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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 29, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, August 29, 2005

Chelsea and Max get hot and heavy on the beach. Max gets startled and knocks over a bottle of cider on Chelsea. Patrick hears Chelsea scream and heads off to find Chelsea. Chelsea convinces Max to go home and pick up a sweatshirt for her. He does so, just missing Patrick. Thinking something's wrong, Patrick asks Chelsea if she's okay. Chelsea realizes that Patrick thinks something has happened to her. Playing into it, she folds into Patrick's arms. She doesn't lie yet lets Patrick believe what he wants: that Max forced himself on her.

Bo and Billie are on fire to find Chelsea. They want to break the news to her that she's their daughter. Bo confides in Hope about his feelings for Chelsea. He feels guilty it took him this long to find her. Hope eases his pain but warns Bo and Billie that it's not going to be easy. Max arrives and Bo gives his little brother the third degree. Max tells them he was at the beach with Chelsea. Concerned Bo thinks Lockhart may be there with her. Everyone rushes to find Chelsea in Patrick's arms. Bo goes nuts and attacks him.

Sami tries to move on with her life with Lucas despite the looming threat of Tony. Will returns from summer camp and now that they're all together, Sami can't wait to be married. Little does she know that Kate is continuing to grease Nicole's wheel for information. And just when Sami thinks it may be safe to go back in the water and on with her life, she receives a call from Bart telling her it's time she paid the piper.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

John and Victor stopped by to visit Chloe and Brady and tell them about their surprise: they wanted to subsidize the wedding. Horrified, Chloe ran out of the room and left Brady to explain that she was nervous about her scarring. Brady followed her into the bedroom, and Chloe admitted that she was terrified that her face would not heal in time for the wedding. Afraid of the pressure, Chloe suggested they elope. When she asked how he felt, Brady said he would do whatever would make her feel comfortable. Comforted, Chloe changed her mind and admitted that she wanted to marry him in St. Luke's like they planned, surrounded by family and friends.

Out in the living room, Victor asked John about Marlena's recovery. John told him about the seclusion therapy and admitted that he was having second thoughts about Dr. North. After learning his first name was Alex, Victor said the name was familiar, but that he could not place it. Victor received a call on his cell phone from Kate, but before he left, he told John to do something about Marlena. As the door closed, John agreed with Victor's suggestion and called Marlena up at the cabin.

Up at the mountain cabin, Marlena brought out some fresh loaves of bread for Alex to try. Eager to see if she was making progress, Marlena asked Alex if she used to bake. After consulting his book of Marlena fun facts, he told her that no, according to her daughters, she was a terrible cook. Marlena tried to peek at the book but Alex warned her it may interfere with her recovery, for the same reasons she was in seclusion. She agreed and said that she was actually relieved to be there and because she didn't know or remember the men in her life, she did not care if she ever saw them again. Marlena worried that she was not more concerned about seeing her family, but Alex told her it was normal and that as her memory returned, she would want to see her family. Alex swore that he would respect her wishes, and Marlena countered that her only wish was that Alex would keep John away since he made her feel uncomfortable. Alex suggested that she may feel differently when she remembered John, but Marlena stated that she did not really want to because she was afraid she would not be able to find herself again. Suddenly, John called and Marlena begged Alex to take the call. Alex acceded to her wishes and answered, telling John that Marlena was out for a walk before the call was disconnected. A worried Alex told Marlena that John would likely come up to check on her if Marlena did not return his call. Frightened, Marlena called John back and learned that he was in fact, on his way up to see her. Marlena begged him to stay away so that he would not hinder her recovery, and then apologized for hurting his feelings. John agreed he would stay away.

At the beach, Bo continued to pummel Patrick before Hope intervened and tore them apart. After noting Chelsea was smiling, a suspicious Hope demanded the truth from Chelsea who then explained that Max spilled cider on her and went to get a sweatshirt. A huffy Patrick interrupted to say he thought that Max attacked Chelsea but she was forced to admit she never said anything like that. Patrick admitted he jumped to conclusions just as Bo did the same, blaming Patrick for hitting on Chelsea. Grudgingly, Chelsea explained that she was the one who hugged Patrick and that he did not touch her because he was only trying to help. Hope suggested that Chelsea apologize and a furious Chelsea said she did not give a crap about what Bo and Hope thought before running off, Billie in tow.

Hope dragged Bo aside to warn him that Chelsea was smiling during the whole fight and that she was clearly manipulating everyone. Bo continued to blame Patrick but Hope insisted she trusted Patrick with her life. Frustrated, Bo said Hope was too busy judging Chelsea and ignoring the fact that she was family.

Chelsea ran down to the docks, talking skyward at her parents, wondering why they left her with Billie because she hated her. Billie arrived on the scene and said she never meant to cause Chelsea any pain. An angry Chelsea lashed out at Billie telling her that she probably lied about her mother's dying words and was using her to get back together with Bo or snag Patrick. When Bo arrived, Chelsea continued her tirade, telling Billie she was desperate and pathetic. Billie told Chelsea she was pushing away the people that loved her but Chelsea scoffed at the thought. Bo tried to calm Chelsea down but she continued to say nasty things to Billie. Finally, a tearful Billie told Chelsea that she cared because she was their missing daughter. In disbelief, Chelsea slapped Billie and yelled, "You bitch!"

At Alice's a waitressing Mimi went to the bar and found out that the newest bartender was Shawn. When Shawn and Philip entered and sat down, Shawn told Mimi that Belle knew about the two of them and that she had acted jealously. He then insisted that he did not care about that though because his relationship with Belle was over and this was the first day of the rest of his life.

Later, Belle tried to talk to Mimi but was silenced when Mimi said, "It is nice to work with a friend. But oh, I forgot, you don't know what that is." Mimi then stalked off to serve drinks.

After showing Kate his new prosthetic leg, Philip went over to talk to Shawn and reiterate that he thought Shawn and Mimi made a great couple. Belle wandered over and told Philip about what happened with Mimi. Philip asked Shawn to talk to Mimi about Belle and Shawn agreed that he would.

At a nearby table, Kate mulled over what Sami's secret identity was. After calling Victor for advice, he showed up at Alice's to talk over drinks. After asking if Victor was still in touch with operatives in the DiMera organization, Kate begged Victor to find out what Tony's connection to Sami was. At first, Victor cautioned her to stop going after Sami since she had already beat her once, but then he agreed to check into Sami's connection to Tony.

Out on the terrace at Alice's, Bart, dressed like a priest, chatted up a sulky Sami. Bart pulled out some photos of Sami transforming into Stan and warned Sami that if she didn't get some needed codes off of her father's computer, Tony would publish the photos to Sami's friends and family. As Sami burned the photos over a candle on the terrace, Kate watched Sami from a window in the bar.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Kate picks up a burnt remnant of Sami's pictures. She has to find out why Sami disguised herself as a man. Roman wants a divorce. He can't forgive Kate for breaking her promise and ruining Sami's life. Even if Sami is irredeemable? Everything Sami's done is Kate's fault. After Roman leaves, Victor advises Kate not to sabotage Sami, in case she's really changed. He hopes he won't unearth a connection between Sami and Tony. Kate tells him their children might find granddaughter Georgia. Victor isn't happy to hear that Billie still wants Bo. Kate crosses her fingers while promising not to break up his son's marriage.

Lucas promises Will their honesty pact is going to keep their family intact. Will cautions Sami about lying to them. Lucas compliments Sami and the three toast to their future. Sami thinks about how she has to spring Tony. Lucas assures Will that Sami doesn't have any secrets. Will suggests they elope - Sami's big weddings are disastrous. His dad tells him to focus on school. Austin calls to say he'll be there for the wedding.

Sami runs into Roman. Will Marlena recover in time for Sami's wedding? She wants her parents to be as happy together as she is with Lucas. Roman patiently explains he hasn't any right to interfere in Marlena's marriage. Sami spins a tale about why she'd like to borrow Roman's office computer. It's against police regulations, but he gives in. He warns his daughter about Kate's suspicions. Roman gives Sami his password.

Chelsea can't believe she's Georgia. She assumes she's the result of an affair. She wants nothing to do with her parents. Max claims Patrick's jealous. Chelsea stops them from fighting over her. She asks Max to take her for a ride. She dismisses Patrick's warning, so he tells on her. Crying, Chelsea asks Max to hold her. She doesn't want to be alone, much less go "home." Max defends his brother Bo, which Chelsea considers a betrayal. Max could never be against her. He has the perfect private place. When he takes off the blindfold, Chelsea says the motel is perfect. She thanks and then kisses him.

Hope stops Billie from chasing Chelsea; they've done enough damage for one night. Bo hugs Billie and won't let Patrick run off with her. Bo goes himself, and Hope tells Patrick she trusts her husband with Billie. Patrick thinks Chelsea's looking for love in all the wrong places. This shock could push her over the edge. Bo comforts and holds Billie. Chelsea will come around and they'll be a family.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Sami goes to the police station using the guise of wedding planning to get onto her father's computer while Kate follows her and wonders what she is up to. As Sami make the comment that something she found on the computer is exactly what she needs, Kate walks into Roman's office and asks what it is. Kate questions Sami why she is in Roman's office but Sami explains that her dad gave her permission and questions why she is there. They exchange words and Kate tells Sami that Tony told her about her disguise. Sami at first looks a little panicked but covers and says that if Kate really had something on her she would have blown her out of the water. Sami and Kate argue more and Sami accuses Kate of following her to try to dig up dirt and if she can't find any that she will make it up.

Lucas asks Roman's permission for Sami's hand in marriage and Roman tells him "no." Roman tells him that he will not give him her hand unless he promises to not break her heart again and to take some responsibility for Sami's life spinning out of control because he did not trust her when she told him she did not sleep with Brandon. After Lucas makes promises to Roman, he gives Lucas his blessing to marry Sami. Roman, Lucas, and Will walk in to Roman's office to hear what's going on between Kate and Sami. Lucas and Roman start to argue with Kate and Sami uses that as a distraction to go to the computer and start to write down the information that Tony wanted. Will notices information about Tony DiMera on the computer and asks her what all that information about Tony is and everyone overhears. Sami covers and clicks out of the computer and says that she was leaving her dad a note to use his clout to keep Tony and his "goons" away from the wedding. Kate and Sami exchange words but Lucas gets Sami and Will to leave for lunch. Alone Kate tries to get Roman to believe her but he asks her if has she done enough damage. After Kate leaves, Roman gets on his computer and is upset. Soon, a detective comes in to get the details of Tony's transfer off the computer but Roman stops him. Roman explains the information on the computer is fake because he knows that Tony's operatives will want to break him out and the easiest was is probably during the transfer.

At Alice's Sami spots Bart disguised as a clown and she goes to him and passes him a note on the details on Tony's transfer. Sami tells Bart of Kate following her and asks if Tony told her anything and he tells her no. He tells her if the information is correct and Tony escapes that he will make sure Kate does not learn anything but if the information is incorrect then all bets are off.

Bo leaves Hope a message using Jack and Jennifer's phone letting her know they have not found Chelsea. Jennifer lets Billie know that Abby tried to call all of Chelsea's friends and has had no luck. Bo has the police force keep a watch out for her at the bus stations but Billie is concerned that Chelsea could be anyway by car by now. Frankie states that he has a way to find Max and Chelsea if she is with him. Frankie is Max's business manager and has his power of attorney and calls the credit card company to see if Max made any recent charges. Frankie gets a call that Max used his card last night at a cheap motel. Bo and Billie quickly leave to go there.

Patrick takes a early swim in the pool and gets a visit from Hope who is concerned because Bo did not return home or call last night. Patrick informs Hope that Chelsea did not come home either and threatens Max if he touched Chelsea. Hope and Patrick discuss Chelsea leaving with Max and Hope tells Patrick that Chelsea is a master manipulator but Patrick believes she is just a kid and is going through a lot. Patrick tries to talk Hope into going for a swim to relax and to borrow one of Billie's swim suits. Hope reluctantly goes inside. Patrick daydreams of Hope coming out and saying that she doesn't need a bathing suit and starts to strip. Hope soon returns out with Jennifer's swim suit on. Suddenly, Jack, Jennifer, and Frankie arrive to tell Hope that Bo and Billie are on their way to the motel where Max and Chelsea are. Jennifer tries to get Hope to go too but Hope insists on not going. Hope and Jennifer discuss Frankie being there. Frankie and Jack argue with Patrick about Max. Frankie asks Patrick what he is hiding and Patrick tells Frankie that he knows he is hiding something and will find out what it is. Frankie gets a phone call and says that he wants the goods on Patrick. When he gets off the phone he goes over to Patrick and calls him a liar.

Max brings Chelsea Sugar Bears and wild strawberries for breakfast which she finds romantic. She tells him that she had a bad dream that Billie told her that she was her mother. Max tells her that she was not dreaming and it really happened. Chelsea pleads with Max to run away with her and take her where Bo and Billie will never find her. Max explains to her that he can't help her run away and if it turns out that Bo an Billie are her parents that she needs to deal with it. Chelsea doesn't want to stay and deal with it. Max suggests that Chelsea take a shower and they could discuss what to do afterward but Chelsea says she only wants to do one thing and that thing will drive Bo and Billie crazy. She kisses Max and they start making out on the bed. Max stops and tells Chelsea that there is still a lot of time for that but Chelsea wants to be with him. Max tries to make excuses to stop and finally tells Chelsea that he thought she was going to take a shower. She tells him yes and says that it is a good idea and that she will get it hot and steam for him to join her.

After Chelsea goes into the shower Bo and Billie arrive and Bo seeing the messy bed thinks that Max took advantage of Chelsea and starts to attack him. Max insists that he did not take advantage of Chelsea and shows the blanket and pillow on the floor where he slept. He goes on to tell Bo and Billie that Chelsea is angry with them and does not want to accept them as her biological parents. She feels that her parents were the Benson's. He explains that Chelsea is having a difficult time because she hate's Billie more than anyone in the world and now to learn that she is her mother makes her upset. Bo asks Max to let him and Billie talk to Chelsea alone and Max agrees but tells them good luck as they wait for her to come out of the shower. Chelsea is upset when she finds Bo and Billie in the motel room and tells them that she wants nothing to do with them and doesn't want to see them

Friday, September 2, 2005

Jack asks what Frankie has on Patrick and wants to call the police and have Patrick arrested but Frankie tells him not yet and doesn't divulge any information. Hope and Jennifer interrupt because they think there is a problem between the men but they all cover. Jennifer talks to Hope about going to the motel. Hope continues to not want to interfere with Bo and Billie trying to reach out to their daughter.

The women leave to get ready and pick up Grand for the double wedding shower of Sami and Chloe. Jack questions Frankie but he puts him off and agrees to meet with him later so they can discuss it. Alone Frankie and Patrick talk about what Frankie found out. Patrick thinks Frankie is bluffing but he tells him that he found out that there are thick files on him and they are all sealed. He mentions that this lets him know that he more dangerous then he realized. Patrick tells Frankie that by what he said that he can tell he works for the government and that he has blown his cover and will be fired. Frankie tells him that he won't be fired and that he doesn't have specifics. Patrick thinks it's nothing but Frankie admits it is something because the files are classified and he can't even access them and he has high clearance. Frankie asks Patrick to level with him and tell him what he's up to and who he is working for. Frankie is sure that Patrick is working for someone other than Tony. After Frankie leaves Patrick calls someone and tell them that Frankie is on to him and that they need to move up the time table.

Hope and Jennifer are at Grand's and they are folding baby clothes that Hope is giving to Jen for Jack Jr. They start to discuss sex but the subject changes to Bo and concern over Chelsea making a impact on their marriage. Hope and Jennifer discuss and get ready for Sami's and Chloe's wedding shower.

Tec visits Lexie at the hospital and they discuss their feelings for each other and Lexie tells Tec she is a married woman. Tec tries to convince Lexie to be with him but Lexie tries to fight it. Suddenly , Jack arrives for an appointment before Lexie can answer Tec's question about who she loves. Tec leaves and Lexie tells Jack that the latest test results aren't good. She says it's much worse than she expected and that he has less time then she thought. Lexie wants him to tell Jennifer but he refuses to and tells her his plan won't work if she knows he is dying. Lexie asks him about what plan. Jack tells him its just trying to take care of his family after he is gone. Jack calls Frankie who is still arguing with Patrick and asks him to meet him at University Hospital. Frankie tells him that Patrick is hiding something big. Jack admits to Frankie that he has less time then he thought.

Tec comes back to talk Lexie about leaving Abe for him. Lexie finally admits to wanting Tec and they kiss.

Chelsea locks herself in the bathroom and doesn't want to talk to Bo or Billie. Chelsea tells them that they are lying about being her parents and says that Billie's motivation for saying she is her mother is to tear Bo and Hope apart. Bo and Billie tries to reach out to Chelsea but she opens the window to leave but the window slams shut. Bo tells her that she can leave by the door and they won't stop her but wants to show her the proof they have. Chelsea finally comes out and asks to see the proof. Billie gives Chelsea the file of the lab report but Chelsea thinks it's a fake created by Billie. Chelsea finally looks at the paper and finally believes it and has questions as to how and why it happened. She asks for time to be by herself. Abby arrives and hugs Chelsea and tells her that she is happy for her and that she will not be alone again. Chelsea wants to leave with Abby and asks Billie and Bo if they understand that she needs time to wrap her head around it. Bo and Billie tell her that they understand. Abby talks to Chelsea alone and tells her that she hopes that she gives Bo and Billie a chance. Chelsea is unsure and says all she knows is that her life has been turned upside down and someone will pay for it.

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