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Monday, August 22, 2005

As Sami admired her wedding dress, Lucas entered her apartment. Sami was not pleased he saw her dress and even less pleased to hear Lucas talk about how Tony was in custody and would spill his info on Stan soon enough. When Lucas went off to get his tuxedo, Sami sat on her couch to cry about her dilemma. Suddenly, Roman entered and saw her teary eyed. Worried, Roman asked her what was wrong, but Sami played it off as just nervous jitters that another of her weddings would go south. Roman was suspicious, but Sami cut him off and stated that she was worried Tony would retaliate for her refusing to help him by making up stories about her. Roman pushed her to tell the truth, but Sami changed the subject to Marlena's recovery. When Sami began to prattle on again about a Marlena and Roman reunion, Roman reminded her it was science fiction because she was with John. The two said their I love you's and Roman left Sami. Immediately upon the door closing, Sami teared up again, and she fell to the couch exclaiming that if Tony got in her way, she would just have to kill him. Later, Lucas returned and was angry that Tony had yet to talk. Anxious to change the subject, Sami told Lucas to concentrate on them and their future happiness. Sweeping her off her feet, Lucas carried her into the bedroom to work on that future happiness.

At Billie's house, a sulky Chelsea continued to rant at Billie for embarrassing her in front of Max, ruining her life at school. Driving in the knife, Chelsea told Billie that last night was the first time she was happy since her parents died but that Billie ruined that. Chelsea shoved Billie out into the hallway to find a waiting Patrick. When Patrick suggested that Chelsea might be Georgia, Billie scoffed at the coincidence. Patrick pointed out that they had the same rare blood marker, and determined to end the mystery, Billie set off for answers.

Out in the backyard later, a bikini clad Chelsea watched Patrick skim the pool. After Chelsea continued to rag on Billie, Patrick asked her to stop because it wasn't fair considering how kind and loving a person she is. Surprised, Chelsea asked if Patrick was hot for Billie and told him Billie was too old for him. Determined to make a move, Chelsea squirted sun tan lotion in Patrick's hands and told him that he should be with someone like him, a risk taker and not a rule follower like Billie. With Patrick reluctant to rub the lotion on her, Chelsea took his hand and rubbed it along her arm, then grabbed him and kissed him. He did not fight back.

Down at the ISA holding cell, a dressed up Billie went in to visit Tony. She sat across from him and pleaded for the truth. When he asked why he should tell, she simply stated that she remembered the old Tony. "I've waited 18 years. Don't be a bastard," she said as she held his hand. Tony was unsure, but finally told her that it was Chelsea.

At the Brady pub, Kate entered and sat with John as a glowering Caroline looked on. John tried to cheer Kate up by telling her that Lucas would come around. The two then talked about Marlena's isolation therapy. As John caressed her hand, Kate whispered, "Roman could take lessons from you on being an understanding husband." John lamented that due to the amnesia, the old Marlena would probably never return, even with her memory. Kate muttered that she probably lost Roman long ago and that he probably never got over his love for Marlena, but John told her not to sell herself short because she was a hell of a lady. Kate thanked him and said she wanted to concentrate on getting her family back together. Right on cue, Kate looked across the pub to find a Bloody Mary swilling Nicole unable to pay for her take out. Kate walked over and whipped out her credit card to pay. When Nicole asked why, Kate asked for information in return for $500. At first Nicole declined but desperate, took the money and pointed Kate toward Tony for answers.

Roman entered the pub and after sniping at Kate that he preferred to eat alone, got an earful from John. A bitter Roman told John that if Marlena was hurt by the isolation therapy, it was his responsibility. "Even specialists can have ulterior motives, yet you sent her off with him," Roman complained. John stood his ground and as the exchange got heated, a motherly Caroline broke up the argument. The two apologized to one another and Roman admitted he was on edge since he broke it off with Kate.

Up at the cabin, Marlena woke up to find Dr. Alex North staring at her. At first unnerved, she softened when she saw that he prepared breakfast in bed for her. Marlena said she was embarrassed about crying the night before, but that it was because she remembered being in love with Alex. Alex insisted it was transference because she was vulnerable, but to go with the memories. He also offered her a third possibility to Roman and John: that there was another man she loved. As Marlena fussed over familiar flowers, she blurted out, "I don't want to lose you!" Alex recommended she take a bath to clear her head. Once she went in the bathroom, he said, "This is going better than I thought."

In the bath, Marlena remembered taking a bath with Alex and kissing him passionately. After she got out of the tub, she went into the other room and kissed Alex.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Outside Alice's, Jack tries to enlist Frankie to help him, to be there for Jennifer after Jack is dead. Frankie is unsure but Jack makes a convincing case. Jack particularly wants Frankie to protect Jennifer from Patrick Lockhart. Jack keeps pressing Frankie for an answer. Frankie has warm memories of his relationship with Jennifer but tells Jack he's sorry, but he just doesn't know if he can do that.

Chelsea is determined to lose her virginity to Max Brady. Abby is appalled and does everything she can to stop Chelsea. Chelsea is forced to leave with Abby, but whispers to Max to meet her later at the empty Lockhart house.

Tony taunts Bo, Billie, Hope, Victor and Caroline without revealing Georgia's real identity. A distant explosion goes off. Billie is furious because it stops Tony from telling them the truth about Georgia. More explosions go off and Bo and Hope overpower the guards. Tony and Bart flee and Patrick takes off after them. Billie goes after them, followed by Bo, after he's gotten out of his handcuffs. Hope, Victor, Caroline wait, tense and worried. Billie returns having captured Tony but Bart has gotten away. Bo then appears with Patrick.

Shawn and Mimi are together at Alice's. At first, they can't help thinking about Rex and Belle, but convince themselves to try to have some fun and cheer up. Philip tells Belle he's thrilled Shawn and Mimi may get together. Belle thinks it will never happen. They're both on the rebound and that never bodes well for a real relationship. They go to Alice's and Mimi cozies up to Shawn after she sees how upsetting it is for Belle to see them together. After Mimi gives Shawn a quick kiss on the cheek, the two former friends, Belle and Mimi, share a tense look.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Brady is excited about the wedding. Chloe says he can't leave his grandfather or the job he loves. It would kill Brady to lose her again. Chloe agrees the wedding's on. Brady's relieved. Kissing ensues. Later, a showered and shirtless Brady can't believe Chloe invited Sami to their wedding. He soon acquiesces. Chloe's discouraged because she can't see whether her treatment worked. Brady reminds her Dr. Travis said to keep the bandage in place. As soon as she's alone, Chloe goes against doctor's orders, which sets her to weeping. She won't get married looking like a monster. Brady loves her soul, not her body or voice. The lovers wish she could see herself the way Brady sees her. He tells her to close her eyes and trust him. Brady carries Chloe to their bed. After they make love, he tells her their love will make her the most beautiful bride in the world.

Having lured Jennifer and Frankie to St. Luke's, deejay Master LP Slammin' Jack plays "Stand By Me." He volunteered them to set up and oversee the annual summer charity dance. He lies that his business meeting means Frankie has to dance the night away with Jennifer. When the guys tell her Frankie's not leaving Salem, Jennifer turns on Jack. She knows he coerced Frankie into staying, but Frankie takes the heat. Jack thinks this dance will be the clincher; he browbeats Frankie into rekindling the old flame. Jack gets the former sweethearts to dance to Boyz II Men's "On Bended Knee."

Wearing a T-shirt that reads "Naughty," Chelsea resolves to get rid of Billie. Abby counters that Billie's been like a mother to her. Never! Chelsea's parents were the best that ever lived. In order to live with just Patrick, she wants to convince him to kick Billie out. Abby informs her Patrick will neither be her lover nor be jealous if she sleeps with Max. Chelsea complains that playboy Max ruined it by wanting to date her. She makes a dig about Abby not dating, only to be told to help Abby get ready for her date. When she sees Jack at St. Luke's, Chelsea is mortified that Abby's big date might be her father. Jack puts them in charge of balloons. Chelsea hopes Josh will keep Abby too busy to interfere in Chelsea's love life. It's fine getting to know an adolescent. With a real man, however, you have to deliver the goods, as Chelsea will do later with Patrick.

Billie and Bo ask Lexie to compare their DNA to Chelsea's. Billie is so excited, she wants to wait for the results. Bo reminds her there's no record of an adoption. Billie accuses him of fearing Chelsea will complicate his life. Otherwise, why hasn't he told Hope the good news? Bo leaves voicemail for his wife, then defends her to Billie. If Chelsea is Georgia, he'll move her out of the Lockharts' to avoid another liplock - or worse - with Patrick. Billie reveals she's dating Bo's enemy.

Tony knows Kate wants him to rat out Sami, who would be the perfect daughter-in-law for her. In exchange, he wants his freedom. To prove his price worthwhile, he'll give Kate a hint if she lets him use her cell phone. Kate's annoyed when he merely says Samantha is a master mistress of disguise. Things are going much better than Tony planned. Kate sweet-talks Det. Adams so she can go into Roman's office. She closes the blind and looks up Sami's computer file.

Lucas isn't sure there will be a wedding. Sami sent save the date emails without specifying a date. She is tense when he mentions Stan. Lucas double-checks the revised email and pronounces it perfect, just like his bride. Kissing ensues. Tony calls Sami, demanding to see her. Sami insists Lucas stay behind while she deals with the "florist." Lucas decides to use that time to investigate Stan.

Sami hopes no one at the police station will recognize her in a short brunette wig, eyeglasses, and a power suit. Using a deeper voice, she claims to be Tony's lawyer, Barbara Couda, Esquire. He thinks it's brilliant. To buy Tony's silence, Sami must help him escape! He details his plan.

When Lucas finds out where his mother is, he knows exactly what she's doing. He drags her chair out of the way and deletes Sami's file. Their shouting attracts the officers. Lucas warns that Roman can both divorce and jail Kate. If she stops, he won't tell Roman. Lucas hopes to elicit a Stan-filled confession from Tony. Great; he can find out how Sami is involved! Sami takes off her glasses, then spots Lucas. She turns the corner, only to run into Kate! Kate shouts for Lucas, then screams that Sami had a secret meeting with Tony. Lucas won't hear any more lies about his beloved. A safe distance away, Sami replaces her glasses. She flashes back to Tony explaining that if he isn't freed, she will have another disastrous wedding. Sami resolves that this is her last deal with the devil.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

As Bo and Billie wait for the confirmation that Chelsea is actually their daughter, Hope arrives and doesn't have nice things to say about Chelsea. Billie and Bo defend Chelsea and Billie tells Hope that she believes that Chelsea is nothing more than a troubled girl who needs a friend. Hope finds it hard to agree and later, Billie lets it slip that she and Bo believe that Chelsea is their daughter. Hope is stunned and the DNA results come in.

Frankie and Jennifer spend quality time together at the dance. As Frankie reunites with his mother Caroline, Abby continues to get close to Josh. Later, Jennifer witnesses her daughter's first kiss. Also, Chelsea tries to pick up with Patrick where they left off but Patrick gently lets her down. Upset Chelsea tells Abby if Patrick doesn't want her, then Max Brady will. Frankie and Jennifer find themselves locked in a room together.

Belle needs Shawn's help to take Philip to the hospital to get his leg fitted. Mimi goes to Alice's where she tells her mom that she and Shawn almost slept together. Unfortunately for Mimi, Sami overhears. Bonnie is overjoyed and plans to keep Mimi and Shawn together.

Sami laments her deal with Tony to help him break out of prison. Realizing she has no choice but to help him, she is still determined to marry Lucas.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Bo and Billie get the results that Chelsea is their daughter! The duo head out to find her. Hope meets up with Patrick and they look for Chelsea. Hope reveals that Chelsea is Bo and Billie's daughter. When Bo and Billie learn that Hope spilled the beans they're angry and worried that Patrick may be a tool of Stefano's and might do something to Chelsea.

Patrick apologizes to Chelsea for getting on her case, but he tells her he's not interested in her romantically. Chelsea spends a lovely evening with Max, who has set up a romantic tent on the beach. Patrick arrives at the location suspicious that Max is taking advantage of Chelsea.

Sami has words of wisdom for Belle about life, love and being a mother. She tells Belle to stay with Philip and informs her Mimi is already getting her hooks into Shawn. Sami receives a disturbing phone call from Tony's people. Belle and Shawn talk about his almost having sex with Mimi. He says it'll be awhile before he can love anyone, but he's moving on, just like Belle has.

Frankie and Jennifer, locked in the storage area, try on old costumes and dance. Jack's experiment works and it looks like old love could be reborn. Jack also witnesses and Abby and Josh kiss. Caroline arrives and finds Jack; they walk in on Jennifer kissing Frankie on the cheek.

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