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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 11, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, July 11, 2005

A sleepy eyed Lucas opened his front door to find a chattering Kate ribbing him for not being ready to go visit Philip. Shifty eyed, Lucas didn't say much until a bathrobe clad Sami came out of the bathroom. Horrified, Kate lit into Sami who explained that her shower was broken. Sami continued to blame Kate for the Brandon incident, until Lucas told Sami she should probably leave. A willing Sami agreed but asked for a moment alone with him first. The two went down the hall to her apartment and Lucas briefly questioned her about Nicole again. They quickly changed the subject, and Sami re-asked Lucas whether he would give them a shot again if she found proof that Kate set her up. Lucas did not think Sami could find proof because Kate had an alibi. A smirking Sami explained her belief that Eugenia helped Kate because at the time, they were hanging out a lot together and because that is what she would have done. Lucas finally relented and agreed that if Sami managed to find proof, he would give their relationship another shot. Thrilled, Sami hugged him and sent him on his way. Convinced Eugenia would have kept evidence of the conspiracy, Sami set out to find the proof.

Back at Lucas' apartment, Kate received a phone call from a desperate Eugenia reminding Kate that she had not fulfilled her end of the bargain to find her employment. Kate noted the vague threats of blackmail, but Eugenia denied she had any leverage. "It isn't like I have tapes of our phone conversations," she said as she caressed a box of tapes. Just as Kate told her she appreciated her help, Lucas entered the apartment. Kate quickly covered and asked Lucas if Sami was trying to convince him she broke up their marriage again. Lucas admitted that was what Sami wanted and asked Kate again if she was to blame. Kate denied she had anything to do with it, and Lucas said he believed her because she couldn't be that stupid. "If you were, I'd never forgive you. And you'd never see me or your grandson ever again," he said.

At Eugenia's apartment, she carefully placed her phone tapes back into a hollowed out book on the table in her bedroom, muttering that she would use them if Kate did not come through on her promise. After Eugenia left, Sami entered the apartment through a window, looking for evidence. Unfortunately, Sami sat down and leaned on the book while she thought about where the evidence would be, never looking at the book underneath her hand.

At the loft, Mimi woke up next to Rex and they made love again. Rex told Mimi he always knew she was innocent, and wondered why Mimi never fought the charges or why she was arguing so intensely with Jan. Mimi did not want to talk about it, so Rex said they would finish the conversation later after he got her surprise.

In the living room, Shawn paced obsessing over whether Belle and Philip were making love. When Rex came into the room, a dour Shawn congratulated Rex for freeing the woman he loves. Rex disputed Shawn's happiness, but Shawn explained that he was upset about Belle. When Rex told him to accept it, move on, and respect Belle's choice, Shawn tried to draw a parallel between Rex not giving up on Mimi and him not giving up on Belle. Shawn announced that he was convinced that once Philip recovered, Belle would ask for a divorce. At this, Rex left without a word, and Mimi entered the living room to tell Shawn that their situations were different. Hurt that Mimi wasn't supporting him, Shawn sulked and refused to answer a phone call from Bo. When Bo called the house, Mimi covered for Shawn. While Shawn explained that he held tight to the belief that Belle would only act as Philip's nurse, Mimi went through the mail and pulled a letter from the courthouse for Shawn. Shawn ignored the letter, but before Mimi could make him look at it, Rex returned and made breakfast. Later, Shawn left the couple alone and Rex sat Mimi on the couch and demanded she tell him Jan's secret.

In Belle and Philip's loft, Philip struggled in the kitchen to set up a sponge bath for himself. Belle interrupted and insisted she wanted to help him through this difficult period. Philip expressed his frustration, wondering how long it would be until Belle became sick of taking care of an invalid but Belle disagreed, stating he was her husband and nothing less. Belle pep talked, telling him he would be able to do everything he did before soon enough, and Philip agreed but lamented that right now he couldn't. Exclaiming that they were a team, Belle insisted on giving Philip his sponge bath. Uncomfortable, Philip expressed a desire for a nurse, but seeing through his grumping, Belle told him if he did that was fine, but until then, she would take care of him because she was his wife. Aroused by the sponge bath, Philip stopped her to thank her and kiss her passionately. After a moment, Philip whispered he wanted her and pulled her onto his lap. Unfortunately, the doorbell rang, ending the attempt, and Belle let in a visiting Kate and Lucas. Lucas talked to Philip who stayed positive, and told his brother how proud he was of his wife for sticking by him.

In the kitchen, Kate thanked Belle for standing by her husband and for being such a good wife. Pushing the envelope of meddling, Kate suggested that Belle needed to also be there for Philip emotionally and physically, adding that he needed things to be like they were before his accident to aid his recovery. Driving home the much hinted at point, Kate told an uncomfortable Belle that she needed to let Philip make love to her just as Shawn entered the loft and overheard the statement.

At the Brady home, Bo and Hope were excited about the new boat but the joy was short lived when the conversation turned to Shawn. Neither had heard from him since he returned from Germany but Hope was sure Shawn would get a continuance. Bo was less convinced and worried the judge might see Shawn as a drugged out criminal and drop out. "If he keeps screwing up, it won't matter because he'll be in jail," Bo grumbled. As Hope tried to calm her husband, Roman called with an assignment. A devastated Bo turned to Hope and told her that the continuance was denied and a bench warrant had been issued for Shawn's arrest. Roman had ordered Bo to arrest his son.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bo and Hope are upset that Roman has assigned Bo to arrest Shawn. Shawn has overheard Kate telling Belle she needs to make love to Philip. Kate sees Shawn and orders him to leave. Philip defends Shawn saying he's a friend welcome here, especially now that Belle has chosen to stay with Philip. Lucas steps in, also defending Philip's decision to let Shawn stay. He likens Kate's meddling with Philip and Belle's relationship to hers with his and Sami's. Bo and Hope arrive to arrest Shawn. Kate is secretly thrilled. Philip suggests Kate call her friend Judge Fitzpatrick and try to intervene on Shawn's behalf. Hope is tweaked that Kate has influence with the judge and accuses her of being behind the change in the hearing date and Shawn's arrest. Kate denies and Roman stands up for Kate. Lucas wonders if it could be true and if she also could be behind what happened to him and Sami? Bo arrests Shawn and takes him off to jail.

Sami is nearly caught by Eugenia as she searches her apartment. Sami hides under the bed and hears Eugenia tell her friend, Psychic Marguerite, that she and Kate set Sami up with Brandon and Eugenia has the evidence to prove it! Sami is electrified... she sneaks out when Eugenia goes to take a shower but vows to come back and find/retrieve the evidence against Kate!

Marlena continues to experience morning sickness. John, not suspecting she's pregnant, is worried that she's getting sick. Roman arrives and he and Marlena talk about the baby privately; Marlena is committed to telling John the truth today. Brady calls and tells John that Chloe is alive and wants John and Marlena to come see them at the cottage. John is surprised Marlena already knew about Chloe and Marlena is equally surprised when she learns that John has kept Isabella's cottage all these years. When they arrive, Marlena and John are shocked to realize Brady doesn't see Chloe's scars. Marlena tells Chloe that Brady loves her so much he's literally blind to her faults. John asks Chloe to sing at the surprise wedding ceremony he is planning.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mimi is desperate for advice and turns to Belle. Belle again tells Mimi to the truth. Belle runs into Marlena and Roman and overhears Marlena is pregnant. Excited, she can't believe it. Roman leaves and Belle asks if she's told John about the baby. Marlena says she hasn't and drops the bomb that it isn't his. Belle is stunned, but sees how upset her mother is and comes to her aid. Marlena asks Belle not to tell anyone until she can tell John. Belle receives a call from her dad who tells her about his plan to remarry Marlena. She has to keep this secret as well.

John and Kate plan their surprise weddings. Kate and John share a warm moment that is interrupted by Roman. Kate tells Roman how grateful she is he's still in her life and how nothing can ever come between them now. Roman feels guilty.

Mimi goes to Bonnie to ask her what to do about Rex. Bonnie's distracted as she thinks Mickey is about to offer Maggie a divorce settlement with a new restaurant. Bonnie receives a phone call from Father Jansen confirming that Mr. Horton intends to renew his vows to "Mrs. Horton." Bonnie thinks this is in reference to her. Frustrated Mimi leaves to seek advice elsewhere.

Mickey is in the living room pledging his love to Maggie. Bonnie enters and continues to misinterpret what's going on between Mickey and Maggie. Thinking Mickey is letting Maggie down gently, Bonnie tells them about Father Jansen's call and leaves. Maggie and Alice can't help but think Bonnie is taking the news a bit too well. Maggie is suddenly alarmed thinking that maybe Bonnie has misunderstood.

As they watch Max play basketball, Abby gets the scoop on exactly what Chelsea and Max did. Patrick convinces Billie to move in to his mom's old house with him after he explains how he found Max and Chelsea in a compromising position. Billie decides to talk to Chelsea. Billie tells Chelsea about Patrick's offer and she accepts. Patrick and Max have words and take their issues out onto the basketball court. Even though Max wins, Chelsea blows Max off and fantasizes about what's it's going to be like living with Patrick.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Chloe awakens at the cottage to find Brady gone with a note that he left to get a surprise for her. Chloe wonders if Brady will ever see her scars and if he does if he will still love her. Brady returns with flowers and more romance for Chloe. Chloe talks to Brady about her scars and why he can't see them. Brady tries to reassure Chloe that he loves her but she still is worried. She also regrets agreeing to sing at John's wedding and says that she can't do it. Brady and Chloe sit down and have a heart to heart talk and Chloe tells him that the scars have taken her back to how she felt when the kids called her "ghoul girl" at school. Brady tells Chloe that the situation with the scars is not hopeless and he could help her. He explains to Chloe that Marlena is a friend of Dr. Travis who happens to be the best plastic surgeon who trained Dr. Weiss. He told her that they could call him under one condition and that was if she decided to do the surgery that she would do it for only herself and not for him because he loves her the way that she is. Brady and Chloe make love and Brady surprises her with a horse and buggy like the one they rode on in Colorado.

Abby helps Chelsea move her things. Chelsea is disappointed that she is not making out with Max but doing manual labor. Abby reminds her that she is moving in with Patrick but Chelsea is unimpressed for the moment because he has not arrived yet to help her move. However she tells Abby happily about sharing a bathroom with Patrick. She tells Abby her plans for slipping into the shower with Patrick and saying it was an accident. Abby tries to talk Chelsea out of it but she asks her that if she does not like what she is doing then why is she hanging out with her? Chelsea continues on to tell Abby that she is starting to get on her nerves. Abby apologizes to Chelsea but walks into the bathroom and sees Chelsea going through Patrick's stuff including his cologne.

Billie is moving boxes into her new room. Patrick returns from getting new keys made for Billie and Chelsea when Billie tells Patrick that she thinks that they may have made a mistake moving in. She tells him that it doesn't feel right because now she has to think of Chelsea. Patrick tells Billie that Chelsea is 18 now and she probably won't stay there that long anyway because she wants to go to college and it would give Billie time to sort things out for Billie and for Chelsea. Billie feels better and accepts the house key from Patrick. Patrick and Billie talk about Chelsea and Billie tells Patrick that she cannot come down too hard on her because she won't listen and would just leave. Billie and Patrick go into Chelsea's room to offer help and Patrick smells his cologne and asks about it. Chelsea says that she must have spilled it when she was moving it to make room for some of her stuff. A little later, Patrick goes to take a shower after all the moving and Chelsea takes her clothes off to join him, to Abby's dismay.

Mimi visits Shawn in Jail. He is angry and upset that he is in jail and thinks that Belle is making a mistake. Mimi asks Shawn if he ever thought that maybe Belle wants to be with Philip. Shawn and Mimi start to argue but they stop and Mimi tells him that she is worried about him and is there to offer her support. Mimi says that she wants to support both Belle and Shawn and for them both to be happy. Shawn asks her how she got in to visit him and she tells him that she said that he was her boyfriend. The two reminisce about the past, being in Paris and the kiss they shared there. The discussion become serious when Rex is brought up and Shawn says that Rex loves her and does not understand why she is won't tell him her secret. Mimi tells Shawn that she was pregnant with Rex's baby and had an abortion without his knowledge and that she does not want to lose him. Mimi also explains that Jan found out about the abortion and was blackmailing her. Shawn asks Mimi if she really has to tell him. He advises Mimi not to tell Rex the truth because it happened so long ago and nothing could be done about it now anyway.

Belle takes Philip to his doctor's appointment to be fitted for his prosthesis. While there Belle starts to get ill and the nurse goes and gets the doctor. Lexie comes in and notices that Belle is pale and learns that she almost fainted. Belle says that she has not eaten well or slept well since Philip was captured. Lexie offers to give her an exam after Philip's appointment. The specialist checks Philip's leg and says that the doctors in Germany did a good job on it. Philip tells him that he had a visit from Heather Mills McCartney who told him that he would be able to do anything that he did before and that she often forgets that she has no leg. The doctor agrees and tells Philip that he will be able to set his own limits after therapy. The doctor wants time alone with Philip so Lexie offers to give Belle the exam while Philip is with the doctor. Philip asks questions but is not convinced that he could live a normal life but is surprised when the specialist reveals that he is an amputee as well making Philip feel better about his situation.

Lexie has Belle change into a gown and asks her a series of questions about symptoms. She said that she is a little nauseated, has stomach cramps, and has to force herself to eat most of the time. When Lexie asks her when her last menstrual period was she was not sure and explains that she has not been regular since Philip left and thought it was because of the stress. Belle asks Lexie if she thinks that she might be pregnant. Lexie admits the symptoms that Belle has could mean that she is pregnant but adds it could mean something else as well and tells her to wait until the tests come back. Philip come into the exam room and feels it is his fault that she is under stress.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Kate meets with Judge Karen Fitzpatrick to lobby to keep Shawn behind bars. Philip decides to help his friend and calls the judge (unaware Kate is in her office) and pressures her to release Shawn on bail. Kate desperately tries to stop this but Judge Fitzpatrick cannot ignore an injured war hero. To Kate's dismay, the judge grants Shawn's bail.

Mimi begs Belle to visit Shawn. Belle finally gives in and Shawn is moved when he sees her. He stuns Belle with a kiss and Philip enters... a near miss when he arrives, Philip tells Shawn he's free. Guilty, Shawn thanks Philip for gaining his release.

Sami is determined to prove that Eugenia was in cahoots with Kate. Unable to gain access to Eugenia's apartment, Sami goes to Basic Black where she shows Lucas phone logs with dozens of calls from Eugenia to Kate. He also sees Judge Fitzpatrick leave and becomes suspicious that Kate was behind Shawn being thrown in jail. When confronted with the evidence, Kate covers, saying Eugenia has been calling to get a job. Sami doesn't buy it and vows to prove Kate and Eugenia are guilty. Kate in turn, vows to stop Sami.

Naked Chelsea steps into the shower but is stunned to find Billie! We see Billie is on to Chelsea and has already switched bedrooms with Patrick so that she and Chelsea could share the adjoining bath. Chelsea is livid and sees Billie as a roadblock to Patrick. Chelsea tries to make Patrick jealous by inviting Max Brady to her bedroom. Abby goes to chaperone but Max tries to "party" with both girls. Billie arrives and the party's over...they must take it outside.

Jennifer proposes a pool party and housewarming to celebrate Billie and Chelsea's moving in with Patrick. Jack and Frankie are still very wary of Lockhart, but they have to go along with Jennifer's plan. At the party, Billie almost deduces Jack's secret. Frankie's suspicion of Patrick grows and he steps up his investigation. Bonnie is excited about re-marrying Mickey and beginning their lives together again, sans Maggie. Bonnie thinks she will be living in the lap of Horton luxury from now on and invites Patrick, Billie, and Chelsea to stay at her old house and enjoy the new pool she purchased. Invitations arrive for the opening of Maggie's new restaurant, Chez Rouge. Bonnie thinks this is good news and predicts tomorrow will be the happiest day of her life!

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