talk. When Shawn asked, "what if I don't?" A stern Bo told him not to push him and to meet him outside for a talk. Up on the rooftop, Shawn asked if he was going to be lectured to death. Frustrated, Bo asked his son what was going on. "I can be your friend or your enemy. What's it gonna be?" said Bo.

Back at Shawn's apartment, Belle promised Hope that nothing happened in bed with Shawn. That being the least of Hope's worries, Hope cried in relief that her son was still alive after seeing his crumpled bike. Hope started to thank Belle for being there to save Shawn, but Belle stopped her and let her know it was her fault Shawn almost died.

Down on the docks, Stan gave Chelsea some encouragement to go after Patrick. Coaching her, Stan listed Chelsea's competition for Lockhart's affections. Ultimately, Billie was her biggest obstacle and Stan told her to get Billie out of the way and take Patrick to bed. Going further, Stan suggested Chelsea use Sami Brady as a role model. When Chelsea made a snide remark about Sami's cheating on Lucas, angry Stan explained how great she was and his only friend. Fortified, Chelsea trotted off to work on her plans to get Patrick. Stan got another mystery phone call and he updated the caller on his progress with Chelsea.

Down the docks a ways, Patrick talked to Abby about sneaking out of the house to go to a club. Patrick lectured her on how worried she made her mother and the complimentary things he said about Jennifer made Abby uneasy. Abby warned Patrick not to get involved with Jennifer because Jack would come back and it would end messy. Patrick offered to remain her friend but Abby made him swear he actually wanted to be friends with her and not because he was after Jennifer. Patrick swore and took her home.

At the Deveraux house, Billie continued to insist she had not interest in taking Bo from Hope as Jennifer worked overtime to get Billie to see Hope's point of view. Billie admitted she thought about being a family with Georgia and Bo but that it could never happen because Bo belonged with Hope and his sons. Jennifer tried to support Billie and the two began to reminisce about better times with Jack. A smiling Jennifer informed Billie that she used to be jealous of her friendship with Jack and soon talk turned back to Hope's perspective. An angry Billie insisted she would not use her daughter to get Bo because all she wanted was to spend time with Georgia like Jennifer had with Abby. When Jennifer asked what happens when Georgia comes home, Billie explained that was up to Bo. "We both know he will choose Hope," Jennifer said. Trying a different tact, Jennifer suggested to Billie to go after Patrick. Laughing, Billie confessed she had no interest in going after the man Jennifer had an interest in. Jennifer protested that wasn't true, despite all of Patrick's attributes. Right on cue, Patrick brought home Abby to a worried Jennifer. Patrick gave Billie a big hug and promised her he would do all he could to help Billie. "I could use a friend," Billie purred. Outside, a jealous Chelsea watched them hold one another.

Tuesday, April 29, 2005

Bo confronts Shawn on the loft rooftop. Bo is strong yet loving as he tells Shawn he is worried about him and wants to help. Shawn is still sarcastic and defensive; he doesn't need or want Bo's help. Shawn thinks Bo is only getting involved now to score points with Mom. Bo admits he has made mistakes but it doesn't change the fact that Shawn needs help; he is acting out because he is afraid of losing Belle. Shawn has had it and goes to leave but Bo stops him -- if he walks out that door now he'll lose Belle for good.

In the loft Belle and Hope reverse roles and Belle talks to Hope about her fear of losing Bo to Billie. Hope admits it is true; she tells Belle about her ultimatum to Bo. Belle is horrified at the thought of Bo and Hope breaking up and reiterates that if they can't make it, what chance is there for Belle and Shawn? Hope asks if Belle thinks she and Shawn still have a chance. Belle prays they do but honestly doesn't know; not any more than Hope can guarantee that she still has a future with Bo.

Jennifer reads Abby the riot act about staying out past her curfew. Abby sees Jennifer is very emotional and thinks she is upset about more than just Abby's behavior. Jennifer admits to Abby about the strong sense that Jack was in the house tonight. Abby is excited but Jennifer insists it isn't possible. Jennifer talks about how much she misses him and Abby gets the distinct impression her mom wants to move on with another man... Patrick? Jennifer denies but Abby freaks out on her and questions what would happen if her dad comes back and finds her shacked up with Patrick? Abby runs upstairs and leaves Jennifer alone to talk to a photo of Jack. Listening on the stairs, Abby vows to help Chelsea get Patrick just to keep him away from her mom!

Chelsea follows Billie and Patrick to the pier and observes them growing closer. Patrick tells Billie she is the catch of Salem. Chelsea is seething with jealousy as Sami/Stan appears and reminds her that the only way to get Patrick is to eliminate the competition....Sami/Stan calls Billie a man-eating bitch just like her mother. If Chelsea follows Sami/Stan's advice, they can get their revenge on both of them.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Out of sheer desperation and need, Roman and Marlena finally have given in to each other and have made love. Kate and John have also made love and although both couples feel guilty, they both realize how much they needed to be touched and loved. Unbeknownst to Tony, John's lovemaking to Kate has cleared his head and given him an idea of how to find and rescue Philip.

Puppet master Tony continues to manipulate Kate, John, Roman, Marlena and Philip. Tony continues to hold Philip prisoner and it looks like Philip is about to die.

Philip is on Belle's mind as she and Hope have a heart to heart about her relationship(s). Up on the roof, Bo and Shawn finally connect and Shawn seems to be remembering more about Jan keeping him prisoner; Bo asks that Shawn come to him before he does anything rash with Jan. Bo and Shawn talk about Shawn's mistakes and his true love for Belle. Belle and Shawn also connect and vow to make things right while Bo and Hope vow to do the very same thing.

Mimi is haunted by her run in with Sami/Stan. Rex urges her to put it out of her mind and Sami/Stan, besides Tony's order to lay low, appears outside the window to taunt Mimi further with a crying baby.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

At Shawn's loft, Belle, Shawn, Bo, and Hope get word from Rex (who has been monitoring secret government websites) about John's plan to rescue Philip. If Philip dies, there is no way Belle can ever be with Shawn. Philip appears on a satellite feed as Belle and Shawn, Bo and Hope watch on Rex's computer. Belle is very emotional as Philip says what may be his final farewell.

John stuns Kate with his plan to rescue Philip; he has written a cutting edge computer program to track a satellite feed in real time. Marine and ISA rescue teams will be immediately dispatched to save Kate's son. John also picks up the feed so he and Kate can watch. John works diligently to track Philip's exact location but suddenly, the signal is lost.

Tony is well aware of what John Black is up to and Tony has a plan to outsmart his half-brother and keep him from finding Philip.

Will is deeply troubled about his mother's recent behavior and wonders why his Mom has disappeared. Lucas knows Sami has problems but reassures Will that she is a great mom. Her recent behavior does seem out of character but he has checked area hospitals and there have been no reports of Sami being in an accident. Lucas and Will hope Sami doesn't go off the deep end.

Mimi freaks when she sees Sami/Stan on the fire escape holding a crying baby doll. Mimi's distress wakes Rex and he goes to the window to investigate. Sami/Stan hangs by his fingertips and almost falls into an open sewer pit. Rex doesn't see anything and thinks Mimi's is imagining things. Rex gets word that there could be another hostage video. Alone, Mimi finds a baby bootie on the fire escape and when she looks down she sees Sami/Stan running away. Mimi makes an excuse to Rex and runs out to take chace. Sami/Stan steps in mud so Mimi can follow on his/her trail. She trails him to Lucas and Sami's apartment building where Lucas helps her search. Sami/Stan ends up hiding out in her own apartment. Lucas and Mimi are outside the door with his key and are about to enter.

Friday, April 1, 2005

Belle tearfully watches another live video of hostage Philip swearing his undying love. Suddenly the screen fills with static and the satellite transmission is lost. Everyone reacts: Bo and Hope, Belle and Shawn, and Rex wonder if John will be able to pinpoint the exact location where Philip is being held prisoner. Rex hacks into the ISA website as Bo, Hope and Shawn watch the attempted rescue unfold. Belle insists on watching to see if Philip makes it out alive. Tension mounts as the rescue team arrives at the bunker but it is empty. Belle is a basket case and Shawn is very worried about her. He confides in Bo that he has his own plan to save Philip!

John tells a frantic Kate that he is going to have to improvise; he won't give up on his plan to rescue Philip. Kate is on tenterhooks as John tries to work a miracle on his computer. He finds the geographical coordinates of the bunker and an elite special ops team takes off to stage the risky rescue mission. Emotional Kate and a very tense John watch events on closed circuit. John and Kate realize the whole feed must have been a set-up and that John was deliberately thrown off course. Kate weeps in John's arms and John is frustrated & furious that his plan failed.

Tony does his best to stay one step ahead of John, the Marines and the ISA. Philip's life is in jeopardy and a canvas sack is tied over his head. Even Bart is in the dark about Tony's plan. Tony celebrates his triumph as Philip is brought to another secure bunker and the rescue attempt fails. Philip is still a prisoner and will remain so for the duration.

Billie can't face going back to Bo and Hope's house so Patrick keeps her company and they draw closer, much to Chelsea's chagrin. Chelsea wants Abby's help to keep Patrick away from Billie! Abby is wary about Chelsea's plans but in the end, she'll do anything to keep Patrick away from her mom. Patrick and Billie hear music and dance on the pier -- it looks as if they are about to kiss but Chelsea intervenes with a distraction. Billie and Patrick make an official date and Chelsea enlists Abby to help her get Billie out of the picture once and for all.

Mimi and Lucas check out Sami's apartment. Sami/Stan hides in the closet behind her wedding dress and is almost caught. Lucas vows he will never be with Sami again as she seethes, listening all the while. Mimi says horrible things about Sami and she is even more fired up to exact revenge on all of her enemies... next in line: Mimi Lockhart!

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