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Monday, July 4, 2005

Bo surprised Hope with a new boat, the "Fancy Face III." Hope was pleased to see that Bo pulled all the furnishings from the old boat out of storage and decked it out to look like their old boat. The two reminisced and ate dinner. After polishing off the champagne, they broke the empty bottle across the hull, and then christened the bedroom.

Brady begged Chloe to tell him why she was leaving town. Chloe explained that her vocal chords were partially severed, ending her career. She questioned whether her leaving was fate telling her she made a huge choice to leave Salem, but Brady reminded her that he told her to leave. Brady told her it would be impossible to forget she was alive and when he went to hold her, Chloe pulled away, begging him not to touch her. When Brady began to talk about therapy for her voice, Chloe admitted her voice was better and that she was the one singing at the memorial. Chloe insisted it was her idea to leave town, not Nicole's, but Brady refused to forgive Nicole for lying and not telling him about Chloe when she learned she was alive. When Chloe pointed out that he should hate her for making Nicole lie, Brady responded that Chloe's lie was to protect him but Nicole's was selfish because it was to keep the woman he needed away from him. Chloe admitted she was upset with his choice of whom to move on with but was happy he moved on. A frustrated Brady asked why they couldn't be together. Chloe decided to tell him everything. When she showed him her bandaged face and explained that her face had also been injured, Brady just smiled and asked her to take of the bandages. Chloe agreed.

At the hospital, Philip chatted with Heather Mills McCartney about his recovery. Philip worried about being a burden and an obligation to Belle, stating that she deserved someone better and whole. Mrs. McCartney told him that being whole was a mindset and that he was in charge of his recovery. Philip agreed and thanked her.

Out in the hospital hallway, Shawn demanded that Belle admit she loved him more than Philip but Belle resisted. Belle blamed Shawn for flying there and forcing the issue. She also said she loved Philip and his capture changed everything. Citing her wedding vows, Belle said that Philip needed her more than ever. Belle then asked him to go home because by staying, Shawn was hurting both Philip and her. Shawn agreed to leave and stop pressuring her but that he would not accept the situation because he loved her.

After Shawn went in to see Philip, Belle discussed Philip with Heather Mills McCartney. She told Belle that Philip would need her more than ever because he felt like a burden. She added that Belle could not take his anger personally and she could not let him pity himself.

In the hospital room, the doctor informed Philip that his phantom leg pains would lessen and that when the leg healed enough, he would be fitted for prosthesis. Worried, the doctor asked Philip if his wife was prepared for the stress but Philip insisted that after what happened earlier, he was sure she could. Shawn listened from the corner and after the doctor left, Philip asked Shawn if there were any hard feelings. Shawn shook Philip's hand, saying he respected him and thought him a hero, but that there would always be hard feelings because he always loved Belle and always would. Philip said he thought Shawn was a hero too but that if he had to choose between losing his leg and losing Belle, he would choose the leg every time.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Chloe exposes her face to Brady and shows him her hideous scars. This is why she wanted him to think she was dead and why they can't have a future together. A huge moment as Brady looks at Chloe with love in his eyes and all he sees is her flawless beauty. Chloe is deeply moved but also perplexed. Brady wants to take her someplace where they can have complete privacy and have the romantic reunion they deserve!

Patrick and Mimi almost get into trouble, thanks to Bonnie. Mimi is set upon by a tough female inmate and a fight ensues. Mimi is injured. Patrick Mimi tips on how to deal with prison life. Bonnie shows up and hopes she can convince Mimi again to fight for her freedom.

Rex works on trying to come up with a way to free Mimi. Bonnie encourages him. Bonnie sent an unknowing Patrick to the jail with a file-filled cake. Later, when Patrick shows up, Rex tells him he has an idea that just might work.

Lucas visits Sami, intent on getting the goods on Stan. Guilty Sami has to cover big time. Lucas thinks she's hiding something and wants to know the truth about her involvement with Tony DiMera. Sami swears it was all very innocent and that Tony kidnapped her. Sami is still angry with Kate for setting her up and she blurts out that Tony told her Kate did it. Lucas tells her to consider the source. Sami realizes that Lucas believes his mother would never hurt him but that he does believe that Sami would hurt him by sleeping with Brandon.

John and Kate are still at the military hospital in Germany. Kate is grateful that Belle has chosen to stay with Philip. Her children's happiness is most important to Kate. John warns Kate to lay off Sami. Tension between Kate and Sami's parents could undermine their respective marriages. Kate promises John she'll give Sami the benefit of the doubt but inwardly, Kate vows she will never let Sami get Lucas!

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

At the Deveraux house, a shirtless Max is working on his car, while Frankie and Jennifer talk in the garage. Jennifer is glad that the guys are staying with them, and they are welcome to stay for as long as they'd like. Frankie is still sure he knows Lockhart's name from somewhere, and Jennifer reassures him that Patrick is harmless. Jack enters and asks Jennifer if she is ready for her surprise. She says yes, and off they go.

Meanwhile outside, Abby and Chelsea see Max working on his car. Chelsea mentions to Max that SHE needs a "tune up", too. Frankie sees the flirtation and pulls Max aside. He scolds Max for trying to pick up an innocent young girl. Frankie tells him to lighten up and inquires as to what he and Jennifer used to do for fun. Then Max takes Frankie's wallet and pulls out a picture of Jenn. Max asks Frankie if he's been pining away for Jennifer all this time. Frankie says that's ridiculous. Max points out that even if something DID happen to Jack, that Patrick Lockhart would be the first in Jenn's bed, not Frankie.

Meanwhile, Abby chastises Chelsea and says she's acting like a slut. Abby also asks her what her mother would think of her behavior. Chelsea says her parents taught her to live life to the fullest, and that's what she's going to do with Max. She leaves for a minute, and returns with a bucket full of water balloons. Chelsea pelts some at Max, and he retaliates with a garden hose. The two have a good time getting wet, and then Chelsea suggests a ride in the car with the top down to dry off. Chelsea and Max jump in the car and head up to the lake, leaving Abby behind. Meanwhile, in the garage, Frankie is on his cell phone asking someone to do some "research" on Patrick Lockhart.

Meanwhile, Jack has taken Jennifer to the airfield to watch the planes land from atop their car. Jennifer reminisces about the last time they were there, and the viewers are treated to a nice, older flashback of a young Jack and Jennifer professing their love to each other. Jack says of course he remembers that time - how could he forget? Jack quotes some published poetry and Jennifer tells Jack that HE has always been her favorite poet! Jennifer asks Jack why he's being so romantic, and then asks if it's because he's jealous of Frankie. Jack says absolutely not, and then tells Jennifer that he's scared and he never wants to lose her. Jennifer says that will never happen, and that they have a long and healthy life ahead of them. Jack is acting strange, and Jennifer asks if there is something wrong with him.

At Alice's bar, Bonnie is sitting alone at a table. Patrick and Rex enter and Rex claims that he can't stop thinking about Mimi. Patrick and Rex have a plan to screen the security camera tapes to see if there is anything on them. Bonnie says the tapes got impounded by the police and the police never watched them because Mimi confessed. Rex has an idea, and heads outside. Patrick and Bonnie follow him to a camera outside that has been redirected, possibly due to a fallen tree branch. The trio head inside to Bonnie's office to look for tapes. Rex finds a box of tapes, which they begin searching through in hopes of finding something. Finally, they come across the footage of Jan falling and hitting her head on the rock. Bonnie exclaims that Mimi will be cleared!

Sami is in her apartment, racking her brain for a way to prove that Kate set her up. She considers trying to use Eugenia to help her nail Kate to the wall. There is a knock on the door, and Nicole bursts in sobbing. Sami asks what's wrong and Nicole tells her that Brady is with Chloe as they speak. Nicole tells Sami that she is going to keep them apart, perhaps with help from the tabloids, and that she needs Sami's help. Sami refuses, stating that if Lucas ever found out that they were in cahoots, he would not want to be with her. Sami tells Nicole that she has lost, and it's over for her and Brady. Nicole reminds Sami that they have a deal, and they are connected at the criminal hip. Nicole begins searching through Sami's cupboards for some alcohol to calm her nerves. After finding a bottle of "cheap" vodka, Nicole begins downing shots and thinking of ways to keep Brady and Chloe apart. Sami tells Nicole that she has more bad news for her, and that Roman is determined to find Victor and Caroline and bring them home. Sami suggests that Nicole pack her bags and leave town before that happens. Nicole plays the Stan card again, reminding Sami that she will lose everything if Nicole spills the beans. Sami reluctantly agrees to help Nicole, and Nicole has a plan. She will use STAN to "deep six" Chloe!

Meanwhile, Brady and a blindfolded Chloe enter a cottage. Chloe wants to know where they are, and Brady takes of her blindfold. Brady says this is a cottage that Isabella formerly owned, and he inherited. Isabella used to go there to paint, and when she was dying she would go there to make her feel better. He hopes that it will make Chloe feel better too. Brady states that he was planning to bring Chloe there on their honeymoon. They enter the bedroom, and Brady opens a wardrobe which contains clothes that he bought for Chloe over a year ago in anticipation of their honeymoon. Chloe says that it was everything a girl could dream of. They kiss, and Brady tells Chloe how perfect and beautiful she is. Chloe says he must be dreaming if he can't see her scars. Brady says that Chloe will always be perfect in his eyes.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Patrick and Rex arrive at the jail and want to see Mimi to give her the news of the videotape but Roman won't let them in to see her. Roman admits that not watching the video was not good police work but they have to convince the Judge. Mickey arrives and tells them that he is not sure that Mimi will be released. He explains that it is at the judge's discretion. Mickey also informs Roman that Shawn did not go to his hearing and that he has a bench warrant out for his arrest. Patrick begins to think that Bonnie was right in wanting to break Mimi out of jail but Roman tells them not to take it into their own hands and to take it to the judge. Rex is frustrated and argues with Roman about Mimi's confession. Rex wonders why Mimi plead guilty in the first place but Patrick tell him that when she gets out that he should forget about it and put it behind him. Mickey receives a call from the Judge.

Marlena and Mimi are in the jail cell talking. Mimi was separated from the women that she fought with. Marlena tries to convince Mimi to retract her confession but Mimi won't do it because she is sure if she does that Rex will find out about the abortion. While in the cell, Marlena begins to feel sick and sits down on the bed. Mimi is concerned for Marlena and asks her what's wrong. Marlena tells her that she has an upset stomach and is nauseated but it does not normally happen during that time of day, which prompts Mimi to ask her if she is pregnant. Mimi congratulates Marlena and tells her how excited John and Belle will be but eventually figures out that the baby could not be John's and apologizes. Marlena explains to Mimi what happened and Mimi asks her if she fell in love with Roman again while at the castle. Mimi tries to offer comfort to Marlena by telling her that she thinks John would understand but Marlena is unsure because she did not tell him right away about the affair. Marlena asks Mimi to not tell anyone about the pregnancy and she agrees. While discussing Marlena's situation further, Roman walks in and inquires when he hears his name but Mimi covers for Marlena. Roman notices that Marlena looks unwell and asks her what's wrong. She tells him that she is upset to her stomach and he tells her that he will take her home.

After Marlena leaves, Mickey and Patrick show up to visit Mimi and tell her the news but Rex sneaks in and Mimi tries to go back to her cell. The men convince her to stay and tell her that her nightmare is over and that she is free.

At the penthouse Marlena and Roman discuss their children and the difficulty that Sami is having. Both believe that Sami did not sleep with Brandon. Marlena discusses Kate hating Sami and that eventually she will have it out with her about it. Marlena discusses the possibility of Kate setting Sami up to break apart Sami and Lucas but refuses to believe that John played a part in it. Roman proclaims that if he finds out that Kate undermined his daughter's happiness then his marriage to her is over and that Marlena and him have to stand by Sami. Marlena beings to feel sick again and grabs her stomach and runs out of the room. When Marlena returns Roman is concerned for her. She tells him she will be ok and that her stomach hurt. She continues on to say that she will have herbal tea and crackers but this brings up memories in Roman. He asks Marlena if she is pregnant.

Philip is released from the hospital and John, Kate, Belle, and Philip are preparing to leave to the airport. John is excited about being home for Marlena and his anniversary. Shawn approaches them and asks if there is anything that he could do for them before they leave but Kate speaks out and tells him no and that he cannot fly back with them on John's private jet. Philip interjects and says that it is ok with him if Shawn flew back with them and Belle agrees. Shawn is allowed to fly with them to Kate's dismay. On the plane Belle tends to Philip and Kate thanks John for putting up with her for the last few days and taking care of her son. John and Kate share a tender moment and they touch each other's hands longingly. Shawn secretly tells Belle that he is not giving up on them being together. Belle becomes lightheaded and sick and asks Shawn to go.

Nicole continues to drink nonstop and tries to convince Sami to help her get Brady back by disguising herself as Stan and killing Chloe. Sami tells her that she will not kill anyone and tries to get her to face reality. Sami tries to get Nicole to leave and threatens Nicole that if she ruins her chances with Lucas that she will kill her instead. Sami tries to get Nicole out of her apartment but is close to running into Lucas. Just when Sami thinks she has Nicole out of her apartment a drunken Nicole says she will visit Lucas, which causes Sami to pull Nicole back in. Lucas arrives at Sami's apartment and she hides Nicole in the closet. Lucas hears noises in the closet and finds Nicole there. Sami escorts Nicole out and explains that Nicole was there to pick a fight with her but Lucas is upset that Sami was hiding things from him. Sami apologizes to Lucas for acting strangely but she is concerned with paying her rent and bills and having no job. She continues to tell Lucas that she is upset about what happened with them and they argue about how she ended up in bed with Brandon. Sami asks Lucas if she finds the proof that Kate set them up will he take her back and he explains to her that he never stopped loving her only stopped trusting her. Lucas leaves and runs into Nicole in the hallway and offers to call her a cab and advises her to do something about her drinking problem. Meanwhile, Sami decides to focus on Kate's partner in crime, Eugenia.

Friday, July 8, 2005

Jack and Jennifer realize that Chelsea is missing and wonder if she is with Max. Jack and Jennifer question Frankie about where they are and the fact that he was going to be watching them. He covers for them by saying that Max took her out for a ride in the convertible and that he sometimes loses track of time. Jennifer thanks Jack for the wonderful day and they kiss again making Frankie feel uncomfortable. Jennifer notices something is wrong with Frankie and asks him when Jack leaves the room but Frankie only says that he was thinking about how lucky Jack and Jennifer are. They begin to reminisce and think about when they where kids and dating. Jennifer confides in Frankie that she knows something is wrong with Jack but she does not know what it is.

Jack enters the kitchen and is visibly ill. Abby walks in and is concerned for her father but Jack covers and says that he tried to move the refrigerator by himself and that is why she looks that way. Abby is relieved and tells her dad that she was worried and never wants to be without him again and how bad it was when he was gone. Jack questions Abby on if it was that bad when he was gone and when she starts to tell him that it still was not the same even with Patrick there Jack gets upset. He tells Abby if anything were ever to happen to him to not let Patrick into their home. Jack comes back into the living room and just as Frankie is talking about being too busy to have a relationship. Jack makes an odd comment about Frankie having time for a relationship if Jennifer was available but says he was joking. Frankie tells Jennifer that he will snoop around to see what's wrong with Jack.

Max and Chelsea again park the car. Chelsea wants to talk but Max does not want to talk. He asks her if she wants to fool around or if she wants him to drive her home and questions her on who the man is she's saving herself for. Max guesses Patrick is the one but Chelsea denies it but stands up for him when Max badmouthed him. Eventually, Max puts the moves on Chelsea. Despite the fact that Chelsea realizes that Max is not being kind to her she agrees to go "half way" with him. Max asks her what that means but she says that he will see. Chelsea tells Max that she is a virgin. Patrick finds the car parked with Max and Chelsea making out lying down on the seat and yells at them. He pulls Max out of the car. Chelsea smiles while Patrick is yelling at Max because she thinks that Patrick is jealous. Chelsea leaves with Patrick and he lectures her to stay away from Max. Chelsea uses her parents' death and being lonely as an excuse to why she was with Max. Patrick apologizes and tells her that he doesn't want to see a guy like that take advantage of her. Chelsea hugs Patrick and tells him that she is glad that she has him in her life. Max arrives back at the Devereux house and Abby asks max where Chelsea is and what happened. Max tells her that Chelsea is with Patrick.

Philip, Belle and Shawn arrive home and Philip and Belle kiss in front of Shawn. John and Kate help bring Philip and Belle's things into the loft. Philip tells John to leave the things downstairs because he cannot make in up the stairs until he gets his prosthesis and he will have to sleep on the couch.

Shawn corners Belle and pressures her more and tells her that the only way he can make it through this is by knowing Belle and Philip are not sleeping in the same bed. While Belle is tending to Philip, Kate confronts Shawn and tells him that he needs to leave. The two have words about Belle. John and Kate leave to go back to their spouses to pick back up where they left off with their marriages. Belle tells Shawn that she is staying with her husband.

Roman asks Marlena if she is pregnant and she admits it. Roman misunderstands at first and thinks that John got Marlena pregnant but Marlena tells him that she is a few months along and that he is the father. Roman tells Marlena that he will stand by her no matter what she wants to do but Marlena says that she doesn't know what she wants to do. Right when Marlena asks Roman what she should do and how could she tell John, John walks into the penthouse with flowers in his hand for Marlena. John notices that Marlena is upset and asks her what's wrong but Roman covers for her by saying that they were discussing Sami. John gives Marlena the flowers, kisses her and tells her happy anniversary. Marlena asks about Belle and Philip but it is obvious that she is upset. John gives Marlena an update on them and tells Roman that Kate is at the loft so he could go be with his wife. Just as Roman is about to leave Marlena thanks him for listening and tells him that they will figure it out but John is suspicious and asks if there is something going on that he should know about. Roman tells Marlena that he thinks they need to tell him. Marlena lies and tells John what they need to tell him is that Sami is determined to marry Lucas. John makes the comment that he spoke with Kate about cutting Sami a break but Roman tells him that he will take care of his own family. Roman leaves abruptly obviously upset.

After Roman leaves John embraces and kisses Marlena and tells her that it's time that they focus on their anniversary. He continues on to say that they have just gotten through the worst time but they are still together and nothing will break them up. Marlena tries to talk to tell him the truth but John puts his finger over her lips. She starts to break down into tears and cries on John's shoulder, leaving John confused and concerned. Marlena continues to lie and say that she is concerned for Belle and Philip. John tells Marlena about the choice that Belle made to stay with Philip but Marlena is worried about her daughter and the choice. He tells her that she is the reason that Belle chose Philip because of the role model she was to her daughter in honoring her wedding vows. John pours Marlena and himself champagne and they toast. Just as Marlena is about to drink she remembers that she is pregnant and puts her glass down, which causes John to ask her what really is wrong. Marlena lies and says that she doesn't want a drink and just wants to be with him.

Mimi embraces Rex as she is released and is happy to be free. Patrick asks Mimi if she is going to tell Rex the truth but Mimi does not have a chance to answer when Rex returns from signing forms. Rex tells Mimi that he has a special night planned, as they are about to leave. Rex takes Mimi back to the loft where he decorated it for a romantic evening for the two of them. The two toast to her freedom and their future. Mimi is elated to be home with Rex and jumps on him but Rex stops and says that he has to know first what she was keeping from him that Jan was holding over her. Belle ends up calling and reaches Mimi which surprises Belle who thought that she was still in jail. Mimi explains that Rex and Patrick got her out. Belle tells her that Philip is home and would love to see her so Mimi and Rex leave. Rex tells Mimi that they will finish their conversation later and that there will be no more secrets between them. Rex and Mimi arrive to see Philip and Belle. Mimi asks Belle privately what Shawn is doing there and if it's over between her and Shawn but Belle doesn't answer. Belle tells Mimi that she is staying with Philip. Mimi asks Belle what she is going to do and what Shawn will do about the feelings they have for each other. Roman and Kate reunite outside of Philip and Belle's loft but Roman is distracted. Kate learns that Roman was at Marlena's when John arrived. She gets upset and asks what's wrong and what is going on. Roman lies and tells her that he was there to discuss Sami prompting Kate to ask further questions. Roman tells her they will talk about it later and not have it ruin their homecoming and they go into Philip and Belle's loft. Belle asks Shawn to leave and tells him goodbye. Roman plans on arresting Shawn but feels bad that he just lost the woman that he loves.

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